25 Beautiful and Fresh Braid Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

There are so many beautiful braided hairstyles on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It’s exciting to see a new look you absolutely love, but then it’s crushing to run out of hair before you finish your style. If you’re tired of feeling left out of the braid trend, then we’ve got good news for you! You don’t have to grow out your hair or get extensions. All you need is our gallery of 27 braided looks for ladies with short hair.

25 Pretty Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair that will Inspire You

You have every right to love your low-maintenance mane. Still, sometimes it’s fun to give your hair a twist. While you probably don’t have enough length for a double twist, there are tons of other fun braided beauty looks that will work for you and your short ‘do. A braid hairstyle for short hair is just as pretty as its longer counterparts, and most of these styles only take a few minutes to finish.

Our gallery includes braided up-dos, romantic messy braids, half-up and half-down looks, fishtails, hair headbands, and side braids. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to mix up your work look, or you want something photo-worthy for a wedding, it’s all here. Short hair has never been so much fun before!

1) Messy Sideswept Braided Bangs

2) Waterfall Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair


3) Wavy Waterfall French Braid

4) Romantic Half-Up Fishtail Look

5) Pretty Beaded Side Braid

6) Easy Loose Waves Style

7) Duel Braids Ending in Pigtails

8) Knotty but Nice Hairstyle

9) Fully Braided Crown Tutorial

10) A Simple Boho Twist

11) 5 Minute Fat Fairytale Braid

12) Triple Braids for the Gym

13) A Braid Within a Braid

14) Around the World Waterfall

15) Side Braid for Super Short Hair

16) Chunky Double French Braids

17) Hair Headband into Waves

18) Down the Middle Braid

19) Classic Fishtail for Short Cuts

20) Wedding Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair

21) A Pretty Messy Style

22) Over Under Bedhead Braid

23) Sleek Asymmetrical Short Fishtail

24) Up Close and Personal

25) Short Hair, Don’t Care




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