An inverted bob haircut is a trendy variation of a classic bob haircut that is one length. Its front is longer, and it frames a woman’s face and thus makes it appear slimmer. And the layers become shorter towards the back, making it more voluminous.

In case you have just got a bob after wearing your tresses longer, you will be amazed at your new styling routine. While it used to take you hours to get and maintain volume, now just some back combing can do the trick and grant you the volume boost that will last all day long.

Now let’s discuss your styling options in greater detail.

Straight Inverted Bob Hairstyle Looks









































When sleek and straight, an inverted haircut looks really stylish and bossy. What can we say, a straight haircut is unlikely to ever go out, and it is awesome. We really love its sharp lines and the unique balance between the longer face-framing front and shorter voluminous back.















To get some volume boost, we would recommend that you apply sea salt spray when styling. And for the added shine, you can apply oil mist – this final step will also make your tresses appear sleek all day long without any touch-ups. This timeless look will work for any woman.

Messy Inverted Bob Haircut



























A medium length inverted bob will certainly add some carefree vibes to your image when you choose to style it so that it looks messy. A messy bob haircut is flirty and fun. And we can state without any hesitation that this look will work great not only for a day at the office but also for a night out on the town with your best friends. The added beach texture makes the waves fall especially effortlessly and soft – the result that is unlikely to be achieved without the deliberate messiness. When styling, apply volume boosting mousse and texturizing serum, then blow dry your locks, finger-combing them. Finish with medium hold hair spray.

Beautiful Wavy Inverted Bobs















These haircuts appear especially feminine when waved a bit. The inverted bob medium length allows for the added movement and lift when styled like that. While your tresses are clean and still wet, apply beach wave mousse. This mousse will grant lift as well as the texture that will last. Blow dry your tresses and then use a medium-barrel curling iron to get waves. When all strands are waved, finish with dry texture hair spray. This hairstyle can work great for women with any face shape or hair type.

A-Line Inverted Bob Hair Style














All bobs have something to amaze us with, but when we see these A-line inverted bobs, we think that they are the real champions when it comes to blowing our minds. This dramatic and crisp angle is what we love the most about this bob haircut. Such haircuts appear quite futuristic and are so reminiscent of anime characters and fantasy movies, especially with added pops of colors. When styling, use special cream for blow-drying to get the necessary hold as well as sleekness. Such a drastic angle will work for babes whose necks are not short. Whether your tresses are thin or thick, you can sport an A-line inverted bob.

Long Inverted Bob Cut














An inverted bob long is the answer in case you would not like to sacrifice much length when getting a new haircut. And many babes don’t because they think that longer locks make them appear more feminine (we would not argue with this statement). Truly, if you would like to amplify your inner enigma, mysteriousness, individual beauty, then a long inverted bob is to go for. Longer locks at the front create such an intriguing contrast with a dramatically shorter back. And waves will complement a long inverted bob with layers spectacularly.

Medium Length Inverted Bob Hairstyle















Opt for a medium inverted bob in case you feel like getting a compromise between a more daring short haircut and a more mysterious long bob haircut. And do you know that the best thing about sporting a medium length bob is its versatility? This kind of a bob haircut is a good basis for practically anything. Which means that if you decide to slightly alter the way you look, you will not have to go through the hell on Earth. By the way, Kelly Clarkson and Victoria Beckham were spotted with this variation of bob and looked fantastic.

Short Inverted Bob














Rihanna is one of the most well-known fans of short inverted bob haircuts. And there is no wonder why celebs like Rihanna choose to wear a short layered inverted bob – this type of inverted bobs is probably the easiest to style. Tresses just lay perfectly on their own due the density and smoothness. How cool is that!

This post is supposed to help you find your perfect inverted bob, and we hope that now you already know what to ask for next time you go to the salon. Catch more inspo on our blog.

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