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Top 10 Nordstrom Makeup Products to Add to Your Beauty Kit in 2020 Buyers Guide and Reviews

The start of the new year brings around a fair amount of cleaning and reassessing. And while you might have already started tackling junk drawers and closets, it’s safe to say that your makeup bag deserves a look too. Maybe you need to swap, update, or add on; in any case, we’ve come through with a list of the best Nordstrom makeup products you can lean on.

Top Nordstrom Makeup Products to Add to Your Beauty Kit

The American retailer has become a staple as a one-stop shop, catering to a vast array of beauty and fashion needs at price points and products that appeal to those at any stage in life. It doesn’t hurt that Nordstrom’s online portal and service has made shopping all the easier and more pleasant – buy online or pick up in-store, free shipping and returns on any order (no minimum order!).

Featuring extensive reviews, inclusive sizing, a plethora of brands to choose from for yourself or as a customizable gift, Nordstrom has become our favorite online shopping destination, whether it’s about buying a designer piece of clothing, makeup or anything in between. We’ve scoured through and whittled down to the 11 makeup essentials to buy from Nordstrom.

From a makeup primer and foundation to an eye pencil and eyeshadow, this list has you covered with a roundup of the top Nordstrom beauty products to purchase for a full look.

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Liquid Makeup

A 56-shade makeup line featuring cool/ rosy, neutral, and warm/ golden undertones, this is the best foundation from Nordstrom that includes shades named Alabaster, Warm Vanilla, Cashew, Rich Ginger, and Espresso. Due to its eclectic collection of shades and versatility, this Nordstrom makeup product has won Allure magazine’s ‘Best of Beauty’ Award for the Best Longwear Foundation.

Each foundation in this line offers 24-hour wear with a buildable formula for medium to full coverage. Double Wear is oil-free, oil-controlling, and waterproof. To use, apply it on to your fingertips, a beauty sponge or a makeup brush, smooth over the skin, and then begin blending from the middle of the face outward.

With over 4,300 reviews, it holds a 96% positive rating on Nordstrom. Reviewers are happy with this foundation’s easy application and smooth consistency, the diverse shade range, and labeled it good for acne-prone skin, too. Those with dry skin types, however, have noted that the formula accentuates dryness. Find it on Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Liquid Makeup

2. MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

If you’re a lover of matte lipsticks, then MAC’s line offers enough shades – over 40! – to keep your lips tinted year-round. Featuring multiple hues across reds, purples, pinks, and more, the formula finishes in a pigment-rich look with a definite color payoff. Use a lip brush when applying for more precision and throw in some lip pencil for an even more defined look.

Overall, the reviews of this Nordstrom makeup favorite are 3,200+ strong with the lipstick’s long-wear capabilities, lack of dryness, and color collection highlighted. As for true-to-picture shades, there’s a mix of reviews on how the final result appears on the lips.

Hot tip: if you return six MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter, you receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice as part of their Back-to-MAC recycling program. Buy your favorite matte lipstick from Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil

Equipped with a spoolie at one end and an eyebrow pencil at the other, this Nordstrom beauty product comes in 10 shades to match every skin tone and undertone. Use it to shape, define, and fill in your eyebrows – short strokes and a gentle touch are the way to go during application. Afterward, blend with the brush for an even look.

Reviewers have highlighted its pigmentation and long wear, but some have noted that the packaging isn’t as durable as expected for the price point. Find this on Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil

4. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Available in the shades Medium Deep and Translucent, this setting powder is of a silky, sheer feel. It’s great for normal to oily skin types and is supposed to leave behind a matte finish with just the lightest touch of sheer.

To apply, press your powder puff (not included) and then work it in by either tapping or rubbing the two halves of the puff together. Gently press into your skin with a rolling motion, after which you can apply any other formula on top.

It’s a widely-used Nordstrom makeup product with near 8,000 reviews on the platform. Users say it’s light on the skin, doesn’t feel cakey, and can easily pass off as natural. Those with dry skin, however, have reported cakiness. Find it on Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Creamy and waterproof, this Urban Decay eye pencil comes in 31 shades with quite curious names – Bourbon, Corrupt, Chaos, Freak, LSD – which do little to hint at the shades but pull a person in. Expect the standard eye pencil colors in this collection like black, blue, and brown along with peach, white, gold, and teal.

The formula is paraben-free and also contains jojoba oil, vitamin E, and cottonseed oil, which are great for moisturizing. A few reviewers have mentioned the pigment not showing up well on their waterline, but largely, most users have noticed good payoff with a long-wear and smooth formula. Grab it from Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

6. Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara

This Nordstrom beauty product is a full volumizing mascara that comes in an easy-grip tube and cap, the latter of which ends in an S-shape curved brush optimal for volumizing. The curve helps accommodate the natural curl of the lashes and leaves a full-bodied, fanned-out finish. To apply, use the concave side (U-shaped) and move from root to tip with some wiggling. To fan out, flip over to the convex side.

Overall, reviewers are happy with the formula in consideration of its intensity but have noted some clumping and flaking. Out of 1,443 reviews, it features 1,304 positive ratings. You can find this mascara on Nordstrom.

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara

7. NARS Blush

This 25-shade strong collection of cult-favorite blush features a variety of pink and nude hues with a few yellows, reds, and purples thrown in. The formula is designed for all skin types and is soft and buildable.

To apply, grab a blush brush and sweep across the tops of your cheeks before moving to the hairline, nose, and chin. For a deeper look, apply a little shimmer to the tops of the cheeks and a matte formula to the hollow side.

This Nordstrom makeup product hasn’t been as reviewed as some of the other products on this list, but from its 1,095 reviews, 1,032 are four and five stars. The feature lauded most has been the color pigmentation, but the quality of packaging and longevity have some concerns raised about them. Get this NARS blush from Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: NARS Blush

8. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color

Offering 14 shades, this Laura Mercier product is a stick eyeshadow designed to leave a better-than-traditional smokey eye look behind. The formula is said to be creamy, long-wearing, and crease- and transfer-free. To apply, simply swipe over the lash line and then blend in with a brush or fingertips. Cover the whole eyelid for a more intense look.

This Nordstrom makeup product holds 2,328 reviews with over 2,000 leaning towards positive. It’s highlighted for its quick smokey eye application, variety of shades, and good texture. The packaging may fall a tad short though as a choice, as a few have reported the formula stick separating from the tube. Find it on Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color

9. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25

Packed in a sleek, sliding tube, this foundation stick comes in 17 different shades ranging from Birch to Wheat. It is water-based, and the formula offers SPF and hydrating capabilities alongside medium coverage. It’s also paraben-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, talc-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free – vegan. The formula is also an Allure Best of Beauty award-winner for the Best Medium Coverage Foundation in 2019.

To apply, start from the center of the forehead and move down to the nose and then the chin. One swipe across the cheekbones and under the eyes, too. For more coverage, add in 2-3 more swipes. Depending on the degree of coverage desired, start with blending with your fingertips and work your way up to a brush and then a silicone blender. If you’re looking to contour, grab a shade that’s a few tones darker than your skin tone.

There are over 2,000 reviews on this Nordstrom makeup product, and while the bottom line is that it works well as a medium-coverage foundation, some users have noted breaking out, while others are fine. A few reviews also mentioned the foundation doesn’t last long. You can find this on Nordstrom.

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25

10. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This Nordstrom makeup item is a vegan, transparent gel primer designed to smooth the skin (all types!) and improve the longevity of an overall makeup look. It’s comprised of a lightweight, oil-free formula and also includes vitamins A and E. A study conducted against a pool of 103 women found 93% reporting smoother skin and 91% citing minimized pores and wrinkles.

For application, simply smooth over clean, moisturized skin and let the product sit for 15 seconds before adding makeup. It can also be used atop of makeup for any quick touch-ups. The product is also recommended to use sparingly on the hair to tackle frizziness.

Reviewers were keen to highlight that the formula is soft, smooth, oil-resistant, and even keeps the sweat shine away when worn while exercising. On the other end, a few have noted different reactions to their skin, with some highlighting dryness and others greasiness. Buy it from Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

11. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Developed for all skin types, this makeup setting spray keeps your makeup intact for up to 16 hours without change due to the brand’s patented Temperature Control Technology – cools down the makeup to preserve it. The formula is oil-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. It’s also an Allure Best of Beauty 2019 award-winner for the Best Setting Spray.

To apply, shake the bottle, hold it about 8-10 inches from the face, close the eyes, and spritz a few times in an X and then T formation. After applying makeup, of course! You can also wet your makeup brushes with the spray before dipping it into your cosmetics for an added intensity.

Aside from users wishing for a nozzle that sprays more evenly across the face (thus the importance of the X and T formation!) and one person noting an odd scent, reviewers are quite taken with this Nordstrom makeup product.

One unfortunate user recalled getting in a car accident, but her makeup remained intact throughout her hospital trip because of this setting spray. Others have tested it out in the humidity, and while it doesn’t fare all day long, it keeps the makeup on longer than usual. Buy this from Nordstrom!

Best Nordstrom Makeup Products: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Photos via Nordstrom

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Best brow embroidery salons in Singapore 2020: View before and after photos and redeem best deals

Time-saving is as important to us as looking fabulous. This is why brow embroidery is fast becoming one of the sought-after beauty services these days, alongside facial and waxing services. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up to wow brows without spending a ton of time and with a dozen of brow products? Since it is a semi-permanent makeup service, we understand that finding a trust-worthy brow embroidery salon is super important. If you’re looking for a brow embroidery salon to trust your life brows with, here are some of the best ones to consider. Psst, we also have some exclusive coupons that you can use too!

.listicle-content { margin-top: 20px; }

Browart Studio

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your brow shape, or just too lazy to fill them in every morning, Browart is definitely where you can get natural-looking brows, with no downtime at all!

Besides brow services, Browart offers semi-permanent makeup services to create a long-lasting eyeliner or lip look. The artists are equipped with professional knowledge and are familiar with the latest beauty trends, but most importantly, they constantly upgrade their skills to provide you with the best service possible.

Browart Studio 1

Browart is helmed by studio artist Jenny Xu, who is a permanent makeup stylist and facial sculpture expert. She is the Top Tattoo Master of Plastic Surgery Hospital in Shenzhen and a judge for Sino-Korea’s International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. One Google reviewer even called her a “Wizard of eyebrow art”.

If that’s not enough to pull you in, maybe this will – it is one of the highest rated eyebrows studios in Singapore! You can check out testimonials given by their customers here.

Browart Studio 2

Try: Eyebrow Tattoo Embroidery Services. This is the service that local celebrities such as Xixaue, Kanny Theng, and Shine Koh come back for annually. After giving you a visualisation of your ideal brow design and shape, colour pigment, and realistic fine hair strokes are added using a feathering technique.

At the end of the session, you’ll have gorgeous semi-permanent eyebrows that are enhanced by your natural ones. What’s more, this painless process requires no downtime at all. The colour and design you leave Browart Studio with is also what you’ll have for the months to come! Now, all you need to do is get ready to be overwhelmed with this question by everyone around you, “Are they really tattooed brows?”

Email: [email protected]
Call: 6702 0768
For more info: Website | Facebook

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Allure Beauty Saloon

When it comes to the best brow embroidery salons, Allure Beauty Saloon definitely comes to mind. The salon has been offering brow embroidery services even before it was a popular treatment. In fact, they started out as a brow salon before branching out to more beauty services such as facial and body treatments. Best Brow Embroidery Salons Allure Founded by Angela Tnee, who is known for her exquisite and precise brow embroidery works, the salon uses an exclusive stroke-by-stroke technique along with their Golden Ratio philosophy to shape and design brows that suit each individual’s face shape and features. Best Brow Embroidery Salons Allure 2 Try: Combination Eyebrow Embroidery with Shaping and Touch-Up. This is great for those who haven’t tried brow embroidery before and want to give it a shot. Besides shaping and embroidering, a touch-up session will also be part of this package, to be completed within two months after the treatment. This is originally available at SGD407, but you can redeem a deal here for SGD198.

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Jean Elegance Beauty Salon

A specialist in eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension, the one-stop salon also provides facials, body treatments and other beauty services. Jean Elegance believes that the right set of brows can help you look more youthful, and their embroidery techniques are designed to achieve precisely that. Best Brow Embroidery Jean Elegance Try: Customised Eyebrow Embroidery. Jean Elegance uses only high quality dye in this service to ensure that there’s no green or blue discolouration on their customers’ brows over time. Brow shapes are designed based on individual’s face ratio and shape and this package includes two touch-ups to be used within 3 months from the first treatment. Redeem a special promotion here.

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Lebellbrow Studio

Lebellbrow Studio is the winner of the best eyebrow tattoo artist of Asia 2018 and K-beauty Olympic 2018 (for its 6D Microblading Eyebrow). These accolades probably tell you a lot about their excellence in eyebrow embroidery.

Best Brow Embroidery Lebellbrow Studio 2

But the award-winning salon doesn’t just rest on their laurels; they believe in regularly attending upgrading courses to continue to improve their skills and serve customers even better. Priding themselves as a salon that offers honest prices with no hidden costs, Lebellbrow Studio has a high returning customer rate and an amazing 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook reviews from 46 reviewers – which is definitely no mean feat. Most reviewers said that they were satisfied with how natural and flattering their brows look, and that the artists were patient and professional.

Best Brow Embroidery Lebellbrow Studio 1

Lebellbrow Studio uses only high-quality nano pigment for embroidery to ensure that it will not turn red or purple in the future, assuring the best colour result. Thanks to their special technique, you can also expect no pain, no swelling, and minimum downtime – something that has also been brought up frequently by reviewers on Facebook who enjoyed their brow embroidery service.

Try: Misty Brows. This is their signature service that uses the latest technique from Korea that gives a soft “powder” makeup look that offers a perfect shape that’s natural-looking. This service is suitable for all skin types and is able to fill in brows thoroughly and painlessly.

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #02-03, KAP Mall, Singapore 598332
Tel: 90087833 / 96916050
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sat), 10.30am – 3pm (Sun). Appointment is required in advance.
WhatsApp/call/SMS: +6596916050
For more info: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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V Love Beauty

V Love Beauty strives to offer a relaxing environment for their customers so that everyone who comes through the door can have a pampering time. Its beauty services are available across different tiers to fit all budgets – something that customers appreciate. Best Eyebrow Embroidery Salon V Love Beauty Try: Eyebrow Embroidery. This service takes approximately two hours, where V Love Beauty’s artists carefully shape and fill in the colours for your new brows. Look forward to long-lasting results that look outstanding! Redeem a special deal here.

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Artmake Gallery Singapore

Best Brow Embroidery Singapore Artmake Gallery

Artmake Gallery is a medical-grade eyebrow embroidery salon that hails from Tokyo, well-noted for giving customers a natural finish using the most advanced technology and design skills of its artists.

In Japan, embroidery is a medical practice that can only be performed by an artist with a nurse qualification under a resident doctor, hence the artists at Artmake Gallery in Japan are all medically-qualified and have trained under world-famous experts such as Dmitry Khatkin and PhiBrows association.

Besides their professionally-trained artists, Artmake Gallery is also highly recommended by customers for being able to customise the brow embroidery according to the customer, taking into consideration factors such as skin texture, facial expression, and bone structure before using a mix of stroke and powder to create a custom-made eyebrow that suits you best.

Try: AMG powder embroidery. Artmake is the first in Japan to use this advanced European powder technology, where the brow artist uses different needle widths according to each customer’s skin type to create nano-sized dots for three-dimensional eyebrows. The brow colour tint can also be adjusted in order to easily create thicker brows.

Prices for all brow embroidery services range from SGD500 to SGD1,000, depending on the brow artist you wish to engage. A touch-up costs between SGD500 to SGD700.

Address: 142A E Coast Rd (2F), Singapore 428832
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm (Mon-Fri), 10am to 7pm (Sat), 10am to 7pm (Sun)
Contact number: Whatsapp/call +65 8128 7301, or make a reservation on the website.
For more information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe has won several awards for their permanent makeup services, so you know they are an expert in this field.

Best Eyebrow Embroidery Beauty Recipe

They believe in using only pure organic plant-based colour pigments on their clients because it’s safe even on sensitive skin, is more long-lasting, and very importantly, don’t change colour over time. Therapists are also trained in Korea to be updated with the latest trends and techniques.

Try: 3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery. This has a single base colouring effect to resemble strokes of an eyebrow pencil. It gives a polished, defined effect that is still natural-looking. Redeem the latest deal here.

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Jo Artysan

Nestled in central Orchard Road, Jo Artysan is an award-winning beauty salon that specialises in brow and lash services. They are well-loved and highly raved about for their brow embroidery services – just look at all those awesome 5-star reviews they have received from happy customers online! In fact, a majority of Jo Artysan’s clientele base comes from referrals by many of their satisfied customers.

Best Brow Embroidery Salons Jo Artysan

Jo Artysan’s brow specialists are trained in esteemed international academies and hold multiple professional accolades. They are also constantly educated on new industry standards and technology in order to deliver the best results to customers.

Premium high-quality pigment is used in Jo Artysan’s brow embroidery services to ensure that the colour will stay, so you don’t have to fret about your brows turning into an ugly shade of red or green over time. You will also feel at ease knowing that good hygiene is strongly emphasised at the salon, as only disposable and sterilised equipment are used.

In addition, your eyebrow embroidery service is highly personalised so that you get the best possible results. Before you actually undergo the service, Jo Artysan’s brow specialists will assess your brow condition and skin type to determine which brow services will suit you best. In fact, you may even get turned away if the salon feels that they are unable to further enhance or rectify previous brow work – a telling sign of how Jo Artysan prioritises quality results over profit!

You don’t have to worry about being pressured by staff who hard-sell expensive packages or hidden costs in any of the services either – Jo Artysan promises to offer customers an honest and transparent pricing, and their customers can definitely vouch for that.


View this post on Instagram


Met a very humble and talented client @orientaljamu today who does post natal and lactation massages. Where do you find such beautiful and good massuer these days! Also loving her new brows that looks AWESOMELY AMAZING. She’s very popular so do book her slots early mummies to be 🧚‍♀️ | Super Natural Brows 🖤 한국의 눈썹 자수 #joartysan #browspecialistsg #lashartistsg #microblading #microshading #pmu #pmubrows #koreanspmu #singapore #tattoo #eyes #eyebrows #browsonfleek #brows #lipstick #pmulip #brownhair #browneyes #browshaping #followforfollow #artist #permanentmakeup #makeup #hairstrokebrows #tattooedgirls

A post shared by The Brow Specialist 눈썹 자수 (@joartysanbrows) on Sep 7, 2018 at 4:19am PDT

Try: Artysan Signature Brows. This service adopts and combines the latest techniques from Korea and Europe to create brows that look so natural, it’s tough to tell apart real from fake hair. The process is guaranteed to be painless with no swelling, and you get waterproof brows that last for up to two years.

Address: 220 Orchard Rd, #01-03, Singapore 238852
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: 10am-8pm (Tues to Sat). An appointment is required in advance.
WhatsApp/SMS or Call: 9711 6888
For more info: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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The Beaute Canopy

The Beaute Canope 1

The Beaute Canopy is a home business that focuses on delivering the best semi-permanent makeup services, using premium products and disposable tools from Germany. Customer satisfaction will always be the priority at The Beaute Canopy as the eyebrow artist does her best to help you achieve your dream brows – ones that look natural, soft and fluffy. This means that everyone will be kept wondering over just how real your brows are!

The Beaute Canope 2

Try: Signature Nano-Microblading & Shading. The Beaute Canopy keeps your natural features and preferences in mind to craft the most ideal brow shape for you.

The shape of your brow is calculated according to facial morphology and the golden proportion (phi 1,1618). This signature treatment uses the finest nano-blade to create hyper-realistic strokes. To finish, there’ll be soft shading in between the strokes, to create the most natural-looking brows in town. You’ll love that the treatment is painless, and that your brows are guaranteed to stay true to colour – even after they have healed.

P.S. You get all these for only SGD500!

Address: 266D Punggol Way, Singapore 824266
Tel: 82330166 or WhatsApp 82330166
For more info: Instagram

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Perfect Brow House

Perfect Brow House has won several prestigious awards, including the Singapore Brand Award and Singapore Excellence Award. But the one they’re proudest of has to be the Asia Aesthetic Contest 2017 for Creative Eyebrow Designs, of which they are the only brow house in Singapore that is in the awardee list.

Best Brow Embroidery Salon Perfect Brow House 2

Started in 2013 in a small shop in the HDB area, Perfect Brow House has now taken up a 1,000 sqft space in Paya Lebar Square – a sign of how they’ve grown, thanks to great word of mouth from satisfied customers.

The brow house has a 4.5-star rating on Google reviews, left by 139 customers. Most reviewers mentioned their satisfaction with the result of the brow embroidery service and how friendly and meticulous the brow artists are.

Best Brow Embroidery Salon Perfect Brow House

Another reason why they’re one of the best brow embroidery salons in Singapore: they are always on the forefront of the latest brow designs and microblading techniques. They assure their customers that they are in safe hands, and that they just have to relax while the brow artists make sure that they deliver a flattering look.

Products used during the service are organic and from Korea, and Perfect Brow House guarantees that there’s no side effect.

Try: Creative Eyebrow Embroidery. You get to choose from a variety of styles, including 3D Creative, Korean Creative, 6D Creative, Misty Creative, Misty+3D/6D Creative. Confused by the options? Don’t worry, your brow artist will be able to offer a recommendation based on your brow condition and features.

Prices range from SGD488 to SGD788, and is inclusive of one free touch up, one free session of vitamin facial, and an SGD50 hair service voucher. You can request for their brow art director Miss Kelly if you’re looking for the most experienced artist at the salon. Her service ranges from SGD888 to SGD1,288.

Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #02-02, Singapore 409051
Opening hours: 11.30am to 9pm, daily
Contact number: Whatsapp +65 91273145 (click to send a message) | Call 63527012
For more information: Facebook

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Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail

Best Brow Embroidery Spa Aperial

Known for their high-tech facial treatments, Spa Aperial also offers brow embroidery services. Dedicated to delivering quality services and effective results, Spa Aperial also believes in building a strong rapport with their clients so they can understand their needs better.

Try: Eyebrow Embroidery service. Spa Aperial believes that the right brows can help redefine your features and the artists at the salon makes sure that most ideal set of brows based on your face shape is designed. Get 40% off the brow embroidery service here.

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Top 10 Best Dress Watches for Men 2020 Buyers Guide and Reviews

Although you can wear any watch with a suit or tuxedo, some watches add real class to those types of outfits. To be specific, a dress watch has a minimalist design, so it will complement and not overpower your attire. Aside from that, it is also thin enough that it can fit under your sleeve cuff. Lastly, it is classic enough to weather the constant changes in style.

Unfortunately, finding the best dress watch that will match your personality and style is not an easy task, especially as you have thousands of choices to pick from. So, if you’re looking for some ideas, here is our list of the best dress watches available on the market.

