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Top 10 Best Rolling Miter Saw Stands 2020 Reviews And Buyer Guide

A craftsman knows the importance of the right set of tools. For a person using a miter saw, it is important to have a proper stand to support the saw. Therefore, the miter saw stands are going to keep the saws stable. It helps in enhancing precision in work and also delivers an excellent outcome. You can even change the height and width to match the requirements. But that’s not it. There are many other benefits.

To know more about all these products and its uses, our recommendations on miter saw stands will help you obtain a clear idea. So, feel free to explore more.

Table of the Best Miter Saw Stands Reviews


10. DEWALT Mobile & Rolling Table Saw Stand – DW7440RS

Miter Saw Stands

Buy Now – DEWALT Mobile & Rolling Table Saw Stand – DW7440RS

Dewalt never fails to provide top quality outdoor and industrial power tools. Now they have brought to you a foldable miter saw stand that is unmatched in its class. Compared to most other mobile stands on the market, this one is lighter at just around 33 pounds. That means you need to carry less weight while moving this stand. The kickstand on this product is also from heavy-duty material. As a result, makes it last longer than most other models and provides exceptional support.

The stand brackets also have quick-connect slots that let you attach your saw within no time. Finally, the stand is wide enough to carry out the process.

Key features:

  • Legs are folded down easily with the help of quick-release levers for easy storage and portability.
  • Aluminium construction doesn’t just keep it lightweight but also keeps it free from corrosion.
  • Strong enough to tolerate around 200 pounds of weight.

9. POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw


Powertec has created its miter saw stand with wheels to be extremely strong and robust enough to tolerate the weight of the most heavy-duty miter saws. The frame is from high quality and thick steel tubing that can stand the test of time. Next, it has high resistance against dust or water damage. It completely obliterates the competition when it comes to strength with its load-carrying capacity of 330 pounds.

To move this stand within your job site you can easily use the 10-inch solid rubber wheels. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t run the risk of going flat. So, you don’t have to delay work or ask for help due to a flat wheel on your stand. It also has decent dimensions that are more than enough to fit in most 10-inches and 12-inch miter saws.

Key features:

  • The legs are easy to fold or bring down due to the spring-loaded system.
  • Support arm on this stand can be extended more than 79-inches.
  • Dual steel rollers allow you to feed the saw stand smoothly.

8. Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 Miter Saw


Evolution Power Tools bring great convenience to the table with its compact versatile miter saw stand. Each and every part of its design lets you use it with ease, whether you are a beginner or a veteran at the job site. You get folding legs that are set-up and collapsed when necessary. Due to quick release mounting brackets, you can easily fit most miter saws on this stand within no time. Plus, unmount them with equal ease.

These features also allow you to easily store the stand when not in use. In fact, you can transport it in a compact form factor.

Key features:

  • The stand is extended to fit in long workpieces with a length of 118-inches or less.
  • It can easily support a combined saw and workpiece weight of around 330 pounds.
  • Repeat cuts aren’t an issue since you get adjustable arms and rollers to share the burden.

7. Tomax Miter Saw Stand


Tomax always finds an opportunity where others fail. While most brands struggle to come up with a saw stand that is compact and light, they end up compromising strength or do the opposite. Tomax has hit off the perfect balance with this saw stand. Don’t be fooled by its compact design, since it is extended quite a bit. Next, it can withstand heavy load, as much as 330 pounds. In terms of stability, it holds it own.

The leg geometry makes the perfect shape to withstand heavy load. Finally, the anti-slip leg pads make superb contact with the ground.

Key features:

  • Extremely lightweight miter saw stand at just around 22 pounds, lighter than performance bikes.
  • Quitch attach saw mounts let you attach or remove different accessories and saws without wasting time.
  • Comes with the required hardware for assembly.

6. Ryobi Miter Saw Stand Green


Ryobi never fails to impress with their line of products and the same is true for their saw stands. This one is particular gives you unlimited options since it is just compatible with all miter saws offered by Ryobi. However, it also works perfectly with saws from many other brands. It has a construction of steel for high durability and unmatched strength.

You don’t have to worry about rusting and it will last you for years even after rough use. Removing or mounting saws takes little to no time since you get quick-release mounting brackets.

Key features:

  • No need for using any tools for height adjustments.
  • Features material stops that allow for easy and quick repetitive cutting.
  • Have a massive weight-bearing capacity of 400 pounds, much more than the rest of the competition.

5. PROTOCOL Equipment Contractor Miter Saw


Now you would be able to take large workpieces quicker. So, feed them straight to your compound miter saw with this incredible stand from Protocol Equipment. Its wheeled design allows you to roll it to the workplace and transport it after work with relative ease. The professional-grade steel used in the design also makes it capable of bearing 500 pounds of weight. You can also do repeat cuts easily with a double set of adjustable material supports.

As a matter of fact, this universal miter saw stand is compatible with every possible high-end brand. One can even make adjustments to the width as required.

Key features:

  • Capped feed prevents you from leaving scratches on expensive flooring.
  • You can certainly fold the legs to store it in any corner.
  • Top width has a wide range of adjustment that goes from 35-inches to 77-inches.

4. WEN MSA750 Miter Saw Stand


Wen provides you with the impossible at an unbelievable price. Plus, it has been a popular choice among customers for all the right reasons. Besides, it can carry the heaviest load compared to any other stands in this list or in its price range. It allows you to take boards that weigh as much as a crazy 750 pounds. Next, it even has a length of 10-feet or less.

Moreover, it also features awesome durable quick-release mounts on the front. In fact, it comes with all the essential mounting hardware you need for mounting almost any compound miter saw. You also get slides at the side that are extended and have bearing rollers that deliver smooth performance.

Key features:

  • Extra thick steel tube legs that are powder coated for protection against the elements.
  • You can buy this product without any worries since it is backed by a warranty period of 2 years.
  •  The quick-release brackets help to do the job quickly.


3. WORKESS Light Weight Miter Saw Stand


Workess offers you an excellent stand that is packed with some of the best features. As a result, boasts high-quality build that is relied on. You can extend this miter saw stand from 37-inches to as far as 76.7-inches. That means you get a wide range of compatibility for different types of miter saws. Next, you also get to fit in large workpieces without any problem.

If you handle particularly dense lumber, this stand can support its weight as well. With a load capacity of 330 pounds, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Key features:

  • The roller is adjusted to give you an extension from 31.9-inches to over 36-inches
  • The quick-release mounting bracket does a wonderful job of providing you with effortless and quick attachment or removal of the saw.
  • Lighter and more compact compared to stands from most other manufacturers.

2. Doitpower Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand


Doitpower presents to you a stand that is used with numerous miter saws from various manufacturers. It has a rail system that gives this stand its high compatibility. Besides, the heavy-duty rollers give it superior strength to feed the saw heavy loads of lumber as long as it doesn’t exceed 440 pounds. You also get quick attach machine mounts. So, use it to remove or attach your miter saw to this stand within mere minutes.

Assembly and usability of the stand legs are extremely easy due to the unique snap pin system.

Key features:

  • Completely manual design, no need for any power source.
  • Rollers have a length of 9-inches. And combined with the metal cutting stops you get to saw lumber the way you want.
  • You can adjust the height of the support extensions easily.

1. Toughbuilt TB-S600 Miter Saw Stand


ToughBuilt stays true to its brand name when they make its products. It is certainly true for this stand. The frame is from a boxed metal tube that is heavy-duty in nature and can take plenty of abuse. Other stands may have a bit of trouble folding with the saw mounted on them. However, that’s not the case with this stand. For hassle-free transportation you can fold this stand with a miter saw mounted on it or without one.

The wheels are reliable and aren’t pneumatic in nature that may put you at risk of deflating or punctured tires. Instead, they have been from solid rubber with steel hubs that make them capable on most terrain. Moreover, this stand has universal compatibility with most miter saws available in the market.

Key features:

  • Tool mount twist locks feature rugged construction and have a user-friendly design.
  • Lock release is activated with your feet, no need to bend down.
  • Unique feet design adds strength and stability.

