A chignon hairstyle: you have definitely heard about it, but what is it exactly? In its essence, it is an updo that involves a bun that is situated at the neck nape though the placement of the bun varies. Typically, the parting is in the center or one of the sides or simply absent with the tresses brushed back.

Chignon updos often have a bit lifted crown that is done with teasing, but sleek looks are also quite popular.

Updos for long hair are often spiced up with tendrils that surround a woman’s face and thus make the overall look much softer. And if a woman wears the chignon so that there are no tendrils loose, it is more practical.

Now let’s explore how to sport it to appear awesome wherever you go.

Beautiful Chignon Hairstyles With Braids

On this page you can observe wonderful chignons with braids. And actually, you can spice up this ‘do in many ways. But the most important thing is to know how to secure it in place. Here’s how to get a basic type of chignon that can then be enhanced with braids, teasing, accessories, and other elements










  • To get some more volume, apply mousse when your tresses are still wet and then blow dry them.
  • Would you like to get extreme volume? Curl your tresses, using large rollers, finger comb them in order to smooth them out, make them looser. But you can skip this step.
  • Sweep the tresses back to create a low pony, the presence of a parting is optional.
  • Secure it, using an elastic in a shade matching with the shade of your tresses.
  • Spritz the pony with hairspray, backcomb to boost volume, smooth its top, using a bristle brush.
  • Take the lower part of your pony and start twisting it, then wrap its tail for it to surround the base.
  • Take bobby pins that match your hair shade, secure your chignon with them.
  • Are there any sections that still require a volume boost? A special rattail comb will help you do that.
  • Fix with hairspray.
  • Apply hair serum to get rid of flyaways.










Now you know the basics. If you wish to add a braid here, just leave out several strands, braid them, and incorporate the braid into the style however you wish – either on the sides or around the bun, the options are limitless.

Amazing Chignon Hairstyles for Special Evenings

















Is there any special occasion ahead like a wedding ceremony or anniversary or prom? Then what can be better than a fancy bun hairstyle? They are simple to create at home, and you do not have to splurge on the salon to appear sophisticated. In case your tresses are thin but you think it would be better to add extra volume to your bun hairstyle, it is possible to incorporate hair extensions into your hairstyle. Bun hairstyles for special events are often accessorized. Whether your hairstyle is high or low, an elegant tiara, a quality barrette or quaint bobby pins embellished with sparkly rhinestones will complement it great and make you appear rather exquisite. Why not go for the major pizzazz?

Chignon Hairstyles For Every Day

















Are bun hairstyles fit for everyday wear? They are for sure! You can rock it at the gym, office, and then at a cocktail party in the evening. With one of bun hairstyles, you can not only feel comfy but also resemble a graceful dancer from a ballet. And you will get one more bonus with one of these hairstyles: your face will appear slimmer.

Both high and low chignons can work great for every day. As for the texture, any will do: sleek and tight or messy or just voluminous – the choice is all yours. And keep in mind that experimenting is everything.

Stunning Chignon Hairstyles With a Voluminous Knot









A voluminous knot can be placed anywhere you wish, and here you can observe some cute examples. As you might notice, these knots are combined with lifted up crowns for looks that scream Sophistication. This effect can be achieved with backcombing.









That is, for the best result possible, divide the crown into several sections and spritz each with hairspray, backcombing its underside. Thus, you will get some major volume boost. Due to their simplicity and elegance, such hairstyles can be rocked both every day and on special occasions.

Chignon Hairstyles With A Floral Accessory









Here you can see some cute ways how to use floral accessories to embellish chignon hairstyles. Floral accessories can complement your romantic image quite nicely.

Are you happy because now your collection of go-to hairstyles has some new adorable members? Cool! Our blog has more surprises for you!



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