Citizen AU1040-08E Eco Drive WatchCitizen AU1040-08E Eco Drive Watch

If you’re searching for an inexpensive yet high-quality dress watch, the Citizen AU1040-08E is an excellent choice. It has a clean design and timeless appeal that will surely pair well with a suit or tuxedo. For its features, it has a stainless steel case with a mineral glass window that protects its Japanese quartz movement. Moreover, its black dial has a date window at 3 o’clock and silver-tone hands and indices. Lastly, it is equipped with Eco-Drive; thus, it is powered by natural or indoor light.


Skagen Ancher WatchSkagen Ancher Watch

Although affordable, the Skagen Ancher can still compete with high-end watches, especially in terms of design. This product has a black-plated stainless steel case and a brown leather strap that blends well to create a stylish watch. Plus, it has a silver-tone dial with black hands and hour markers that enhances its attractiveness. Overall, this dress watch is a great accessory you can wear for all sorts of events, especially when you’re wearing a suit.


Orient 2nd Gen Bambino Version I Automatic WatchOrient 2nd Gen Bambino Version I Automatic Watch

The Orient 2nd Gen Bambino Version I is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality dress watch with a budget-friendly price. It has an antique-inspired look equipped with modern features. Plus, it is a great accessory you can wear alongside a suit, thanks to its elegant design. Other notable features include a date display at 3 o’clock and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours.


Braun BN0032 WatchBraun BN0032 Watch

The Braun BN0032 offers some great features for an affordable price. For one, it has a black stainless steel case and a mesh stainless steel bracelet that looks refreshingly manly and elegant. Plus, it has a black dial with white hands and indices that enhances its appeal. For its other features, this dress watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement, and it has a date window at 6 o’clock.


Timex Marlin Automatic WatchTimex Marlin Automatic Watch

The Timex Marlin is a combination of a black leather strap and a gold-tone stainless steel case that blends well together, creating a strikingly gorgeous dress watch. It also has a black dial with gold-tone hands and indices that makes it more alluring. This watch also features include an automatic movement, a mineral glass dial window, and a date display at 3 o’clock.


Tissot Tradition Analog WatchTissot Tradition Analog Watch

The Tissot Tradition proves that top-notch style doesn’t always have to be expensive. Although affordable, this timepiece offers a simple yet elegant design. It has a silver-tone stainless steel case with a white dial that blends well with a brown leather strap. Aside from that, its dial also has silver-tone hands and indices that radiates class. Lastly, this analog watch also features a date window at 3 o’clock.


Armogan Spirit of St. Louis Chronograph WatchArmogan Spirit of St. Louis Chronograph Watch

The Armogan Spirit of St. Louis is built with an agreeable price and good looks, making it one of the best dress watches for men. It features a stainless steel case, a brown leather strap, and a black dial with white numerals and hands that blend well, creating a stylish watch that you can wear all the time. For its other features, this watch also has a chronograph function and a day/date window at 3 o’clock.


Victorinox Alliance V241765 Analog WatchVictorinox Alliance V241765 Analog Watch

Aside from being accurate and durable, the Victorinox Alliance V241765 is also stylish and elegant. It features a silver stainless steel case with a gray dial that will surely catch anyone’s attention. Plus, this analog watch is a great accessory for several occasions, including formal events. Other notable features include a date window at 3 o’clock and an end of life indicator.


Tsovet JPT-CC38 Chronograph WatchTsovet JPT-CC38 Chronograph Watch

The Tsovet JPT-CC38 is a combination of a stainless steel case with a white dial and brown leather strap, making it look stylish. In fact, you can wear this dress watch for various occasions, thanks to its simple yet classy design. Plus, it offers features some great features, like a chronograph functionality and a date display at 3 o’clock. Overall, this chronograph watch from Tsovet is durable, functional, and good-looking.


Miansai M12 WatchMiansai M12 Watch

Clean and simple are the words that will best describe the Miansai M12. After taking a closer look, you’ll find that this dress watch is also durable, sharp, and reliable. Plus, it also has a classy design that will surely match any suit. To be specific, it has a classic stainless steel case and a black leather strap that boasts class and refinement. Overall, this timepiece from Mainsai is refined, but not showy – a great feature for a dress watch.


Seiko SARB033 Automatic WatchSeiko SARB033 Automatic Watch

The Seiko SARB033 combines a black dial and a stainless steel case and bracelet, resulting in a watch that exudes classiness. Aside from its attractive design, this dress watch also has LumiBrite hands and hour markers that allow you to tell the time even in the dark. Also, it has a date window at 3 o’clock, and it is powered by a Japanese automatic movement with a 50-hour power reserve.


Shinola The Canfield WatchShinola The Canfield Watch

The Shinola Canfield is a handsome timepiece that exudes confidence. Its simple yet appealing design will not only stand out in a crowd but turn heads as well. This is due to its stainless steel case and black leather strap that give it a refined look. Moreover, it features a white dial with silver-tone hands and hour indices, which enhances its classiness. The best part is that you can wear this watch every single day.


Hamilton Intra-Matic WatchHamilton Intra-Matic Watch

The Hamilton Intra-Matic may look unassuming, but it exudes elegance. This is thanks to its stainless steel case and black leather strap. Plus, it has a silver dial with black hands and hour markers that accentuates its beauty. All in all, this dress watch from Hamilton will not only pair well with your tuxedo or suit. It is a stylish timepiece that you can wear for various occasions, including casual events.


Baume & Mercier Classima Automatic WatchBaume & Mercier Classima Automatic Watch

The Baume & Mercier Classima has a classic and elegant design that will stand out and impress the crowd. It features a classic steel case with a white dial and blue hands that give this dress watch a modern edge. Its leather strap, on the other hand, enhances its beauty and elegance. Overall, this product is not only a great accessory for work. You can also wear it on your anniversary or any formal occasions.


Hamilton X-Wind Chronograph WatchHamilton X-Wind Chronograph Watch

The Hamilton X-Wind features a black rubber band and stainless steel case that makes it look bold and alluring. Its black dial and silver-tone hands and markers, on the other hand, blends well with the case and band, giving it a manly and refreshing look. Moreover, its hands are luminous, so you’ll be able to tell the time even in the dark. Other notable features include a chronograph function and a date display at 3 o’clock.


Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Chronograph WatchJunghans Max Bill Chronoscope Chronograph Watch

The Junghans Max Bill has a clean design that radiates beauty and sophistication, thanks to its stainless steel case, black leather strap, and silver-plated dial with black indices and silver-tone hands. Plus, its dial has luminous hands, so you’ll be able to tell the time even in low light conditions. Aside from that, this dress watch also features a chronograph function and a date window at 3 o’clock.


Montblanc Heritage Automatic WatchMontblanc Heritage Automatic Watch

Inspired by Minerva wristwatches from the 1940s and 1950s, the Montblanc Heritage offers a great balance between tradition and modernism by mixing a timeless design with some sporty details and precision technology. Aside from that, it also has a gray alligator strap, stainless steel case, and white dial with silver-tone hands and indices, giving it a classic and tasteful appearance that will match perfectly with your suit or tuxedo.


TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic WatchTAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Watch

Inspired by motor racing, the TAG Heuer Carrera has a retro feel, thanks to its brown leather strap, classic stainless steel case, and white dial with silver-tone hands and hour markers. Aside from that, its hands are luminous, so you can see the time even in the dark. Overall, this dress watch from TAG Heuer is not only built to make your attire more stylish but to withstand the elements as well.


Nomos Orion 38 WatchNomos Orion 38 Watch

Inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, the Nomos Orion has a minimalist and modern look that will certainly complement your attire. It features a black leather strap and a stainless steel case with a white dial, which are strikingly handsome. Plus, it is made with premium materials, including a sapphire crystal window and a mechanical hand-winding movement, making this dress watch of heirloom quality.


Breitling Transocean Day & Date Automatic WatchBreitling Transocean Day & Date Automatic Watch

Breitling Transocean Day & Date is a handsome-looking watch that is perfect not only for formal events but for your outdoor adventures as well. It features a stainless steel case and a brown leather strap that boasts masculinity. Moreover, it has a white dial with silver-tone hands and hour markers, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. Also, its hands and hour markers are luminous, allowing you to see the time even in low-light conditions.


IWC Portofino Automatic WatchIWC Portofino Automatic Watch

The IWC Portofino is designed and assembled in a high-tech facility in Switzerland. As such, you can expect that this product is of superior quality. For its design, this dress watch is the embodiment of versatility and simplicity. Its stainless steel case and black dial with silver-tone hands and indices that blends well with its black alligator strap, resulting in a timepiece that boasts masculinity.


Cartier Tank Americaine Automatic-self-Wind WatchCartier Tank Americaine Automatic-self-Wind Watch

The Cartier Tank Americaine is an excellent heirloom piece. It features a rectangular watch that is eye-catching. Aside from that, this model also radiates luxury and elegances, thanks to its 18-karate rose gold case, white dial with blue hands and black indices, and brown alligator strap. Overall, this dress watch is an iconic timepiece that will complete any attire in your closet.


Rolex Explorer Mechanical WatchRolex Explorer Mechanical Watch

The Rolex Explorer has a stainless steel case and bracelet that blends well with its black dial, resulting in a watch that is simple yet elegant. The black dial also has white hands and hour markers that enhance its beauty and elegance. All in all, this watch from Rolex is worth your investment because it is reliable, stylish, and long-lasting.


Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin WatchJaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Watch

The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin combines technical brilliance with masculine styling, resulting in a watch that will match every occasion and your every style. Powered by a self-winding automatic movement, this dress watch features a gray dial with black hands and hour markers. Aside from that, it also has a polished steel case that pairs well with its black leather strap, creating a subtle yet powerful appearance.


Vacheron Constantin Patrimony WatchVacheron Constantin Patrimony Watch

Inspired by a 1950s design, the Vacheron Constantin mixes maximum luxury with a minimalist feel. Plus, it has an elegant and timeless style that will certainly catch everyone’s attention. This is thanks to its blue dial and alligator strap that contrast beautifully with its 18-karat rose gold case. Moreover, this timepiece is made with top-notch materials that ensure reliability and durability.


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Top 10 Best Free Valentine’s Date Ideas 2020: Best Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

The perfect Valentine’s Day date should not burn a hole in your wallet. In an age where social media pressures us to outperform other couples, it is always good to remember that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of the love of your life, independent of what you can afford or where you can get a reservation. What the two of you have is more valuable than whatever hyper-curated date you go on. With that in mind, here’s a list of 21 date ideas for Valentine’s Day that are free or extremely cheap.

Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day For Free

1. Watch A Sunrise Together

You don’t need 3D glasses or recliner seats to experience one of natures’ finest spectacles. Just wake up early, go to the nearest park or hill, and enjoy nature changing its hues in the stillness of dawn. It is not only a romantic but also a spiritual experience. If you are too lazy to go out, you can also try the rooftop of your apartment. The view may be slightly different, but the profound impact remains the same. We can assure you, it won’t be crowded either.

2. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed


For all the days that you grab breakfast in a hurry because you are in a rush, this is one day where you should not only take it easy but also make it a small but meaningful event for the two of you. You don’t have to cook anything fancy in the morning. Get everything in order the previous night and just do the bare minimum in the morning. It’s not the content that counts, but the process. Just the two of you, without a care in the world, having a slow meal in bed.

3. Watch A Performance In The Park

We can’t stress this enough. Get to a park. A couple of days before the big day, find out if any of the parks in your city are putting up any shows for Valentine’s Day. Chances are there will be performances of some kind that are open to the public. Get your picnic basket ready and head out for a day in the sun. A park is one of those places where there is little social pressure to dress up a lot, which will work in your favor. You and your partner can just relax and spend some quality time together.

4. Visit A Pet Shelter

If Valentine’s Day is all about boundless love, there’s no better place to show it than a local pet shelter. There’s a world of innocent admiration and hope waiting for you out there. And if you find a furry friend you hit it off with, you may be able to take them home. Talk about being a family! Here’s a warning though: You will end up spending more time here than you would have thought, so plan accordingly. And make sure that your partner is not allergic to any animals.

5. Cook Together

No, it’s not the time to prove to the world that you belong in the Master Chef kitchen. It’s time to cook something simple together. It is important that you involve your partner here.Don’t make them just watch as they might lose interest and start watching TV. There are tonnes of recipes for simple date-night food available online that you can prepare with easy-to-find ingredients. Moreover, the acts of chopping and mixing and tasting together are sensuous at a primal level.

6. Write A Romantic Note

Wondering who hand-writes notes these days? It is the smart, imaginative, and caring ones who get a lot in return. There’s something rustic and romantic about a handwritten note that no email or text can match. You may have to prepare a couple of days in advance though. Just make a list of all the things that you love about your partner and thank them for all the times they stood by you. You don’t have to make it sound literary or poetic. Just make it genuine. Typos and corrections are fine. While you are at it, make a small illustration or two, however clumsy it may look. They will receive it on Valentine’s Day, but they will keep going back to for years to come.

7. Go To A Museum

There’s a world of art and inspiration in your city that is, unfortunately, ignored for the most part. Take your date to a museum this Valentine’s Day and stroll around discovering new things. Entry is mostly free or reasonably priced. You don’t have to be an expert in Impressionism or Surrealism to enjoy some of mankind’s finest achievements. Even if you have never been to an art gallery before, there’s a good chance that you will be awestruck by something you find there.

8. Back-To-Back Movies

Yes, we are all experienced professionals at binge-watching and can talk non-stop about our favorite movies and shows. But when you are watching something with your partner, pick something that you both will enjoy. Our suggestion? Go for a light-hearted romantic comedy from the 90s and not some end-of-the-world action movie.

9. Go On A Hike

This is one of the cheapest ways to relax and rejuvenate while spending some quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day. The best time to go hiking is early in the morning. Find a hike that’s not too far, not too long, and certainly not too tough. Spend some quality time together, just the two of you out in nature, and have a hot cup of coffee atop a hill or by a lake. That’s as Instagram-worthy a moment as you can think of on Valentine’s Day, and may we remind you, extremely light on the wallet too.

10. Bathe Together

Bathe Together


Take a slow bath that is less about scrubbing and more about relaxing together. Light up your bathroom with your favorite scented candles to add that special romantic vibe to your private time. Make it more sensuous with a playlist that is soft, melodic, and relaxing. Remember, less talking, more unwinding.

11. Visit A Farmer’s Market

This is a great way to both spend a chill Valentine’s Day together and give back to your community. Find out the timings of your local farmer’s market and spend Valentine’s Day there. You will be surprised by what you find there – from organic jams to homemade wine to chemical-free vegetables. More than that, you will find people who spend their entire lives nurturing food with love. This will also serve as a good way to show your partner your sensitive side.

12. Give Love Coupons

This is not just cheap – it is utterly free, deeply romantic, and has a shelf life way beyond February 14th. Make some coupons for all the romantic things that you want to do for and with your partner, like giving them a sensuous massage or having a romantic brunch at home. Do keep in mind that you are expected to honor the coupons whenever they are redeemed.

13. Work Out Together

You shouldn’t skip your workout just because it’s Valentine’s Day. In fact, you should do it together, whether at a nearby gym or at home. Put on a workout playlist and do your cardio and aerobics with your partner. Just don’t injure yourself stretching too much or lifting something heavy, as that will certainly ruin plans for later.

14. Go On A Drive

Wake up early and hit the road, blasting any of the hundreds of songs written about being in love. Don’t venture too far, just out of town to discover a quaint restaurant or a classic diner. Spend some time lazily observing the daily lives around you and the highway nearby. You can also take this opportunity to ask each other questions about stuff you have never talked about to deepen your connection.

15. Karaoke

Disadvantage? If you sound truly pathetic, there will be videos of it. Advantage? It will be really, really fun even if you sound pathetic and there are videos of it. Don’t be shy, pull your partner up on the stage, and let the world hear your special song in your special voice.

16. Tour Your city

Be a tourist in your own city because there are many places you may have considered visiting but haven’t had the time to do so. Get your partner and hop on a bus tour that’s guaranteed to be cheap, easy, and fun. It will help you discover your city in a whole new way. The museums, the landmarks, that beautiful chapel are all waiting for you to take them in. It will be a Valentine’s Day well-spent.

17. Watch A Stand-Up Comedy Show

A number of restaurants and bars have stand-up nights, and we bet you can easily find one on Valentine’s Day. Go with an open mind and support the acts as they are starting out. You will find an eclectic crowd in a casual setting, far from the formal dinners that are usually associated with Valentine’s Day. If one of the performers strikes it big later, you can always say that you watched them when they were just starting out. This is also a great way to gauge your partner’s sense of humor and what kind of comedy they enjoy. It could come in handy later when you want to make them laugh!

18. Go On A Bike Ride

There’s something nostalgic about a bike ride that few other activities can match. If you don’t own a bike, just rent a couple and go on a neighborhood exploration adventure with your loved one. Take it slow because it is not a race. Stop whenever you feel like. The important thing is that you ride together and keep talking to each other. The fresh air and exercise will make both of you feel closer than ever.

19. Watch A Sunset Together

Go for a walk on the beach and watch a sunset together. Stay away from the hawkers and the crowd, find a sweet spot just for the two of you and a bottle of wine, and keep your eyes glued to the vastness in front of you. It is impossibly romantic and supremely moving. Once you develop a taste for it, we are sure that you will keep coming back for more.

20. Play Spin-The-Bottle

Once you are done exploring your city, maybe you could *ahem* “explore” each other. Build up the excitement between you two with a classic game of spin-the-bottle and be willing to do what’s expected (or ordered) of you. Handy tip: Get enough chocolates, wine, and any other “accessories” (if you know what we mean) that you may need.

21. GoStargazing



If there’s an observatory in your city, how lucky are you! Stargazing can help you realize how special you and your loved ones are, how divine the current moment is, and how vast the unknown can be. Those minutes you spend observing the great majestic space with the love of your life by your side will stay with you for a long, long time. Words will fail to describe it, but you will come out with a new and greater sense of appreciation for life. If an observatory is not an option, a rooftop on a clear night can also do the trick. Lie down with your partner, look up, and get starstruck.

As you can see, it does not take a lot of money to spend a stunningly romantic Valentine’s Day. What it does require is intent, effort, and some planning. No matter how busy you are, you should take out some time to make the day extra special for the love of your life. Since you know your partner well, you can find an activity or two from the list above that they are sure to like. No matter what you do, remember that you don’t have to impress strangers. You only have to show your partner how much you love them.

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Top Best 101 Valentine Quotes And Wishes For Your Sweet Sister 2020

Sisters are the best thing in the world. They are your mom, dad, and best friend rolled into one. Valentine’s Day does not have to be all about romance. It is also a good time to celebrate the people you love – including your sister. Here is a list of best wishes and quotes you could send to your sister, your blessing in disguise, and make her Valentine’s Day memorable.

Valentine’s Wishes For Your Sister

Valentine’s Wishes For Your Sister


  1. A sister is the best gift that our parents can give us. Don’t know what I would ever do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetie sis.
  2. Sisters are like two flowers in a garden. I am blessed to have a beautiful flower with me. It’s a blessing having you, cutie. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  3. Having a sister is like having a best friend who will love and protect you forever. I will never get tired of loving you. Happy Valentines’, sis.
  4. No matter how different we are, I love you so much. Having a sister is worth having a million friends. Thank you for everything, my love! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. Crushes would be so useless if you didn’t have a sister to tell about them to. I am blessed to have you, my sweet sister. It is like having a part of childhood preserved forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  6. As an elder sister, you are very much like my second mom, who protects me from every unforeseen danger. Happy Valentine’s Day to my guiding angel.
  7. A role model and a person you can look up to forever. A sister is the best gift of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day to my role model.
  8. Having a sister is like having a soulmate who loves and defends you always. Thanks for having my back! Happy Valentine’s Day, sis!
  9. The worst enemy and the best friend all at once – yes, that’s what a sister is. Thank you for being a part of me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. A sister is like a hero who you can count on. You could beat the Avengers any day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Wonder Woman!
  11. To my favorite person on earth, you make the world a happy place to live in. Thank you for everything! I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  12. A sister is a bundle of love and joy. You mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest sis.
  13. A sister is your teacher, your defense lawyer, your personal agent, and your go-to person. Thanks for being all of this for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  14. Sisters have a unique relationship that people who have not loved someone unconditionally find impossible to decipher. Thanks for being the Tom to my Jerry. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  15. The love of a sister is like a protective shield. Love you for always looking out for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Wishes For Your Sister1


  1.  A sister is a mentor, a leader, and a best friend. What would I ever do without you, my angel? Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. A sister will always take pride in your achievements. She is someone you can trust with all of your secrets. Happy Valentine’s, my forever secret keeper.
  3. I don’t think I deserve an angel like you, but I love you until the end of time and will never lose you. Happy Valentine’s Day, sister.
  4. As long as you are with me, nothing bad can happen to me. The aura of your love protects me from all dangers. Happy Valentine’s Day to my protector.
  5. A sister is someone who reaches for your hand, touches your heart, and stays there forever. I hope I get a sister like you in every life. Happy Valentine’s Day, sistah!
  6. A sister will ignore all the bad and remind you of all the good in you. Blessed to have you, sis. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  7. Sisters will always stick with you through thick and thin. Thank you for standing by me, no matter what the situation. Happy Valentine’s Day to my constant.
  8. If you find life’s hill too steep to climb on your own, take my hand, and you never have to do that alone again. I love you, sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. A sister loves you from the heart. No matter how much you fight, you cannot be drawn apart. Happy Valentine’s Day, sister!
  10. A toast once heard: “To my big sister, who never found her second Easter egg until I’d found my first.” Robert Brault (Isn’t that a really cute thing to make your sister smile!)
  11. You are my real-life Santa, who has always showered me with gifts and love. I love you, sweetie. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  12. A sister is everything you wish you could be. It’s a blessing having you. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear sister.
  13. Sister love tops all love. I have found my bestie in you, and I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  14. Dear sister, it will always be sisters before misters. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  15. We grew up together and have shared the most beautiful stories ever. I could have never imagined a life without you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sister, my love.