So, practice and craft the perfect products with precision. The miter saw stands design is impressive enough to help out in the whole process.

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The 10 Best Place to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet 2020 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Below I outline the many options for mounting a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet. Action cameras like GoPros and other such brand names have been steadily rising in popularity over the last few years.

Wherever you go, whether on motorcycles or cars, bikes or surfboards, or just mounted on the body, GoPros can be seen absolutely everywhere.

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Best GoPro Gimbals

There is no denying that they hold a lot of merit and come with quite the big list of advantages of normal cameras and other video recording devices. There are many motorcycle riders out there that have more than one action camera.  You can use a chest harness or mount directly on your bike.

If you’re looking for a gimbal that can be used with your smartphone and gopro gimbal, check out our review of the EVO SHIFT gimbal.

Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mounts 2020

Mounting GoPros on motorcycles has become quite a common occurrence. Many people have been mounting them on the handlebars.

However, handlebar mounting poses some serious issues including the fact that handlebars come with a lot of jittering, they often don’t have much space, and it can actually be dangerous to mount a GoPro on them.

The more popular choice as of late has been to mount the GoPros on the motorcycle helmet. It is a lot safer, more convenient, and tends to provide way better shooting angles and results than when mounted on the handlebars.

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GoPro Mounting Options

There are various reasons why you might mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet. Some people like to use them so they can see themselves racing or doing stunts. It’s a great way to measure your performance and see where you went wrong. Some people love taking the videos and posting them online for others to see as well.

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

One of the biggest used for motorcyclists actually has to do with safety. For some reason people who drive cars tend to not be very careful when it comes to motorcycles.

GoPros are a great way to capture accidents and road rage, so when it comes time to go to the authorities, you have proof of what happened.

Side mounted GoPro Hero camera

Whatever the case may be, one of the bigger questions has been where the best place to mount a GoPro camera on the motorcycle helmet is. Let’s talk about the various locations on your helmet where you could mount a GoPro and what is beneficial and disadvantageous about those positions.

What Is The Best Location?

Ok, so where you mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet has a lot to do with what you want to get out of it. Different mounting locations on your helmet will have different effects and provide you with differing results.

For instance, you might want to simple show the road in front of you on the video. You might want to go in the opposite direction, so instead of having the GoPro mounted facing the road and the scenery, you might want it to be facing you, the rider.

On the other hand, you might want to show yourself racing on a track, in which case you want to show the lines, shift points, and the gauges on your bike. Or, maybe you want to show your body position on the motorcycle for educational purposes.

The point we are making here is that you need to know what you want to show on the video and what the purpose of the video is before you decide where on your motorcycle helmet you want to mount the GoPro camera.

Different GoPro Mounting Location On Motorcycle Helmets

Now that you have decided what the purpose of mounting the GoPro on your helmet is, let’s talk about the different possible mounting locations you can go with.


Flat & Curved Surface Mounts

No matter which mount you select to use, a surface mount is normally required. Using a quality surface mount is imperative in making sure your expensive action camera doesn’t fall off during your weekend ride or at a motocross championship event.

The adhesive used on the cheaper GoPro Kits may fail early so I always recommend to my friends to use original GoPro surface mounts. You will need an assortment of flat and curved mounts to get the exact fit for the location you have selected to mount your camera. Always have a waterproof few surface mounts on hand so you can change locations on the fly.

GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mounts

GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount



GoPro Official Mounts (3 Curved Adhesive Mounts • 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts)

  • Easily attach your GoPro to curved and flat surfaces with these industrial-strength waterproof adhesive mounts

  • Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces

  • Can be removed by heating adhesive bond with a hair dryer then peeling off mount.

  • 3 Curved Adhesive Mounts • 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts Official GoPro Mounts


  • Surface mounts can be attached to any flat or curved surface
  • Quality surface mounts are waterproof and use industrial strength adhesive


  • Low cost surface mounts may fail or are not waterproof
  • Once time use and require a heat gun to remove

Top Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet


Buy Now – Top Motorcycle Helmet Mount


One of the most common places to mount your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, and at the front of the helmet. This might be the most common mounting location, but it does not mean that it is the best.

Top mounted cameras can be used to video what the user is seeing or the camera can be pointed back at the user to get their reactions. Having the camera point in the direction the viewer is looking is great for reviewing a motocross pre-race to get the best tracks to follow.

Pointing the camera at the user can be combined with a front facing camera to get your reaction, such as a bungee jump. Using the GoPro Session is my preferred camera when mounting on a helmet. They are very small, lightweight and waterproof, making them the perfect GoPro camera for helmet mounts.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount
  • Mount any GoPro to the front or side of helmets. With the included swivel mount assembly, easily adjust, rotate and aim while the camera is mounted.

  • Versatile front and side helmet-mounting solution.

  • Offers maximum adjustability for a variety of shots and capture angles.

  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras. Includes 1 Year GoPro Manufacturer Warranty


  • Top of the helmet mounting provides you with the closest feel to POV, which stands for point of view. This will allow you or others to see exactly what you saw while riding. However, the angle is slightly high because it is going to be several inches above where your eyes actually are.
  • Top mounting is also good because it means that the camera is the furthest away from the motorcycle. This means that vibrations won’t affect it as much.


  • This may sound weird, but it looks kind of funny to have a rather bulky camera on top of your helmet.
  • When going at high speeds, a top mounted camera can create drag and resistance, thus pulling the helmet back and slowing you down.
  • It makes your head heavier, thus pulling your head down.
  • If you are riding off-road, the top mounted camera may hit various things above your head.

Side Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet


Buy Now – Side Motorcycle Helmet Mount


Side mounting GoPro cameras on motorcycle helmets has also become quite popular. If you don’t have a full-face helmet, side mounting your camera is the next best option. While the helmet front mount gives you a centred angle, the side mount would give slightly off centre angles.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)
Buy Now – GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)


  • Optional mounting location for non full-face helmets
  • Just like with top mounting, you get a really close POV feel. Although, the view is a little offset to the left or right depending on which side you mount it on.
  • The vibrations from the motorcycle don’t affect the camera all too much with side mounting.
  • Side mounting is great because it provides you with a lower profile than with top mounting. This means less wind resistance and a lower chance of the camera clipping something above you.


  • At high speeds, the wind drag created by side mounting can pull the helmet to one side.
  • With side mounting, chances are that you will always see a part of the helmet in the shot.
  • You will see head motion in the video

Chin Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Chin mounting is also becoming a new favorite for GoPro users. Let’s talk about why that is. These mounts give the best POV (point of view), the footage appears to be filmed from the eye level.  Very similar to top mounted cameras.

One of the benefits of mounting on the chin instead of the top of the helmet is it’s more aerodynamically. Some users of top mounts have stated the camera causes their helmets to lift from the drag on the camera.

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro
  • Full Face Helmet GoPro compatible Chin Mount that fits any make full face helmet and provides angle for unobstructed POV footage.

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum, injection molded plastic, mini cell foam, and nylon webbing it is highly durable for the most extreme sports.

  • compatible with any GoPro style action camera. Easy to mount, Perfect camera angle for POV filming.


  • This is the closest you will get to a true point of view feel.
  • This is the most aerodynamic place to mount a camera. It won’t create wind drag and it won’t pull the helmet around.
  • Vibrations from the bike are not a big deal.


  • Many motorcycle helmets have angular chin bars, which can make mounting a challenge.
  • You might have to operate the camera upside down for this to work.
  • This can make the helmet a little chin heavy


Whatever your choice ends up being, just make sure that you weigh your own needs and wants against what the results of each mounting position will provide you with. To be honest, the best way for you to figure out the place to mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet is through some simple trial and error.

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Best GO PRO Karma Grip Gimbal 2020 Complete Review Buyer Guide

To be honest GoPro doesn’t need any introduction as it has changed the game of video recording. And, If you are looking for a stabilizer which is able to transform some real common shots into master pieces, then you need a Go Pro Karma Grip. This product is highly rated by all tech critiques and it has now become an integral part of Go Pro camera set as this is the first 3-axis gimbal. The striking part of the gimbal is that it is very light weight and easily portable. In this article, you can read the complete analysis of Go Pro Karma grip, you should read it before you buy.

