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Braided Hairstyles for Long, Layered Hair

1. Simple Braid

To have gorgeous, thick long hair, check out how to make your hair grow faster. And when you do have such hair, a braid is a great way to style it. Start off with a classic, simple braid and weave in some ribbons or add a flower clip. This takes the classic braid to a whole new style of elegance. Simple braids are fun and easy and perfect for those hot summer days. Twist the braid in a simple bun and pin it up with a cute, decorative clip. Braids are a classy look for any occasion and one of the most popular easy hairstyles for long hair.

2. French Braid

French braids are an elegant, timeless style for those with long haircuts. It’s much easier to French braid your hair than you would think. Simply watch one of the many tutorial videos you can easily find online. Again, to add some flair, you can weave a ribbon (or ribbons) into your braid, add some fun accessories or come up with a creative variation such as the reverse French braid.

3. Fishtail Braid

You might think a fishtail braid is complicated, but it is really quite simple. It is also one of the best braids for those with really long hair. Simply divide your hair into two sections, then take a thin strand of hair from the outer section to the inner section and pull it over the first part, then add to the other side of the second section. Repeat this process, alternating sides and watch as the fishtail braid starts to form. Word of advice: if you want a more intricate braid, use thinner strands. The good thing about this style is that it looks great neat or messy!

4. Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is essentially a loose French braid that twists around the back of your head. This braid is also much easier than it seems, it just takes a bit of practice. Again, there are plenty of video tutorials available online. Once you are finished, make sure to spray it with a little hairspray to hold it in place. You can add some flair with a cute flower clip or any other fun hair accessory to add some style!

5. Boho Braid

The boho braid is stylish, creative and fun. Simply take a small section from your temple, make a neat braid and flip it over and secure it with a bobby pin. You can make as many braids as you want or braid three smaller braids into one large braid. Then add a flower or hippie headband for that Boho Chic flair!

Fun Ponytails for Long Hair

1. Knotted Ponytail

Having a bad hair day? A knotted ponytail can save the day with style and flair! Start by applying a light hold mousse, and then separate your hair into two even sections. Take the back section forward and then down. Tie the ends together into simple knot and use clear elastic to secure the ends together. Slide the ends up and underneath the knot and there, a simple and cute ponytail and you’re on your way!

2. Perky Side Pony

Side ponytails were all the rage in the 80’s and they are making a huge comeback! Simply sweep your hair into a side pony, secure it with elastic, then tease the top to get it to “pouf.” Spritz it with a little spray and there you go! A cute and stylish ponytail that, in my opinion, should never go out of style!

3. Flirty Ponytail

Going out on a hot date or fun nights out with the girls, but running short of time? You need a flirty yet easy hairstyle for your long hair. The flirty ponytail is a sexy and easy fix! Simply take a teasing comb to the roots around your crown to give your hair a lift before pulling it back into a ponytail. Then comb it gently with a paddle brush and fluff up the ponytail itself for some added volume! There you go, simple yet seductive!

Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Finger Waves

If you love the vintage look, you will love this fun and sexy hairstyle. There are plenty of simple tutorial videos online. You can style your hair anyway you like once you have mastered the art of the finger wave. Pull it up with loose, wavy tendrils softly framing your face. This 1920’s look is timeless and elegant and you’ll feel sexy and sophisticated sporting these sexy curls.

2. Voluminous Curls

To achieve these gorgeous curls, all you need is some flexi rods and a paddle brush. Divide your hair down the middle and start with the back sections first. Twist each section around the rod, from top to bottom. Twist and secure. Tie your head with a silk scarf and leave it overnight.

In the morning, gently remove the rods, run your fingers through your curls until you have the desired effect. Remember, if you want looser curls, use bigger rods and smaller rods for tighter curls.

3. Sock Bun Curls

These curls are simple and easy! The only thing you need is a bunch of clean socks! Simply dampen your hair, and wrap small sections around each sock and tie it with a knot. When you wake up in the morning you will have perfect curls without heat or hassle!


Top 12 Trendy Hairstyles For Kids

Top 12 Trendy Hairstyles For Kids

Cute and smart hairstyles for school going girls are a new trend these days. If your daughter has to attend a school function or if you wish to make to her sport a trendy hairstyle every day at school, then it can be really fun and pretty because there are different hairstyles that you can try.

All you have to keep in mind is that, since it is for school you cannot go overboard with style.

Here we have chosen the top thirteen school going girls long hairstyles which can be worn on a regular or occasional basis if you think it fits your daughter’s school decorum. Take a look.

