White nails are very often considered to be not fun. Why would someone choose a nail polish color basically without any color? White nail color is a definition of elegance and class. In case you are not into a plain white nails, you may complete your design with loads of different stuff because white is a great base to work with. It is easy to add some life and fun to a white nail color as it may be paired up with a variety of designs. Find some nail inspiration from the collection we have put together.

Foil Nail Designs for White Nails








Geometric White Nails








Foil goes so well with neutral base, especially with a white one. It instantly makes your nails look fun. Try out geometric design for an ultimate look. Moreover, it may create a great visual effect. A couple of geometric stripes are capable of changing you hail shape. Triangles at the base of your nails will save you if you want to make your nails look longer. On the contrary, squares make them look shorter.

Marble Patterns on White Nails

























Marble patterns are very popular design for nails this season. Just look how beautiful it is! You can wear it with any style and it still will look perfect.

White Nails with Glitter for Bright Look








Glitter is an answer to anything. This is exactly what you need in case you are looking for a glamorous option. Silver and gold go perfectly with white nail color, but you may also try out more shades of glitter such as rose gold. This kind of design looks very feminine and luxurious. It will not only make your everyday life brighter, but will also complete your look for a special occasion.

White Nails with Stones








Studs on your white nails will look like a million bucks. They will definitely make your design elegant and stylish. They may be different in size depending on how much nail space you have. But remember that everything has to be in moderation and do not go ham on studs. For an everyday nail look decorate only a couple of nails with studs. If you need nails for special occasion to impress everyone, do not be afraid to add studs of various shapes to all of your nails. You may also go for a matte finish which is a great combo together with studs.

Matte White Nail Designs

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