Gopro Karma Grip

It weighs only 500g and built-in battery with a backup of 1 hours and 45 minutes. The battery can be recharged by using the standard USB-C connector placed on the underside of the handle. There are 4 buttons: a power/mode button, shutter button, tilt lock button and highlight button. All the buttons are explanatory. 

There is no question that the stabilization performance is the key feature of Karma Grip’s . It’s 3 brushless motors are outstanding. it always make a smooth and stabilized image. Its motors are extremely trustful and are very well efficient to balance the shock. Even though it’s an old gimbal but due to numerous firmware updates have kept improving the technology has managed to iron out the vertical movement.

The karma grip has just two shooting modes i.e. following mode and pan flow mode.
In “Following Mode” the Karma stabilizer will follow movements in the pan (L-R) and tilt axes while in “Pan Flow mode” the Karma locks the tilt axis. Interestingly it is a wearable gimbal which can be attached to a chest mount, shoulder strap or say, a bike’s handlebars. The Karma grip is compatible with Hero5 black, Hero6 black,Hero7 black and Hero4 black/silver if your purchase a hero04 harness.


  • Faster ergonomics.

  • Excellent stabilization performance.

  • Reliability and quality.


  • Price could have been a little less.

  • Battery life.

  • Lack mobile application.


The Go Pro Karma grip is one of the best gimbals around. From a pure image stabilization standpoint thanks to numbers of firmware updates. Its ergonomics are outstanding and on point creating a seamless user and video experience.
However , it is still very costly. Its battery life is significantly shorter than its competitor. So I would say its not perfect because even as a wearable gimbal it is a large and heavy process.

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7 Stunning ‘Nanad-Bhabhi’ Jodis Of Bollywood With Whom You Would Relate To In Your Family

Television dramas usually portray the relationship between sisters-in-law to be filled with hatred and jealousy but in reality, it is the most fun relationship. Sisters-in-law share a relationship of friends, warmth, fun, and gossip. After all, who else will understand how annoying your brother can be other than his wife? The bond between sisters-in-law is caring and understanding. They are partners in crime and shopping buddies, they share clothes, jewelry, and footwear. For someone who has had a brother but wanted a sister all their life, a sister-in-law comes in the form of a sister and grants that wish come true.

They share a beautiful bond and end up being each other’s confidante. Television dramas mistake their relationship. They make great friends and today we’ve brought to you a list of nanad-bhabhi duos in Bollywood who share a wholesome bond that will make all of us go awwww…

1. Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan

Source: Indiatvnews

When Kareena Kapoor married Saif Ali Khan in 2012, she got a good friend too. His sister, Soha Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor share a great rapport. They are often seen shopping, holidaying and taking part in recreational sports together. These two beautiful women share a relationship that is more like sisters and they spend days with their kids together for picnics and at farms. In an interview, Soha Ali Khan said that she gets along well with her sister-in-law and respects her for her priorities of work and her brother, Said Ali Khan.

2. Aishwarya Rai and Shweta Nanda

Aishwarya Rai and Shweta Nanda

Source: News18

Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai and hubby Abhishek Bachchan’s sister Shweta are very fond of each other. The two young ladies of the Bachchan family are seen together at various events taking pictures with each other, chit-chatting, and laughing away. In Koffee With Karan, Shweta spoke highly about her bhabhi and said she is very happy that her brother, Abhi and Aish are together. She said she loves her sister-in-law and looks up to her parenting skills.

3. Neetu Singh and Reema Jain

Neetu Singh and Reema Jain

Source: Indian Express

Neetu Singh and Reema Jain are the oldest on our list. They share a remarkable bond of sisters and are always hanging out with each other. Ranbir Kapoor and Reema share the same birthday and this nanad-bhabhi jodi are seen at events together where they giggle and talk. Neetu calls her sister-in-law “Bhoks” out of the fondness they share.

4. Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal

Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal

instantbollywood / Instagram

Sonakshi Sinha and Taruna Agarwal share a loving sisterly bond. Kussh Sinha and Taruna got hitched in 2015 and Sonakshi was delighted for her brother’s wedding and took it to Instagram where she kept posting pictures of the wedding. She is very fond of her bhabhi and has a cute name for her. She calls her “Taru Taru” with love and these two Sinha ladies are constantly posting pictures on Instagram that make us fall in love with their relationship. They share a relationship that is goals for the rest of us.

5. Rani Mukerji and Jyoti Mukherjee

Rani Mukerji and Jyoti Mukherjee

ranimukerjifanclub / Instagram

Rani is very close to her family especially her sister-in-law Jyoti. She said that she did not get married for the longest time because she wanted to take care of her family. She always took care of her sister-in-law and the niece’s financial needs well and they had no problems because of her. Rani’s brother did not take up the responsibility of taking care of the family but Rani came to the rescue and they had no shortcomings because of her. The two Mukerji ladies are the best of friends and are often seen together.

6. Gauri Khan and Shehnaz

Gauri Khan and Shehnaz

Source: India Today

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been #couplegoals since the time they have been married. We all agree that they have set the standard high for couples everywhere on how to be happily married and raise a beautiful family together. What a lot of us do not know is that Gauri Khan and Shehnaz Khan, King Khan’s sister are goals too. Shehnaz is much older to Gauri and yet Gauri takes care of her like she is her baby. She is very fond of her sister-in-law and makes sure that every wish of Shehnaz is fulfilled. Her sister-in-law is one of the most important people in her life and she loves her with all her heart. Go ahead and say it… awww.

7. Anushka Sharma and Bhawna Kohli Dhingra

Anushka Sharma and Bhawna Kohli Dhingra

virat_kohli_offical18 / Instagram

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married in 2017. Post their marriage, Anushka and Virat’s elder sister, Bhawna grew close to each other. They share a bond like sisters and are very affectionate towards each other. Bhawna loves Anushka like an elder sister who loves her little sister.

One of the best things about having an elder brother is that we get to have a sister in the form of a sister-in-law. Someone with whom we can shop, share secrets, laugh, and share clothes. Who is your favorite nanad-bhabhi Jodi? Let us know in the comments below.

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What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality 2020

The personality of someone is the holistic image they carry with them based on their actions, body language, how they dress, their attitude towards life, and how they treat other people. Just like the title suggests, the way a person walks can say a lot about their personality. The types of walks reveal the kind of confidence one has, their beliefs, and the enthusiasm they have towards other people. It is rather surprising that something as basic as walking that happens involuntarily reflects our personality. Without further delay, let us look at the styles of walking associated with different personality types.

1. The Executive

The Executive


As executives, these people walk fast and with a focused mind. They hold their heads up high with confidence and tend to be lost in their thoughts. Hence, it is common that these people bump into others without realizing it. They are great problem solvers, goal-oriented and can come off as intense or aloof.

2. The Corrector

The Corrector


Correctors are easy to spot. They walk by taking small steps and avoiding eye contact. They usually walk by themselves with a hunch. They take time to make real connections with people because they tend to be shy. They are introverts who avoid too much social contact simply because they are not a fan of small talk.

3. The Politician

The Politician


Politicians walk with confidence. They own the room they walk into with their chest forward and shoulders back. They walk with vibrant energy and seek appreciation. They get bored easily and hence like to be challenged. They live for new experiences and regularly like to engage with people.

4. The Worrier

The Worrier


As a worrier, they walk cautiously taking small steps. They drag their feet along slowly which can be disturbing for other people around. Worriers never look up from the ground and tend to be thoughtful and fearful. They often lack confidence in themselves and panic that they cannot take on life’s challenges.

5. The Chillers

The Chillers


The most fun type, chillers are easy going and relaxed. They walk with a slow to medium pace and tend to get lost while walking because of getting distracted by others. They are calm and intuitive but are easily influenced by those around them.

6. The Showboat

The Showboat


A showboat walks with confidence and style. They sway their arms with force while walking attracting attention to them. They hold their heads up high, push their shoulders back and focus on themselves even while walking. They can come off as bossy and self-absorbed.