Valentine’s Wishes For Your Sister2


  1. I have been stupid to have hated you, but you always forgave me and made me a better person. Love you forever! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. Having a sister is like having a best friend you don’t want to get rid of. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. There can be no situation in which a conversation with your sister will not comfort you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my comforter.
  4. A sister is a soulmate for life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my soulmate!
  5. A sister is one that always cares, is loving and kind, and will always do anything for you when you need her. Happy Valentine’s Day, my constant.
  6. Happiness is sipping a cup of tea and chatting with your sister and feeling warm and happy to have her around. Happy Valentine’s Day, my cuppa joe!
  7. When someone messes with my little sister, they mess with me. Forever your protector! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. Dearest sister, This Valentine’s Day, I want you to know that you can count on me like one-two-three, and I’ll be there for you – always.
  9. Having a sister is like having an army to support you, no matter what. Happy Valentine’s Day, my one-woman army.
  10. A sister is a gift to the heart who teaches you the meaning of life. Thank you for never giving up on me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  11. It is very difficult to find someone who will know you as well as your sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  12. No bond is ever so strong as that of two girls connected at heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, sister.
  13. We have shared the most special times of our lives, and that includes a lifetime – from childhood until old age. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sister.
  14. I may not be able to solve all of your complications, but I won’t let you face them alone. Happy Valentines Day to my sweetest sis.
  15. We fight and love each other at the same time. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  16. We bond through habits, likes, and love for each other, dear sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Quotes For Your Sister

Valentine’s Quotes For Your Sister


  1. “Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon, that looks down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see as they look up to them, though they are ever so far away from us, and each other.” – Sojourner Truth
  2. “The two sisters didn’t come wailing. They came quietly, holding on to each other. As if they needed no one’s comfort but the others.” – Kristen Ciccarelli
  3. “As anybody with two older sisters can tell you, a closed-door is like a red rag to a bull. It cannot go unchallenged.” – Alan Bradley
  4. “The typewriting machine, when played with expression, is no more annoying than the piano when played by a sister or near relation.” – Oscar Wilde
  5. “Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be.” – Toni Morrison
  6. “What sisters are for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention?” – Claire Cook
  7. “That’s the best thing about little sisters: They spend so much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end, they’re far wiser than the elder ones could ever be.” – Gemma Burgess
  8. “The boughs, without becoming detached from the trunk grow away from it.” – Victor Hugo
  9. “I love the notion of “storm sisters” – soul friends who help us get through life’s most raw and painful transitions.” – Jennifer Grant
  10. “Little sisters can be a pain, but the big sister heroine worship can’t be beaten.” – Allison M. Lee
  11. “When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?” – Pam Brown
  12. “She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling even in the dark.” – Barbara Alpert
  13. “There is a language every sister knows, a language tender beyond words and rarely spoken. It runs like a string between two hearts, and we only pluck that string in times of trouble. This night we speak as sisters.” – Kathleen Baldwin
  14. “A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.” – Marian Sandmaier

Valentine’s Quotes For Your Sister1


  1. “As I grew up, one of my strongest allies has been my sister.” – Patti Smith
  2. “My sister and I are so close that we finish each other’s sentences and often wonder who’s memories belong to whom.” – Shannon Celebi
  3. “She is the only person left in the world who shares my memories of our childhood, our parents, our Shanghai, our struggles, our sorrows, and, yes, even our moments of happiness and triumph.” – Lisa See
  4. “We may look old and wish to the outside world, but to each other, we are still in junior school.” – Charlotte Gray
  5. We shared a room, you stole my toys, and then my clothes, but best friends we became.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  6. “A younger sister is someone who trusts you to defend her. Someone who thinks you know the answers to almost everything.” – Pam Brown
  7. “Elder sisters never can do the younger one’s justice!” – Charlotte M. Yonge
  8. “She’s my little sister. Mine to torture and mine to protect.” – Julia Quinn
  9. (Here is a funny one which will surely make her smile!)”Never let an angry sister comb your hair.” – Patricia McCann
  10. “You can be boring and tedious with sisters, whereas you have to put on a good face with friends.” – Deborah Moggach
  11. “How do people make it through life without a sister?” – Sara Corpening
  12. “She’ll go and fall in love, and there’s an end of peace and fun, and cozy times together.” – Louisa May Alcott
  13. “An older sister is a friend and defender – a listener, conspirator, a counselor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.” – Pam Brown
  14. “The mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn tiger if her sibling is in trouble.” – Clara Ortega
  15. “Nobody fights you like your own sister; nobody else knows the most vulnerable parts of you and will aim for them without mercy.” – Jojo Moyes

Valentine’s Quotes For Your Sister2


  1. “You must recognize that the way to get the good out of your brother and your sister is not to return evil for evil.” – Louis Farrakhan
  2. “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” – Carol Saline
  3. “If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she’s wearing your best sweater.” – Pam Brown
  4. “Sisterhood was about shared experiences, trust, knowing you had people who would be there for you and would listen to you no matter what, and who could always tell if there was something wrong.” – Michelle Madow
  5. “They were the ones who, with a single look, knew if you were about to burst into giggles or into tears and why.” – Michelle Madow
  6. “Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” – Louise Glück
  7. “Back in time, it seemed that having a sister was a tragedy. Instead, it is one of the best presents my parents could have ever given me.” – Sara Anzellotti
  8. “A sister is someone who owns part of what you own: a house, perhaps, or a less tangible legacy, like memories of your childhood and the experience of your family.” – Deborah Tannen
  9. “Only your sister could know how it felt to grow up in the house that made you.” – Jessica Taylor
  10. “When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.” – Alice in Wonderland
  11. “Sisters never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five.” – Pam Brown
  12. “Sisters are reliably good for two things: hating and loving.” – Jessica Knoll
  13. “She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.” – Barbara Alpert
  14. “That’s what sisters do: we argue, we point out each other’s frailties, mistakes, and bad judgment, we flash the insecurities we’ve had since childhood, and then we come back together. Until the next time.” – Lisa See
  15. “Sisters share a bond unlike any other thornier, but also tender, full of possibility.” – Joy McCullough

Valentine’s Quotes For Your Sister3


  1. “At this point, none of us are sure why we fight. We’re sisters. We need no good reason to fight, even though we have plenty of them.” – Ken Wheaton
  2. Nancy: “sisters are a shield against life’s cruel adversity”. Decca: “sisters are life’s cruel adversity.” – Mary S Lovell
  3. “Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?” – Alice Walker
  4. “You know full well as I do the value of sisters’ affections; there is nothing like it in this world.” – Charlotte Bronte
  5. “Friends grow up and move away. But the one thing that’s never lost is your sister.” – Gail Sheeny
  6. “I’ve known every love possible, but as the years stretched out, the love I longed for the most is the one I shared with my sister.” – Josephine Angelini
  7. “How the hell do you sum up your sister in three minutes? She’s your twin and your polar opposite. She’s your constant companion and your competition. She’s your best friend and the biggest bitch in the world. She’s everything you wish you could be and everything you wish you weren’t.” – M. Molly Backes
  8. “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” – Vietnamese proverb
  9. “Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” – Susan Scarf Merrell
  10. “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double.” – Toni Morrison
  11. “I never try to make anyone my best friend because I already have one and she is my sister.” – Unknown

These quotes and wishes will surely touch your sister’s heart and bring back fond memories that you have shared. Celebrate the beautiful bond you share with these messages. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What To Write In A Valentine’s Greeting Card – Heart-warming Messages in 2020

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. It is a day to express your love to anyone who has added value to your life and enriched it. Here are the best Valentine’s messages that will surely make your dear one feel special and cherished.

Valentine’s Messages For Teachers

Valentine’s Messages For Teachers


  1. Dear teacher, you are the best role model I could have. Thank you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best human I have ever met. Thank you for being in my life.
  3. Dear teacher, roses are red, violets are blue, you are my sweetest teacher, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  4. You have been the perfect inspiration in my life. Thank you so much, teacher. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. I hope you are my teacher in every life. I am so blessed to have you, dear teacher. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. Caring and amazing – that’s what you are. You have taught me all the important lessons in life. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest teacher ever.
  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to the person who has made the biggest difference in my life.
  8. Thank you for being the best gift for me. I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy Valentine’s Day, teacher.
  9. Dear teacher, you made our classes so much fun. Thank you so much for everything. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. A teacher is someone who shapes the future of so many people together. Thank you for changing me for the best. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  11. You gave us your time and taught us with patience. Thank you, loving teacher. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  12. Dear teacher, you are the coolest, and you rule our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  13. Your blessings have helped us become better humans. Thank you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear teacher.
  14. We are the luckiest to have been your students. Happy Valentine’s Day, teacher.
  15. You believed in me when no one did. I owe you everything I am today. Happy Valentine’s Day to my mentor and guide.

Valentine’s Messages For Siblings

Valentine’s Messages For Siblings


  1. You are someone I cannot live without, but I will still fight with you. I love you, sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. Dear brother, you have been the most loving person in my life. I am blessed to have you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. I got lucky with the best siblings on earth. Thank you for all the care and protection. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  4. I asked for a sister, but God gave me a best friend, the love of my life, and the coolest family member. Thank you for everything. Happy Valentine’s Day, sis.
  5. I choose this one and only message to thank you for being the second set of parents and blessings in disguise. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!!
  6. Today is the day I can finally tell you how much you mean to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Valentine’s!
  7. You have always been the biggest inspiration in my life. Happy Valentine’s, sista!
  8. Having a brother made a parent out of me and taught me to love unconditionally. I love you, little bro. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. Life got amazing after I became an elder sister. Thank you for being there! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. You have been the coolest brother and friend to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Messages For Friends

Valentine’s Messages For Friends


  1. You are not just a friend; you are family. I hope you realize how important you are to me. Happy Valentine’s, buddy!
  2. Happiest Valentine’s Day to the sweetest friend. Sometimes, I cannot believe my luck to have found you. I love you!
  3. Sending you the biggest hug to keep you warm and cozy this Valentine’s Day. I love you so much.
  4. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day, bestie.
  5. My life would be incomplete without you in it, dear friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. What is a friend if your entire family does not know you? Thank you for being the sister to me. I love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. I hope your love comes back in multiples. I love you a million, dear friend. Bless you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  8. You deserve the best, dear best friend. I hope you get the best life that is full of joy. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  9. You are my coffee refill, dear bestie. You charge me up every time with a simple smile.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. To my partner-in-crime, here’s to many more adventures and escapades! Happy Valentine’s Day.
  11. Dear friend, you are my star, my angel, and my biggest role model. Happy Valentine’s Day, sugar.
  12. Valentine’s Day is for people who show you the real meaning of love. Thank you for being in my life, bestie.
  13. Here’s to the  jokes, margaritas, and everything else that makes life amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  14. You understand me the best. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friend.
  15. You are my go-to person and the coolest friend to hang out with. Thank you for everything, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Messages For Boyfriend

Valentine’s Messages For Boyfriend


  1. Dear sweetheart, everything is more special when done with you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. You have been my partner and best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sugarplum.
  3. I may not be able to express how much I love you, but today, I want to tell you that I adore you the most. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  4. You have been the shoulder to cry on and the perfect blessing in disguise. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear cutie.
  5. Dear soulmate, you have been my soulmate and my favorite human ever. I am blessed to have found you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. You are my sunshine and the only sunshine. I love you, my sweetheart.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  7. I have been lucky to experience your love and affection. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. There is nothing I don’t adore about you. You are the perfect person I’d want to meet every single day.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. I could sacrifice anything for you. You have been the best support system I could ever ask for.  Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  10. You are the apple to my pie, straw to my berry, smoke to my high, and you are the one I want to marry. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  11. You are the best friend I could ask for. Thank you for choosing me as your life partner.  Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.
  12. I love you to the moon and back. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day,  dear sweetheart.
  13. I am so blessed to have you to share the rest of my life with. I love you, pumpkin.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  14. Ever since we met, you have changed my life for the best. I am never going to let go of you, sweetheart.  Happy Valentine’s Day, my forever.
  15. I promise to never watch an episode alone without you. We will set the most amazing couple goals. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Messages For Family

Valentine’s Messages For Family


  1. I did not choose this family, but if I had the chance, I would want to be a part of this family in every life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. We might fight and mess up a lot, but family is the perfect gift God has ever given me. I love you all.  Happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to the perfect people in my life. I owe you for giving me all the happiness in the world.
  4. I realized the importance of life after having to live away from home. You all mean the world to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. You have been the aunt, mentor, and friend to me. I hope all the love you give comes back to you in the form of the most special Valentine’s Day!
  6. In the journey from childhood to adulthood, you have been the perfect partner. I don’t know if I would be the same person without you. Thank you for everything.  Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. You have been the bestest friends, the best counselors, shoulders to cry on, and the best people I could ever find on earth. I love you. Thank you for everything.  Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. I know some people aren’t as lucky as us to have families. I am going to be a little selfish and keep you all just for me. I love you so much.  Happy Valentine’s Day.
  9. Family stands for, F-Father A-and M- Mother, I Love You. So you know how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. We are a team that would never give up on each other. You all make me so proud. Thank you for making me so lucky.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Messages For Grandchildren

Valentine’s Messages For Grandchildren


  1. My sweetie candy, I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s, kiddo.
  2. Dear grandson, you put the happy in Valentine’s. I love you so much!
  3. You are my cutest love bug in the world. It’s a blessing having you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
  4. You make me the happiest grandparent in the world. Thank you so much kiddo. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. I could hug you forever, munchkin. Sending you all my love wrapped in this message. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. Dear little one, you are someone who makes my daughter the happiest with a single smile. And that keeps me the happiest. Happy Valentine’s Day, cutie.
  7. I experienced the joy of life in the family all over again when you came into this world. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. Seeing a miniature version of your mom is cute. Thank you for living, my sugar candy. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  9. You make me knit and sew with love, and I would do anything to protect you, sugar. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. You are a blessing to my family and the cutest gift your mother could give us. Blessing you with all the happiness in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Messages For Coworkers

Valentine’s Messages For Coworkers


  1. Had you not been there at office, I would have been miserable. Thank you for being my drive force. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to the person without whom all the tea breaks and lunch outings would not be so much fun. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. You are a superhero who makes my workplace fun. I love you, my favorite colleague. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  4. From gossiping about the latest Netflix show to slogging over deadlines, we have been through it all. Thank you for making it easy for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  5. You make me remember my school days when I’d wait for the lunch break to hang out with my friend again. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. Dear colleague, thank you for making me look forward to coming to work every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. Life in the office would be impossible without you. To my best friend and partner, Happy Valentine’s Day.
  8. All I need is you to keep me going forever. Thanks for your support. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  9. I am really lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for having my back, office bestie. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. Dear colleague, you are too good to be true. Thank you for being there. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Quotes For Someone Special

Valentine’s Day Quotes For Someone Special

  1. “A toast is a recognition your heart makes for the things you’re grateful for — and I cheer to you today!”Jill Jankowski
  2. Friends make life a lot more fun.” — Charles R. Swindoll
  3. “My soulmate — the one who makes life come to life.” — Richard Bach
  4. You changed my life without even trying.” — Steve Maraboli
  5. “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”Thich Nhat Hanh
  6. “If you love someone, love them with all your soul.”Henry Rollins
  7. “Love is in the little things, the big things, and everything in between. I want to stay with you through all of them.”Anonymous
  8. “The greatest gift of life is friendship.” — Hubert H. Humphrey
  9. “I try to say I love you in a million different ways. That’s what I aspire to do.”— Christine McVie
  10. “Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.” Travis Barker

Valentine’s Messages For Kids

Valentine’s Messages For Kids


  1. Dear kids, I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so much for being a support. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. To the biggest blessing on earth. I am blessed to have cute children like you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. Life is filled with lots of amazing things that make it meaningful, but none is better than your little smile. Happy Valentine’s Day, little one.
  4. Sugary delights on Valentine’s Day help us remember to be sweet to my kids. And you’re one of the sweetest!
  5. All the fairy tales came true when you came in my life, and I got my little princess. I love you so much, dear one. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  6. Right from the moment I held you in my arms, I fell in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. Your dad and I often debate on who loves you more, but we just cannot have enough of you. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
  8. You are the only person who makes me want to give you the best. Thank you for coming in my life, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. Tiny pudding, you are so cute. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. Love you to the moon and back, little one. Happy Valentine’s Day!

That was our round-up of the best messages to write in a Valentine’s greeting card. Send your loved and special ones these greetings and watch them squeal with delight.

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Top 10 festive nail inspirations to rock this Chinese New Year in 2020

Additional reporting by Emily Lim

With just two weeks to Chinese New Year, you should make that appointment to your manicurist now, to get your nails in time for the festive season. Here’s a pro-tip: You may be able to get an incredible discount by searching for a salon of your choice at our Salon Finder.

To usher in the Year of the Pig, we have 27 nail inspirations that are great for Chinese New Year we would love to suggest:

Oriental style

Chinese New Year is one of the few occasions when the Chinese don their cheongsam and pay special tribute to their Chinese roots. Show off that unique oriental style with these manicure designs:

1. Auspicious Goldfish

Cny Nail Peony

Goldfish carries auspicious meaning in Chinese culture so why not rock one on your nails to bring yourself some serious good luck in the new year?

This elegant goldfish nail design is from Peony Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Salon, using gel polish imported from Japan and Swarovski crystals to ensure quality and safety for your nails.

You may have probably heard of Peony Tokyo before. The Japanese-style eyelash and nail salon was founded in 2010 and is known for their dedication to providing safety and comfort to their customers.

We love that their nail specialists take time to understand the condition of your nails and for possible allergies before moving on to applying any products.

Besides the gorgeous nail design above, the salon is also great at delivering a variety of nail art. From elegant and understated to eye-catching and trendy, the nail designs are inspired by the latest looks from Japan and will definitely help you stand out this Chinese New Year.

Check out their gallery here for more gorgeous nail inspos and latest designs from Japan.

Peony Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Salon is located at 103 Penang Road, #01-05 Visioncrest Commercial, Singapore 238467, which is a three-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut Station (Exit B or C). Click 82238706 to book an appointment via WhatsApp.

2. Chinese Letterings

A post shared by Perfetto Beaute Lounge (@perfetto_beautelounge) on Jan 19, 2018 at 11:31pm PST

3. Fortune Cat

Psst, we know that the fortune cat is from Japan, but Chinese businesses have also adopted this icon to bring in good luck.

A post shared by Ziyi Shen (@icecreamyzeee) on Mar 19, 2017 at 6:28pm PDT

4. Chinese-style painting

Cny Nails Chinese Painting 2


5. Porcelain painting

Cny Nails Chinese Painting 1


6. Ancient Chinese painting

Cny Nail Chinese Painting 3


Adorable mice

It’s the Year of the Rat and we’re excited to have these cute rodents painted on our nails.

7. Mickey Mouse and polka dots

Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most famous rodent cartoon character so it’s only right that he gets featured on your nails.

Cny Nail Mickey 2


8. Mickey Mouse with rhinestones on blue nails

If red isn’t your thing, and blue theme with sparkling rhinestones will look just as festive and CNY-appropriate!

Cny Nail Mickey


9. Minnie Mouse on pink and white nails

Prefer Mickey’s cute girlfriend over him? Here’s a nail inspo for you:

Cny Nail Minnie 2


10. Tom and Jerry

Tom isn’t a mouse, but we all know these two are an inseparable pair.

Cny Nail Tom And Jerry


11. Nibbles on pink and gray nails

Opt for Jerry’s baby cousin, Nibbles, to instantly make your nails ten times more aww-worthy.


View this post on Instagram


baby jerry🐭💕🌼

A post shared by ☾ (@mananails) on Feb 21, 2018 at 6:46pm PST

12. Remy from Ratatouille

And how can we forget Remy, our favourite French chef?

Cny Nail Ratatouille



Chinese New Year is also a celebration of springtime. Usher in the new season with spring-inspired designs on your nails.

13. Cherry blossom

Cny Nails Spring 1

14. Floral accent

Cny Nails Spring 2


15. Plum blossoms

Cny Nails Spring 3


16. Bamboo and cherry blossoms

Cny Nails Spring 4


17. Roses

Cny Nails Spring 5


17. Floral design on negative space

Cny Nails Spring 6


Hit the (gambling) tables

We know that we indulge in some social gambling with our friends and family when we visit too. Show them you’re ready to take them on at the table with these nail designs.

19. Dice

Cny Nails Dice


20. Mahjong

Cny Nails Mahjong


21. Poker

Cny Nails Poker


If you want a classic option that still looks good after the festive season is over, go for red designs that will not go out of style.

22. Red with glitter

Cny Nails Red 5

23. Red with black gradient

Cny Nails Red 1

24. Red with floral accent

Cny Nails Red 2

25. Red with paper-cutting design

Cny Nails Red 3

26. Red with gold accent

Cny Nails Red 4

Rose gold

Not a red person? Rose gold certainly works too!

27. Rose gold accents

Cny Nails Rose Gold 2

28. Glittery rose gold with nude

Cny Nails Rose Gold 3

29. Rose gold with serious embellishment

Cny Nails Rose Gold 1

Don’t forget to check out our Salon Finder to find a salon of your choice and enjoy an incredible discount!

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes in 2020: Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and anyone who’s deeply in love would have plans to celebrate this special day in the most romantic way. If you are not sure how to express your feelings to your partner, you can write a love letter and make them feel loved.

Here are some of the most beautiful quotes you can send to the love of your life. Fill your Valentine’s card with these adorable quotes and reignite your love for each other once again.

51 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes

51 Best Valentine’s Day Quotes


1. Love Is Unconditional

“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return.” – Madonna

2. Falling In Love Is Crazy

“The single most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done with my life is fall in love with you.” – Beth Pearson

3. Without Love, Life Is Meaningless!

“I love you the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.” – Rae Carson

4. When Someone Loves You Back

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”– Dr. Seuss

5. The More You Fall In Love, The Deeper It Gets.

“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” – Leo Christopher

6. When Someone Loves You More Than Your Expectations

“If I know what love is, it’s because of you.” – Hermann Hesse

7. When You Learn How Deep The Feeling Is

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”– Nicholas Sparks

8. Love Doesn’t Know Any Flaws

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”– Angelita Lim

9. Love Makes You Speechless

“You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.”– Jane Austen

10. When You’re Madly In Love

“There is a madness in loving you, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless.”–  Leo Christopher

11. When You Want To Be Poetic

“I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.”– J.M. Storm

12. When Love Becomes Everything

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.” – Bill Wilson

13. Love Makes You A Better Person

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” – Roy Croft

14. When Your Heart Takes Over

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” – Lao Tzu

15. Because Love Is Absolute

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride.” – Pablo Neruda

16. Only Love Matters

“If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.” – Haruki Murakam

17. Because You Keep Falling In Love Again And Again

“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.” – Vladimir Nabokov

18. Love Doesn’t Die

“I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you till China and Africa meet and the river jumps over the mountain and the salmon sing in the street.” – W.H. Auden

19. Love Is For Life

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

20. Love Is Uncertain

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything.”Katharine Hepburn

Love Is Uncertain


21. Love Is Acceptance

“I’ve always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.”Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

22. When Your World Is Immersed In Love

“I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”Elton John

23. When You’re In Love, You’re Inseparable

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”A. A. Milne

24. When You’re Blinded In Love

“I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one. My reason for life.” – Ian McEwan

25. When Love Starts To Blossom

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” – William Shakespeare

26. Love Makes You Indivisible

“You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.” – Boris Pasternak

27. Lose Your Senses In Love

“I would love to say that you make me weak in the knees but to be quite upfront and completely truthful you make my body forget it has knees at all.” Tyler Knott Gregson

28. You Fall In Love, Every Single Day

“Love starts as a feeling, but to continue is a choice. And I find myself choosing you, more and more every day.”Justin Wetch

29. Love Can Surprise You

“You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.”Tyler Knott Gregson

30. Love Is An Incredible Feeling

“Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, did My heart fly to your service.” – William Shakespeare

Love Is An Incredible Feeling


31. There’s No Looking Back In Love

“I fell in love with the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” – John Greece

32. Love Is Unstoppable And Uncontrollable

“In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” – Jane Austen

33. Love Doesn’t End

“Each time you happen to me all over again.” – Edith Wharton

34. You Can’t Quit Loving Someone

“I love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty.”William Shakespeare

35. When You Get Absorbed In Love

“You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought. – Arthur Conan Doyle

36. The Universe Is Trying To Set You Up

“The winds were warm about us, the whole earth seemed the wealthier for our love.” – Harriet Prescott Spofford

37. When You Are In Love, Time Flies

“If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.” – Michelle Hodkin

38. Love Has No Barriers

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.” – Charles Dickens

39. Love Helps You Grow

“I like myself better when I’m with you.” – Mitch Albom

40. Fairy Tales Are True

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Fairy Tales Are True


41. Love Makes You Blossom

“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.” – Pablo Neruda

42. When The One Is Enough

“I would not wish any companion in the world but you.”William Shakespeare

43. Love Is All You Need

“I look at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.” – Frank O’Hara

44. Love Can Happen In Seconds

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” – Giuseppe Verdie

45. Love Is Eternal

“I know from experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.” – E.M. Foster

46. When You Fall Short Of Words To Describe Your Love

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”Jane Austen

47. Love Surprises You Every Day

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you – is not that strange?” – William Shakespeare

48. Love Nourishes You

“It has made me better loving you… it has made me wiser, and easier, and brighter.” – Henry James

49. Falling In Love Is Unstoppable

“There I was, way off my ambitions, getting deeper in love every minute.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

50. Love Is Dreamy

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” – Nicole Krauss

Love Is Dreamy


51. Love Happens When You Least Expect It

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” – Sarah Dessen

We all get caught up in our hectic schedules, and more than often, it’s our communication and expression of love that take a backseat. This Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel loved and cherished with these romantic quotes.