1. Pretty Pinned Hair

Try out this pretty side parted pinned hair look for your daughter and see the flash of happiness on her face. Use some small tiny clips for sticking up the hair tightly. The clean the sectioning of the parting of hair, the better for this hair style.

2. Knot By knot Hairstyle

If you want a clean yet fashionable hairstyle for your kid, then try this one out.

3. Partial Up Hairstyle For Curly Hair


Try out this hairstyle. Do a thin braid and use some floral clips on top to tie the hair into small sections. Leave the rest of the hair straight and long.

4. Side Parted Long Layers

Layers and side parting can look good on any girl of any age. You can tie the hair at the back if long loose hair is not allowed at school.

5. Little Girl’s Floral Chignon

This twisted floral chignon is a nice thing to do if you want a stylish and classy hairstyle for your kid. All you need is a small clip for the regular days, while you can use a floral fashionable clip if you are doing it for a function.

6. Braided Pony Tail

This is a very easy to do hairstyle. Do a mid raised ponytail leaving a section of hair at one side and tie it up. With the left out section, do a half length braid and then tie a rubber band. Use the non-braided portion to go round the ponytail in a tie-up manner.

7. Triple Braid and a Long Pony Hairstyle

An easy to do and sport hairstyle with triple braids made form a top tied pony.

8. Cute Braided Hairstyle

An easy to do hairstyle, that can be done with a little time in hand

9. Top French Braided Pony Tail

An amazing hairstyle, which is so totally unique.

10. A long pony

The story of long pony fits very well with a school uniform. This time, give the ends some big curls and see the difference.
Here is a tutorial with some more hot designs for school hairstyling!

11: Half Up Easy Hairstyles For Kids

This is a perfect option of the casual hairstyles for kids if you want to keep your daughter’s hair down. All you need to do is to take an inch of hair from each side of the head and secure it at the back using a hair tie or hair pins. To dress up this simple hairstyle, all that is needed are curls. Curl the lower section of the hair using a curling iron or preferably rollers. This style not only looks neat and formal but also helps in keeping your kids hair away from her face which makes the whole look all the more tidy.

12. Braids

This is a classic formal little girls formal hairstyles and is suitable for any age and any occasion. There are a lot of different types of braids that you can choose from depending on the length of your daughter’s hair. This hairstyle is quite practical and easy as it doesn’t take too much time to create a braid; even a simple braid looks pretty and holds for a long period of time. Also, a braid is perfect for the day when you have an occasion to attend but don’t have the time to wash your kid’s hair as a braid is easier to do and holds better on hair that has not been washed for a day or so.

You can easily accessorize it with ribbons or fancy hair ties. Whether it’s a simple three section or a challenging French braid, this hairstyle is something that you can rarely go wrong with.


12 Stunning Fall Hairstyles That’ll Legit Turn Heads

Slicked Back

The 80s are making a comeback in fashion, and they’re starting to inspire some vintage hairstyles too. Take a note from Gigi’s super cool, slicked back look and get those locks off of your face. Use some hair gel to smooth back your hair and keep it in place all day.

Voluminous Pony

Bring your ponytail to the next level by splitting it up into two sections. Add some color with an accessory like Amandla Stenberg. You’ll stand out for your creativity and you’ll look fierce.

Messy Bun


Look effortlessly chic like Kendall Jenner with this messy bun. Opt for a claw clip instead of a hair tie for a different look and make sure to pull out some loose pieces in the front so they frame your face.

Slick Braid


Pull your hair back in this super easy braid. Use some styling gel to get your hair into a slick pony and then just braid from there. You’ll look editorial in no time.

Side-Swept Curls

This look is so easy, yet so cute. Either go natural (if you have curly or wavy hair) or add some curls with a wand. Then, flip your hair to the side and you’re looking effortless and cool.

Half Up-Half Down

This hairstyle is super simple, yet still elegant. It’s perfect for a fancy party or date. Just take the hair from right above your ears and pull it to the back of your head. Suddenly you’re looking refined and gorgeous.

Sleek Bob

Been thinking about a dramatic cut for awhile? Now is the time to do it! All your favorite celebs are chopping it off and looking fab. Here, Bella rocks a super sophisticated sleek bob, but the style works no matter your texture

Bun Mohawk

Storm Reid looks fierce af with this super cool and original double bun look. To complete, simply split your hair into two sections at the top of your head and then pull each into a bun!