7. The Supporter

The Supporter


A supporter walks with confidence at a medium pace. They make excellent listeners and helpful team players. They are loyal and dependable. They value unity and relations. While walking, they like making eye contact, hand gestures and interacting with people along the way.

8. The Short Strider

The Short Strider


Short-striders are self-centered individuals. These are the people who hold up the line at the billing counter of a supermarket because they are busy being lost in a fantasy where they are the center of the world.  They are only concerned about themselves and tend to think the world revolves around them. They are selfish and forget about the people around them.

9. The Arm Crosser

The Arm Crosser


It is quite simple to identify this person because they walk with their arms crossed. They are individuals who get defensive about everything. They usually live alone or prefer being alone.  Experts say that walking with arms crossed can be dangerous because it makes them look weak and an easy target to attack.

10. The Stomper

The Stomper


These people stomp instead of walking. Their walking style signifies anger and frustration. It could scare off people around them because it seems like they are filled with fury. People who stomp instead of walking have a mind that over thinks and that is probably why they do not realize that they are walking in a way that scares people around them. Sometimes, it is also a way that the body sends a message to the brain signaling a loss of limb sensation.

11. The Multitasker

The Multitasker


It is quite common to see this personality type. When time is of the essence, multitasker walkers carry out different tasks while walking. They can handle multiple situations at once while walking like talking on the phone, crossing the road and also helping people with directions. The multitasker personality is brave, strong and has the skill to be an excellent problem solver.

Who knew that so much can be deciphered from just a walking style? We will now be able to understand our personality by paying attention to our walking style. The next time we see someone walking a certain way, we will be able to recognize the kind of personality they have too. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know.

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The Moon You Choose Will Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

The moon fascinates us every month with its beautiful transition into the different phases. The cycle of the moon is said to affect human beings and their moods. Astrology considers the sun, the moon, and planets to be aligned with the emotions, attitudes, and personalities of human beings. The moon is considered female and has a connection with our emotions, fertility, and menstrual cycle. Like the moon, we are driven by moments of passion and emotion. Women have had a profound connection with the moon by seeking guidance and protection through its phases.

The moon goes through a cycle of eight phases in one month. From the new moon, first quarter to the full moon and last quarter, the different phases of the moon influence our moods and understanding what it does to us can help us harness that energy to our advantage. While it has been understood that the moon’s phases can affect our mental health and physical activity patterns, the moon we choose determines the type of personality we have. Let us discuss the five types of personalities based on the phases of the moon.

1. The Overachiever

The Overachiever


An overachiever is drawn to the phase of the moon that is called the waxing gibbous. It is one phase away from becoming a full moon which signifies that an overachiever chases perfection. They work hard to reach their goals and push themselves to always achieve flawlessness. While this is a good trait, it has its downside too because when things do not go according to plan, they tend to disappoint themselves and others. As an overachiever, they have set the bar high for themselves and everyone around them expects them to shine in everything they do and this puts them under pressure to be the best, if not more. This moon teaches them the importance of knowing when to stop and changing the course of direction if need be. It reminds them that it is good to reevaluate and redefine goals to reap the benefits of their full potential. It is necessary to make some sacrifices so they don’t burn out.

2. The Artist

The Artist


The first quarter moon indicates new experiences and new beginnings. An artist is drawn to this moon simply because of its flexibility. They see the beauty in the little things around them. They are drawn to sensuality and have high sensory experience. They live to discover the simple pleasures of everyday and that keeps them motivated. Their openness to new experiences is a beautiful characteristic that can cause them to get carried away by losing their sense of self in extensive socializing, partying, drinking, and eating. With help and inspiration from the moon, they can learn to focus on their work and exercise their full potential.

3. The Caregiver

The Caregiver


The full moon, also called the harvest moon, represents the caregiver. They are grounded, reliable, and practical. They enjoy taking care of the needs of everyone and are often appreciated for their level-headed personality. They seek stability and loyalty in relationships but often do not get them because they are taken for granted. They are not keen risk-takers but they must step out of their comfort zone to embrace new challenges. With the help of the moon’s energy, caregivers can reap rewards if they choose to be spontaneous.

4. The Compassionate

The Compassionate


People who choose a full moon surrounded by pretty clouds are compassionates. They live to right the wrongs with their compassion and care. They are motivated by servicing others even if it costs them their selves. They are the kind of people that give their food to someone even if it means they have to starve. They put others’ needs before theirs which is an admirable attribute but it can cause them harm too. They are often so caught up in helping other people that they tend to forget about their needs and desires. Eventually, this type of attitude can cause frustration due to a lack of personal fulfillment. The biggest lesson they can take from the moon is to learn how to help themselves before helping others.

5. The Thinker

The Thinker


Contemplation is second nature to a thinker. They have profound insights into how the world works and what makes them thoughtful friends to have around. They love to introspect and observe the different patterns of how people around them function as well as how they respond to situations thrown at them in the course of their life. They are mostly introverts who enjoy keeping to themselves which makes insightful to their friends and family. However, the problem with this is their mind is constantly running and they tend to overthink even the slightest situations which can be exhausting. It is important to be practical when problems arise, not just reflective.

6. The Truthful

The Truthful


You do not believe in the concept of sugarcoating. You take inspiration from the crescent moon and like speaking your mind. You are very authentic by nature and may come across as blunt to people but what others say about you does not affect you. You value honesty and transparency above all else.

7. The Braveheart

The Braveheart


You like the spotlight and leave no chance to take the lead. You love a good competition and like having a fixed goal as it gives you a deeper meaning and purpose to life. Just like the supermoon, you like to be a superhuman and love to face challenges in life.

Just like the moon, we have our phases too. It is up to us how we use each phase to our advantage instead of letting it affect our mood. Are you fascinated by the moon? Let us know in the comments below which personality you relate to the most.

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What Your Favorite Kind of Chocolate Reveals About Your Personality

As Forrest Gump told us in the movie, “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love chocolate and people who are in denial about loving chocolate. Have you ever wandered into a store and wondered what your taste in the delicious treat says about you? Well, look no further! Read this article to find out what your taste in chocolate says about your personality.

1. Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Those who love milk chocolate are usually easy-going, free-flowing, and bubbly people in general. Milk chocolate lovers live for attention and love being at the center of everyone’s line of sight. Their versatility and adaptability make them the perfect problem-solvers in any situation. They’re known for being calm and collected when times are rough and are self-professed die-hard romantics. Milk chocolate lovers are like the pop music lovers of the world. They’re everywhere. When it comes to relationships, milk choco lovers are in it for the long-haul. If you plan on dating someone, make sure you take them out for chocolate shopping to know what their taste in chocolate is like.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate


If dark chocolate is your thing, you’re probably known for being cultured, classy, and sophisticated. You’re always bursting with energy and are used to being the mature one in your friendships and relationships. You’re never one to shy away from revealing the harsh truth; even if it means getting on the wrong side of your friends or hurting their feelings. Your relationships are also strong and meaningful, and you love surrounding yourself with people who mean something to you. Challenges don’t affect you, and you’re more than glad to handle new ones — the more challenging, the better.

3. White Chocolate

White Chocolate


Fans of white chocolate swear by its taste. Even if most people consider it a little toooo sweet, those who love white chocolate aren’t afraid to be a bit different from those around them. They’re artistic, uber-talented, and love to daydream. White chocolate lovers are natural daredevils, and their sense of adventure makes sure they don’t leave a single mountain unclimbed. They walk down different directions and make decisions based on how they feel rather than what they think. Their distracted nature makes it frustrating for friends and loved ones to hold a deep and meaningful conversation with them. Often branded as flaky, white chocolate lovers only give mental real estate to things that they genuinely care about.

4. Caramel Chocolate

Caramel Chocolate


Those who prefer the no-equally-popular caramel chocolate are known for their happy-go-lucky nature and are super impulsive. However, the latter quality works out quite badly for them in the long run. They usually have high self-esteem and go out of their way to seek new adventures and thrills. They’re uber comfortable in their own skin and don’t need much to be satisfied. Their daredevil nature does mean that they will be the first to take charge of making an itinerary for your college road trip. But hey, everyone needs a caramel chocolate lover in their squad!

5. Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate


Sure, your friends call you a toothpaste lover, but hey, at least you get more chocolate for you. If mint chocolate is the first thing you reach out for, you’re pretty dedicated to getting what you want. You’re a no-nonsense kind of person and don’t have time to play silly, childish games like your milk and white chocolate-loving friends do. Your ultimate goal in life is to be more successful than those around you, and you will stop at nothing to get where you’re going. However, this doesn’t mean you have a heart of ice; you just prefer your own company over others. “Traditional” is the one word most commonly used to describe you, and you’re proud of your reserved and conservative nature. You certainly don’t like following other’s footsteps and go out of your way to ensure that you don’t. After all, you have to maintain your brand of cool, unique, and casual.

6. Nutty Chocolate

Nutty Chocolate


Plain old milk chocolate clearly doesn’t satisfy your unique taste buds. Those who love nutty chocolates and are proud of their old-fashioned nature and will only settle for the cream of the crop. In all regards, they are reserved but open with those closest to them. Nutty chocolate lovers look and behave like they belong in an era long gone by. People around you, including your friends think you often come across as super judgy. Truth be told, you actually aren’t in denial about that. You believe you’re superior to others because of your unique tastes in life. Be it nutty chocolate or admiring old 60s cars in your spare time.

Regardless of what your tastes are, there’s no denying that chocolate is here, and it’s here to stay. From its discovery back in 1847 to its present-day, the tasty dessert time treat has come a long way. What is your favorite type of chocolate, and does it match your personality? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.

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What A Handshake Can Say About Your Personality 2020

Despite what many may believe, handshakes do say a lot about our personalities. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your handshake or train yourself to give someone a firm handshake. It’s a lot more than just grabbing someone’s hand and giving it a firm shake. A handshake is probably one of the oldest forms of non-verbal communication. This form of introduction can make or break the introductory process. That is, depending on the situation. There are a few basic rules every working professional must know, however. Read on to find out how your handshake might reveal a little more than what you intend it for:

1. The Dominant Handshake

The Dominant Handshake


Someone who goes in for a dominant handshake will flip the other person’s hand to face downwards. While some will see it as a sign of aggression, those who swear by it, believe it to be an extremely confident and dedicated approach. Many see this handshake as a sign of a power-struggle and those who prefer this type of handshake are said to be of controlling nature. They like things going their way and rarely diverge from a set path. You don’t want to make the other person feel like you’re trying the upper hand by forcing their palm upwards.

2. The Double-Handed Handshake

The Double Handed Handshake


If someone shakes your hand and places another hand at the back of it, it’s a sign that they’re accepting your more dominant position and are open to communicating. It’s a way of them saying, “Let’s talk about it”. However, if someone places their second hand on top of your hand, it could be a sign of them not trusting you. These forms of handshakes are rare and often observed amongst older people rather than younger ones.

3. The Limp Fish Handshake

The Limp Fish Handshake


Do you like it when your biscuit dissolves in your tea? No? Well, imagine shaking hands with the human equivalent of it. Gross, right? Many people see a limp handshake as a sign of meekness. Employers and colleagues often see it as a sign of a lack of confidence and firmness. They’re going to assume that you’re a pushover and aren’t going to stand up to them. If you think employing a limp handshake with women because you think they can’t handle a firm handshake, think again. Women professionals will think of you as being respectful if you greet them the same way you greet your male colleagues.

4. The Bone Crushing Handshake

The Bone Crushing Handshake


When we say dominant, we don’t mean “the rock crushing James Franco’s hand in 127 Hours” level of dominant. Grabbing someone’s hand and squeezing it to the point of cutting off their air-circulation isn’t a wise idea. It’s a good idea to practice your handshake on friends and others close to you before you attempt it on a colleague or worse, your boss. Most people will immediately be put off by this type of handshake and you will come across as someone who overcompensates.

5. The Lingering Handshake

The Lingering Handshake


Much loved by President Trump, this handshake involves you holding onto the other person’s hand for far longer than the unspoken two-second rule. In the case of President Trump, he does this and pulls the other person in close. Maybe he thinks it’s a sign of establishing trust? By lingering and holding on too long, you come across as desperate to the other person. Although you wouldn’t want to rush it, it’s a good idea to follow the two-second rule and no more.

6. The Look Away Handshake

The Bone Crushing Handshake


Do you have a hard time keeping your eyes on the person you’re shaking hands with? A good handshake doesn’t just start and end with your grip style. It’s all about bringing the person in with a smile and making them feel like they’re the most important person in the world. Eye contact, open body language and a smile can make a world of a difference. Of course, this should be done in accordance with the situation in question. For obvious reasons, you can’t shake hands with a grieving widow while sporting a wide grin.

7. The Intense Glare Handshake

The Intense Glare Handshake


Just as it’s not okay to avoid the gaze of the person whose hand you’re shaking, it’s not okay to stare at them too intensely either. Staring at them intensely while shaking their hands will most likely scare them off, and they’ll be highly intimidated by your presence. Many people see this as a form of aggression and they would probably avoid sharing an elevator with you. It’s not a good idea to squint your eyes or purse your lips while doing this, either. Just make sure your gaze comes across as open and friendly rather than difficult and violent.

Contrary to popular belief, the right kind of handshake isn’t difficult to learn; it just takes some time and practice. If you open your mind to it, you can change your handshake style at any age. What types of handshake mistakes are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments below.

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How to get rid of back acne and prevent it from recurring once in 2020

Acne is one of the most common skin issues out there, but we tend to only focus on the face while acne that occurs elsewhere on the body such as back or chest is less talked about, mainly because it is less visible.

However, in Singapore where the humidity and warm weather make it almost impossible for us to constantly cover up our back, back acne, or “bacne”, can be incredibly frustrating. But worry no more, because we have done the research and we’re going to tell you all you need to know about this annoying, but actually treatable and preventable, condition, so that you don’t have to suffer from it anymore! Read on to find out what exactly pimples on the back are, what causes them, how to get of them, and what products can you use to manage them.

What is back acne or pimples on the back?

Back Acne


Back acne, as the name suggests, is acne that occurs on your back, typically the upper back area, between your shoulder blades. Just like face acne, there are several types of back acne: whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

Whiteheads and blackheads, also referred to as comedones, are excess sebum trapped inside hair follicles. When the sebum is still deep inside the follicle, it is called a closed comedone, or whitehead. When the sebum pushes through the surface of the skin and comes into contact with air, it becomes a blackhead, or open comedone.

When the hair follicles become irritated and inflamed, they become papules or pustules – red, raised pimples, sometimes with pus at the head (pustules).

Nodules and cysts are large, painful lumps that go deep into the skin. They occur when the hair follicles get further inflamed and infected.

What causes back acne?

Back Acne Skin Structure


Wherever it occurs on your body, be it your face, back or chest, acne happens when your pores are clogged with excess sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria. Each of you pores is an opening to a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland responsible for producing sebum to lubricate the skin. When the sebaceous gland over-produces sebum or when dead skin cells are not removed from the surface of the skin, these materials get trapped in the hair follicles. These blocked follicles then become an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, leading to inflammation, which we call acne.

Acne is often the result of genetics and hormonal fluctuations, but external factors such as medications, cosmetic products or sweat can play a part, too.

The back area is particularly prone to acne as the skin here in thicker than many other parts of the body, which means it is easier for the pores here to get clogged. Excessive sweat that is not washed off properly can cause a bacteria buildup on your back, and dried sweat can also mix with dirt and dead skin cells to further clog your pores.

Another less known culprit of back acne is the shampoo and conditioner that you use. The pore-clogging ingredients in these products get washed down your back when you shower and increase the likelihood of breakouts.