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Top 10 Bollywood Actors Who Hit Stardom Only After They Got Married

Marriage brings people together. Stars or no stars, when two people are in love, they proclaim their love for each other through the union of marriage. Actors who are a part of the industry usually marry someone within the industry but some of them marry out of the industry. For a long time, actors were evaluated based on not just their talents but also their marital statuses. They were given higher respect and regard if they had partners rather than if they were single.
Things have changed over the years and people are now valued for their stardom. While actors have found love in marriage, fame and popularity has followed after their marriage. Here is a list of 9 Bollywood stars who hit stardom after they got married.

1. Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Source: India Today

One of the most dedicated actors of Bollywood, Aamir Khan debuted in acting with the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988. Long before his Bollywood debut, he gave his heart to Reena Dutta and the two of them tied the knot as soon as they hit the legal age of marriage. They were together for 16 years before calling it quits. Aamir Khan has directed, produced and acted in many brilliant movies since then. He also hosts talk shows which have done exceedingly well. He is now married to Kiran Rao and the two of them have a son together. Mr. Perfectionist has got his life together and it all happened after he found his first love.

2. Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan

Source: India Today

Saif Ali Khan met his ex-wife Amrita Singh at the sets of Rahul Rawail’s film Bekhudi. Their chemistry was too hard to ignore and the two of them hit it off. They had a beautiful wedding in 1991 which lasted for 13 years before they decided to go their separate ways. They have two children, Sarah Ali Khan and Ibrahim. He is now married to the drama queen, Bollywood’s Bebo, Kareena Kapoor. He has excelled in his career and made remarkable films over the years. He is also part of the hit series Sacred Games on Netflix.

3. Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

gaurikhan / Instagram

Now known as the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh was not too keen on acting in films. Initially, he was known for his work in Hindi serials like Circus and Fauji. He married the love of his life, Gauri Khan in 1991 after which he got into movies. He started his Bollywood journey with his first release Deewana in 1992. Gauri and SRK have been married for over three decades. They are one of the most admired couples of Bollywood even after all these years. Gauri has been SRK’s movie producer for a lot of his films including Dear Zindagi, Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. They have three beautiful children, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is known for his wit and humor off stage. He will always be the King of Bollywood and have a huge fan following for eternity.

4. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat

Source: Bridal box

Did you know her former name was Reema Lamba? Hailing from a small town in Haryana, she started her acting career doing commercials and a small role in Jeena Sirf Merre Liye. She got her big break in the movie Khwahish. Before all this, Mallika (still Reena, then) was working as an air-hostess. She married Captain Karan Singh Gill but their marriage did not last too long and the two of them were divorced. She changed her name to Mallika and reinvented herself to become who she is in Bollywood today. She went on to pursue acting and has done several bold roles since then. She is currently pursuing work in Hollywood.

5. Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor

kapoor.sunita / Instagram

Anil Kapoor met Sunita during his days as a struggling actor. They first started talking to each other over the phone (Anil had gotten Sunita’s number from a common friend) and eventually met. They developed a strong liking towards each other. But when the talks of marriage made the rounds, many of his friends from the industry advised him not to leap into marriage as it would tie him down. Against all opinions, believing in himself and his love for Sunita, they decided to tie the knot. He had a gush of success and even went on to do Hollywood movies. The couple is often praised for their devotion towards each other in the industry.

6. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

sunnyleone / Instagram

Sunny Leone is a model and actress and a former adult movie star. She was married to Daniel Weber long before her debut in Bollywood’s Jism 2. She has immense support from her husband and is extremely grateful to have him around. She manages her life like a superhuman. Being a mother of three children, a businesswoman and an actress, she is an inspiration to all of us.

7. Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal

cinemabollywoodorginalpage / Instagram

Heartthrob Arjun Rampal married Mehr Jesia in 1998. They were one of the best-looking couples in Bollywood. They were married for a long time before parting ways. They were known for their sophistication and grace with which they carried themselves. They have two children, Myra and Maahika. He made his Bollywood debut in 2001 in Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat and since then has been a part of super hit films like Don, Houseful and Om Shanti Om.

Who says marriage weighs you down? These actors have risen in their careers and become superstars after their marriage. In a way, marriage has boosted their careers and brought out the best in them. They found love along with stardom. What more could someone ask for? Do let us know in the comments below who your favorite all-time couple is.

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Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Jokes in 2020

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love. Whether you have a partner or not, you can celebrate this romantic day having fun. One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by sharing jokes that will make everyone’s stomach hurt with laughter. Host a Valentine’s Day-themed party, arrange some exciting games, and share these uproarious one-liners and hilarious jokes with everyone.

To jazz up your party night, we have gathered some funny jokes for kids, some witty jokes for couples, and some super sarcastic jokes for all the single people in the house. Check them out!

21 Valentine’s Day Jokes For Kids

21 Valentine’s Day Jokes For Kids


1. This Little Pun

Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?
A: A Valen-tiny.

2. This Truthful Pun

I gave blood today.
It may not be the best Valentine’s Day present, but at least it came from the heart.

3. And This Thoughtful Pun

Q: What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
A: I find you very attractive

4. You Want To Keep Laughing At This…

Q: How did the phone propose?
A: He gave her a ring.

5. A Killer One

Q: What kind of Valentine’s Day candy is never on time?
A: Choco-late.

6. Animal Love

Q: What do owls say to declare their love?
A: Owl be yours!

7. This Ultimate Truth

Q: What’s the best part about Valentine’s Day?
A: The day after, when all the candy is on sale.

8. This “Berry” Funny Joke

Q: What did one berry say to the other berry on Valentine’s Day?
A: I love you “berry” much

9. This One About Bunny Love

Q: What did the rabbit say to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?
A: Somebunny loves you!

10. A Precious Knock-Knock One

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Emma who?
“Emma” hoping I get lots of cards on Valentine’s Day!

11. And Here’s Some More

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Luke who?
“Luke” who got a Valentine!

12. This Ghostly Proposal

Q: What do ghosts say to one another to show that they care?
A: “I love BOO!”

13. And This Gem

Q: Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?
A: No, they had an apple!

14. We Can’t “Espresso” How Funny This Is

Q: What’s the perfect thing to say to a coffee-lover on Valentine’s Day?
A: “Words cannot espresso what you mean to me.”

15. This Cute One

Q: Why did the boy put candy under his pillow?
A: Because he wanted to have sweet dreams.

16. This Bee Love

Q: What did the girl bee say to the boy bee on Valentine’s Day?
A: I love bee-ing with you, honey!

17. This Masterpiece

Q: What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
A: I wanna hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand…

18. Heres’s A Classic One

Q: What did the boy bear say to the girl bear on Valentine’s Day?
A: I love you bear-y much!

19. This egg-cited egg

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Egg who?
Egg-cited to be your Valentine!

20. This Epic One

Q: How can you tell the calendar is popular?
A: It has lots of “dates.”

21. This Criminal Offence

Q: Why did the man have his girlfriend put in jail?
A: Because she stole his heart.

20 Valentine’s Day Jokes for Adults

20 Valentine’s Day Jokes for Adults


1. This Husband Who’s In Trouble

If there’s one thing I hate about Valentine’s Day…it’s my wife.

2. This Classic One

Q: What did the light bulb say to the switch?
A: You turn me on.

3. You’ll Keep Laughing

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love, and got married. Their wedding ceremony wasn’t fancy.
The reception, however, was excellent.

4. Poor Man

Boyfriend: “Honey, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you something… I’m not rich like Jack, I don’t have a mansion like Russell or a Porsche like Martin. But, I do love you and want to marry you.”
Girlfriend: “Oh, dear… I love you too… But, what was that you said about Martin?”

5. This Funny Excuse

If I could, I would wrap up all my love for you and put it in a gift box. But, they don’t make boxes large enough!

6. This Romantic Pun

To my beloved husband. You are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. And you don’t disappear when I get close to you!

7. This Rhyming Warning

Roses are red,
The grass is green,
Take me to Valentine’s dinner,
Or I’ll make a scene!

8. This Hilarious Exhibition Of Love

You are my sweet Valentine. I like you like a fat kid likes cake.

9. And Another One

Love is like peeing your pants – everyone can see it but only you can feel it. Thanks for being the pee in my pants

10. This Sweet Caution

You plan more for Valentine’s Day than Russia prepared for the Olympics.

11. This Poor Man

If my girlfriend doesn’t behave nicely to me this Valentine’s Day, I’m totally going to show my rage and be in this shitty relationship for 2 more years.

12. This Romantic Proposal

Boyfriend: What did one flame say to the other on Valentine’s Day?
Girlfriend: Tell me.
Boyfriend: “We’re a perfect match.”

13. These Expectations

I just got a text from my girlfriend that said, “I bought you an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! xox”
I really hope she spelled ‘Xbox’ wrong.

14. This Daring Man

My wife rang me at work on Valentine’s Day.
She said, “Three of the girls in the office have just received bunches of flowers. They’re absolutely gorgeous.”
I said, “That’s probably why they’ve been sent flowers then.”

15. Whenever You Realize…

Last Valentine’s Day, my fiancée of four years bought me a lottery ticket and I won $5 million.
I wonder what she’s doing nowadays…

16. Men Will Be Men

I’ve just booked a table for my girlfriend and me on Valentine’s Day.
I hope she knows how to play snooker.

17. This Ignorant Being

For the last twenty years, I’ve received a Valentine’s Day card from the same secret admirer.
So, I was upset when I didn’t get one this year.
First my granny dies, now this?

18. This Confusion

My girlfriend told me she hoped I had something special planned for Valentine’s Day.
I said, “I’m working on it.” She smiled.
Which was weird because I thought she’d be upset that I have go to work on Valentine’s Day.

19. This Sassy One

This year, I’ve gotten my wife a Valentine’s Day present that will really take her breath away.
A treadmill.

20. This Remarkable Pun

I think Cupid must need glasses. The last time I dated a girl, he missed my heart but hit my wallet.

20 Valentine’s Day Jokes For Singles

1. This Sad Truth

Q: What is the difference between a calendar and you?
A: A calendar has a date on Valentine’s Day.

2. This Person Who Embraced Self-Love On Valentine’s Day

I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day because I get to make cupcakes for a special someone. That special someone is me.

3. This Is A Killer

If you’re sad about being alone on Valentine’s Day, just remember… Nobody loves you on any other day either.

4. And Another One…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry if you’re single. You’re going to die alone anyway!

5. When You Learn Things

On your first date with a guy, don’t give him a list of mistakes made by your previous boyfriends to take home and study.

6. This Ultimate Truth

That tingly feeling you get when you meet someone you’re really attracted to?
That’s common sense leaving your body.

7. This Will Keep You Laughing

What I say out loud: I don’t need any man in my life this Valentine’s Day. Men ain’t shit!
What I say on the inside: What demons do I need to summon to get a guy talk to me?

8. This Unique Perspective

Q: What do single people call Valentine’s Day?
A: Happy Independence Day!

9. This Realization

8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6,000,000,000+ people… AND I AM STILL SINGLE.

10. This Declaration

I am not scared of getting dumped on Valentine’s Day…because I don’t have a girlfriend.

11. The Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration

I am going to spend my Valentine’s Day with my ex…box 360.

12. This Truly Helps

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Vodka costs less,
Than a dinner for two.

13. This Heart-Breaking Pun

Can’t wait to receive nothing on Valentine’s Day!

14. When You Are Strictly Not In Love

Couples on Valentine’s Day: “Love is in the air.”
Me: “No. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are in the air.”

15. When You Hate Valentine’s Day

Keep calm and SCREW Valentine’s Day…because I’m single

16. And When You Hate It Even More…

Can we rename Valentine’s Day as Singles Awareness Day? Because you’re never more aware of the fact that you are single than this time of the year!

17. When You’re Really Not Into Valentine’s Day

I don’t need a Valentine.
I need a billion dollars and fast metabolism.

18. This Single Birdie Pun

All the single birds flew away…
Because they think that on Valentine’s Day, love is in the air!

19. This Smart Insult

You: “Siri, why am I single?”
Siri: *activates front camera*

20. Every Single’s Favorite

Do I have a date for Valentine ’s Day?
Yes, February 14th.

Laugh your heart out with these hilarious Valentine’s Day jokes. Send them to your loved ones and make this Valentine’s Day amusing for everyone! Leave your personal favorite Valentine’s Day jokes in the comments section below.

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Arti Singh Shares The Story Of How She Was Molested At The Age Of 13

We know that the world is not made up of just rainbows and roses. The good, bad, and ugly unfortunately go hand in hand. Rainbows do not occur without the rain and roses always have thorn beds, just like the world we live in. People are put in the worst situations and come out stronger while fighting to live another day.

Right from child trafficking, molestation, marital rape to sexual harassment, the world seems to be a nasty place for innocent lives. We tend to assume that these unfair situations occur to people who lack money and power but the truth is people from all walks of life face horrendous circumstances that shatter their will to live. Celebrities and other famous personalities have been victims to such disgusting acts but have fought their way through the torture. They speak about their experiences when they are ready and bring to light the injustice that occurred to them. Gone are the days when they hid behind closed doors to avoid media bashing and controversy. It is remarkable that celebrities these days use their voice to create awareness about these crimes and speak up for those who cannot. It takes courage and strength to do so and we are compassionate and supportive to you for taking that step.

When Arti Opened Up

When Arti Opened Up

artisingh5 / Instagram

One such celebrity who opened up about her experience is Arti Singh. On one of the episodes on the reality show, Big Boss 13, she revealed that she was almost raped at the tender age of 13. She is an Indian television actress who is known for her roles in Hindi dramas like Parichay, Uttaran and Waaris. She is the niece of the famous Bollywood entertainer Govinda and the sister of Krishna Abhishek, actor and comedian. Recently, Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Agarwal visited the Big Boss house to promote their new release Chhapaak. Deepika portrays an acid-attack victim in the movie and a few years ago broke the stigma around mental health when she opened up about her depression. During these discussions in the big Boss house between the actors and the participants, Arti Singh broke down in tears revealing that she was almost raped at the age of 13 but did not feel comfortable to share her story with her family members.

When Arti Opened Up1

artisingh5 / Instagram

Her story brought tears to everyone’s eyes but she received immense support for her strength and courage to make public this horrific incident that had happened to her. She said that she was locked in her house and was attempted rape. While sharing her experience, her hands trembled and her voice shook but she summoned up the courage and opened up about it.

Arti Singh said that she got the strength to share her story because of Deepika Padukone who spoke about her depression even though it is a taboo in our society. Arti said that she was inspired by Deepika to share what she had been through and thanked the Chhapaak actress for helping her in this decision to use her voice.

Kashmera’s Reaction

Kashmera’s Reaction

kashmera1 / Instagram

The news spread all over the internet and her sister-in-law, Kashmera raised her concern in an interview. She said she was deeply disturbed by the news and wants to kill the person who molested her little sister-in-law. She said Krishna, who is Arti’s brother and she had absolutely no idea about this incident and she was devastated to hear it. As a person who helps such victims, she said she had no idea that a victim was so close to her, in her family and she wished that Arti had spoken to her about it. Kashmera was disturbed by the news and said she will be able to comment more on it only after she has spoken to Arti. Her brother made no comment on it but we know it would have deeply hurt him to hear that she had gone through something so horrifying. After all, he loves his little sister and would have wanted to protect her from all harm.

We are enraged that the person who did this to Arti is still out there, somewhere without having faced the consequences of his actions. That monster deserves nothing but punishment for molesting Arti at such a young age and scarring her for life. He inflicted a wound so deep in her that she took so much time to even talk about it and after all these years, still had trembling hands while doing so. But the thing about women is, we are tough and she fought through the pain and came out strong. We are proud of her for finding the courage to speak up about the awful incident. We hope that she reassured other women in and out of the industry to be brave and speak out about such incidents and that no matter what, they have the support of women everywhere.

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7 Successful Indian Stars Who Don’t Have Kids Because They Never Cared About Log Kya Kahenge in 2020

In India, when a woman hits 30, she’s usually expected to have had at least one kid. Thankfully, times are changing, and as women are becoming more self-sufficient, they don’t feel the need to bow down to society’s rules as they used to. Many people assume that once someone has tied the knot and decided to settle down, they should have children immediately rather than later or not at all. However, this is not a priority for so many couples who lead busy lives or choose not to have children. Here is a list of the superstars who don’t have children yet or decided not to.

1. Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

balanvidya / Instagram

This stunning actress surprised many by her decision to marry UTV CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur rather than any of the co-stars she was allegedly involved with. The Dirty Picture and No One Killed Jessica actress is known for picking interesting and challenging movie roles and plays them with finesse. Not one to shy away from the camera, she has candidly discussed how she has ‘no time for babies’. According to Vidya, her films are her babies and she is truly proud of them.

2. Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi

azmishabana18 / Instagram

This stunning veteran actress whose career has spanned four decades tied the knot with lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar in 1984. Initially, the couple faced a lot of scrutiny from the public eye because Javed was still married to his ex-wife, Honey Irani, when he and Shabana tied the knot. Javed also shared two children with his ex-wife, Farhan, and Zoya. Despite initially taking things badly, the kids eventually warmed up to Shabana and have only spoken praises for her in recent times. The family also shares a close bond and are often seen supporting each other at events. Shabana and Javed never had kids of their own.

3. Tabu


tabutiful / Instagram

Tabu is known all over for her incredible acting prowess. And what’s more, the actress comes from an extremely filmy family with her aunt being Shabana Azmi. Every role Tabu takes on is played with a sense of ease only a talented method artiste could carry. It’s almost as if the roles were written for her rather than the other way around! From her emotional performance as an immigrant Bengali mother in The Namesake to her conniving and seductive character in Andhadhun, she’s won the hearts of millions. Taking a page from her aunt, Shabana’s book, Tabu chose not to have a child. She is now 48, single, and at the peak of her career, with many of her co-stars and peers praising her skills and command over the trade.

4. Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar

namrata234 / Instagram

Born Muhammed Yusuf Khan, Dilip Kumar had a relatively quiet introduction until his 1947 film, Jugnu which landed him his first of many hits at the box office. The talented young star struggled a lot during his initial years as he was a total outsider to the industry. However, after his film Jugnu became a hit, he started acting in back-to-back blockbusters and was the first person to be the recipient of a Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1954. In 1966 the actor married the love of his life, up-and-coming actress Saira Banu. The pair never had children and are still happily married and share an apartment in Bandra.

5. Rekha


rekha_the_actress / Instagram

Rekha is a woman who needs no introduction. Her career began at the ripe age of 4 when she acted in the film Intii Guttu. Despite being the love-child of prominent South Indian actors, Gemini Ganesan and Pushpavalli, Rekha didn’t reveal her true identity until she wanted to gain a footing in Bollywood in the 1970s that she revealed her true origins. The actress has only been married once, but unfortunately, her husband committed suicide while she was on a trip to London. During this time, the media assassinated Rekha’s character, with many giving her the moniker of a witch, murderess, and worse. Luckily, the actress has since moved on and continued winning praise for her roles and talents. She never had children and lives alone in her Bandra apartment.

6. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar

lata_mangeshkar / Instagram

The talented songstress has won award after award for her powerful voice. During her career of now 78 years, the actress has produced hits for some of the biggest films in Indian cinema. Her father encouraged her to sing when she was a child and even taught her music. Unfortunately, he passed away when she was just 13, and her father’s friend stepped into the picture to help take care of the family. He was the one who helped Lata get started with her career as a singer and actress. The singer chose never to get married and have kids and clearly made the right decision. She’s now 90 and the recipient of a Bharat Ratna (the highest honor a civilian can receive).

7. Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

anupampkher / Instagram

Anupam Kher made his acting debut in the year 1984 with Mahesh Bhatt directed Saaransh. Although the film didn’t do too well at the box office, his performance was praised, and he won a Filmfare Award for Best Actor. He married his wife Kirron a year later and, through her, has a step-son named Sikandar. Anupam and his wife never had children of their own.

So this goes to show that you don’t need to follow a particular timeline and have children just because people around you are having them. Taking on the responsibility of a child is a major one, and nobody should feel pressured to do it just to fit into society’s mold. What are your thoughts on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Top 10 Ways To Reduce Stress During Wedding Planning

Every woman wants to have that picture-perfect wedding. From finding the venue, to deciding what to wear to party favors, it’s no wonder so many people get such severe anxiety over it. Weddings are stressful for everyone involved and take ages to plan. However, there are ways to deal with this while still maintaining a relatively cool head. After all, these are your last few days as a free woman, and you’d want to relax and enjoy some time with your gal pals. Here are a couple of ways you can de-stress during that crucial time:

1. Letting It All Out


Sure, you might think ranting about your wedding woes might drive your friends away, but that’s far from true. Everyone understands the pressures couples face while planning a marriage, and your friends would definitely lend an ear, if not a helping hand. If ranting to friends is a big no-no for you, you can find some wedding-related facebook groups where you can air out your frustrations judgment-free. Keeping feelings of anxiety balled up will only cause you to explode in the future.

2. Develop A New Skill

Develop A New Skill


If you and your partner are super stressed from all the wedding planning, maybe you two could try taking a painting class or attend pottery classes. This would distract you from the drama related to the wedding planning and allow you to focus on each other and learn something new.

3. Exercise


Exercise is honestly one of the greatest natural stress-busters on the planet. Stretching out your body and during a workout session will help relieve any remnants of a tension headache and any tightness in your shoulders, etc. And the rush you feel after a good workout session is unparalleled to anything else. You and your partner could even join a couple’s yoga class or a hiking group if the idea of joining a gym doesn’t appeal to you.

