Do you often apply eyeliner? Then you are probably out of ideas already. After learning how to do eyeliner perfectly, it is time to get creative and try bold looks. Express yourself with your makeup.

We would like you to become familiar with the most popular and most complimenting eyeliner styles. Some of them are appropriate for the daily wear, while others can be sported on special occasions. That means that you will never be bored!

Explore red carpet worthy eyeliner looks and get ready to practice. If you wonder how to apply makeup like a professional, all you need is our article, the best eyeliner that stays on, good lighting and mirror and, of course, the steady hand.

Luxe Eyeliner Style

A luxe eyeliner style is appropriate to wear in the evening. As you can see, these makeup looks are done with the help of liquid eyeliner for the most dramatic effect. Painted both on the upper and lower lids, from the inner to farther than outer corners, the line surrounds each eye completely.

Pin-up Eyeliner Look

‘Opt for a pin-up style only on special occasions’ is among the most popular professional makeup artist tips. The line is painted on the upper lid only, starting thin in the inner corners and thickening towards the center and finally curving upward farther than the outer corners.

Egyptian Eyeliner Style

How to apply eyeliner so that your girlfriends would envy you next time you have a night out on the town? Go for an Egyptian style. The style got such name because women and men in ancient Egypt put on somewhat similar makeup. The lower line is curved upward in the end, but it does not reach the inner corner in the beginning, going a bit downwards starting from the center. It is advisable to use the best waterproof smudge proof eyeliner in black on the upper and lower lids. The inner corners will be in gold.

Basic Eyeliner Style

A basic eyeliner style is ideal for everyday wear. It’s a line painted on a woman’s upper lash line. It begins thin in the inner corner and becomes thicker closer to the middle, ending with a small tip.

Simple Eyeliner Style

A simple style is perfect to wear every single day and it is the easiest way to apply eyeliner. Opt for the best black liquid eyeliner to avoid any smudging during the day. Just paint a very thin line close to the upper lash line, extending at the outer corner and the look is ready.

Classic Eyeliner Style

How to put eyeliner on correctly in a classic manner? You should line only along the upper lash line. The line begins thinner in the inner corners and then becomes thicker gradually without thinning back.

Feline Eyeliner Style

A feline eyeliner style will work great for a romantic evening. Line along the upper lid, thickening the line towards the outer corner and then ending it with a distinct tip. As a result, it will resemble the cat eye style a bit.

Everyday Eyeliner Style

Beginning thin a bit higher than the inner corner, the line thickens towards the outer corner and ends in a defined and long tip. As you can guess from the name of the style, it works best for every day.

Smooth Eyeliner Style

A smooth eye liner style will do for everyday makeup. Line along the upper lash line and extend the line at the outer corner a bit. The width of the line should be approximately the same everywhere.

Dramatic Eyeliner Style

Here is one of important eye makeup beauty tips: sport a dramatic eyeliner style only on special occasions. One of the major characteristics of this style is a super thick line that covers practically the whole upper lid. The tip is very long and extends up towards the brow.

Open Wings Eyeliner


We believe that it’s one of the rarest but not less complimenting eyeliner application techniques. The lower and upper lines are separate and never intercross. The lower line begins from the pupil area and moves outwards. Both lines end in wings.

Bold Style

A bold style is appropriate for special events only. You can sport a thick black line on the upper lid only or spice things up with a white thick line on the lower lid, too. Then the lines will go side by side in the outer corner to end in two long, separate tips.

Colorful And Glitter Eyeliner Styles

























To make your eyes really stand out from the rest of the face, glitter or color eyeliner is a good way. It is easy create trending look if you mix color or glitter with the traditional black eyeliner for the right shape.

Cool Eyeliner Ideas To Inspire You

























These eyeliner ideas take the meaning of the eyeliner to a whole new level. Colorful, sparkly, and crystals – all these designs can be suitable for a formal event or night party.

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