How to get rid of back acne

While breakouts can mostly be attributed to genetics, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to prevent, or at least minimise it. Here are steps you can take to get rid of the annoying acne on your back:

1. Wear loose-fitting, sweat-wicking clothes

Back Acne Workout Clothes


Tight clothing, especially in Singapore’s humid weather, can increase friction between the shirt material and your sweaty back, which could agitate the skin and exacerbate acne. Instead, opt for loose-fitting clothes made of sweat-wicking material, especially during a workout, to let your skin breathe.

2. Change bed sheets and pillowcases regularly

Back Acne Bed Sheet


And by regularly we mean twice a week for pillowcases and at least once a week for bedsheets. You can’t see it, but your bed sheets and pillowcases can harbor a horrifying amount of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells just after a few days. Imagine rolling around on all that for hours every night!

3. Wash your body after rinsing off your conditioner

Dry Itchy Skin And Dry Skin On Legs Hot Shower

When you rinse off your conditioner with only water after you have already washed your body, some of it stay on your back and potentially lead to acne, especially if the conditioner contains any pore-clogging substances, What you should do instead is to wash your body after rinsing off the conditioner to make sure you get all of it off your body.

4. Don’t use abrasive scrubs

Back Acne Scrub


When we have acne, the first instinct is to use a harsh exfoliating tool such as rough loofahs or back brushes to scrub it off. However, not only is it not how pimples on the back can be gotten rid of, abrasive scrubs can irritate and aggravate the skin further, which could worsen your back acne.

5. Change out workout clothes immediately

While it is tempting to sit around scrolling through your phone as you catch your breath after an intense workout session, the longer you wait to change out your sweaty clothes, the higher the chance of bacteria buildup on our skin. And if you aren’t doing it already, remember to wash your workout clothes after every session instead of re-wearing them even if they “don’t smell that bad”.

6. Use acne-friendly hair and body care products

Back Acne Wash


We pay so much attention to choosing the right facial products for our acne prone skin, but often don’t give a second thought when it comes to hair and body care. Choose products that are labelled non-comedogenic (which means they won’t clog your pores!), or those that are specifically formulated for acne prone, sensitive skin.

You can also choose products that contain acne fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, which helps remove dead skin cells, or benzoyl peroxide, which kills bacteria on your skin.

7. See a dermatologist

get rid of chin pimples fast

If your back acne doesn’t improve after using all of the above tips or if the acne is moderate to severe, seek professional help from a dermatologist to effectively treat your condition.

Products we would recommend for back acne

1. Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Back Acne Mario Badescu

This body soap contains fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt without drying out the skin. The ginseng extract helps to further soothe and calm the irritated skin.

You can get the Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap from Sephora at SGD20.

2. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body

Back Acne Clinique

With a medicated formula containing 2% encapsulated salicylic acid, the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body helps to remove buildup of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and reduce the chance of pore clogging.

The cleansing bar is available at all Clinique counters nationwide.

3. Gallinée Cleansing Bar

Back Acne Gallinee1

The Gallinée Cleansing Bar is a gentle yet effective cleansing solution for you body. It contains lactic acid, a gentle form of AHAs, to exfoliate the skin. Meanwhile, the prebiotics provide the skin with good bacteria to maintain its barrier while removing the harmful bacteria that cause acne.

This cleansing bar is also soap-free, which means it won’t strip the skin of its natural moisture like soap bars tend to do.

You can get the Gallinée Cleansing Bar from Sephora at SGD23.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash

Back Acne Body Shop

The signature Tea Tree line from The Body Shop is well known for its effective anti acne properties and this body wash is no exception. It contains organic tea tree oil to remove blemishes on your body, giving you clearer and smoother skin.

The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash is available at all The Body Shop stores nationwide at SGD19.

5. Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal – Deep Cleanse Detoxifying Soap Bar

Back Acne Herbivore Botanicals

Skin that is prone to clogged pores can benefit from a deep cleanse, which is why the Bamboo Charcoal soap bar from Herbivore Botanicals is such a great product for back acne. The activated bamboo charcoal will cleanse the skin thoroughly and remove any toxins and impurities from your pores.

The Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal Soap Bar is available on Sephora at SGD19.

6. Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Body Spray 2% BHA

Back Acne Paulas Choice 11

Body washes with exfoliating properties are great for daily maintenance but a dedicated exfoliant can do wonders for acne prone skin. The Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Body Spray contains 2% BHA (salicylic acid) to unclog the pores and calm redness on the skin.

The spray bottle that can dispense product from any angle makes the product particularly convenient for applying on the back.

The Clear Acne Body Spray 2% BHA is available on Paula’s Choice’s website at SGD43.

7. Sebamed Everyday Shampoo

Back Acne Sebamed

As we mentioned earlier, the shampoo and conditioner you use can very much be responsible for your back acne. It’s important that you choose a shampoo that is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin like the Everyday Shampoo from Sebamed. The formula in this shampoo is soap-free, alkali-free and has mild cleansing properties, perfectly safe for your body and scalp skin.

The Sebamed Every Shampoo is available on Watsons at SGD28.80.

8. Clear 2 Perfection Non-comedogenic Nourishing Conditioner

Back Acne Clear 2 Perfection

As for conditioner, the Clear 2 Perfection Non-comedogenic Nourishing Conditioner is highly raved about as the go-to non-comedogenic conditioner for those suffering from back acne. Developed by an experienced esthetician, it contains a botanical blend to nourish the hair without any waxy, pore-clogging ingredients that could cause breakouts on the body.

You can order this conditioner from Amazon, at USD22.

9. QV Skin Lotion Repairs Skin

Back Acne Qv

Unlike a body wash, which is washed off almost instantly, a lotion stays on your skin for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s important to find a lotion that is safe for acne prone skin. The QV Skin Lotion Repairs Skin is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is non-comedogenic, free from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol, which means it is less likely to cause breakouts than regular lotions.

You can buy this lotion from Watsons at SGD27.10 for a 500ml bottle.

10. Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Lotion 2% BHA

Back Acne Paulas Choice

For those who don’t want to bother with a separate exfoliant, the Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Lotion 2% BHA offers the purifying function of an exfoliant and the nourishing power of a lotion in one product. The 2% salicylic acid clears out the pores and smooths out skin texture while the antioxidants work to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. No wonder it’s such a well-loved product by those suffering from pimples on the back!

The Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Lotion 2% BHA retails for SGD46 on their website.

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Top 10 makeup tips to instantly make your Chinese New Year makeup look extra fun 2020

It is that time of the year again, where we hit the salons and get our hair, manicures and facials done as part of our beauty prep for Chinese New Year. It doesn’t matter if we only meet our relatives once a year, we will gladly pay the premium charged during the festive season as long as we can present the best versions of ourselves at our annual gatherings.

When it comes to makeup, red and gold seem to be the obvious choice for a festive look. However, for those who are not into bold colours, here are some tips for a simple glow-up that will ensure you look your best while not overdoing it.

1. Swap your black cat-flick for a coloured liner

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 1

Photo by Sharyn, Photography by Guang Shun

Photo by Sharyn, Photographer: Guang Shun

A coloured eyeliner is a fast hack to create a statement look. You can either use a liquid or pencil liner. Choose a bright color such as hot pink if you wish to stand out more, otherwise style your eyes subtly with a forest green or navy blue liner.

2. Have some fun with a little sparkle

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 2

Photo by Sharyn

Smoky eyes or the cut crease might not always work well for Asian features. However, dabbing a metallic or shimmering eyeshadow all over your eyelids is easy to do and instantly elevates your look. Rose gold or champagne is the go-to colour for a dreamy dazzle.

3. Do an inner eye shimmer

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 6


If you’re wearing a matte eyeshadow, highlighting the inner corners of your eyes is a tried-and-tested trick that will instantly brighten your eyes. There are a few ways to do this. You could use a bright shimmery eyeshadow such as pink or peach to give it a fun pop of colour. Alternatively, creating more definition with a metallic gold liner, tracing the inner corner with a V will give you an outstanding look. Otherwise, simply add pale silver eyeshadow to create a soft, sheer look.

4. Pair your new outfit with a matching lipstick

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 3

Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash

Make your lips the centre of attention by applying a shade that matches your outfit. Do not have or can’t find the right colour? Don’t fret, a simple trick is to create your own lipstick shade. Blend a dark red lipstick with nude colors to lighten it, or add a peach colour to get a warmer tone. Just have some fun experimenting with makeup!

