Cute spring outfits in pastel colors are featured in our photo gallery. Such outfits are ideal for ladies who wish to add a romantic and slightly innocent air to their image. Pastel shades tend to remind us about something ethereal, soft. Plus, pastels are very pleasant to the eye. Get an idea of combining items in pastels here.

Stylish Pastel Outfits

















When combining casual outfits in pastel shades, keep in mind color blocking. To give you an idea, pale pink goes with lemon, purple – with creamy orange, and mint green – with blue.

Pretty Pastel Outfit

















As for the items of clothes, skinny ripped jeans for women in pastel shades are trendy this season. Jeans in pale mint, lemon, coral, and peach match with pastel shoes and tank-tops.

Dreamy Pastel Outfit Combinations

















In case wearing your pants in pastel shades with a top in a neutral color is not who you are, then, again, go color blocking. There are several major color blocking rules to stick to.

Newest Outfit Ideas In Pastel Colors

















You can wear pastels with neutral colors. Yes, do not be afraid of mixing and matching pastels with neutral hues. Think of the perfect balance, as you can mix pale pink or pastel blue with grey or white colors.

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