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Top 10 Best Women Selling Tom Ford Perfumes 2020


Everyone wishes to wear a perfume that is cool and unique. Be it men or women, one will always choose a perfume that will suit their personality and reflect their mood as well! If you haven’t still found your type, then it’s time to try one of the TOM FORD perfumes.

You may ask why? Well, here is the answer. It is very distinctive, complex and comes with well constructed, fragrance. I’m sure this one will not disappoint you, because you will end up with a fresh and lively fragrance that is captivating. I’ve got the perfect list for you!

Check out these top 10 TOM FORD perfumes for women.

1. TOM FORD Black Orchid’ Eau de Parfum:

This black orchid Eau de Parfum embodies the true essence of the modern woman. The fragrance is oriental that is very curtsy, sexy and sensual. Oriental fragrances are base of sandalwood, chocolates, vanilla and incense so it’s not very hard to fall in love with the scent of this perfume. If you like black orchids and spices aroma then you’ll definitely love it to the core. The packaging is done in a classic black bottle which is extremely stylish and convenient. This is definitely among the best Tom Ford perfumes in the market.

2. White Patchouli by TOM FORD:

This Eau de Toilette from TOM FORD comes in a chic white bottle, which is very stylish. It has a floral fragrance and it’s perfect for daytime as the fragrance is very pleasant. If you’re someone who loves floral fruity scents then white patchouli from TOM FORD collection is definitely for you. The scent is soft, fresh, crisp, and clean and you’ll love wearing it. The fragrance is very feminine despite the slight ocher and musk which makes it more appealing.

3. TOM FORD for Men EDT:

If you’re a fan of citrus fragrances, then this Eau de Toilette is for you from TOM FORD perfume collection. The aroma is crispy and citrusy, specially made for men. It comes in a classy glass bottle which is really stylish and it will look great on the dressing table. The fragrance is a mix of citrus, ginger, grapefruit, and deep greens which smell very refreshing. It’s great for gifting purpose too.

4. Violet Blonde by TOM FORD for Women:

This woman Eau de Parfum comes in a classy and stylish packaging which is sturdy and travel friendly at the same time. This has a woody, musky fragrance which is in trend for a while now. Woody scent is a base of citrusy and chypre fragrances which is long lasting. You will fall in love with this perfume as the fragrance is sexy and sensual.

5. Noir by TOM FORD for Men:

If you like an oriental and spicy fragrance, then this Noir Eau de Parfum is definitely for you. The fragrance is sensual, warm and sexy. If you like such fragrances then go for it. This will give more intense and longer lasting fragrance. It’s amongst the best sellers of TOM FORD perfume collection because of the oriental fragrance which is known for tenderness, sensuality and depth.

6. TOM FORD Grey Vetiver:

Grey vevtier perfume from TOM FORD is unisex perfume, thus it can be used by anyone. The scent is a mixture of salty and citrusy that is very sexy and sensual. The fragrance is long lasting and it stays for entire day and makes you fresh all day long. It features citruses, spices, valued wood and vetiver which make it even more worthy. The perfume is packed in an elegant packaging and it’s not very heavy so you can carry it while travelling too.

7. TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum:

This perfume from TOM FORD has a very nice fragrance which is spicy and sweet at the same time. The scent is similar to the blend of vanilla, chocolate, clove, cinnamon and spices… interesting, right? If you’re a spice lover then you are going to enjoy this perfume as the fragrance is very pleasant and refreshing. The packaging is done in a neat bottle which is easy to carry and looks classy. This rummy, boozy scent perfume is perfect for those who prefer spices fragrances on them.

8. TOM FORD Private Blend Bois Marocain Eau De Parfum Spray:

This Bois Marocain by TOM FORD is made for women as the fragrance is sensual and sexy which is recommended to use during daytime. The scent is woody and is based on sandalwood or patchouli. The perfume comes in a lovely glass packaging, which looks really stylish and elegant at the same time. If you like woody, spicy and sensual fragrances then this perfume is for you.

9. TOM FORD Private Blend Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum Splash:

This perfume from TOM FORD comes in an aqua colored plastic bottle which is travel friendly and chic at the same time. The fragrance is a mixture of fruity and floral which is sweet, crispy. The fragrance is long lasting and it stays for entire day which is commendable. It’s a lovely scent especially for summers as the fragrance is neither too sweet nor woody. It will remind you of the salty sea breezes because of the refreshing and fresh scent.

10. TOM FORD Private Blend Lavender Palm Eau De Parfum Spray:

Who says floral fragrances are only for females? I think you haven’t tried the unisex Eau De Parfum Spray from TOM FORD which is a mixture of lavender palm. This floral scent perfume is for men and women both who love sensual, sexy fragrances. The tops notes are a blend of lavender, lemon and bergamot which means it’s long lasting too. It’s perfect for all occasions and you’ll surely fall in love with the floral plus fruity fragrance.

Top 10 Best Women Rasasi Perfumes For 2020


The true symbol of Luxury, high quality and elegance, Rasasi perfumes is Dubai’s foremost company in the world of fragrances. It is actually a Family owned business which has a very solid foundation in fragrances and is best known for creating world class and most exclusive perfumes. Here is a list of our favourite Rasasi perfumes for women.

