Burgundy hair is popular among women of all ages who wish to look brighter. There are many tones of burgundy so that every woman can find the most flattering shade for her complexion.

Usually, a cool burgundy hair color that includes much violet and red will compliment women with ebony, olive, or pink complexions. And a warm burgundy hair color will work for women who have golden or peachy skin tones. But we can reassure you that you can find your perfect burgundy even if your complexion is not that easy to compliment.

Mulled Wine Hair Shade









As you can observe in these pictures, a mulled wine hair tone will appear flattering whether your tresses are wavy, straight, or curly. These models look gorgeous.

Saturated Burgundy Hair Color









A saturated burgundy hair color will make your appearance hot and daring; we would even suggest the word ‘vampy’ here. Show off your wilder side!

Bright Burgundy Highlights









By adding vivid burgundy highlights to your beautiful tresses, you can create an amazing contrast! Style your tresses so that the shade does the talking.

Plum Ombre Hair Styles









Plum ombre variations of burgundy are rather futuristic. From brighter to subtler options, you can choose whatever you like as long as it complements your image.

Violet Burgundy Hair Shade









These violet burgundy hair shades are capable of granting some ethereal, a little dreamy edge to your image. These shades are positively enchanting!

Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade









Here you can observe the models who rock a bright berry burgundy hair shade. Bright berry burgundy would work for the most daring women.

Dark Burgundy Velvet

















A dark burgundy velvet shade is rich and saturated, and it can bring some elegance into your perfect image. How do you think, will you go for one of these looks?






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