4. Organize Yourself

Organize Yourself


We get it. Wedding planning is a tough business, and between the planning and the executing, you might often forget certain things. To make sure you’re always on track, you could keep a small diary or download an app that helps you stay organized. You could also make use of a cloud-based app that would allow you to access your lists from any laptop or smartphone.

5. Take A Weekend Off


Sometimes, all you and your partner need to relieve stress is an impromptu road trip. Whether you decide to drop by a friends’ place or even your favorite cousin’s, a road trip can do wonders. This is the best way for you and your spouse to reconnect and take a breather.

6. Start Assigning Tasks!

Start Assigning Tasks!


If a wedding planner is out of your budget, don’t fret. Just pick up your phone and dial 1-800-Loved-Ones! Your parents, relatives and friends would be more than happy to lend you a helping hand (even if it means coercing them with a bribe). Of course, this doesn’t mean you burden them by assigning them with the most time-consuming or cumbersome tasks.

7. Try Saving Up For A Planner


Many couples see wedding planners as their saving grace. They swoop in and pick up the burden of wedding planning from the get-go and ensure you don’t have to be tense about anything. Planners will help create a wedding timeline, organize lists, deal with vendors, etc. And the planner will also be present on your wedding day to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

8. Pick Unproblematic Wedding Vendors

Pick Unproblematic Wedding Vendors


When it comes to picking wedding vendors, it’s best to go with trusted sources or people who’ve been reviewed by your friends. And while it’s okay to skimp out on spending in a lot of areas, your wedding shouldn’t be one of them. You’d rather pay extra and have everything be perfect than pay someone the bare minimum and have them do a shoddy job on the event.

9. Take Breaks When Tired


Even if you and your partner are unable to make a weekend getaway, you can take a break from all the planning and have a staycation. This would, of course, involve no talks of wedding or planning or anything relating to the pending nuptials. Even if you and your partner do not have much time to spare, you two could catch a film or take a stroll in a park.

10. Remember Why This Is Important

Remember Why This Is Important


Often in the haste and anxiety of wedding planning, you forget why you’re doing this in the first place. You’re doing this because you’re getting to marry the love of your life. The wedding is just the start. You and your partner are going to have the rest of your lives to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Yes, wedding planning can eat away at your mind and stress you out, but you shouldn’t lose sight of the important things. Focus on the big picture instead of worrying about the tiny specs of dust on the windshield of your life. What are your thoughts on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Wishes And Quotes For Your Daughter 2020

21 Hearty And Jovial Valentine’s Day Wishes For Your Daughter

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, and for parents, it is an opportunity to embrace their indestructible bond with their daughters. Every parent wants their daughter to know how special and exceptional she is. Your precious daughter deserves a sweet message on this special day. If you are willing to send some heartfelt wishes to your little girl this Valentine’s Day, we have summed up some beautiful quotes and wishes that you can share with her. This Valentine’s Day, shower some love and affection on your daughter with these loving wishes.

You can write these wishes and quotes in your Valentine’s Day card to show her how much you love her.

15 Ways To Wish Your Daughter On Valentine’s Day

  1. You are the most adorable and beautiful girl who has brought so much love into our lives. Sending you all the love and happiness this Valentine’s Day.
  1. Who needs chocolates on this Valentine’s Day when we’ve got a sweet blessing like you? Wishing a fantastic Valentine’s Day to our sweetheart!
  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to the apple of my eye. Don’t forget that I love you to the moon and back.
  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous daughter! Treat yourself to some yummy chocolates, a romantic movie, and a glass of wine. Get spoiled and enjoy yourself!
  1. To the girl who lights up our entire world – Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you so much joy and love. Remember, you are gorgeous!
  1. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, so I am sending you all the sweetness and love hugs right away. Have a fantastic day, my munchkin.
  1. I hope you feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day because you deserve all of it. We love you bunches and bunches.
  1. Have fun this Valentine’s Day! I hope he spoils you because you serve it. Oodles of love and kisses.
  1. The sweet treats of Valentine’s Day remind me of my sweet blessing. You are the sweetest kid ever. Sending tons of love. Don’t eat too much candy!
  1. Valentine’s Day is the day of expressing love, and I hope you know how much I love you. So happy and grateful to have you in my life.
  1. Hope your day is as awesome as you are. You deserve all the love and happiness on this special day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my heartbeat.
  1. Today is a special day, and it reminds me of how much I love you. Missing you tons and sending you a big Valentine hug!
  1. You have grown into such a bright, young, and gorgeous woman. But, you’ll always be our little girl. Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling daughter.
  1. I don’t need any other reason to be happy because I have you as my daughter, and that’s enough. You not only stay in our heart but also make it beat. Sending lots of love on this Valentine’s Day.
  1. We feel blessed to have a daughter like you. You make our life worth living. Thank you for making us feel so special. Always remember that you are a stunning woman. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

6 Quotes To Share With Your Daughter On Valentine’s Day

  1. For when you have an unbreakable bond with your daughter, and all you want is for her to be happy: “What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, wherever that might be, and if there was space for me as well, I would, indeed, have reaped what I had tried to sow.” – Helen Claes
  1. For the parents who want to cherish the memories with their daughter: “My daughter, while we have had adversity, we also have had more sweet memories that allow us to overcome the challenges we faced.” – Ann Butler
  1. For the parents who love their daughter to the moon and back: “As I am told, our time is very limited on this earth, and I intend to use every moment of my time here on Earth – and particularly with my daughter – to its fullest!” – Cathy Shaffer
  1. For when you fall short of words when expressing your love for your daughter: “Daughter, there are not enough words to tell you how much I love you!” – Catherine Pulsifer
  1. For the parents want to flaunt their love for their daughter: “My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star, and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.” – Denise Van Outen
  1. For when your daughter is your favorite person: “I enjoy my life with my daughter. She is one of my favorite people on this planet.” – Colleen O’Grady

Right from their birth, daughters share a strong bond with their parents. What can be a better opportunity to express your love for your little girl than Valentine’s Day? With these wishes and quotes, make your little girl feel loved on this special day.

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Top 10 Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades 2020: Dark Blonde Hair Dye Steps in 2020

Could dark blonde hair be the hair color for you? This underrated hair color deserves a bit more love since it can be extremely flattering to a wide range of people, and it has the benefit of being very easy to achieve, but also fairly easy to change.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

Some use dark blonde hair dye as a transitional shade when going from dark hair to light hair or vice versa, while for others, it’s the go-to color in summer or autumn. It looks awesome alone, but it also works in a balayage.

We’ve got the low-down on everything you need to know before making the switch to dark blonde hair. We’ll explain how you can choose the most flattering shade of dark blonde hair dye for your skin tone, and even recommend a few of our favorite at-home kits for dyeing your hair.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to dye your hair at home, as well as maintenance tips so you can keep your dark blonde hair gleaming. We have a few suggestions for minor makeup and fashion adjustments as well, and to finish things off, 67 stunning examples of what dark blonde hair can look like, just to get you inspired!

Your Dark Blonde Hair Guide: Contents

  • How to Choose the Best Dark Blonde Hair Color for Your Skin Tone
  • 5 Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options to Try
  • How to Dye Hair Dark Blonde at Home
  • Tips for Maintaining Your Dark Blonde Hair Color
  • Adjusting Your Makeup Routine According to Your Dark Blonde Hair
  • What Fashion Colors Flatter Those with Dark Blonde Hair?
  • 67 Lovely Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Embrace

How to Choose the Best Dark Blonde Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

As with most other hair colors, dark blonde hair color can have different undertones, which can interact with the coloring of the skin in different ways. For dark blonde, the main two categories are ash blonde, which is a dark blonde hair color with a cool undertone that looks a little grayer, and honey blonde, which is a dark blonde hair color with a warm undertone that looks a little more amber or golden and, in some instances, can be nearly a ginger shade.

When it comes to skin undertones, the main two categories are also cool and warm. However, in this instance, cool skin actually looks a little more reddish or pink, while warm skin looks more yellow.

Those with olive undertones can skew either more neutral or more yellow but with a greenish tint, and finally, those with neutral undertones simply have beige skin. For those with darker skin tones, sometimes the undertone can also be a little more blue rather than olive.

How to Choose the Best Dark Blonde Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

• If you are in doubt, a cool dark blonde hair color is the best choice, since while it is a cool tone as far as blonde hair goes, it’s actually fairly neutral when compared to other colors. As a result, it flatters all skin tones, including cool, warm, olive, and neutral.

• As dark blonde hair colors get warmer, however, they stop being as flattering to those with cool and neutral undertones. Those with warm yellow undertones to their skin can usually wear warm dark blonde hair without any issues since there is a natural harmony between the color of the skin and the color of the hair.

• The honey shade of the hair can emphasize pinkness in the skin in a way that doesn’t flatter cool undertones, while it can make neutral and olive skin tones look dull or sallow. It is possible to counter these effects with glowy or bronzy makeup, but in reality, it is easier to choose a more neutral dark blonde hair color instead.

• For those with olive skin, a more golden warm shade can work nicely, but as the hair skews towards ginger, it starts emphasizing the olive in an unflattering way.

Undertones are the hard part, but let’s talk about the actual skin tone!

• When it comes to those with light skin, it’s hard to go wrong with dark blonde hair, since you still get a nice contrast from the hair being a little darker than your skin tone.

• It gets complicated for those with medium and tan skin tones since a solid dark blonde hair color can be too close to your skin tone and will end up washing you out. However, the easy solution to that is to rock a look with a variety of highlights and lowlights, so there is more variety or to choose a shade of dark blonde that is exactly a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

• Finally, for those with dark skin tones, dark blonde hair will often register as just blonde. If you’d like to avoid an extreme contrast, you can keep your roots dark with a balayage or hand-painted color, but if you like a bit of drama, don’t feel constrained – even the extreme contrast can look stunning.

5 Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options to Try

Looking for the best dark blonde hair dye to color your hair at home? Here you have five options to try!

1. Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up in Dark Blonde 7

If you’re hoping for a golden dark blonde hair dye that has just a hint of warmth, you can’t go wrong with Clairol’s Dark Blonde 7. It’s not overly warm, so it’s a good shade choice for those with warm, olive, and neutral undertones, and the shade can even work to lighten the hair.

This little kit is intended for root touch-ups, so it comes with a brush, but it could also work if you’d like to do your own ultra-subtle balayage. The dye takes just ten minutes to work, although if you are starting out with extremely dark hair, you may want to lighten it with some bleach first. Buy it at Ulta!

Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options: Clairol Nice 'N Easy Root Touch-Up in Dark Blonde 7

2. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Hair Color in 7G Dark Golden Blonde

This is another one of the best dark blonde hair dyes to try. It’s a neutral blonde shade that gives the hair a marvelous golden cast and can even lighten medium brown hair. The formula has conditioning effects, so it keeps the hair soft, and it can even cover those pesky gray hairs.

The set comes with gloves and a collagen-infused conditioning treatment, but you will need your own hair dye brush. We’d recommend 7½ A if you prefer a cooler dark blonde shade. Get it from Amazon!

Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options: L'Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Hair Color in 7G Dark Golden Blonde

3. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme in Icing Swirl BY1

This dark blonde hair dye is intended specifically to help you achieve a gorgeous and easy-to-maintain dark blonde balayage. Icing Swirl is a golden shade with just a bit of warmth that has serious lightening effects, so it can work even on dark brown hair. The kit comes with a special brush to help you get the balayage effect and an anti-brass conditioner that keeps the hair golden rather than coppery. It is available at Amazon.

Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme in Icing Swirl BY1

4. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color in UL63 Hi-Lift Gold Brown

L’Oréal knows how to make great at-home hair color kits, so this is another fantastic choice for dark blonde hair dye from the French brand. This permanent hair dye kit works even on very dark brown or black hair, to turn it into a deep and golden dark blonde shade that borders on light brown.

It’s not intended for gray coverage, though if you only have a few grays, it will blend with them nicely. The set even includes a conditioner to keep your hair shiny! Order it online from Amazon!

Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options: L'Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine Permanent Hair Color in UL63 Hi-Lift Gold Brown

5. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Hair Color in Deep Dark Natural Blonde Candied Cashew 700

If you have stubborn grays, this is the best dark blonde hair dye kit to pick up. It’s a kit that will lightly deepen light blonde and gray hair, but it can also slightly lighten medium brown hair, to achieve a shade that is somewhere between gold and caramel. The dye itself is infused with avocado, shea, and olive oil in order to nourish and moisturize the hair, so it will feel soft even after you dye it. Find it on Amazon!

Best Dark Blonde Hair Dye Options: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Hair Color in Deep Dark Natural Blonde Candied Cashew 700

How to Dye Hair Dark Blonde at Home

Dyeing your hair a dark blonde hair color at home is super easy, so here is our comprehensive guide to getting you through the process!

Is Bleaching Necessary?

On its own, dark blonde hair dye might not make your hair quite as light as you want it to be. In fact, when you look at hair dye boxes, they often predict exactly how much lighter they can make your hair. In most cases, hair that is at all darker than light brown is not going even to be pictured on the box, so the results will only be a shade or two lighter if at all.

If you are starting out with already bleached hair or hair that is naturally very light, you don’t need to worry! You can go straight into using your dark blonde hair dye of choice, and it will take to your hair quickly.

If you do have to bleach your hair, the good news is that you don’t have to use anything extreme. Usually, a 10- or 20-volume bleach kit left on the hair for just 10-20 minutes will be enough to bring your hair to the right level of lightness for a dark blonde.

Always apply bleach starting an inch or two away from the roots since the heat of your scalp will speed up the bleaching process – if you start from the roots, you can end up with “hot roots” or, in other words, overly light or even discolored roots.

You can apply the bleach all over, or just apply streaks for natural-looking balayage. Now, despite these directions, we do think that bleaching is best done by a professional, especially if you are going more than two shades lighter.

There are some dark blonde hair dye kits that will work even on very dark hair since they usually include a higher amount of bleach, so if you want to make things easier for yourself, make sure to buy one of those kits.

Lastly, you might be able to hit the right level of dark blonde hair with just bleach, in which case you might think your work is done! In reality, we would still recommend following up on the bleaching session with a gentle hair dye.

Once the hair is bleached, it is depleted of a lot of pigment and can become very weak. In addition to giving you a more precise shade of dark blonde, dark blonde hair dye will also deposit some new pigment into your hair, which will make your strands stronger and healthier.

How to Dye Hair Dark Blonde at Home

Prep for Dark Blonde Hair Dye

Here are few preparation tips for the days before it’s time to dye your hair to get your hair ready for the big change.

• Choose the right hair dye for your type of hair, so if your hair is lighter, choose a gentler dark blonde hair dye, while if your hair is darker, then either pick up a bleaching kit or choose a stronger lightening dark blonde hair dye kit like our recommendation #4.

• If your hair is very thick or long, you might need two or three boxes of hair dye to cover everything adequately.

• If your dark blonde hair dye kit doesn’t include them, pick up a set of Punky Colour Tinting Brush and Gloves from Ulta.

• It’s also good to have an old T-shirt or zip-up hoodie, a plastic or disposable shower cap, and a mixing bowl or bottle (which is often included in the kit).

• Once you have your hair dye kit, do a strand test by dyeing only a small inner strand of hair. This will allow you to ensure the color is right and will also be easier to deal with if you happen to have an allergy to the hair dye.

• Avoid washing your hair for a couple of days before it’s time to dye your hair. This will allow your hair to build up some natural oils, which will make it stronger and more resistant to damage from the hair dye.

• If you’ll be making your hair lighter, you can boost the strength of your hair by using a protein hair mask the day before you are planning to dye it.

Dyeing Your Hair

Finally, the fun part: how to actually dye your hair dark blonde at home! Follow our step-by-step instructions for a solid dark blonde look. If you are hoping for a balayage instead, check out our DIY balayage guide.

Finally, make sure also to read the dyeing instructions in your kit and anywhere where our advice differs from what’s written, make sure to follow the written instructions.

How to Color Hair Dark Blonde at Home

• Gather everything you will need, and put on your loose T-shirt or old hoodie. You can also drape a towel over your shoulders and apply a bit of petroleum jelly to your hairline to avoid getting the dark blonde hair dye on your skin.

• In a mixing bowl or in an applicator bottle, mix up the hair color, developer, and any other intended mixers that are in your dark blonde hair dye kit of choice. You might need to let the color and developer mixture sit for a bit, or you might be able to start dyeing right away – read the instructions on the box to figure it out.

• Note that unless you are working on covering persistent gray hairs, going from light blonde to dark blonde, or touching up grown-out roots, it is best to save applying hair dye to the roots until the very end.

• Using the end of your hair dyeing comb, part your hair into as many sections as you like, depending on how thick your hair is. You might need 5 or 6 sections if you have thicker hair, and three sections may suffice if your hair is fairly thin. Clip up all of the sections except for the one you would like to start with. We recommend starting with the front and then working your way back.

• From the section you’ve left loose, pull out an even smaller section of hair that is about 2 cm in diameter, and apply the dark blonde hair dye to it either by dispensing it from the applicator bottle or with a hair dye brush, starting near the top of the hair.

• With the hair dye brush, pull the color downwards towards the ends of your hair – you might have to dispense a bit more hair dye in order to cover the entire length.

• With your gloved hand, massage the small section of hair in order to work the hair dye in a little bit better. • Separate out the next 2 cm section of hair and repeat the hair dye application process. Keep doing this until you’ve finished coloring the entire subsection.

• Clip up that subsection of hair and unclip the next one to continue applying hair dye in small sections.

• Once all of your hair has been covered with dark blonde hair dye, you can finally go back and apply hair dye to the roots.

• Tie or clip up your hair and put on a shower cap in order to avoid making a mess as well as to help trap in a bit of heat to speed up the processing time.

• Give your hair time to process. It will usually take between 30-45 minutes, but this will also depend on the specific hair dye brand you use.

• Once it’s time, get in the shower to wash out the hair dye. It is better to skip shampooing and to just wash it out with water and hair conditioner.

• Once you’re out of the shower, gently dry your hair by pressing a soft towel against it – avoid rubbing or squeezing too harshly. It’s better to let the hair air-dry after this, but it’s okay to blow-dry it gently. Once your hair is not wet but perhaps just a little damp, you can blow-dry it on a low heat setting.

• Finally, give your new look a good once-over to make sure it’s perfect, and use any leftover dye to make corrections if necessary.

Tips for Maintaining Your Dark Blonde Hair Color

It’s one thing to dye your hair a beautiful dark blonde shade, but you also want it to stay beautiful. Ensure the longevity of your color and the health of your hair with a few of our tips.

How to Maintain Dark Blonde Hair Color

• The most important thing for maintaining dark blonde hair dye is to wash your hair as infrequently as possible and ideally in cool water, which will keep your hair cuticles intact.

• Make sure to avoid stripping hair products when you wash your hair. This especially includes sulfate-based shampoos, which are much more likely to pull the dye out of the hair.

• You might even want to use a special shampoo – a purple shampoo and conditioner set will help to keep your dark blonde hair looking cool-toned, while if you’re rocking warm blonde hair, then a regular shampoo formulated for dyed hair will keep your locks looking shiny.

• If you had to bleach your hair in order to achieve a dark blonde shade, the occasional protein mask would help fortify your hair and fill in what has been lost due to bleaching.

• Chlorinated water can turn dark blonde hair a little green, so it’s important to avoid swimming in chlorinated pools altogether (and believe us, saltwater pools are much nicer for the hair and skin).

• Find ways to limit how often you heat-style your hair in order to mitigate any damage, especially if you had to lighten it to achieve dark blonde hair.

• Always have some spare hair dye on hand, especially if you’re dyeing your hair dark blonde from roots to ends – you never want to go too long without touching up your roots.

• You can also get around that by having a balayage dark blonde hairstyle instead of coloring your hair all over since it will allow the roots to grow out and still look good.

Adjusting Your Makeup Routine According to Your Dark Blonde Hair

If you’re making the switch to dark blonde hair from a different hair color, you may find yourself having to change up your makeup routine. How you will change your makeup routine will likely depend on whether you’re making a switch to dark blonde from lighter hair color or darker hair color.

Makeup Tips for Dark Blonde Hair Color

• When it comes to your complexion makeup, you don’t need to change much. Your foundation should match your skin tone, of course, and you can stick to whatever coverage level you like best.

If the shade of dark blonde you chose is a hint too close to your skin tone and you feel like it washes you out, you can rely on bronzer or highlight and contouring to give your skin more dimension, but ideally, you would pick a shade of dark blonde hair dye that has some contrast against your skin.

• When it comes to blush, warm and neutral shades like peach or raspberry will work nicely with all shades of dark blonde hair, while cool tone shades like pink or purple will work nicely if your hair was dyed a more neutral or cool-toned dark blonde, though they might clash a bit against warm-toned dark blonde.

• Lipstick can often be more dramatic, so you don’t need to worry about how it’ll look against your hair – it’s more important that your lipstick will match your skin tone.

• With eye makeup, people frequently take the switch to a more natural-looking hair color like dark blonde to also go more natural by using earth tone shades or simply wearing less eyeshadow. However, there are no rules here! Almost all eyeshadow shades that suit your eye color and skin tone will look nice no matter what kind of blonde you’re rocking – just make sure those shades also go with your outfit and the rest of your makeup.

What Fashion Colors Flatter Those with Dark Blonde Hair?

Dark blonde hair is considered a natural and fairly neutral hair color, which is great because it means you have a ton of options for hair to dress, and you don’t have to seriously shift your personal style!

Fashion Tips for Dark Blonde Hair Color

With that said, switching to dark blonde may also change up your “season,” if that is something you adhere to. Cool dark blonde hair colors usually align with “summer,” while warm blonde hair colors can align with either “autumn” or “spring,” depending on whether your skin is dark or light.

We’re not sticklers to seasonal color palette fashion rules here at Glowsly, but it can still be useful to understand how your hair color change will impact your overall coloring.

You may suddenly find out that after switching to dark blonde hair, earth tones are suddenly extra boring because of their similarity to the coloring of your hair, or you might find the opposite – they can end up looking more harmonious!

You may also find that suddenly, very dark or all-black outfits overwhelm you in a way that they didn’t when your hair was darker. You can easily balance this by adding lighter accessories or jewelry to a dark outfit or by mixing and matching your colors more.

You can consider the switch to dark blonde hair color your chance to start introducing pastels into your wardrobe. With cool blonde hair, it is better to choose cool and neutral pastels like pink, light blue, lavender, and mint green, while with warm dark blonde hair warmer pastes like peach and buttery yellow can look very nice. If your overall coloring is darker, then you can wear darker and more saturated colors.

67 Lovely Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Embrace

Finally, it’s time to find your perfect shade on our hand-picked list of the coolest dark blonde hair colors to try!

