Short hair updos exist, what a relief! Probably every lady whose hair is not so long remembers the moment of searching for such hairstyles and finding really few. Well, we know how you feel. So, we have done this search for you and shortened the list of these hairstyles for more convenience. Now all you need to do is pick the hairstyle you love the most.

Romantic Short Hair Updos

Contrary to popular belief, updo hairstyles for short hair are not so difficult. Well, it’s better to stock up on hair pins, that’s true, but it is hardly a problem. And the easiest updos can be created in less than 5 minutes.

Intricate-looking Short Hair Updos

Also, like updos for long hair, those for short hair come in various styles. They can be romantic, elegant, messy, carefree, intricate-looking, sassy, and combine various elements like braids and buns and ponytails.

Color Game on Short Updos


The bravest girls can try any bright hair color ideas if they want all eyes on them.

Updo Hairstyles for Short Fine Hair

If you’ve got short fine hair, you should take into consideration these beautifully quirky hairstyles.

Easy 5-Minute Updos

There are a lot of easy 5-minute hairstyles for short hair that look really stunning.

Gorgeous Short Hair Updos

Look at these braided and twisted hairstyles! They can help you to be a girly girl even if you’ve got a short haircut.

Easy Braided Short Hair Styles

Braids can change your haircut in a totally unexpected way. Add one or a couple of them, and you’ll have a lovely and romantic going-out hairstyle.

Reverse Braided Buns

There are so many fun ways to spice up your short hair, and a reversed braided bun is definitely one of them. Just look at this mixture of mess and elegance. Besides, the brighter the color of your hair is, the better a reversed braided ‘do looks!


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