Clipped-Back Bob

Adorable on shorter hair in the growing-out phase, chin-to-shoulder-length styles of all textures look lovely clipped behind the ear. She’ll especially love it if that clip has her initial, like Millie Bobby Brown’s M.

Classic Crown Braid

She’ll feel like a queen when she walks through the hallways wearing this timeless braided updo, especially if you throw in a few cute clips, as seen on Marsai Martin of Blackish.

High Wrapped Pony

There are so many fun elements to McKenna Grace’s perky hairstyle. In addition to how high it’s placed on her head, the wrapped based continues the smooth look of the slightly curled ponytail. Bangs swept in the opposite direction help keep the look balanced.


This classic style, seen here on Modern Family‘s Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, works on all different hair lengths and textures, and it’s as pretty as it is practical, keeping hair off the face so she can concentrate in class.

Mini Braided Rose Buns

Buns, braids and hair roses — take your child’s style to a new level by combining these three techniques for something extra special.

Topknot Braid Out

Got a curly girl in your family who can’t decide if she wants her hair up or down? Try this beautiful braid out style with a topknot — cool sunglasses are totally optional but highly recommended.

3/4 French Braid

Awesome short hair idea: Starting a French braid at the center of the front hairline, then working your way back. Stop midway through and secure with a small plastic band.

Pull-Through Braid

If your daughter has ultra-thick hair, this style will make her feel like Rapunzel. Add ribbons, flowers or little clips for more personality.

Full Ballerina Bun

A topknot is always a great option no matter your daughter’s hair texture, and teasing it gives the overall look more volume and glamour.

Connected Braids

If your daughter likes to wear her hair in cornrows, try this chic protective style that connects each braid together in the center.

Fishtail Ponytail Combo

For a fun, flowy look that’s sure to turn heads (in a good way), try combining a fishtail braid with a wrapped ponytail.

Chinese Staircase Braids

Save these thinly-wound braids for a morning when you have extra time on your hands (or do it the night before) — but the effort you put in will hand you a seriously impressive result.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Long hair looks fantastic in a fishtail braid — gently pull out the sides for a tousled, beachy look.

Double Bows

To get this cute style from Rattles and Heels, part your daughter’s hair, then let her show off her personality with two adorable bows in her favorite colors and patterns.

Curly and Clipped

This is a hairstyle anyone can do in a pinch — your daughter can even try it herself! Simply part her hair to the side, pull back a small section at the front and secure it with a clip.

Double Braid

A simple style for medium to long hair: two small braids, one on each side, pulled toward the back and secured in the center. Wrap a thin piece of hair around the elastic band for an invisible hair tie.

Headband Updo

If your daughter loves flowers, let her show off her favorite blossoms by wrapping her hair into an updo using a headband, then tucking pretty accents into the fold.

French Braided Pigtails

French braids are elegant and pigtails are oh-so-cute, so why not combine the two for a perfect school style that’s totally easy?

Heart-Accented Bubble Braid

If your daughter really wants something unique that no one else at school will think of, try a bubble braid with a heart right in the center. So clever!

Pulled Back With Headband

For a sweet style that’ll keep her hair in place all day, pull it back and secure it with a hair tie, then fluff it up for some volume. Add a bright headband for a little POC.

Ladder Braid

A double ladder braid gives her hair a graceful look for a special occasion (think picture day or a birthday party). Floral accents placed over each elastic band add a playful touch.

Curly Pigtails

Curly hair looks so pretty in pigtails — and it’s super simple to do in a pinch before running out the door.


Hair Bow

How cute is this look? A modern take on a typical topknot, this adorable hair bow works for just about any special occasion.

Braided Part

Even the super little ones can have fun with their hair. This 13-month-old got her (surprisingly thick!) tresses braided down the center on Hair With A Twist — and the results are so adorable.

Crown Braid

Crown braids aren’t just for adults — this style works great on kids too! Braiding across the front of the hair and around the back keeps strands in place all day long. A rose clip on one side gives it a sophisticated touch.

Center Braid

If she likes to wear her hair down but wants to keep those pesky bangs out of her face, try braiding her part down the center and securing it in a tiny ponytail or bun toward the back.

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