1. Dark Blonde Bombshell Hair

Bombshell hair comes in other colors than just platinum and red, as proven by this dark blonde hair color. This look also includes some brown lowlights that add depth, which only intensifies the effect of big, retro-inspired curls.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

2. Chocolate and Honey Dark Blonde

This is a great example of a warm-toned dark blonde hair dye. The roots and bangs are kept a natural dark chocolate shade, while the cascade of waves is hand-painted with natural-looking streaks of honey blonde.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

3. Feathery Dark Blonde Waves

This dark blonde hair color is the perfect example of a cool-undertone blonde with an ashy tint that is flattering to everyone. The feathery waves make this look a little beachier, while a deep side part adds an easy hint of glamour.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

4. Easy Dark Blonde Balayage

This kind of dark blonde hair color is the easiest to maintain since the balayage technique allows the roots to grow out nicely. With dark blonde tones, the balayage is also less damaging to naturally dark hair while still allowing you to feel summery and light.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

5. Dark Blonde ‘70s Glam

The ‘70s are having a big moment right now, so it is a great time to try tight curls with big hair. The hairstyle goes great with a warm dark blonde balayage over a dark brown base, and the highlights just serve to make the hair more three dimensional.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

6. Honey Latte Sombré

This is a lovely, wavy hairstyle that allows you to play around with dark blonde hair without fully committing. It’s a sombré with a subtle transition from coffee brown to warm dark blonde, but the balayage technique was used to lighten more of the strands near the front of the face, which lets the wearer feel like a true blonde.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

7. Black Gold Waves

This luscious style combines cool-toned brown-black roots and lowlights with a blend of dark blonde hair dye as well as lighter tones that are nearer to platinum. Some of the blonde is more neutral, while other shades lean towards warm, but thanks to the varied mix of shades, the final result is complex rather than muddy.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

8. Intense Dark Blonde Balayage

This hairstyle has all of the intensity of lighter blonde, but it primarily relies on dark blonde hair dye with some darker roots for depth. Since it’s a balayage, the streaks of dark blonde hair start gradually at the mids and become gradually lighter at the ends.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

9. Deep Gold Freehand Hair

One way of achieving dark blonde hair is by balayaging over light brown hair with shimmering gold shades. This style relies on a freehand technique to achieve a stunning look that seems effortless.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

10. Ash and Gold Dark Blonde Hair

There is something earthy yet opulent about this combination of deep brown, ash, and white gold tones. The wavy hair, touched by ultra-thin streaks of various shades of dark blonde hair dye, evokes the idea of threads of gold buried deep within the earth.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

11. Dark Blonde Gradient Quiff

The gradient hair dyeing technique is another great way of going from very dark hair to dark blonde and even allows you to go very light on the ends. Styled into a quiff, this is a luxurious and summery way of showing off a perfect dark blonde hair color.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

12. Dark Blonde Pop

This wavy long bob hairstyle is all about those face-framing strands of blonde that turn a subdued dark blonde balayage into something a little more daring. The rest of the hair was balayaged nicely with a cool shade of blonde that pairs with the dark brown roots to be ultra-flattering.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

13. Dark Blonde Hair Ribbons

This is one of those dark blonde hair colors that rely on a combination of ultra-thin streaks of light blonde and dark brown shades. The colors come together to make up a dark blonde look that ends up particularly fetching when styled into thick, ribbon-like curls.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

14. Lengthy Dark Blonde Balayage

If you have the length, a balayage can be a great way to start rocking dark blonde hair! The dark brown roots are augmented with thinner streaks of dark blonde at the top, but more of the outer part of the hair gradually gets dyed dark blonde with some lighter streaks decorating the ends.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

15. Bronze and Gold Dark Blonde Hair

This ultra-warm and metallic twist on dark blonde hair is perfect for autumn. The shade of gold chosen to spice up a dark brown base has a lot of yellow and amber undertones, so it shimmers like metal in the light.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

16. Cool and Metallic Dark Blonde

This take on cool dark blonde hair color looks super metallic with a lot of depth. It relies on the high-contrast blend of lighter platinum strands and super dark, cool brown roots, with a bit of ash dark blonde hair dye to give a softer transition – it’s a complex look best created by a professional.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

17. Lob with Dark Blonde Balayage

While this is technically a balayage, it is very heavy-handed, with the bulk of this stunningly wavy long bob dyed a dark blonde shade. Warm chocolate roots and a golden transition make this style just a touch richer and warmer.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

18. Glimmering Ash Blonde

It takes a lot of purple toner to achieve such a perfectly cool dark blonde hair color. These ultra-long and wavy tresses were dyed with very thin streaks of an ashy dark blonde, which makes for a textured and complex look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

19. Beachy Dark Blonde Hair

This choppy and loosely wavy hairstyle is the perfect match for dark blonde tones! It makes it seems as though the dark blonde hair color came courtesy of the sun rather than at the hands of a great colorist.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

20. Dark Blonde Wave Cascade

This dark blonde hair color combines a cool, ashy dark blonde shade with a more neutral, golden blonde for a gleaming cascade of waves. The Marcel wave styling has a retro feel, but deep roots and a middle part modernize it.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

21. Palladium Dark Blonde Hair

This ultra-cool and metallic take on dark blonde hair reminds us of palladium thanks to its depth and sheen. This look consists of a complex blend of blonde shades applied in micro streaks to a very dark base, and it’s a great stop on the road towards platinum or pastel hair.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

22. Dark Blonde Caramel Macchiato

There is something about warm dark blonde hair colors that always gives us a sweet tooth. Perhaps it’s the sweet quality of the warm golds mixed with rich browns that look like molten caramel. Whatever it is, it’s a delicious look!

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

23. Dark Blonde Spiral Curls

Is there a better going-out look than shiny spiral curls? This dark blonde look relies on thin streaks of dark blonde that get progressively thicker and more dominant towards the ends, in a look that is bright but still retains brunette sensibilities. Spiral curls just make everything extra special and romantic.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

24. Choppy Dark Blonde Bangs

If you want to feel a little bit more rock ‘n’ roll about having dark blonde hair, choppy bangs can help. They frame the face nicely and also add a devilish, cool-girl touch. Black roots also add some edginess to the look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

25. Dark Blonde Touch

Achieving a perfect dark blonde hair color is often all about doing more with less. Meaning, being very careful about the placement of just a small amount of dark blonde hair dye – this carefully constructed balayage proves it since a large chunk of the hair is still a natural brown tone, but the overall effect screams “natural blonde.”

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

26. Dark Blonde with Bronze Transition

The touch of bronze in this black-to-dark blonde gradient adds a rich, warm color contrast that makes this look irresistible, and also makes the transition from nearly black roots to metallic dark blonde ends much healthier.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

27. Golden Grown Out Balayage

A warm and golden dark blonde shade kisses the chocolate brown base of the hair, in a style that proves that grown out balayages are still super stylish. Loose wave styling keeps the overall look natural and soft.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

28. Voluminous Toffee Curls

This toffee shade of dark blonde hair is warm and sumptuous, making it a great choice for those with warm or olive skin tones, while a few deeper streaks keep it dimensional and make it an easily flattering choice for deeper skin tones. Styled into voluminous curls, it looks romantic and inviting.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

29. Choppy Honey Blonde Waves

Warm honey is the perfect dark blonde hair color for autumn, especially when paired with deeper roots. This look doesn’t feel too drastic thanks to longer roots, while the choppy haircut and tousled waves make things feel modern and chic.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

30. Dramatic Dark Blonde Transition

It’s always a challenge for stylists to turn dark brunette hair blonde, but by weaving a few streaks of lighter blonde along with dark blonde hair dye, the effect can be stunning while the hair can stay healthy. Keeping the roots natural is a must, of course, because it adds a voluminous feel and keeps the scalp in good shape.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

31. Burnt Sugar Babylight Balayage

This gradual touch of warm, dark blonde babylights gives a burnt sugar effect, like the top of perfect crème brûlée. Even the deeper brown roots have a slightly warmer auburn undertone, which makes the small touches of dark blonde hair dye blend harmoniously.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

32. Full Panel Dark Blonde Balayage

That’s right, you can rely on the balayage technique to dye a full head of hair, in what’s known as “full panel balayage.” The entire outer layer of hair was dyed with a golden dark blonde hair dye, so the inner layer of dark brown just barely peeks out to give dimension.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

33. Blended Dark Blonde Lob

The way streaks of golden dark blonde hair blend into the espresso-colored base so seamlessly requires expert skill. Even though the hair is cut into a long bob, the flawless streaking makes it feel as though the hair takes up a lot more space.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

34. Biscuit Dark Blonde Hair

If you’d like a dark blonde hair color that will feel a little dreamier and more rustic, we think this type of biscuit balayage can be an excellent choice. It relies on a very neutral dark blonde hair shade, applied in thicker streaks and blended seamlessly into a chestnut brown base.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

35. Face-Framing Warm Dark Blonde Hair

When you want to feel like a blonde without going all the way, dark blonde streaks right along the front are the way to go. These warm, dark blonde streaks were applied just to frame the face, for a high-impact, low-effort look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

36. Riding the Bronde Wave

This bronde look uses dark blonde hair dye to create the most artful and impactful horizontal streaks. Horizontal streaking can end in disaster, but when applied by an expert, they give the hair a metallic feel and a lot of dimension without the textured effect of thin streaks.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

37. Dark Strawberry Sombré

Strawberry dark blonde hair is uniquely warm yet soft, and in this flawless sombré it offers a flirty contrast to dark chocolate roots. There are a few platinum streaks along the bottom just to add a bit more sheen.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

38. Smooth Dark Blonde Streaks

The thicker streaks of dark blonde that frame the face in this look work so well with the smooth styling of the hair! It makes the contrast between the deeper roots and the touch of blonde balayage a bit more apparent, but in a glamorous way.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

39. Tousled Dark Blonde Beauty

The tousled look is always fun and playful, and it really makes dark blonde looks feel a little bit more natural! The face-framing strands in this look are very thin, so there are heavy bronde vibes, with choppy lightened ends that keep things edgy.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

40. Smooth Dark Blonde Beauty

This is another look that relies on thinner streaking near the front, with a lot of dark blonde streaks along the ends of the hair. The main difference between this look and the previous one is the curling, which proves that dark blonde looks can be edgy or demure strictly depending on how they are styled.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

41. Sun-Kissed Dark Blonde Streaks

For a sun-kissed look, the secret is adding a variety of dark blonde and caramel shades in thinner streaks, with the occasional horizontal touch for a bit of randomness. The final effect is natural, despite the high contrast with the dark base.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

42. Dark Blonde to Pearl Gradient

If you can’t decide between dark blonde and platinum, why not just rock both? The effect ends up being pearly thanks to the gradient from dark blonde to super light blonde, and as always, the deeper roots keep things grounded.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

43. Intense Dark Blonde Waves

When you’re not afraid of making a big change, a heavy and intense dark blonde balayage is nothing to be afraid of. This warm take on dark blonde has some color variation in it, and if you’re committed to going full blonde, it can be a great step in the transition.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

44. Molten Gold Balayage

The secret to melted gold effect of these stunning warm dark blonde waves is simple – it’s all about the health of the hair! Hair oil and a lot of moisture are a must to get freshly dyed hair to emanate so much gleam.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

45. The Modern “Rachel”

Any “Friends” fans in our audience? This dark blonde hair was styled into a modern take on Jennifer Aniston’s ‘90s haircut, with face-framing strands cut shorter to flatter the features. The touches of dark blonde were added with the haircut in mind, which makes this look feel extra modern and intentional.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

46. Platinum-Touched Dark Blonde Hair

Just a touch of platinum can feel very special nestled into a dark blonde balayage. It’s just one streak, but it adds lightness to the face without the potential damage of going platinum all over, not to mention that it feels a little bit more natural.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

47. Dark Blonde Hair with Slim Streaks

High contrast streaks are a great way to rock dark blonde hair in this day and age, especially when the streaks are applied thinly. The final result ends up being very textured and chic, as you can see in this long, wavy look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

48. Dark Blonde Bombshell

Everyone dreams, at least once, of being that blonde femme fatale, but you don’t need to do anything drastic to achieve that look! Golden streaks along the front of the hair do all the heavy lifting, while a soft dark blonde balayage over the rest of the hair marries everything together.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

49. Platinum-Streaked Dark Blonde

There are dozens of different ways of combining dark brown, dark blonde, and platinum in streaked hairstyles to achieve magnificent results, and this is just one of them. Thicker streaks of dark blonde with thinner streaks of platinum make for a varied, high-contrast look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

50. Honey Wash Balayage

Another way of rocking dark blonde hair with minimal effort is with a wash of warm honey blonde over medium brown hair. This is a variation on a balayage that keeps the outer part of the hair dyed, even though the streaks all consistently start fairly high near the roots.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

51. Dark Blonde Ombré

This look proves that ombrés still deserve some attention and praise! The combination of mouse-brown and dark ash blonde works well because both shades are cool and subdued.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

52. Matte Dark Blonde Hair

As much as we love metallics, there is something earthy and charming about matte dark blonde hair colors. This dark blonde and light brown balayage is soft and natural-looking, with a textured matte finish that still has depth.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

53. Big and Gold Dark Blonde Hair

The flowy, wavy styling absolutely gives us melted chocolate and caramel vibes with a metallic overtone. The thin streaks meld together beautifully in this dramatic, voluminous look.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

54. Dark Blonde Layered and Razored Cut

This dark blonde hair color is applied in a heavy, intense balayage that is quite dramatic, though a few dark lowlights add depth and work nicely with the choppiness of the cut. The razoring technique for the ends and bangs takes some weight off the long tresses and gives an edgy and modern vibe.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

55. Chestnut and Dark Blonde Hair

We love this addition of streaks of dark blonde to chestnut hair. The combination of neutral gold with warm roots works surprisingly well, giving a strawberry dark blonde effect that will work with most skin tones.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

56. High Drama Dark Blonde Balayage

The easiest way to add a ton of drama to your dark blonde balayage is by adding a few hair extensions. This magnificent look owes some of its drama to the length, but we also must give credit to the perfectly natural shade of golden dark blonde hair dye used.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

57. Dark Blonde Glam

Dark blonde hair can be ultra-glamorous, especially if you have long tresses and are not afraid of spending a bit of time blow-drying your hair into wavy perfection. This look relies on a multi-tone balayage technique that gives so much depth you could fall right in.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

58. Dark Blonde Twist

Spiral curls near the front of the face add a lot of drama, even for gently wavy hairstyles. What helps here is that those front strands are a little brighter, even though the balayage all over the head was done with a very golden shade of dark blonde hair dye.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

59. Underlayer Dark Blonde Balayage

Is anyone else getting early Avril Lavigne vibes from this dark blonde hair color look, or is it just us? This look gives us that high contrast between lighter face-framing strands and a darker base, but what makes it stand out is that instead of having the outer layer dyed a dark blonde, the inner layer was bleached, for a totally new take on the peek-a-boo.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

60. Peachy Dark Blonde Balayage

The slight warmth of this dark blonde balayage lends it a peachy quality that is sweet and fresh. There are even some sombré elements to this style since the lower ends of the hair were dyed a solid shade of dark blonde hair color.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

61. Gold-Touched Bob

We don’t want to misinform: the fact is that dark blonde hair looks just as good on short hair as it does on long! This adorable tousled bob relies on ultra-thin streaks of honey to liven it up and contribute to its natural bounce.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

62. Dirty Dark Blonde Waves

There is something striking about high-contrast looks, while low-contrast takes on dark blonde hair are easy on the eyes. There is a bit of streaking here, but it’s not over the top, so the final result is a dirty blonde look that could easily pass for natural.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

63. Dark Blonde Hints

If you still want to be a brunette but would like to add just a hint of brightness to your look, a few cleverly placed dark blonde streaks can certainly help. The golden touch elevates everything by adding a highlight, making your chocolatey tresses a little more multidimensional.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

64. Dark Blonde Sombré Shag

Sombré and ombré dark blonde hair pairs really nicely with shag haircuts. The blonde ends serve to highlight the shaggy, choppy ends, while the feathery bangs frame your face allowing your natural root color to shine.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

65. Smoldering Dark Blonde Waves

In this look, the touches of dark blonde hair dye balayaged over the deep brown base only serve to emphasize the alluring nature of the dark hair. The final result is smoldering and seductive, the kind of hairstyle to rock when you want to stun.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

66. Dark Blonde Princess Waves

You might think dark blonde hair colors are more serious than light blonde shades, but that’s not true! They can be just as delicate and pretty, and certainly fitting for fantasy princess waves. The magic comes from a few thin streaks of a lighter color that add that reflective effect.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

67. Dark Blonde Rim

We want to add on something unique but achievable: a balayage only along the rim of the hair, of a cool dark blonde shade that gives an ethereal finish to the dark brown base. Styled into waves, this look is timeless and will flatter anyone.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Shades

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Top 10 Best iPhone Photography Lenses 2020 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Camera lenses for an iPhone? There are boatloads of lenses that promise to bring out the professional photographer in you. Still, most of these are just plain gimmicks, manufactured to satisfy the cravings of an Apple fanboy who has more money than brains and specially made for people who want to dip their toes in real photography without buying a real camera. Most of the conversion lenses sold on the market add no value to the current iPhone camera that you already have.

Of course, there are a select few that actually do deliver and can even match DSLR cameras in terms of image quality. We did the work of finding them for you.

Armed with a pair of eyes trained to spot even the slightest difference in image quality, we have come up with a list of the seven best iPhone photography lenses. No gimmicks, no overpromises, no BS. These lenses redefine image and video quality on your iPhone.

Moment Tele 58mm LensMoment Tele 58mm Lens

Moment Tele Lens 58mm is our best pick for having the perfect balance in quality, design, and usability. It’s an iPhone clip-on accessory but looks like a sleek lens that you use for DSLR cameras. The mounting mechanism of this lens snugs tightly around the camera, keeping it secured and aligned. It is effortless to use, meaning you can mount and unmount this lens on your phone without the nasty setup and configuration.

To set your expectations straight, the Moment Tele Lens is not an actual 58mm lens. When used on an iPhone 11, it gives 2x optical zoom for the default configuration, bringing it to 56mm and 104mm instead of just 26mm and 52mm. This enhancement in quality makes your iPhone better in producing portrait and landscape images, and it captures fast-moving objects with great detail.

We tested different lenses, but this iPhone instantly became our most preferred lens for having superb usability and for producing the sharpest images that we have seen on an iPhone. It is a lens that people will want to use, and it’s so simple that you don’t have to be a pro to capture fantastic images. The Moment Tele Lens 58mm has a price tag that not a lot of people would be keen on spending, but it is the best camera lens that goes well with every iPhone.


Ztylus Z-PRIME MARK II Lens KitZtylus Z-PRIME MARK II Lens Kit

There is nothing more satisfying than to see a photograph with a soft, beautiful background. Often, the lenses that help you have this quality are quite expensive, but not the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit. It includes three different lenses that give you great versatility and fit well on various models from iPhone 7 to XS Max. The quality of the images that these lenses produce is immersive and perfect in curating a beautiful Instagram feed.

The Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit includes a 65mm telephoto lens, a 10x macro lens, and a 16mm wide-angle lens all in one kit. Each of these lenses come with a threaded lens cap that protects these accessories from dust and a multilayer AR coating that gives you razor-sharp images. Regardless of what you need for your photography, we’re sure that you will love the professional-quality photos that these lenses will provide you.

If you compare it with other lenses in the market, the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit is one of the few that delivers excellent value and produces high-quality and guilt-free photography.


Bitplay Premium HD Wide AngleBitplay Premium HD Wide Angle

The Bitplay Premium HD Wide Angle is our top pick for framing grandiose scenery in the best quality possible with razor-sharp detail. Sure, other wide-angle lenses can produce the same quality images, but none of the lenses that we have tested have the combination of sturdy build, usability, and compatibility.

It works well with all the latest models of the proprietary SNAP! Mounting Systems, making it very easy to mount and unmount on all iPhones. It even works on CLIP, CLIP X, and AllClip, giving you more options than any wide-angle lenses that we have tested. You can also attach the Bitplay M52 adapter to use a standard 52mm filter, allowing you to remove unwanted glare and reflection on your images.

The Bitplay HD Wide Angle enhances the angle of the iPhone camera lens, allowing you to cover up to 98 degrees. That is about 30 degrees wider than the field of view for the standard lens of an iPhone 7 Plus. The minimum focus distance is 0.6 inch or 15mm, which crushed other wide-angle lenses that we have tested.

The lens is priced competitively against other lenses, but you need to spend on a separate mounting system or phone case to use it. The Bitplay HD Wide Angle may be bulkier, but it delivers high-quality images without distortion, making it the best choice for wide-angle shots.


Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens KitOlloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit

Olloclip is the only remaining company dedicated to making smartphone lenses, so having their lens kit on this list is expected. They have a massive inventory of lenses that you can buy, but this kit makes it easy for anyone to pick one up and have all the essential lenses that they need. All of these accessories are compatible with the Connect X Lens System Clip, so you can easily mount these lenses on an iPhone XR or XS.

As opposed to other lenses, the Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit includes three lenses, all inside a small clip that you slip over the corner of your iPhone. You can unscrew the wide-angle lens to start using the macro lens or switch to a fisheye lens without the tedious process of mounting and unmounting.

Using the Olloclip comes with a bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to changing lenses, it’s easier than mounting and unmounting different lenses every time you need to shoot. iPhones are renowned for being always ready to point and shoot. With the implementation of the slide-to-shoot feature, it is faster than ever to take pictures on an iPhone, which makes it more important to have a lens that is as easy to use.

This lens kit even comes with a pivot stabilizer that will help you have better grip and stability while shooting. The Olloclip 3-in-1 Essential Lens Kit is an excellent lens for the iPhone, and with the right accessories, it can be a handy tool for professional photography.


Moment Anamorphic LensMoment Anamorphic Lens

Do you need a bit of lens flare in your images? Then an excellent anamorphic lens will do the magic for you. For this category, our best pick is the Moment Anamorphic Lens. Although you will need the official Moment case and their camera app to get the most out of this conversion lens, there’s no doubt that it creates the most beautiful Anamorphic images that we have seen.

Anamorphic lenses are notorious for the tedious process of “desqueezing” images, but Moment made this process very easy. Although it requires you to use their camera app, the process becomes seamless as you can easily fit in 33% more field of view without noticeably affecting the details of the images.

All Anamorphic lenses improve the quality of images at the expense of some level of distortion. Hence, the most reliable anamorphic lens is the one that produces the least noticeable distortion. Moment’s lens tops all tests for the iPhone and does a great job of minimizing distortion. No, you can’t create Oscars-quality videos using it, but it is the best in terms of converting images and videos and making them usable without distorting the quality.


Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide FisheyeHitcase TrueLUX SuperWide Fisheye

Need a super wide-angle camera lens for stunning imagery? The Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide Fisheye is our top pick in this category for allowing us to capture 148 degrees without the notorious dark corners. Although it does not cost as much as other lenses that we have tried, it still delivers impressive photography.

When it comes to compatibility, the Hitcase TrueLUX SuperWide Fisheye works well with Pro, Magnetic Link, Shield Link, Crio, Ferra, and Splash mounting systems. Although you have to buy these cases separately, we think that these are far better than most iPhone cases. We tried this lens with a Shield Link case, and it was able to take the best super wide-angle underwater images we have seen on an iPhone.

Super-wide lenses usually create dark corners and distortion on the images, but not with the TrueLUX SuperWide Fisheye. There’s still some level of distortion, but not as much as other lenses. The dark corners are barely visible.

