Experimenting With a Half Ponytail has Never Been More Fun

Is there anything special about a half ponytail? It seems that there is nothing special.


But on the other hand…

Such a hairdo is something you can pull off no matter what is the length of your hair. Plus, it is a nice way to show off that beautiful face of yours. Besides, let us not forget about the dozens of ways to style it so that you will look like no one else.

Half Up Half Down Ponytail with Loose Curls

What do you need for a messy ponytail? Not that much, in fact. A little bit of imagination and nice long hair.

Special Wavy Half Ponytail

Among all the ponytail styles, we couldn’t simply skip this wavy elegant one. The thing is that, despite all the charm and elegance, you can wear it even when you are heading for a casual night out with friends.

Half Ponytail for Layered Haircuts

There are many ways to emphasize that layered cut of yours, but a half up half down pony is one of the best ones, in our opinion.

Full Wavy Ponytails

Those of you who are looking for some volume should not neglect half ponies.

The thing is:

Apart from adding volume to your mane, it grants you that special innocent charm that no one will be able to resist.

Half Up Layered Pony with Long Bang

A layered pony with bangs is something extra-terrestrial, especially if your hair is of all shades of galaxy. Besides, side bangs take away all the unnecessary angles or flaws if any. In general, it is a total win-win style

Half Up Pony with Long Bang

The best way to show off that beautiful long mane of yours is to opt for the unique hair color. But when that is not enough, what you need is a half up pony and two streaming side bangs.

Long Layers with High Up Pony

What can spice up your long half up pony better than some nice wavy layers? Well, only a shiny dark brown hair color.


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