Gorgeous Curls

Remember how I told you a bob looks good no matter the texture? Lili Reinhart proves it with this super cute and girly style. It’s perfect for a date night or special event.

Slick Pony with a Scrunchie

Yes, scrunchies are cool again, and they will add something exciting to a simple high ponytail. Just wrap the scrunchie around the hair tie that’s holding up the pony and you’re ready to go! Go with simple black, or go wild with some colors.

Unexpected Color

Have some fun with your hair and put in some streaks of an unexpected color, like orange! Use hair extensions so the color isn’t permanent and then you can match your ‘do to your outfit like Camila.

Braided Crown

This braided crown is so elegant and perfect for a special event like Homecoming. It’s a little more complicated to complete, but the results are worth it!

9 Creative Festival Hairstyles That’ll Stun All Your Summer Selfies

The Flower Crown

Of all the festival hairstyles you could choose, this one has to be the easiest, and one of the most glamorous. Simply fasten a ring of flowers to your hair with some bobby pins and you’re ready to go. It’s also perfect for all hairstyles, whether you wear your hair short or long, curly or straight.

Holographic Glitter Hair

Want to add a little sparkle to your festival selfies? Try this easy holographic hair tutorial. This half up, half down ‘do is perfect for keeping the hair out of your eyes when you watch your fave band. DIY holographic hair extensions totally add a bit of glam to this look. Watch the video and learn how to master it yourself!

Technicolor Braid Updos

There’s no better way to give your box braids *festival life* than with bright festival colors. You will likely want to seek out a professional for hair color help, unless you have some experience with it yourself or you’re down to experiment a little! You can also use hair extensions — like natural hair ones or colorful yarn — in order to create this look without having to dye your own locks.

Hidden Rainbow Crown Braid

You don’t have to gather of bunch of flowers to feel like a princess. Festival-goers have been using their own hair to create crowns for some time. If you can master the intricacies of a circular french braid (or find a friend who can do it for you), then you can slay this look. Visit your local salon for some hidden rainbow hair a week or two before your festival and you’ll be sure to SLAY in the summer sun

Waterfall Braid

Braids are the perfect festival hairstyle. Why? Because they’re practical (who wants all their hair flying around as they’re trying to take pics with the squad?), but they’re also super girly and cute. Watch this video to learn all the tips and tricks to create an easy, totally perfect waterfall braid.

Space Buns

Pay homage to Star Wars‘ Princess Leia with space buns that bring some lighthearted fun to edgy summer festivals. This style is as simple as parting your hair down the center, wrapping your hair into two buns at the top of your head, and securing them with rubber bands. It’s also perfectly on-trend.

Braided Sidesweep

As important as it is to have the right festival hair, you also want to show off your baller festival makeup, and sweeping your hair to one side is the perfect way to let your bedazzled face shine. Your braids can be as simple or as intricate as you like, depending on your hair length and texture. This style truly works on everyone!

Disney Festival Hair

If you’re a true Disney stan, you’re always down to rep your fave princess. So why not slay your next festival with some stunning Disney hairstyles? Princess Jasmine’s bubble ponytail is sure to turn heads, amiright?! Watch the video and learn 3 super simple tutorials for killer princess hair.

Head Scarf and Box Braids

Style your jumbo box braids using a silk scarf and people will for sure mistake you for a celebrity. From high ponytails to super easy ways to tie your scarf, there’s a festival look for everyone in this video.


Best Yoga in the Animal Kingdom

These adorable animals know how to strike a pose. Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones getting their namaste on. These animals obviously understand the importance of adding some balance and a good stretch into their daily routines. Here, 16 adorable animals who have perfected the art of striking a pose.















9 Stylish French Hairstyles For Short Hair

9 Stylish French Hairstyles For Short Hair

For sure, French hairstyles have been on the scene for years, but looks like we can’t get tired of them. From side-swept pixie, French braid to bob with blunt bangs and French twist, make an instant style statement with these celebrity styles.

1. Side-Swept Pixie

At the premiere of Exodus: Gods And Kings, Sami Gayle proves that if you’ve got the looks, the right attitude and the confidence, even a long fringe can look good, like this sexy side-swept pixie that pushes the boundaries. We love it

2. Bob With Blunt Bangs

Dawn Oporter’s blend of blunt bangs meeting the red carpet round bob is the hairstyle we want this season. Classy, refined and elegant, Dawn’s hairstyle is the easiest way to update your sleek bob – just don’t forget to add that face-framing bangs!