If we only compare image quality, other lenses can produce the same result. However, if you consider the price of the TrueLUX SuperWide Fisheye, it blows everything away by costing at least half the price of other heavyweights in add-on super wide-angle lenses.


Criacr Phone Camera Lens KitCriacr Phone Camera Lens Kit

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Criacr Phone Camera Lens Kit. Although it does not produce the best quality images for the iPhone, it is still a top choice for creating better pictures and videos on a shoestring budget.

This lens kit includes 0.36x super wide-angle, 0.63x wide-angle, 15x macro, 20x macro, 2x telephoto, 198-degree fisheye, CPL, Kaleidoscope, and starburst lenses, all for less than $25. It competes well with more expensive lenses that we have tested, and these lenses look sleek, making it a perfect choice for daily use.

You don’t need a new case to start using these lenses. Just pick the lens that you need and screw it onto the clip, then clip it on your phone and start shooting. We love how easy it is to use and that it offers the most compatibility. The wide lens is also one of the few conversion lenses that can provide the sharpest wide-angle images without veering into the fisheye territory.

The image quality is slightly lackluster compared to other lenses on this list. Still, if you want to experiment with what you can do with conversion lenses without breaking the bank or committing to $100 lenses, the Criacr Phone Camera Lens Kit will improve your iPhone’s image quality and get you a step closer to professional photography.


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Top 10 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers 2020 Buyers Guide & Reviews


Maintaining your lawn can be a daunting task. Everybody wants a lush lawn that looks nicely manicured and all green. But, if you’re going to use a push lawn mower on your bumpy lawn or a large yard, then your back is in trouble. Push mowers rely on your muscle power and can be very tiring to use.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are perfect for working in difficult mowing conditions with uneven terrain. They make trimming and tidying your lawn quite easy. All you need to do is to start your mower, set the cutting height, adjust the moving speed to a comfortable pace, and you are just about done. You don’t need to push anything here. Only steer the mower in the right direction.

Here are the 8 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers:

Honda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn MowersHonda HRX217K4HZA HRX Series Lawn Mowers

The Honda HRX-series is the premium line, and the HRX217K4HZA is one of the most expensive and most powerful Honda lawn mowers with a big engine.

This machine is an excellent self propelled lawn mower that will easily and efficiently maintain your lawn. Its electric start fires it up effortlessly. There is a self-charging, electric key-start that is backed by a rechargeable Cyclone-battery, which you can trust to always maintain its charge for an entire season. Plus, you don’t have to set the choke since its GCV-engine is fitted with an auto-choke system that can take the hassle out of starting your mower.

You won’t break your back using this mower because it features an advanced hydrostatic cruise-control system that lets you easily select a speed you will be comfortable following behind. All you need to do is set the speed anywhere between zero and four mph and let the twin-blades take over. These blades feature a proprietary MicroCut system designed with a four-blade system to ensure finer cuts with each revolution. You’ll also find more clippings in the 2.5-bushel capacity grass-bag every time you have to empty.

One feature I’m sure you will love, especially if you are using this at home, is the four-in-one Versamow system. This feature offers the versatility of mulching, bagging, discharging, and shredding as you carry on with your mowing. This feature, combined with the superior mulching performance the cutting blades can achieve, makes this lawnmower an efficient and convenient machine for home use.

This machine also has a safety feature built-into the engine and blade system that lets you take a moment away from the mower without having to turn off and restart the engine. This system is called the Roto-Stop System. You’ll find it comes in handy when you want to remove items out of the path and don’t want to come back and restart the engine all over again.

Overall, this is a well-designed lawnmower, and its GCV 190-Engine is sure to provide years of reliable service. It comes packed with many other features that will make for a more comfortable mowing experience.


Husqvarna LC221RH MowerHusqvarna LC221RH Mower

You cannot ignore the Husqvarna LC221RH if what you are looking for in a lawnmower is cutting performance coupled with fuel efficiency. This product is a quality residential mower that will give you excellent results on your ¾-acre (or more) lawn. It gives you the option to side discharge, mulch, or bag your grass clippings.

It is powered by a heavy-duty Honda GCV-160 gasoline engine that delivers high performance without consuming too much gas. Depending on the cutting conditions, you can expect that this lawnmower can run for 80 to 90 minutes on its full tank of fuel.

Husqvarna uses a steel deck. This feature makes it a little heavy but sturdy and durable. Pushing this 80-pound mower for even 10 minutes would be a back-breaking experience for anyone. Fortunately, the LC221RH offers a rear-wheel self propelled drive that takes loads of pressure off when working in the yard. It also features a dual trigger drive control, which you’ll find quite convenient when you need to set a mowing speed that makes you feel comfortable. The large 11-inch rear ball-bearing wheels offer superior traction and excellent maneuverability even when mowing on tough terrain.

The easy-to-start, fuel-efficient Honda GCV160 engine on this machine is a power horse. It is well built for the task, and at 89 decibels, it is certainly quieter than some battery-powered mowers. It is equipped with an auto-choke system that makes for a quick and easy start-up.

I find the four-point deck-height adjustment to be laborious because you have to set the height on each wheel individually. The problem, however, is that you’ll find this system in most of your gas mowers since they tend to be a little too heavy for a single-point adjustment system. Some people don’t have a problem with this feature. In fact, I heard quite a lot of them saying that the four-point deck-height adjustment easily meets all their mowing conditions. I guess it’s a hate-love kind of thing, that’ll allow you to change the deck height to desire and precision conveniently.

Another thing that will not make you go crazy for this mower is it’s two-handle position settings. Most mowers in its class offer more versatility with three-position adjustable and foldable handles. Even so, I find that if you can pick a suitable handle position from the two available settings, you will enjoy a more comfortable mowing position.


CUB CADET SC 300HW Front-Wheel DriveCUB CADET SC 300HW Front-Wheel Drive

If you are in the market for a high-quality residential lawn mower that will not break, no matter how much you punish it, then the Cub Cadet lawn mowers will be hard to turn down. You might know Cub Cadet for its lawn tractor line-up, but the brand also produces reliable self propelled mowers with incredible cutting performance.

With a 156cc cub cadet OHV engine, it comes as no surprise that this mower can cut residential lawns in almost any condition. You really cannot tell the difference between this engine and the Honda GCV160 on the Husqvarna. Both products can breeze through weekly cuts, and they showed incredible performance when cutting in mulching and side-discharge mode. Plus, you can also choose to bag your grass clippings.

The SC 300HW uses Cub Cadet Signature Cut blades that feature three cutting surfaces to produce fine clippings. The only thing that would beat this performance is the Honda HRX-series MicroCut quartet blades. Even so, the SC 300 still does an excellent job on weeks-old overgrowth.

This lawnmower features a six-position deck height adjustment that will allow you to conveniently set the deck height between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches for precise cuts. A two-position handle adjustment lets you set a comfortable height for controlling the mower, so you can effortlessly handle your mowing tasks.

There are many other features that I love about the Cub Cadet SC 300HW, such as the front-wheel drive. I find it to be more maneuverable since I can easily tip the mower to its rear wheels to change direction. Also, I figure fuel consumption on a front-wheel-drive is better since the weight of the engine allows for better traction at the front wheels.

There are a couple of minor weak points, but this still stands as a reliable mower from a reputed company that will have your yard looking clean season after season.


Troy-Bilt TB33 Self Propelled LawnmowerTroy-Bilt TB33 Self Propelled Lawnmower

This model is a US-made self propelled lawnmower with a reliable 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine that will help you achieve remarkable results and a well-manicured yard. Its triple action cutting blades offer superior cutting performance to turn waste into mulch. You will always have more ultra-fine clippings in the 1.9-bushel capacity bag that comes with it. You can also choose to mow bag-free.

This machine weighs a massive 80 pounds, but you only feel a fraction of that when working the yard, thanks to the rear-wheel-drive powered by its strong 163cc OHV engine. Its drive control design is quite useful by allowing you to control the speed from a single drive lever. You can also choose between four speeds setting that will suit your walking pace. The handle is flexible and ergonomic for greater comfort when running your mower.

The engine starts on the first pull, so there’s no priming or choking required. It also features a ReadyStart system that checks the engine temperature and adjusts the fuel and air mix so that the engine starts every time you pull the power cord.

We’ve talked about the easy-start engine, but did you know that this product has a “no oil change” engine? As such, there is no oil draining required. You just have to add the oil when it runs low and keep mowing. Balancing your deck is quite easy too. A single lever adjusts the deck about six cutting heights.

If you are looking for a product that takes the guesswork out of mowing and operating a mower, then this unit is your best choice.


Honda HRR216VKA Self Propelled Lawn MowerHonda HRR216VKA Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Here’s a monster self propelled smart-drive lawn mower that will accelerate uphill and sculpt your lawn with little effort on your part. The Honda HRR216VKA is quite impressive because it can work effortlessly over bumpy and irregular yards even though it weighs 84 pounds. This unit runs on a VGC 160 Honda engine rolling on eight-inch ball-bearing wheels that make maneuvering a breeze. With this feature, even kids can help you mow your lawn.

This product is self propelled, and it comes complete with variable speed control on its handle, wherein you can adjust its pace from zero to four mph. The thumb-operated controls allow you to get around obstacles and dial back to your comfortable speed in a breeze.

This lawnmower is a quick-start key-powered machine, but it also includes a pull cord. The key start system is powered by a self-charging battery that comes out easily so you can replace or float charge during winter. Even so, you will rarely need to take it out since the pull cord powers the engine on the first pull every time. Plus, the key will always start even after storing this mower all season.

HRR Honda mower models aren’t exactly high-end. The HRX-series Honda mowers are your high-end machines. All the same, this mower will give you a premium cut for mulching or bagging. It is a three-in-one mower, so it can bag, compost, and side discharge with no tools or attachments necessary.

I love the Roto-Stop feature on most Honda mowers. Imagine being able to check the blade without really powering off or locking out the mower so that you can take obstacles out of the way. This feature saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been used for setting safeguards.

This machine uses much less fuel, making it a great unit to consider for residential use if you are concerned about how much fuel your engine uses. After all, gas can quickly leave a hole in your wallet. Another test you might require your lawnmower to excel in is durability. Almost any quality lawnmower will assist you for a couple of years, but Honda mowers are primarily known for longevity. You can expect the HRR216VKA to serve you for years to come.


Ryobi 20-Inch RY40190 Cordless Battery Self-Propelled Lawn MowerRyobi 20-Inch RY40190 Cordless Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

They say this unit gives gasoline-like strength out of its intelligent brushless motor powered by a 5.0 Ah 40-volt lithium-ion high-capacity battery. Well, the load sensing system works, and the mower can breeze through any field condition. This system can save you much-needed energy while running on optimal speed every time.

This model is a two-in-one mower. You will only mulch and bag, but not side discharge with this unit. Its Tri-cut blades can produce a superior cutting performance to achieve finer clipping, which is ideal for mulching or bagging.

The 20-inch large cutting deck gets the job done quickly and effortlessly. There is a single-point adjustment lever for setting between seven cutting heights so you can get a perfectly cut lawn. It also has a two-point handle adjustment that lets you set the best height to walk behind your mower comfortably.

This machine has to be the easiest system to use because it doesn’t have a lot of moving engine parts that you need to be concerned about, making maintenance quite a breeze. You only need to charge your battery when you’re not using it, and every session will start stress-free. Plus, you don’t have to mess with oils or gas, and you will surely love the low-noise operation coupled with bright LED headlights for cool evening trims.

Battery-operated mowers, such as this one, are economical options if you don’t have time to sort through gas-powered mowers to find one with excellent fuel consumption. This unit is also so much lighter than most of the options we’ve seen above, so maneuvering is no task.

There are a couple of disadvantages, of course, such as concerns for battery life and performance on tougher conditions. However, these drawbacks will not make you turn away from this model, especially if you are already sold on its economic electric battery-operated drive.


Greenworks MO80L410 Pro 21-Inch Lawn MowerGreenworks MO80L410 Pro 21-Inch Lawn Mower

There aren’t many mowers that come with 80V power and above. This much voltage on the Greenworks MO80L410 Pro gives it the power almost equivalent to a gas mower. In fact, the brushless motor on this mower powered by a 4Ah high-capacity battery actives the same results as a 166cc gas engine mower.

The beauty of this mower is that you can start mowing immediately without having to fuss over oil and gas. Using it is also quite easy. Its self propelled rear-wheel drive has an easy to adjust drive control system that offers smooth engagement so that you can follow at a comfortable pace. Its performance uphill isn’t the best, but at 64.2 pounds, it is as light as some push mowers, so you could also roll it without much effort. Power is there all right, but the threads on the tires seem to lack proper grip because they will spin out occasionally.

Like most battery-powered mowers, the Greenworks MO80L410 Pro uses the innovative Intelligent Cut Technology to provide optimal cutting performance per charge. The blade speed is dynamically varied, depending on how tall or thick the grass is, to achieve the best cut possible. The battery will run for 45 minutes or so, which is enough time to complete most trimming jobs. If you have a larger yard, you could leave one battery charging as you run on the other one.

This machine uses a steel deck to make it durable. Most other electric mowers skimp on build quality to make up for the enormous expenses in brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries. By sacrificing some of the key components, these mowers are unable to resist wear and tear, especially when hitting hard obstacles like stone and sharp metals. The Greenworks MO80L410 Pro does not suffer low build quality.

This product is one of the high-end battery-driven self propelled mowers in the market. As such, you can expect to get the same service as you would with most gas-driven mowers, maybe even better.


Lawn-Boy 21-Inch Electric Start Self-Propel Mower (17734)Lawn-Boy 21-Inch Electric Start Self-Propel Mower (17734)

Here’s a reliable self propelled lawnmower in the sub-$400 category. This model is a quality and reliable residential lawn mower that you’ll have a hard time turning down. It has a Kohler 149cc OHV engine that delivers remarkable cutting performance, and the fuel-efficient will make you a proud owner.

This model is the electric start mower that features an easy to start key power, but there is one with a cord pull-to-power start that always fires up in the first pull. The engine starts and runs silently. You would think it’s not doing a proper job, but it does cut fine clippings.

This machine uses a Tri-cut blade system that produces remarkably fine cuts. It is a three-in-one mower so you can bag, mulch, and side discharge depending on your preference.

This product isn’t a high-end mower, but it is built with quality all the way. For a mid-level self propelled mower, you get everything you expect, which are a remarkable cutting performance, easy bushel bag emptying, quick turn-key start, and good thumb-operated speed control.


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Spring cleaning does more damage to your skin than you think. Here’s why 2020.

The air inside your house is actually more polluted than you thought. It is full of air pollutants such as dust or harmful chemicals, which, while they may not be as visibly “dirty” as outdoor air, can cause major damage to your skin.

It gets worse during the period before big occasions such as Chinese New Year, when you carry out spring cleaning and repaint certain parts of the house to make it look as pristine as possible. The increased air pollution in the house during this period can seriously wreck havoc on your skin without you noticing. That’s why it’s important to understand how your skin can be affected during spring cleaning and what you can do to minimise the damage.

What exactly is in the “dirty air”?

Spring Cleaning 1


During spring cleaning, there are two main elements of air pollution that can affect your skin: dust particles and harmful chemicals.

Dust enters your house in many ways. it could be the dirt picked up by your shoes or your pets. It could also come from outside through your door or windows. These dust particles come in various sizes, and the smaller they are, the deeper they can penetrate your pores and cause damage.

Meanwhile, harmful chemicals during spring cleaning often come from cleaning products, paints or varnishes. Commonly known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), these particles linger on the surface of your skin and disrupt the skin barrier.

How does this “dirty air” affect your skin?

Spring Cleaning 2


Both dust particles and VOCs in the air react with your skin molecules and overproduce free radicals. If “free radicals” sound familiar to you, that’s because the phrase is mentioned frequently in skincare products, especially those targeting skin ageing concerns. They are unstable molecules that will try to bond with other molecules in your body, weaken our skin cells, and disrupt the skin barrier, which is the part most exposed to free radicals.

As this barrier is supposed to protect your skin against environmental aggressors, compromising its function can accelerate skin ageing and lead to visible long-term damages such as premature wrinkles, saggy skin and pigmentation.

Exposure to VOCs can also cause irritation, inflammation or allergic reactions (redness, itchiness, etc), especially on sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

What can you do to protect your skin?

Use non-toxic cleaning products

Spring Cleaning 3


Avoid harsh cleaning products and paints with heavy chemical scents, and opt for non-toxic, VOC-free ones to reduce your skin’s exposure to these harmful chemicals. Better yet, make use of natural ingredients around the house such as baking soda or vinegar to use as cleaning agents.

Keep your house well-ventilated

Open Window


Not only will keeping your windows open during spring cleaning help to air out the heavy chemical scent from cleaning products, it will also reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals in the air, preventing them from sticking to your skin.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin thoroughly

Spring Cleaning 5


Cleansing your skin thoroughly will help clear away any dirt, grime and dust particles that have settled in your pores during spring cleaning. However, for smaller, more stubborn pollutants and toxins, a good exfoliant will do a better job at getting rid of them.

Slather on moisturisers

Young Woman Applying Lotion


Opt for moisturisers with occlusive ingredients such as petrolatum for the face and shea butter for the body. Occlusive ingredients don’t sink into your pores but stay on the surface of the skin to act as a protective layer against environmental aggressors that could damage or irritate the skin.

Nourishing ingredients such as shea butter that is rich in fatty acids will also help the skin heal and repair itself against free radical damage.

Load up on antioxidants

Spring Cleaning 7


Antioxidants can neutralise the excess free radicals in our body by binding to them and preventing them from attacking our skin cells. This means that it is important to load up on food that is rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables to repair and strengthen your skin barrier. Examples of these foods include berries, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, kale, artichokes, etc.

Granted, this is more of a preventative, long-term solution that will not give you immediate results. But it is definitely important if you want to counteract visible signs of skin ageing in the long run.

You can also use skincare products that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid to further minimise any free radical damage done to your skin.

Top 10 Best Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women 2020: Women Shaving Face 2020 Rewiews

There’s always a new skincare trend around the corner – 12-step Korean skin care, snail masks, various sheet masks, etc. – and in recent years, the trend of using facial razors to remove facial hair, a.k.a. face shaving has been picking up. As with many skincare trends, this one reportedly stems from Asia (specifically Japan) before making its way around the globe, especially after Michelle Money from The Bachelor released a video about shaving her face.

Best Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women

Essentially, facial shaving is a form of dermaplaning, which is a treatment that targets the removal of dead skin and vellus hair (colloquially referred to as peach fuzz) with the use of a sharp blade.

Below, we’ve listed the best facial razors and eyebrow trimmers for women, which are equipped to shape brows and dermaplane. You’ll also find more information on why traditional razors aren’t suited for this job, what the advantages and disadvantages are of face shaving, what the difference between dermaplaning and facial shaving is, and exactly how to go about removing facial hair plus shaping eyebrows.

Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women: Contents

  • 13 Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women
  • What Do You Need Women’s Facial Razors for?
  • Women Shaving Face? Benefits & Disadvantages to Consider
  • Women’s Guide on How to Shave Face
  • How to Shave Eyebrows Correctly

13 Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women

From simple vertical razors to battery-powered ones, find the perfect fit for your hair removing needs in this mix of the best facial razors and eyebrow trimmers.

1. Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

An Amazon-choice product with over 4,300 ratings, this is a pack of three portable eyebrow and facial razors to help trim and shape the brows and to remove facial hair. It includes a Precision Cover that covers up most of the blade to aid in precise trimming. The blades are also equipped with micro-guards to help protect the skin. The razor can also be used to remove fine hairs, as well as for gentle exfoliation.

The average rating of this product is over four stars. However, a handful of users have reported suffering from cuts and raw skin after. Other users recommend cleansing and moisturizing the face thoroughly after and refraining from using makeup after using the razor. You can find these Schick facial razors on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

2. Finishing Touch Flawless Painless Facial Hair Remover

If you’re looking for a step above traditional facial razors, this hypoallergenic battery-operated (1 AA battery, included) hair remover pares hair down with a small spinning head shaver. Remove peach fuzz by gently moving the device in circles over the targeted areas. The German device does warm a tad when in use, which is normal and should be held flat against the skin, not at an angle.

Users have noted that its blade gets dull sooner than expected but can be replaced easily through the brand’s website. It’s also been noted as not giving as clean a shave as desired but, overall, it’s easy to use, good value, and gentler on the skin. It also comes in a variety of colors – black, blush, crystal pink, lavender, sea glass, and white – all with 18K gold plating. Find this best-selling facial hair remover on Amazon and Ulta!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Finishing Touch Flawless Painless Facial Hair Remover

3. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

With over 2,200 ratings and an 84% positive feedback, this three-pack of eyebrow razors comes highly recommended by reviewers. Easy to use, close shave, safe, and no thick beards make a simple summation of what people have to say about this eyebrow razor. Simply comb the hair into place, so it’s pointed in one direction and then hold the razor at a 45-degree angle to shave. It comes equipped with safety covers as well to prevent cuts.

These facial razors work with a dry shave, but you can also use rosehip oil for a gentler touch. Many have expressed their preference for using this for facial hair trimming over waxing to save time and money. Find these facial razors on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

4. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Another battery-operated device, this facial hair trimmer features a hypoallergenic micro-thin round-tipped stainless-steel blade for close hair trimming (as close as 0.1mm) without irritation, a pivoting head to follow the natural contours of the face, and two trimming attachments for eyebrow shaping.

The blade head is bendable up to 10 degrees both ways and, therefore, can be adjusted to suit specific areas. It’s recommended for face, bikini line, as well as underarms. It uses two AAA-size batteries, which aren’t included and can last up to 40 minutes of use.

This facial hair trimmer is an Amazon’s Choice product and has thousands of reviews with a 73% positive rating. Like most battery-operated facial hair trimmers, when the blade on this one dulls, you can’t order a replacement head and instead have to purchase a new device. The blade has a shelf life of around 6 months with regular use.

Users love its easy-to-use-and-hold capability and gentle touch. It works much better on peach fuzz and thinner hairs over coarser ones. Find it on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

5. Philips PrecisionPerfect Compact Precision Trimmer

Designed to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows, this Philips facial hair trimmer comes in a compact design for portability. It requires an AAA battery and comes with a regular trimming head, a trimming comb for your eyebrows, a cleaning brush, and a precision trim attachment for when only a small portion of the blade is needed to be used, like for removing a single hair.

The reviews on this, however, are mixed. Many choose it for accurate, easy, and painless hair removal. However, it’s also noted that the device drains quickly in power, and its material isn’t durable over long-term. You can find this on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Philips PrecisionPerfect Compact Precision Trimmer

6. Leuxe Facial Hair Remover

A number one bestseller, this battery-operated facial hair trimmer uses two stainless steel and hypoallergenic circular blades to shave off and remove peach fuzz with ease. Simply glide it over your target areas with minimal risk of nicking, unless pressed deeply. There’s a small LED light on one side to light the area for better visibility. It’s also waterproof, making it easy to clean.