5. Embrace the “glass lips”

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 4

Photo by Gabb Tapic from Pexels

No doubt, it’s going to be hard to keep the lipstick on with all the CNY snacking. And this is why everyone is choosing to go matte on their lips – which means it’s the perfect time for you to stand out by going glossy! Generously add a layer of lip gloss over your lipstick to achieve a glass-like effect. It won’t take too much of an effort to reapply as needed so go for it!

6. Create a natural glow using a strobe cream

Fun Chinese New Year Looks 5

Photo by Sharyn, Photography by Guang Shun

You’ve probably heard of the term “strobing” at some point. In case you’re wondering, it simply means highlighting! Makeup pro tip: use a cream-based highlighter over a powdered one as it creates a more dewy look. MAC’s strobe cream which contains iridescent particles is a must-have in any makeup kit and gives your skin a luminous glow.

7. Catch the light on a holographic highlighter


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Thinking what to get myself for Christmas 🤔 What is Santa gonna bring you this year? Drop me some inspo here 🙌🏼 . On picture mix of natural light and studio strobes for @narsissist and @rcolemakeup to bring the magnificent highlighter to life 😍 Model @ellieannward Photo and retouch @verachange_photo Makeup @rcolemakeup • #highlighter #pinkhighlighter #holographichighlighter #retrovibes #retrobeauty #pinkearrings

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If you think that the holographic trend is a passing fad, think again. Applying a holographic highlighter on your cheekbones is a surefire way of standing out at CNY gatherings. When it catches the light, it creates a beautiful other-worldly look that is sure to prompt compliments from those around you.

Additional beauty tip: be kind to your skin, especially if your day is packed with house visits. Don’t forget the sun block, periodically blot your face with an oil blotter to remove the sheen, and ensure you wash off your makeup fully at the end of the day.

This new K-beauty makeup collection is so sweet, you’d wish you could eat it instead 2020!

Chocolates have long been the top choice for Valentine’s Day gifts. Instead of gifting your other half (or yourself!) the sugary treats this year, you can now give them a chocolate-inspired makeup collection that even the diet-conscious would love: Etude House X Hershey’s collection!

With packaging that looks exactly like our favourite Hershey’s Chocolate, it’s easy to mistake the beauty products in this collection for the real deal.

Etude House X Hershey’s

The Etude House X Hershey’s collection comes in two variants that are based on the sweet treat’s most popular flavours – Original Creamy Milk Chocolate, and Cookies ‘n’ Creme.

Etude House X Hershey’s

Etude House X Hershey’s Cookies N Creme

Etude House X Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme

The collection comprises of eyeshadow palettes, lip tints, and eyeshadow brushes.

Etude House X Hershey’s Model Shot

Read on to find out more about each product in the collection!

Play Color Eyes Mini eyeshadow palettes

This is the star product of the collection, and it would surely have caught your eye for its packaging and shades that resemble Hershey’s chocolates.

Each palette comes with six silky-smooth shades – the Original palette adds a natural-looking depth to your eyes with warm browns that are easy to pull off, while the Cookies ‘n’ Creme palette is great for creating bright and soft eye looks.

Etude House Hershey Play Color Eyes Mini Original

Etude House Hershey Play Color Eyes Mini Cookie And Cream

P.S. Did you notice that the Cookies ‘n’ Creme palette contains a shade that resembles the smooth white chocolate with crunchy chocolate cookie bits? We absolutely adore this cute detail!

Eyeshadow brushes

Just like the palettes, the eyeshadow palettes come in two variants, but it’s not just the packaging that’s different.

The Hershey’s Original brush is a shader that’s good for blending base eyeshadow across your eyelids, whereas the Cookies ‘n’ Creme brush is used to do the smaller, finer details on, say, the corner of your eyes.

Etude House Hershey Chocolate Brushes

Powder Rouge Tint

No makeup collection is complete without a lippie, which is why you’ll find Etude House’s latest lip tint, the Powder Rouge Tint, offered in delicious chocolatey shades that we can’t resist.

The matte lipsticks that melt into a light velvety matte finish come in two shades for this collection: BR401 Hazelnut Chocolate (a nutty brown) and BR402 Almond Chocolate (brick red). These are shades that are slated to be very popular in the K-beauty world in 2020 – more incentive to get your hands on these two lipsticks!

Etude House Hershey Powder Rouge Tints

While we know that the Etude House X Hershey’s collection is available overseas in February and will be coming to Singapore, no exact dates for the launch in Singapore have been released as of writing.

We are currently checking with Etude House Singapore and will update with more details soon, so stay tuned to find out!

Best hair removal salons in Singapore 2020? Here are 14 that offer great service at reasonable prices

Finding the best hair removal salons in Singapore can be a mission we want to ace. After all, getting rid of unwanted fuzz is an important grooming routine to many of us and we want to only leave the task in the hands of someone we can trust. This means effective results, comfortable experience, and excellent service.

Best Hair Removal Salons

If you’re on the lookout for a hair removal salon, you’re on the right article. We have curated a list of best hair removal salons in the Central, West and East regions of Singapore. These use the best techniques to offer long-lasting results and we are sharing the best deals that they’re offering so you don’t have to break the bank. These includes a luxury salon that is offering more than 50% off for its hair-removal services. Click here to redeem them!

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.listicle-content { margin-top: 20px; }

Estheclinic: IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salon Estheclinic

Most IPL hair removal treatments can give you some discomfort and even pain. While most hair removal salons are able to mitigate the pain by using cooling gel to soothe irritated skin, Estheclinic takes it to another level by using their proprietary  “No Pain System” technology, which distribute the energy pulses from the IPL device more evenly so that you can enjoy a more pain-free experience.

72 Tras Street, Singapore 079011
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 5pm (Sat), Closed on Sundays

44 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 9am – 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sundays

424 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427643
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 9am – 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sundays

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Wellaholic: SHR Permanent Hair Removal

Best Hair Removal Salons Wellaholic

Wellaholic’s SHR technology is unique in that it uses only 50% of the energy for permanent hair removal, and the other 50% is absorbed so that hair production cells are suppressed, which prevents hair from growing in the future.

Many of their customers favour the SHR treatment over other hair removal methods because it is more effective, gives better coverage, and puts you through minimal pain. It is also suitable for all hair types and skin tones.

Wellaholic offers many different packages that allow customers to enjoy hair removal services at a steal:

  • Unlimited Prestige: This allows you go for unlimited number of SHR treatments for unlimited number of body parts, including Brazilian/Boyzilian.
  • Unlimited Deluxe: This allows you go for unlimited number of SHR treatments for unlimited number of body parts, excluding Brazilian/Boyzilian.
  • Lifetime Maintain Mode for customers who have purchased either 12 sessions or a 12-month unlimited plan. This package guarantees single-session maintenance treatments at reduced prices (less than 50% of a single session).

From 1 October 2019, Wellaholic will be launching a WellaSmooth plan as part of their special Economic Resilience Package to help customers look their best in the given economic situation. The WellaSmooth package will incorporate Unlimited SHR treatments, Unlimited Shaving as well as Post-treatment Hydration to moisturise the skin for that added glow.

No. 1 Irving Place, The [email protected], #07-04, Singapore 369546
210A Telok Ayer Street, Level 2, Singapore 068643
545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre, #04-11C, Singapore 238882
2 Havelock Road, Havelock II Mall, #01-34, Singapore 059763
16M Penhas Road, Level 2, Singapore 20929
Website | Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon to Fri), 11am – 8pm (Sat and Sun)

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Mirage Aesthetic: SHR hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salons Mirage Aesthetic

A botanically-inspired aesthetic centre, Mirage Aesthetic is dedicated to quality and customer-oriented service. The beauty salon uses a combination of the latest non-invasive aesthetic technology and specialised skincare products from Korea to customise the perfect solution for every individual client that walks through their doors.

