An asymmetrical bob is peculiar with its diagonal line that goes from long and to short or vice versa, to put it in other words, one of its front sides is longer, comparing to the other. It can be non-layered, but it also can be stacked in its back part.

Bob haircuts with some asymmetry appear quite bossy and very sassy, how do you think?

Don’t miss an opportunity of sporting one of super hot bob hairstyles.

Now let’s see the hottest bobs with asymmetry.

Super Short Bob Hairstyles with Asymmetric

















These short asymmetric bob haircuts have some pretty serious edge. Poker straight, waved, or messy – these haircuts are classic and modern at the same time. We especially would like to sport trendy subtle layers and side-swept part. To get such a look, straighten your tresses with a medium-barrel flat iron. To create texture, with some lightweight wax, run the fingers through the tresses. Finish your hairstyle with some strong-hold hair spray. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for women whose face shape is oval.

Incredible Asymmetrical Lobs

















Long bobs appear quite sophisticated and chic, especially when some asymmetry is involved. And we think it’s important to add that asymmetrical lobs are among the trends that are must-have. Such a collarbone-grazing lob can skim a woman’s cheekbones, create some slimming illusion for her face, and accentuate her beautiful eyes. When sporting an asymmetrical lob, you can choose to wave it or curl it or make it messy, but if you wish to wear it straight, here is what you should do. First, apply some anti-frizz product while your tresses are wet. Blow-dry them completely. Now use a medium-barrel flat iron to get a smooth and sleek look. To ensure that all flyaways are gone, spritz your tresses with the anti-frizz product one more time. Such a sleek and sassy hairstyle will compliment any woman, disregarding her face shape.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Ideas

















In case your tresses are naturally wavy, normally we would recommend you to be more cautious when getting the cut that is short. It’s because the waves become more intense when your tresses are shorter. But not when it concerns getting a bob with waves and asymmetry. Such a hairstyle will help you tame those unruly waves for sure. Your only task is to avoid layers. And we think that a wavy side-swept bob is effortlessly sexy. With tousled waves, varying textures, and uneven lengths, your hairstyle will appear modern and dynamic. To style your tresses, start with pinning 1 side of the tresses towards the back. Next, wave the opposite side but do it away from your face, using your favorite heat tool. Finally, apply some holding hair spray. Such a hairstyle will work great for women with practically any face shape, with only one exception – a round face.

Asymmetrical Bobs Ideas for Straight Hair

















What can we say, medium length angled tresses appear smoking hot when they are straight! You can easily recreate such a look. Just apply heat protectant and straighten your tresses, using a medium barrel flat iron. Next, lightweight wax will help you keep your tresses in place. Such a hairstyle will compliment women whose face shape is either rectangular or oval.

As you can see, asymmetrical bobs look super sexy and you can style one however you wish. So, are you ready to get such a cut? More inspo can be found on our website.


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