It holds a 4.4 out of 5-star rating gathered from over 1200 reviews. Users find it easy to use and appreciate the light as well. It takes a few swipes to remove all the hair, though, and finding a replacement head is difficult according to some. You can buy this from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Leuxe Facial Hair Remover

7. R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover

Not the most traditional facial hair trimmer we’re accustomed to seeing in the hair removing market, this patented hair remover is essentially a spring. It’s made of stainless steel and requires users to grab on to each end and bend to wrap around individual hairs and pull them out. Pulling hairs from the roots also keeps them from growing back sooner.

With a 73% positive rating across over 2,400 reviews, reviewers have best described this as a manual epilator. It’s fast and easy, but the process of pulling hair can be painful. It gets all lengths of hair, as the spring can be bent into different angles, but thicker ones take more work. Grab the R.E.M Spring from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover

8. Shiseido Prepare Facial Razors

This three-piece Japanese set of facial razors is an Amazon’s Choice product. It’s a simple razor but effective, as evidenced by its 80% positive rating. It leans towards the sharper end, which makes it an effective tool for dermaplaning as well, according to reviewers. Therefore, it’s recommended by some not to dry shave and use a gentle touch. The blade, however, tends to dull after a few uses, but for low cost, many reviewers are happy with its value. You can find this on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Shiseido Prepare Facial Razors

9. Nylea Extra Precision Eyebrow Razor & Trimmer

Another Amazon’s Choice product, this six-pack of facial razors features a safety-first design to avoid unnecessary nicks and cuts. The stainless-steel blade also has micro-guards in place for extra safety. In terms of efficiency, 86% of reviewers have labeled this as easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and good value. It’s recommended for exfoliating, and the blades hold their sharpness for longer than expected. Get it from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Nylea Extra Precision Eyebrow Razor & Trimmer

10. Sephora Collection Level Setter Razors

A colorful three-pack set of stainless-steel facial razors, these hair removal tools feature longer blades than other similar products to allow for wider coverage in one swipe. The handle is also slightly curved for better grip and angling. Sephora recommends applying cream or lotion pre-shaving.

It holds a 3.9 out of 5 stars on the beauty brand’s portal, where reviewers laud its ability to dermaplane and remove facial hair gently. The blades are sharp but dull soon after a few uses. However, the low price keeps people repurchasing. Find it on Sephora!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Sephora Collection Level Setter Razors

11. Kapmore Facial Hair Removal Spring

Available in black and pink, this pack features a set of hair removal tools, including a facial razor, eyebrow tweezers, and a spring-shaped tweezer (similar to the R.E.M Spring). The set is targeted towards removing hair from the chin, upper lip, sideburns, cheeks, and shaping the eyebrows.

Reviewers note that hairs of all lengths and thicknesses are removed, but it is a painful process with the plucking. The spring, however, is not as tight as some of the other brands, according to a few users. Find this set on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Kapmore Facial Hair Removal Spring

12. Flamingo Feather Facial Touch-up Razors

These flamingo-resembling facial razors hail from Japan and are designed to target the eyebrows, neck, and face. The blade head itself bends into the handle, which, besides being aesthetically pleasing, is a safety and hygiene measure.

The blade is slightly sharp, nothing that will cut but enough to shave off facial hair and dead skin easily. With an 85% positive rating, users highlighted the easy glide of the blade against the skin. A few have noted that these are a tad large, which makes it hard to work between the eyebrows easily. Find these facial razors on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Flamingo Feather Facial Touch-up Razors

13. Miss Gorgeous London Eyebrow Trimmers

A thin, sharp, stainless steel blade sits at the head of this facial razor and eyebrow shaper. According to the product description, the blade is sharp enough to shave off men’s beards too! Caution is necessary when handling this blade then.

Reviewers have given it an 84% positive rating because of its high capability to remove facial hair and exfoliate. The blades are also durable and can keep going for months. However, keep in mind that these are sharp enough to cause stitch-needing cuts! Buy a ten-pack from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Miss Gorgeous London Eyebrow Trimmers

What Do You Need Women’s Facial Razors for?

Based on the facial razors listed above, one might wonder why traditional razors aren’t shown and what differences lie between the two. Here’s what sets facial razors apart from conventional ones.

Vertical Blades: Despite the vertical blades, the razor is still held horizontally against the skin. However, the lack of a traditional T-shape in favor of one long line allows for easier maneuverability in following the contours of the face.

Safety: Largely, the blades of facial razors aren’t as sharp, which protects the skin against cuts while still shaving off the fine hairs and gently exfoliating the skin.

Shorter Blades: Many of these facial razors and eyebrow trimmers come equipped with covers that allow the user to shorten the blade. This helps in eyebrow shaping and trimming, especially around the edges and in-between.

Multi-Purpose: With a gentler touch, facial razors can be used to touch up, trim, or shave other sensitive areas of the body as well, such as the bikini line.

Women Shaving Face? Benefits & Disadvantages to Consider

Talk of women shaving their faces has been picking up on the Internet since 2011 when the trend – kao sori – began to spread in Japan, with salons offering treatments and specific products to fill the market gap – facial razors for women. Even Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces for a smoother look!

Benefits of Facial Razors for Women

Today, facial shaving has become prevalent enough for a plethora of beauty vloggers to release how-to videos, as well as many “I Tried Shaving My Face” articles permeating beauty content from leading platforms, like Huda Beauty, Refinery29, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few.

But what is the point of facial shaving and does it have any side effects?

Benefits of Women Shaving Face

Exfoliation: The process helps soften and smoothen the texture of the skin by removing fine hairs and dead skin.

Better Product Application: With the dead skin and unwanted hairs no longer a barrier, makeup products like foundation and concealer will apply much more smoothly and evenly.

Gentler on the Skin: In comparison to other facial hair removing methods like waxing and tweezing, using facial razors is less time-consuming and doesn’t irritate the skin as much, especially as waxing ends to rip the top layer of the skin as well sometimes.

Better Results: Once the dead skin cells are removed, your skincare products (serums, moisturizers, etc.) will do a better job of penetrating the skin.

Brighter Skin: Once the peach fuzz is removed, the skin’s natural tone stands out more clearly.

Prevents Acne: As dead skin build-up can clog pores and hair follicles, its removal can prevent breakouts.

Disadvantages of Face Shaving

Over-Exfoliation: If you’re someone who’s already making use of face scrubs, chemical peels, washcloths, and facial brushes on the regular, adding face shaving to your regimen holds a risk of increasing your skin’s sensitivity and weakening it. Plus, it’ll introduce or increase skin redness, dryness, and inflammation.

Sensitive Skin: For those with hypersensitive skin (rosacea, keratosis pilaris, and the like), shaving the face can do more damage than good.

Women Shaving Face Guide

Acne: Anyone with active breakouts risks further infection, as they might unknowingly spread bacteria even if they shave around the zits.

Ingrown Hairs: As with shaving any other body part, shaving the face also presents the risk of ingrown hair.

Cuts and Nicks: Likewise, shaving the face also presents the risk of wounding yourself, and you might feel awkward, covering facial cuts.

Face Shaving Vs. Dermaplaning

Earlier, we mentioned that facial shaving is a type of dermaplaning. There’s some debate about this, as some consider it to be a different method entirely. However, it’s worth noting that the facial razors listed above are far more equipped to shave hairs and dermaplane to an extent.

What happens is that the razor does provide some exfoliation as it removes dead skin cells during shaving, but booking a dermaplaning session (by a licensed professional!) will be far more effective, as their use of almost surgical scalpels does a better job of removing the maximum amount of dirt and dead skin.

At-home treatments with a facial razor yield results as well, though, so don’t feel as if you have to shell out a few hundred dollars for a professional session.

Women’s Guide on How to Shave Face

Before we head into the steps of shaving your face, let’s dispel one common misconception off the bat – shaving your face doesn’t lead to facial hair growing back thicker or coarser or longer. It’s been long disproven, which allowed for this trend to take off in the first place.

Now, when it comes to shaving your face, here are the steps to follow to avoid skin irritation as well as razor burns and bumps.

Patch Test: If it’s your first time shaving your face, do a patch test on any small area, and note your skin’s reaction over the next few days to avoid any mishaps.

Sanitize the Razor: Dip or wipe down your facial razor with rubbing alcohol as a preventative measure.

Clean the Face: Just as you’ve cleaned the razor, your face should also be clean. Dermatologists recommend using a sulfate-free cleanser.

Open up the Pores: Either shave in the shower or hold a warm, damp towel against your face for a bit to open up your pores for easier shaving.

How to Shave Face & Eyebrows

Prep the Face: For many facial razors, dry shaving works well. However, if your skin is sensitive or you’d prefer working against a coat, rosehip oil is a popular option. Again, if you haven’t used rosehip oil before, do a patch test first!

Technique: Hold the facial razor at a 45-degree angle, pull your skin taut, and move downward in short and steady strokes (avoid distractions). Avoid areas with active acne.

After-Care: Afterward, sanitize your razor, moisturize your face with an alcohol-free lotion or a hyaluronic serum or mask, apply sunblock (at least SPF 30), and avoid any form of makeup for at least a day, as your skin will be vulnerable. Do not exfoliate either or use any strong topicals until the next day.

Depending on your hair growth, shaving every week or other week works.

How to Shave Eyebrows Correctly

For those looking for a way outside of threading and tweezing to shape their brows, shaving and trimming achieve the same results, minus the pain of ripping the hairs from the follicles.

Follow these steps to achieve your desired eyebrow shape:

Open up the Pores: Get a warm shower beforehand or hold a warm towel against the eyebrows to open up the pores and ease the entire process.

Moisturize: Apply a moisturizer around the eyebrows, above the eyelids, and between the eyebrows as a means of protection.

Brush: Use a spoolie or eyebrow comb and brush the hairs up. • Stencil: Draw in your desired eyebrow shape using an eyebrow stencil.

Trim: Using the trimmer (or eyebrow scissors), snip the excess outside the stencil.

Shave: Use the eyebrow razor to shave horizontally between the brows in short strokes.

Wipe off!

Shorten the Blade: Attach the precision cover to the blade.

Shave the Strays: Working along the length of your brow, shave across the top, and then the bottom, getting rid of the stray hairs.

Measure: Check your eyebrows against each other for symmetry.

Wipe off!

• Apply a brow gel.

Photos via @kendallbrookeblog, @babeandbeauty, @skinbynicola, @essentially.stevie

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The 10 Best Solid Colognes for Men 2020 Reviews and Buyer Guide

While colognes in liquid form make application effortless, they’re not that easy to carry around, and sometimes cause spillage and can be messy when used. Fortunately, there is always a way to upgrade things, and that is through solid colognes.

The first advantage of a solid cologne is portability. It is much more compact than a liquid cologne. As such, it can fit in small compartments, and it can be carried in your pocket. This type of fragrance is also easy to use. You only need to take a small amount with your finger and apply it to the desired areas.

Now that you know that why solid colognes are becoming so popular, which brands should you try? Here are the top 18 solid colognes for men.

Duke Cannon Solid CologneDuke Cannon Solid Cologne

First on our list is the concentrated cologne balm from Duke Cannon. If you fancy the manly and woody scent of a perfume or the naval supremacy soap scent from the same brand, then this cologne is perfect for you.

The scent of this solid cologne comes with hints of freshwater fragrance, amber, citrus, sandalwood, clove, and rosemary, making you smell like you’ve just come from a Redwood forest. It weighs 1.5 ounces with dimensions of 4 x 3 x 1 inches, which makes it light and convenient to carry around.

This solid cologne comes in various variants, including oak barrel, open skies, naval supremacy, and redwood. It is an excellent choice if you like to travel or do activities all day, but you still want to smell fresh and fragrant. The best thing about using this solid cologne is that it doesn’t leave any stains, plus has a non-greasy texture.


Inis’ Energy of the SeaInis’ Energy of the Sea

If you like to own a mystical-looking object of fragrance, then the Inis’ Energy of the Sea should be a perfect fit for your taste.

The Inis’ Energy of the Sea is a product of Fragrances of Ireland, which is based in County Wicklow, Ireland. The brand “Fragrances of Ireland” has been an established name when it comes to fragrant and high-quality perfumes all over the world.

This solid cologne from Inis is a popular choice because it gives off a gentle marine scent with hints of lemon, sandalwood, clove, and lily of the valley. Plus, it comes with a sparkling container, which makes it look elegant.

The small glass cube encasement of this solid cologne has a dimension of 3 x 1 x 3 inches, and it weighs .15 ounces. As such, you can easily carry it around wherever you go.


Base Light Grooming Solid CologneBase Light Grooming Solid Cologne

Another great choice of solid cologne that comes with a classic can design is the Base Light Grooming Solid Cologne. It is made from a variety of essential oils and ingredients that sets off a refreshing manly scent. Its components include shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and essential oils.

This product is available in various scents, including Cedarwood and Amber, Bergamot and Vetiver, and Cypress and Juniper with hints of blood orange, basil, and Spanish sage. All variants have a gentle scent that can last for hours.

This solid cologne has a simple container, which is compact, durable, and easy to open. Plus, it is lightweight, with a total weight of .4 ounces.


Blazing Saddles Solid CologneBlazing Saddles Solid Cologne

Another solid cologne you can try is the Blazing Saddles Cologne, which others call the “sexiest cologne ever” because of its hint of gunpowder and Western leather. Many consider the smell of Western leather and gunpowder as scents of danger and adventure. For some, it sets off a stimulating scent.

This solid cologne gives off a hint of sandalwood and sagebrush, which makes you smell like you just came out of a western saloon. Its 0.6 ounces total weight and compact body provide optimum portability and easy handling. It also has a stylish and classic packaging with an easy-to-open and airtight lid.

While this cologne is perfect for men who want to set off an aura of an outlaw or a cowboy, it is also a favorite for women who wish to wear a perfume that gives off a scent of adventure and danger.


Ireland Tweed Solid CologneIreland Tweed Solid Cologne

If you want more volume out of your solid cologne, then a full ounce of the Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne would be an excellent choice. It comes with an easy-to-open container that is compact and light, with only 3.2 ounces of total weight.

The unique thing about this cologne is that it makes use of candelilla wax for its base instead of beeswax, which other solid colognes use. Using candelilla wax as a base greatly enhances the hardness of the cologne, but it still enables the cologne to be easily spread when used.

This solid cologne makes use of unique ingredients that include oakmoss, ambergris, sandalwood, and lemon verbena scent to give off a fresh, zesty, and re-energizing scent that lasts for hours.


Fulton & Roark Sterling Solid CologneFulton & Roark Sterling Solid Cologne

The Fulton & Roark Sterling Solid Cologne can keep you smelling fresh and fragrant for hours. This particular cologne gives off the right scent of tobacco, leather, and vanilla with a few amounts of oil essences.

The ingredients in this solid cologne include mineral oil USP, coconut oil, ceresin wax, perfumers’ alcohol, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum USP, and fragrances. Moreover, this product comes with a solid and durable metal container that can be opened by just rotating the top.

Overall, this solid cologne is a favorite among men not only because of the manly scents of tobacco, leather, and vanilla but also because of its sophisticated encasement with the “F&R” engraving.


Cremo Solid Cologne PocketCremo Solid Cologne Pocket

Another cologne that fits right in your pocket or in any compartments of your bag is the Cremo Solid Cologne Pocket. One thing that men love about this product is its handsome and durable tin encasement that has the size of a pack of gum, about 3 x1 x 5 inches. It is even light, weighing only 1.6 ounces, which makes it effortless to carry around and use anytime.

This solid cologne gives off a refreshing and woody smell that delivers the scent of an aromatic forest. Plus, it is available in various fragrances, including blue cedarwood, citrus zest, and aromatic cypress with notes of leather, black vanilla, bergamot, birch, and many others.

Best of all, this product is easy to use. You only need to apply a small amount on your pulse points to get the most out of this solid cologne.


NZ Fusion Solid CologneNZ Fusion Solid Cologne

If you’re into scents from the land down under, the NZ Fusion Solid Cologne is an excellent choice because it gives off a smell with a mixture of the sea and real sandalwood from Australia. This fusion of fragrances makes this cologne particularly distinct from others, making it a popular product. The combination of scents brings about a buttery smell, which is both warm and refreshing.

The NZ Fusion Solid Cologne is centered on a woody aroma, much like a sawmill that sets off a smell of pure masculinity. While this cologne is not as aggressive as others, it is a scent that prefers to be discovered, rather than announced.

This solid cologne is packed in a small and convenient metal tin with eight ounces of total weight to enable optimum portability.


Alfred Lane Bravado Solid CologneAlfred Lane Bravado Solid Cologne

The Bravado Solid Cologne from Alfred Lane is the embodiment of a modern man. It sets off a woody oriental scent, which is both complex and seductive. Having gentle notes of nutmeg, leather, and sandalwood, it is just the perfect scent of manliness.

Carrying this solid cologne around is easy and convenient, with its .5-ounce tin can that has an easy-slide cover to open and close. It is also a popular choice of cologne for travelers because it does not lose its scent regardless of the weather.

Using the Bravado solid cologne is easy. All you need to do is to apply it on your pulse points and spread evenly. The scent lasts longer than traditional spray colognes, and it does not stain.


Gambler Solid Cologne BourbonGambler Solid Cologne Bourbon

Many find the subtle scent of whiskey to be manly, adventurous, and sexy. If you love the smell of Bourbon whiskey with hints of leather and tobacco, then the Gambler Solid Cologne Bourbon is the right perfume for you.

This product sets off the right amount of allure, which is not very overpowering. This particular cologne is manufactured in a few batches, making it a breed of solid cologne that is hard to obtain. Moreover, it is packed in a one-ounce twist-top tin, which makes it easy to carry around and effortless to open and close.


O’Douds Solid CologneO’Douds Solid Cologne

The O’Douds Solid Cologne is a classic cologne for any man. It comes in two scents that include the Heritage and the Tobacco Rum scents.

This solid cologne started from a hobby in the founder’s kitchen. It is a product of experimentation with well-sourced goods, craftsmanship, knowledge of ingredients, and alcohol.

The Tobacco Rum scent features an adventurous fragrance with spicy hints of rum. While the smell is gentle or subtle, it is guaranteed to last for hours. The Heritage, on the other hand, combines the fragrances of sandalwood and citrus for a sweeter scent.

Overall, this product is ideal for people who prefer a more traditional scent out of their colognes.


Bawston & Tucker Hurytt Solid CologneBawston & Tucker Hurytt Solid Cologne

The Bawston & Tucker Hurytt Solid Cologne is a perfect choice if you want to leave a lasting impression. This cologne sets off a striking scent that is not too strong, which makes you confident and not hard to notice.

This product is a sweet blend of honeysuckle and fresh lavender with hints of citrus, bergamot, orange, and other essential aromas like timber and cashmere wood. It is also formulated with shea butter, which helps nourish the skin. Other natural ingredients include oakmoss, pineapple orange, Italian bergamot, and amber.

For a long-lasting fragrance, you can apply it on your pulse points, such as the neck, behind the ears, and wrist.


Drifter Solid CologneDrifter Solid Cologne

If you love staying outdoors or if you are an athlete who is always ready to go, then the Ulio & Jack’s Drifter Cologne is an excellent pick. It comes with a convenient slide-top can which can be easily stored in any tight pockets or compartments in your bag.

It sets off a natural and subtle scent of mandarin and cardamom with hints of clove, leather, and sandalwood, which leaves a very manly scent. Having added ingredients, such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax, enables this cologne to last longer than most solid colognes. Plus, it provides nourishment to your skin upon every use.


Otter Wax Spruce Solid CologneOtter Wax Spruce Solid Cologne

If the scent of Virginian cedar with subtle notes of citrus is your ideal perfume, then the Otter Wax Spruce Solid Cologne is your best bet. It has a strong yet subtle scent of Virginian cedar that blends well with juniper, citrus, and noble fir with base ingredients like shea butter, safflower oil, beeswax, black pepper, bergamot, sweet orange, Amyris sandalwood, and juniper berry.

This product is made from all-natural ingredients, so you are sure to be safe if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Because of its beeswax ingredient, this solid cologne lasts longer compared to other colognes that make use of traditional wax. Lastly, it comes in an easy-twist tin can with .8 ounces total weight for optimum portability.


Walton Wood Farm Adventurer Solid CologneWalton Wood Farm Adventurer Solid Cologne

If you’re the type of guy who is always on the go, loves the outdoors, and harnesses the spirit of adventure, then this cologne is what you need. The Walton Wood Farm Adventurer Solid Cologne brings a scent of sporty, and at the same time, aquatic aroma combined with hints of bergamot and green tea.

This cologne does not contain alcohol, and it is vegetarian-friendly. Natural ingredients include hemp seed, avocado, grape seed, beeswax, fragrances, and a good range of essential oils.

This product has a total weight of 2.5 ounces, and it comes with an easy-twist tin can for convenient opening and closing.


Urban Prince Solid CologneUrban Prince Solid Cologne

Another cologne popular with men is the Urban Prince Solid Cologne. It comes with a perfect blend of grapefruit, spices, cedar, lavender essences, and fir, and it gives off a scent of pure manliness. It is made from natural ingredients and essential oils and is alcohol-free, which makes it safe to use for men with sensitive skin or allergies. Also, it is packed in an easy-twist tin can that is easy to open and close and carry around.

The available scents from the brand BushKlawz include Lumber Prince, which is a blend of tobacco leaf with pine, vanilla, and many other essences. Another scent is the Pacific Prince, which highlights the perfect balance of bergamot and peppermint essences. There is also the Urban Prince scent, which mixes cedar, grapefruit, and lavender extracts. The last scent is the Active Prince, which sets off a fresh metro cocktail smell with rosewood essences.


Stingray Bay Bay Rum Solid CologneStingray Bay Bay Rum Solid Cologne

It is said that a few shots of liquor can give a man confidence. How much more if he covers himself with it? Fortunately, we’re just talking about the scent of alcohol. The Stingray Bay Bay Rum Solid Cologne is a combination of spiced rum that has been aged in a barrel and natural fragrances and essences that delivers an intense yet refreshing and smooth scent.

This tincture has a smell with a hint of lemon, cloves, and patchouli, resulting in a warm and citrusy fragrance. Furthermore, small portions of this solid cologne can last for two to four hours, depending on where it is applied. For longer effect, you can apply it on your pulse points, such as the neck, behind the ears, and on the wrist. Lastly, this solid cologne comes with an easy-twist tin can that fits the pocket and any small compartment in your bag.


Natural Men's Solid Cologne GunpowderNatural Men’s Solid Cologne Gunpowder

The smell of gunpowder has always been the scent of adventure, danger, and for others, manliness and sexiness. The Natural Men’s Solid Cologne Gunpowder from Fixxxer is the right perfume for men who love to stand out in a crowd. Along with the balanced scent of gunpowder, it comes with a hint of amber, clary sage, mint julep, evergreen, bergamot, and citrus, resulting in a sharp yet refreshing scent.

This product comes in several varieties, including the Dark Sniper, Huntsman, Bullet Silencer, .38 Special, .57 Magnum, Gunpowder, and Metal Jacket. All varieties come with a distinct level of gunpowder scent with essential oil and natural fragrances. Also, this solid cologne has a durable metal container with an easy-slide cover that allows you to use and carry it easily.


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