Mirage Aesthetic uses the SHR technology for their permanent hair removal service. They’re currently running an attractive promotion at SGD280 for six sessions – redeem it here!

Mirage Aesthetic
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate Shopping Mall, #03-20, Singapore 608532
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri), 11am – 7.30pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, #04-08, Singapore 247905
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Glomax Aesthetics: IPL hair removal

Glomax Aesthetics

Glomax Aesthetics has been established for more than a decade and the minimalist SOHO spa is all about offering professional services in a cosy environment. With a menu of services including speicalised facial treatments and luxurious body treatments, this spa is where you’d want to visit for a great pampering.

Using only trusted machines administered by well-trained therapists, Glomax Aesthetics offers IPL hair removal treatments for different body parts: underarm, bikini and Brazilian area, legs, and even the upper lip area.

They currently have a promotion for hair removal at the underarm area at just SGD39. Redeem it here before it’s gone!

Glomax Aesthetics
12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-168, SOHO 2, Singapore 059819 (Beside Swissotel Merchant Court)
Opening hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 5pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Meroskin: SHR and IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salon Meroskin

Many beauty salons pride themselves for their facial treatments, but Meroskin is probably most well-known for their hair removal treatments. Clients who have visited Meroskin love them for their effective treatments, cosy environment, and non-pushy staff.

Among the best hair removal salons around, Meroskin offers both SHR and IPL hair removal services that you can choose from. They are currently running a very attractive promotion for SHR at the Brazilian area, at just SGD39. Redeem it here.

10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-34/35, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 6pm (Sat), Closed on Sundays
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Skin Retreat: IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salons Ipl

Skin Retreat is located at North Bridge Centre, a commercial building just behind the National Library you probably often walk past but hardly took notice of. Described by many of their clients as a hidden gem, this salon is probably best known for their facial services, but also offers IPL hair removal service.

Clients who left reviews say that their therapists are professional and their beauty services are of reasonable prices. If you’re looking to try out IPL, you can consider taking up their current offer, where you get to enjoy three sessions of IPL Underarm Hair Removal and Ampoule at a special price of SGD48.

Skin Retreat
420 North Bridge Road, #03-14, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 6pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Cecilia Westberry: Waxing and IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salon Cecilia Westberry

Cecilia Westberry has two outlets, one in a cozy two-storey space in Holland Close and another in Orchard. The salon is probably one of the best hair removal salons around for its waxing treatments. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, Cecilia Westberry also offers IPL hair removal service.

The all-in-one beauty salon believes in providing clients with a pampering experience that improves their overall wellness. Founder Cecilia travels often to pick up latest beauty trend and techniques – to Bali to learn massage techniques from a master masseuse and to Moscow for makeup masterclasses – so she can train her therapists. You can be assured you’re in good hands.

Cecilia Westberry
6 Holland Close, #01-20, Singapore 271006
Opening hours: 8.30am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri), 8.30am – 6.30pm (Sat), and 8.30am – 3pm (Sun)

501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #04-08, Singapore 238880
Opening hours: 8.30am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri), 8.30am – 6.30pm (Sat), and 8.30am – 3pm (Sun)

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Pink Parlour: Waxing and IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salon Pink Parlour

Think hair removal service and Pink Parlour definitely comes to mind. The beauty salon is one of the first day spas in Singapore that dominated the waxing and grooming arena. Particularly known for its Brazilian wax treatments, Pink Parlour also offers IPL hair removal for all body parts.

Pink Parlour
1 Jurong West Central, Jurong Point, #03-39, Singapore 648886
277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #B2-18, Singapore 238858
13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza, #B2-21, Singapore 178905
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-83, Singapore 228213
10 Tampines Central, Tampines One, #05-09/10, Singapore 529536

Opening hours: 11.15am – 9pm (Mon to Sat), 11.15am – 7pm (Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail: IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salons Spa Aperial

Spa Aperial offers a wide variety of beauty services including facials, massages, manicures, and even slimming treatments. The spa uses the IPL technology for its permanent hair removal treatment. Well-loved for its friendly therapists, Spa Aperial is also committed to giving high quality service with high-tech machines and trained therapists.

It is currently offering 85% off its IPL hair removal service. Redeem this deal here.

Spa Aperial is also located at Serangoon Central. Find out more about what the outlet offers here.

Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail
Blk 58, Marine Terrace, #01-51, Singapore 440058
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Flare Wellness: Sugaring hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salons Sugaring

If you don’t like to use machines and prefer natural ingredients, you can consider Flare Wellness for your hair removal needs. This organic beauty salon offers luxurious organic facial treatments as well as sugaring hair removal services. All products used during every treatment are free from chemicals, are cruelty-free, and support fair trade. Even the packaging that they use are minimal and biodegradable as far as possible.

The salon uses the sugaring method to remove hair – and is one of the best hair removal salons that does that. This method of hair removal is an ancient Middle Eastern practice that uses an all-natural paste made from sugar and other natural ingredients to remove hair, and is said to be less painful compared to waxing. The method also has an exfoliation effect on skin, leaving the treated area smooth and soft.

If you want to try out their underarm sugaring service, you can redeem this special coupon to enjoy it at SGD23.

Flare Wellness
470 North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube, #04-03, Singapore 188735
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Kuko Beauty: SHR hair removal

Before you learn more about the technology, we’re sure you’ll be happy to know that Kuko Beauty offers 50% off for first-time trials! Click here for more deals.

Step into Kuko Beauty and we’re sure you’d be attracted by its clean and elegant interior, featuring marble-printed accents. The beauty salon offers everything from facials to nail services so you can get all your beauty needs fulfilled at one stop.

Best Hair Removal Salons Kuko 1
One of the most sought-after services at Kuko Beauty has to be its SHR permanent hair removal service. Using the latest True Authentic SHR technology, Kuko Beauty is able to help offer permanent results 50% faster and more effective than traditional IPL.

Best Hair Removal Salons Kuko 3

SHR is also seen as a “gold standard” in the industry these days because of how it is suitable for all skin tones and hair types. Clients are often able to achieve a visibly hairless permanent result in two months, with just six to eight sessions.

SHR uses a low energy level, so it’s also perceived as more comfortable than IPL, which harnesses intense burst of broad spectrum light. In fact, the energy level for SHR is so comfortable, it can be used on the face without requiring the client to put on dark safety goggles!

Best Hair Removal Salons Shr Kuko On Face

SHR can be used on the face without requiring dark safety goggles.

Besides using top-notch technology, Kuko is also one of the best hair removal salons around because of its commitment to high service level. Other than guaranteeing results, Kuko also prioritises their clients’ health. Reviews on their Facebook page shows that clients are pleased with their up-and-beyond service level – so it looks like their dedication is appreciated!

Enjoy 50% off for first-time trials at Kuko Beauty!

Click here for more deals.

Kuko Beauty
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-12, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Call 63348255 or 96731611 for enquiries and appointments

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J Studios: Waxing and IPL hair removal

Best Hair Removal Salons J Salon

J Studios started from a small home-based beauty salon that grew into a premium beauty boutique. Now, the salon offers a wide range of beauty services: facials, manicures, hair treatments, professional makeup, and of course hair removal services.

While its standard of services grew stronger and even more professional with its progress over the years, one thing remained: the friendly and personalised atmosphere that it provides to all clients.

J Studios offer both waxing and IPL hair removal services so clients can choose the hair removal method that they prefer.

J Studios
31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224
Opening hours: 10.30am – 10pm (Daily)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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Bio Aesthetic MediSpa: DPL hair removal
Best Hair Removal Salons Bio Aesthetic Medispa

Bio Aesthetic MediSpa is in the forefront of technology when it comes to beauty solutions. You can be sure that the best machines are curated to help achieve your beauty goals. The products used are also clinically developed.

The medispa uses the DPL technology for its hair removal services. DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light) is a similar technology to IPL, but is more advanced and effective in hair removal compared to the latter. You can redeem a SGD38 promotion for its Brazilian DPL service here.

Bio Aesthetic MediSpa
390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #03-01, Singapore 238871
Opening hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Daily)
Visit this page to redeem the best deals for their services.

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