3. Swept Up Hairdo

What a gorgeous swept up ‘do Carey Mulligan was rocking at the 57th BFI London Film Festival. Short, neat and chic – the hairstyle can be duplicated by using some strong-hold hairspray, a comb, and a handful of pins. You just can’t stop staring at it, can you?

4. Shaggy Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

At the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, Melanie Laurent looked gorgeous, and while we couldn’t imagine this shaggy bob suiting the French beauty, the side-swept bangs brought out her smokey eyes and facial features. The actress matched her hairstyle with mocha brown lips and finished her stunning look.

5. Tousled Bob

Hottie Berenice Marlohe proves that the tousled bob is enough to make a major red carpet statement. A great bob hairstyle for thick hair, the actress pairs her bouncy locks with a dramatic eye makeup and mocha brown lips for the maximum sex appeal

6. French Twist

As if we need to tell you how gorgeous Amber Heard looks here with that soft French twist. And if that wasn’t enough, the actress added oodles of oomph to her hairstyle by pairing it with Vionnet gown, flawless makeup and glossy lips. This is an amazing French twist hairstyle for short hair.

7. Asymmetric Bob

Actress Marion Cotillard, with her minimal makeup, mocha brown lips and blue eyes looks every bit of a classic beauty. To recreate Marion’s sleek and smooth hair, remember to invest in a strong-hold volume mousse, hair straightener and some anti-frizz hairspray.

8. Subtle Ombre

Always one to show what magic tousled waves can do, Alexa Chung’s hairstyle has all the elements of a red carpet hit. The British model’s bob is classic yet modern, and her signature fringe swept to the side along in subtle ombre is mere perfection. Spawning a ton of copycats, the key to her look is – plenty of heat protection hair products, volumising mousse and tongs.

9. French Braid

Are you in search of French braid hairstyles for short hair? Always on-trend with hair trends, Twilight actress Kristen Stewart looks chic and edgy with her brunette bob in French braided up-do. This hairstyle, along with messy, loose tendrils is combined to create a romantic effect. The braid accentuates her face, creates the illusion of a slimmer face…and we like it!

Wavy Pixie

Perfect for a graceful beauty like actress Audrey Tautou, this super-short wavy pixie is ultra-feminine. Not only that, Audrey’s pixie at the Palme D’Or Winners Photocall has never looked so good. That said, the hairstyle is a great everyday hairstyle, one that is easy-to-do, manage and looks stunning.

So here we are – our top ten French hairstyles for short hair. And if you’re thinking of getting one of these hairstyles done, then we’d love to hear about your favourite look. Do comment in the box below!


46 Stunning Twist Hairstyles For Short Hair

46 Stunning Twist Hairstyles For Short Hair

So you think that short hair is absolutely useless for twisting. Come on! Most of the chic and comfy twist hairstyles are known to be suitable for brief hair. Well, don’t believe us.

Rather, check out the following 48 stunning twist hairstyles for short hair that we have sorted out for girls like you:

1. Small and Neat Twisted Low Bun

Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it to turn into a small low bun. Make it neat and tidy by preventing flyways with the help of a good serum or mousse.

2. Messy Twisted Low Bun with Bang

Short hair is ideal for flaunting bangs. But do not leave rest of your hair loose. Rather, make a small low bun with it and give it a little messy finish.

3. Relaxed Twisted Bun

If you have short hair, this simple twisted bun will look amazing at the middle of the back of your head. Also, tease your crown beforehand and let the end of the bun remain free to some extent.

4. Sleek High Twisted Braid

Who says that braid do not suit short hair? Check out this sleek braided twist for short hair with two bows at two points. Make sure that you position it right at your crown.

5. Stylish Twisted High Bun

A high bun can look highly graceful on short hair. Pull all your hair up at your crown and twist it up. Then, create a bun with it and bedeck with beautiful accessories.

6. Twisted Topknot with Headband

Have you ever tried a twisted topknot on your brief hair? If not, then it is time to give it a try. In order to jazz up the entire look, make use of an eye-catching headband

7. Low Twisted Loop Hair

This is a fun style to give your short hair a unique look. Twist your hair at the nape of your neck in such a manner that it creates a loop-like structure. Secure the end with bobby pins and you are done!

8. Twisted Spiral Bun

Wondering how to twist short hair in a simple way? Then a spiral bun can be a great choice. All you need to do is twist your hair altogether and give it a spiral shape by wrapping one layer around another carefully.

9. Small Bun with Twisted Hair Wrap

This is quite like a regular bun that we make at the middle of our head. But the specialty of this style lies in the twisted section of hair that is wrapped around the bun. Use a funky hair pin or brooch if you wish.

