What is Coachella? It is a music festival, and it is quite massive. Nowadays it attracts even such celebs as Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga. It is the place where you can have fun, see people and also be seen by people. But what is Coachella makeup? At this festival, you are allowed to go as bohemian and wild with your makeup and image as you wish. When it comes to the festival makeup, your task is to be creative and stand out. And we can help you with that. Discover the best makeup looks for Coachella.

Sparkly Jewelry Festival Makeup Looks

The best Coachella makeup looks are waiting for you here. The festival is soon, so it’s time to prepare everything.









Do you wonder how to do festival make up so that you turn heads at Coachella? Try incorporating sparkly jewelry into your makeup look.









These festival makeup looks might appear complicated, but in reality, they are not. We would tell you more: there are special kits with the ready sets of jewelry pieces for makeup that you can buy. Or you can get inspired by the looks presented here and pick the jewelry pieces by yourself. Just keep in mind that to embrace this magical boho, you will need quality glue for a body that is long-lasting but safe for your skin. So, it’s better to avoid cheaper items.

Easy Minimalistic Festival Makeup









Those babes who would prefer rocking simple festival makeup can pay attention to makeup looks presented here. Such makeup is often referred to as tribal, and it will work great for a music festival like Coachella. Dots and shapes placed geometrically somehow match perfectly with boho clothing. Maybe it has something to do with Pocahontas vibes, or maybe it’s just in our blood.









This easy festival makeup can be done with anything you have at home, from gel liner to face paint to kohl pencils. Just form patterns like shown in one of these pictures, and the success is granted.

Glitter Makeup Looks

















Glitter festival makeup will obviously do, but we still cannot but mention it. There is a lot of glitter at Coachella, and everywhere on faces and bodies. It’s because glitter can easily spice up ordinary makeup, that is why it is so popular.

Popular Coachella Makeup Ideas









And remember that glitter looks awesome in any color, so try any you wish. You will resemble a goddess! So, which Coachella makeup look is your go-to now? We wish you to have much fun at the festival. Find more curious beauty-related info on our blog.

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