Almond nails remind the shape of an actual almond, and that is where this shape got its name. This shape has a softer point, comparing to stiletto nails, but it is more acute, comparing to the round shape. So, the almond shape is in-between.

To get this shape, it is advisable to grow out your fingernails a bit longer. When transforming your fingernails into this shape, some of the length will be sacrificed. This shape requires some weekly touch-ups, but it all depends on your natural nail shape.

Now let’s explore some trendy nail designs for the almond nail shape.

Almond Nails with Flowers








Magic Galaxy Nails Designs for Almond Nails








These dazzling, trendy, desirable, futuristic nail art ideas appear alluring and will complement any image you prefer. Let cosmos be closer to you.

Cool Almond Nails To Inspire You













These cute popular nail art ideas are so attractive that we cannot take our eyes off them. Pick the one that fits your personality, mood, and occasion.

Colorful Eye-Catchy Almond Nails to Make Your Look Bright
























These saturated and vivid colors are really fancy, how do you think? When it comes to the bright manicure, all the limits blur. Try various combinations and adornments for a totally hot look.

Glamorous Nude Almond Nails for Any Outfit








Nude nail art ideas are totally in nowadays, like everything nude. It’s because nudes will work for any outfit, either elegant or more casual.

Pink Nails for the Real Princesses








Nail art ideas in pinks will be ideal for babes who are into a girly look. These nail designs are trendy and will let you show off the attitude for pink you share.


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