These Coffin Nail Designs Ideas Are Goals

Coffin nail designs have been a big hit for the last couple of years. Now they are probably on the peak. Every celebrity fashionista has been slaying this nail shape, starting from the Kardashians to Rihanna and Queen B. Throughout the history of the coffin nail shape, also called ballerina nails, its designs evolved. Both summer and winter nail trends can be adjusted to the coffin nail shape, and this is the coolest part about them.

























Designs with rhinestones are a good idea if you want to make your nails look luxury and elegant. You can combine different designs with stones and it still will look great!

Glitter Coffin Nails Design

























Nude and white coffin nails are so voguish. A combo of nude and white with some silver or rhinestones is iconic. This is the most popular design for the coffin nail shape. In case you are in doubt about your nail design, give this combo a whirl. You will always hit the spot.

Matte Coffin Nails Design for Beautiful Look

























Wanna be a trend setter? A matte coffin nails design is your best bet. Nails coffin with a matte finish itself is a big statement. So, in order not to go gaga over the design and make it look ridiculous, go for light studs or rhinestones. This will create a great accent on your nails.

Bright Designs for Coffin Nails

























And, of course, options for the bravest ones. If you really want your manicure to stand out from the crowd, try these ideas. What can be more creative than a geometric design combined with a transparent base and matte finish? Go for a white or pink floral design on a nude base for a kind of more elegant look. Colorful foil designs are also a great match to your coffin shape nails.


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