10. Topknot with Twisted Braid

Loved that simple topknot with headband we mentioned earlier? You’ll definitely love this braided one too. Just create a perfect topknot and wrap it beautifully with a twisted braid. Looking elegant, no?

11. Twisted Headband with Bouffant and Bangs

A subtle bouffant can give your short hair a lot of volume. You can make the style even more appealing by adding a twisted headband and long side-swept bangs to it.

12. Messy Twisted Updo

If you have very short hair, you may find it difficult to make a bun with it. Don’t worry. Just tease the hair at the top of your head and twist rest of the hair to form a nice shape at the back of your head.

13. Low Twisted Donut Bun

Twists can give your donut bun an edgy appearance. You may try it on your short hair by twisting it up and folding it in the shape of a donut bun near your neck. Simple yet sophisticated. Isn’t it?

14. Chic High Loop with Twisted Hair Wrap

How about trying something totally different on your hair? Yes, we are talking about loop hairstyle. The twisted hair surrounding the base of the high loop has given it a new dimension.

15. Low Messy Bun with Twisted Strands

We have already given you quite a few low bun ideas for your short locks. Here is another one with messy texture and four twisted sections of hair secured into it. Perfect for an elegant look!

16. Low Twisted Bun with Puffy Crown

It is a textured low bun that goes well with all sorts of outfits. Start with teasing your crown and then, twist as well as fold your hair to create a beautiful bun. Use hairspray generously to avoid flyways.

17. Simple and Elegant French Twist

Be it sporting an urbane hairstyle or showing off your sexy back, the French twist can serve each and every purpose perfectly. Moreover, it looks the best on short and straight hair.

18. Gorgeous Bouffant with French Twist

Want to add a zing to your stylish French twist? Just create a bouffant at your crown and you will like look the ultimate fashionista from all aspects.

19. Casual and Easy Twisted Updo

This is an extremely easy twisted updo that can be created in minutes. Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it up to the center of the head. Secure it with bobby pins. Pull your bangs to that point and secure them too. It should look like a modified version of the French twist.

20. Twisted Bun with Nice Hair Pins

Create a regular bun with the twisted hair taken from the lower portion of your head. Twist the hair from two sides separately and secure them into the bun. Decorate with nice hair pins.

21. Messy Textured Twisted Bun

This is a simple twisted bun that looks amazingly gorgeous! You just need to twist your hair loosely by taking it in small sections and secure them near the neck with the help of bobby pins. Don’t miss hairspray to give it that messy yet textured feel.

22. High Bun with Fringes and Twisted Headband

If you love to experiment with your hair, this chic hairstyle will definitely match your taste. Start with making a high bun and finish by decorating it with a delicately twisted headband. The frontal fringes and a fresh flower will complete your look flawlessly.

23. Messy Angular Twisted Bun

Let’s alter the round shape of a regular bun by choosing this messy angular hairstyle. You will need to apply lots of hairspray to give your hair the right amount of hold and achieve that perfect angular shape.

24. Twisted Side Hairdo with Flowers

There is no specific rule for creating this ultra-feminine side hairdo. You can simply divide your hair into multiple sections, twist them one by one and secure them at one side of your head with bobby pins. Glam-up with bright yellow roses!

25. Loose Straight Hair with Twisted Updo

Let your straight, smooth hair rest on your back. Divide the frontal hair into four sections and twist them separately by keeping two on either side. Pull them behind your head and create the shape of a flower. It suits both short as well as medium hair.

26. Low Ponytail with Twisted Sides and Hair Wrap

‘Twists’ can also add a twist to your regular ponytail. Twirl the hair from both sides of your head and attach them with the help of an elastic band at the nape of your neck. Now, wrap a thin section of hair around the band. Easy and convenient!

27. Huge Bun with Twisted Braid

Now this is what we call a truly stunning hairstyle. This huge bun is actually created by twisting two strands of hair just like a braid and folding them together at the crown. Do you really have short hair?

28. Twisted Updo with Puffy Crown

Divide your hair into two sections i.e. upper and lower section. Twist them up separately and attach to one another by using bobby pins. Oh, did we mention that you need to puff up your crown too?

29. Graceful Twisted Curls

So you have naturally curly hair with a shoulder-length bob cut? Take your hair in small sections from the front and top portions of your head and twist them up to the crown. Use small hair pins to adorn the twists. Cute, isn’t it?

