Try One of These Sassy Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles are super-cute and perfect for warmer weather. Also, they can lift a lot of weight from your longer hair and add more volume to fine hair. And with all of the fun styling options like ombre, highlights, and balayage tones, there is no shortage in adorable short hairstyles.

Short hair can be a relief on hot, humid or windy summer days. Ombre hair is all the rage this year and it looks like ombre is here to stay. However, you don’t have to have longer locks to rock a hot ombre style.

If you are feeling like you want a change and your longer locks are becoming a burden, why not try one of these trendy short hairstyles ideal for ombre hair and go for a whole new look this season?

1. Orchid Ombre Waves

This bright orchid with a darker base makes quite a statement. This style goes well with any skin tone and works best for wavy hair. The wavy bangs swept to one side make this look totally feminine and dreamy.

2. Apricot Ombre Glam Curls

If you have light blonde hair but want a very soft ombre, this pastel apricot and pink ombre is quite endearing. With these sexy, retro curls you will steal the show!

3. Short & Sassy Fiery Red Ombre

This short, asymmetrical cut with feathery bangs and fiery red and orange tones is ultra sexy. It is best suited for those with darker skin tones. This look will require a lot of upkeep, so you need to make sure you can commit to regular touch ups and trims, but we guarantee that it will be worth the effort!

4. Rosey Quartz Short Bob

Rose quartz is all the rage in ombre hair, and this sultry look is no exception. With soft waves in an irresistible bob that just about grazes the shoulders, this delicate pink almost resembles cotton candy.

5. Magical Mermaid Wispy Bob

With dark roots in subtle sea-green and wispy layers, this short bob is both cute and edgy. You will feel like the queen of the mermaids with this sassy style!

6. Pink Punk Pixie

For those who have a bit of a daring side, this punk pixie with neon pink streaks makes a bold statement!

7. Dramatic Shaggy Ombre Short Hair Bob

This shaggy bob takes on a multi-dimensional look with choppy layers and a perfect melting of dark burgundy, chestnut brown, and golden blonde.

8. Tousled Bob With Dark Blue, Neon Pink, And Purple Streaks

This tousled bob allows you to show off the perfect mixture of brilliant blue, hot pink, and deep purple streaks. The tousled waves give your hair a carefree look for a totally playful vibe.

9. Iridescent Super Short Bob

Look at these gorgeous opal tones on this bob with long layers on top and a shaved back. It is a bit bold, but if you can pull it off, you will capture all eyes!

10. Angled Bob with Silvery Gray Waves

You will love the way these silvery waves look on the dark base. The slight angles with silky waves are quite stunning.

11. Ravishing Rainbow

This is another angled bob with shorter layers in the back and long layers that frame the face. The bright rainbow on the bottom layers and the light pastel hue on the top layers is what makes this look unique.

12. Platinum Blonde Bob with Blue Streaks

This short bob with long layers is perfect for this blonde bombshell color with electric blue streaks. This style is especially flattering for lighter skin tones with blue or green eyes.

13. Deep Purple To Blue Fade

This sleek bob with its deep purple roots that fade dramatically to stunning electric blue will make you look and feel like a rock star.

14. Dirty Blonde With Magenta Tips

This sexy, slightly tousled bob with a dirty blonde base and bold magenta tips will add a ton of depth to your hair.

15. Black Bob with Blonde Tips

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to try one of the more colorful short ombre styles, this classic bob with dark roots that fades into warm brown and ends with golden blonde tips might be just your style. This look is subtle and sophisticated, yet still flirty!

16. Pink Highlights on Blonde Hair

Are you looking for a unique hair style? Add some pink highlights to your blonde roots and start shining like a super star!

17. Fresh Green Ombre

If you like fresh styles, choose this fun and bright green color to amaze everyone.

18. Multicolored Ombre

Combine your favorite colors to create an awesome hair style.

Are you ready to go for a bold, new look? We think it’s high time for a chance. Go for it and embrace one of these sassy, ombre short hair styles today!

19. Exotic Ombre Hair

Bright colors can be your own way to refresh your style.

20. Combine Natural and Lemon Colors

If your natural hair color is good, you can also add some bright details to your look.

21. Chocolate and Blonde Ombre

Light shades are most complimenting for the chocolate hair color. Why not experiment?


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