Best Rasasi Perfumes

1. La Yuqawam Pour Femme:

La Yuqawam is their latest launch, which means Irresistible in Arabic. This is a premium, special-edition perfume range showcasing opulence from Rasasi. The collection is available in beautifully tarnished and chic bottles with elegantly rounded curves. It has top notes of Bergamot, Lemon and incense which is followed by Ylang Ylang, cinnamon and pink pepper.

2. Bushra Women Spray :

Bushra women spray has an oriental character which has opening notes of rose along with an essence of saffron and oud. It has floral spicy heart which is highlighted with an exotic and woodsy note. It has base notes of animal, musk and amber.

3. Abeer Women:

Abeer women from the house of Rasasi is a true representation of pride and luxury. It has top notes of ylang, bergamot, lavender, saffron followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine and germanium and base notes of cedar wood, patchouli and sandalwood.

4. ArbaWardat EDP:

ArbaWardat from rasasi symbolizes the eternal seductiveness of life. The aroma of this sensational perfume is like the bloom of an adorable youth. It has the heart of untouched and fresh bouquet of pure joy.

5. Busaina:

Busaina in Arabian means a pretty girl. This beautiful perfume has the opening notes of citrus and lavender with rich and strong base notes of musk and precious wood. Busaina is the perfect embodiment of beauty in all its glory. It has the lingering scent of fresh lavender and a light flowery & woody fragrance.

6. Admire Eau De Parfum:

Admire from the house of Rasasi is a perfect definition of a contemporary fragrance. This fragrance defines the unchanged style of chic and true femininity at its best. Admire is truly the perfect fragrance for a true dive which brings freshness along with exoticism.

7. Instincts Women – Eau De Parfum:

With the perfect balance among the lush natural and exotic ingredients, this unique perfume is a must-have-fragrance for every woman.  It has top notes of purple freesia and Jamaican pepper along with the base of Himalayan cedar wood accords.

8. Rasasi Life Eau De Parfum:

Rasasi life from Rasasi defines the woman who has the soul of a champion. It has the warm accords with top fresh notes which brightens ones soul and makes her believe in her dreams without being aggressive.

9. Rasasi Pour Femme Eau De Parfum:

This rasasi perfume is for a woman who is strong, joyful, passionate, and unique and always believes in herself. It creates a mesmerizing effect and the fragrance is truly powerful, luxurious and sensual.

10. Seduction Eau De Parfum:

Seduction is a blend of warmth and sensuality that conjures up association with the legendary fragrances of the orient. This fragrance is a perfect expression of passion, sensuality, love and self assurance of a new day women. It has fruity top notes followed by dry notes musk.

Top 10 Best Wedding Updos That You Can Try Too 2020


Wedding up do hairstyles are a huge favourite among new brides these days. They follow the latest chignon or bun hairstyles and adorn them with floral hair accessories .These hairstyles look very stylish and adorable for weddings.

You would need medium to long length hair for these wedding updos, if you don’t have the length, you can opt for false buns.

Here are Top 10 Wedding Hair Updos:

1. The Twisted Chignon Look:

Try out this hairstyle for your pre or post wedding ceremonies to snatch the crowd’s attention. Get some professional hairstylist’s help for the perfect up do. Add some decorative floral hairpins to look even more beautiful.

2. Pin Curl Up Do:

Take a professional hairstylist’s help for trying this pin curl bun up do best results out for achieving this beautiful hair style. You need to have a good length and volume of hair for trying out this look. Else you can also go for false Buns with such pin curls if you are lucky to manage one.

3. Loose Side Pin curls Bun up Do:

Try out this Bun up do which is simple with the loose side Pin Curl touch. You can use a nice Floral or feather hair pin for that touch of extravagance.

4. Braided Milk Maid Bun Up do:

This milk maid bun updo is easy as long as you can get some good hands to help you in this one with. It’s a simple tight bun with a braid.

5. Tight up Twisted Chignon with Side Parting:

To get this look you should get a professional’s help and also you should keep handy hair fixing sprays, some shine serums and also some extravagant looking hair accessories.

6. Bangs with a Dual Bun:

This is one of the best wedding updos for long hair that can be tried for your wedding. You surely need a professional hairstylist’s help and also a good length of hair. However you can try this one with some false buns as well. Cut your fringes in advance from a good parlour.

7. Twisted up do:

This is a twisted up do where sections are clipped and made to run from one side to another neatly. Stick on some floral hairpins randomly and complete the look.

8. Conch Shell up Do:

Try out this sweet and cute looking conch shell up do which looks good even with your traditional ghagras and you can adorn it with a dashing maang tika too.

9. The Half up Half down Bouffant Up do:

Try out this amazing Bouffant up do with some professional help. The bow do is a stand out. Use some extraordinary stone studded hairpins to accessorize the bow.

Don’t miss trying this hairstyle for your wedding. Team it up with a big floral hairpin or a stone studded hair pin .It will change the whole look of your traditional outfit keeping it urban yet being extravagant. Take a professional hair stylists help.