Absolutely Mesmerizing Snake Braid Looks

A snake braid, with its exceptional and so unusual zigzagging form, looks truly gorgeous. Once you learn how to braid like that, your hairstyles will become the real masterpieces. And our simple tutorial will help you out! Read on to become a braiding pro!

Lovely S-Braid Hairstyles

So, as we agreed, these types of braids are not so difficult to recreate. Start with picking a small hair strand situated somewhere in the front. Smooth out this section a bit for a more polished look.

Runway Looks of Snake Braids

Let us proceed with our task. Take that hair strand and braid it in a normal way. However, remember to stop approximately one inch before reaching the ends. Leave this one inch unbraided.

Waterfall and Snake Stylish Braids

Actually, as for smoothing out the hair when braiding, it is essential for most kinds of braids, including French braids, Dutch braids, and fishtail braids. It will also help you not to confuse the strands during braiding.

Specially Snake Braid Hairstyles

Then secure this braid with bobby pins at the back section of the head. Finally, spritz it with a holding hair spray, and you are ready to show off this wonderful hairstyle. Your friends will call you a styling guru.

Fantastic Trendy Snake Braids

Let the braid wonder around your hair for a totally miraculous look.

Feminine Braided Updos

A braided updo might work for a special occasion like your friend’s wedding ceremony, homecoming, or prom.

Snake Updos to Wear Right Now

These updos are quite intricate, so you are unlikely to pull off one on your own. But you can show the style to your hair stylist.


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