30. Twisted and Textured Curls

These twisted and textured curls look the best on short, super straight hair. Create a center part and twist the end of your hair intensely. Apply plenty of hairspray to offer great hold.

31. Voluminous Twisted Braid with Braided Wrap

Make a high ponytail and turn it into a loose two-strand braid by twisting two sections of hair together. Wrap its base with a thin braid and tease the pony a bit in order to add that required volume. The result is awesome!

32. French Twist with Puff and Free Twisted End

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of a puffed crown and a sexy French twist. But wait! There is even more for you. How is that free slightly twisted end lying on the shoulder?

33. Small and Severe Twists with Straight Fringes

Do I need to tell anything about those small intense coils? Take some time out of your busy schedule and try your hand at this. You will be highly appreciated for your effort. The smooth fringes and the hair brooch can enhance your beauty to a great extent.

34. High Ponytail with Twisted Hair Wrap

Here is a spicy look that comprises a thick high ponytail and a twisted section of hair wrapped around its base. What else can make you look more glamorous than this one

35. Low Twisted Ponytail with Side Bang

Want to recreate this Jennifer Lopez-look? Make a low ponytail and twist the loose hair as much as you can. The hair at the top of your head must be loose and the side-swept bang should be curled up sufficiently

36. Low and Twisted Side Bun

This side bun is quite simple to wear. Just gather all your hair on your neck at one side of your head and twist it into a bun. Quite a sober look for short hair.

37. Amazing Messy Updo with Twisted Strands

In this striking short hair twist out, you have to twist your hair moderately by starting from the nape of your neck up to your crown. Then, twist thin sections of hair from two sides and secure them into that updo after intense twisting.

38. Twisted and Folded Hairdo

Start with twisting the end of your hair along with its two sides. Now, fold the end a little bit up and secure with bobby pins. The sides should also be secured in the same manner. You are ready with an eye-catching hairstyle.

39. Messy Side French Twist

As the name suggests, this is a French twist with a side position and a messy finish. You just need to start twisting your hair from the middle of the back of any of your ears and go across the head up.

40. Low and Twisted Flower Bun

Flower updos are extremely popular around the world and this one is sure to win your heart easily. It needs you to twist your hair and coil it in the form of a flower at the base of your neck. Use bobby pins to keep any loose strands in place.

41. Upside Down Half Braid with Twisted Bun

Create an upside down braid first. But as you reach the halfway, switch to twisting from braiding and turn the hair into a high twisted bun. The look is quite classy and edgy at the same time.

42. Small Low Bun with Highly Twisted Hair Wraps

If time doesn’t matter for you, then this is one of the best twist hairstyles for short hair to go with. Make a very small bun at the base of your neck and wrap it with highly coiled sections of hair. There may be 2 to 3 wraps depending upon the length of your hair.

43. Cute Twisted Hairstyle

Short bob cut hair is ideal for sporting this style. Make small coils all over your head by twisting the hair at several points. Secure each of them with bobby pins and decorate with attractive hair accessories.

44. Twisted Low Bun with Braided Wrap

It is a simple twisted bun surrounded by thin side braids. This is most suitable for short and medium hair and can be chosen for all sorts of events.

45. Classy Twisted Hair

In order to achieve this classy look, you have to texturize your hair first. Then, start twisting your hair inward right from its end and go upto the base of the neck. Secure the twist with bobby pins.

46. Unique Twisted Side Hairdo

This is a time-consuming side hairdo that needs to be created by twisting the hair taken from both sides in small sections. But once you achieve the look, it is going to be worth the effort.

Which of these exclusive hairstyles do you want to try on your short hair? Do you know any other short twist hairstyles? Let us know by leaving a comment below.












10 Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Whether you’re getting ready for school early in the morning, or glamming up late for a date, we have the perfect hairstyles that are super easy to do and will leave you looking glamorous and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

Side Pony with Box Braids

Keep your hair out of your face all day with this adorable look courtesy of Seventeen graphic designer, Sade Adeyina.

1. First, lay your edges. Use gel and a toothbrush to get your baby hairs under control and then wrap a scarf around your head to let the gel set.

2. Put your hair into a high ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it into place. Make sure there are no loose braids!

3. Get a scarf and wrap it around the band and tie it in the back and you’re good to go!

Crossover Low Ponytail

This pony is super casual and super cute, as well as easy to do!

1. Part your hair down the middle. Leave two pieces sectioned off at the front. Secure the rest of your hair in a low pony.

2. Spray the front sections with hairspray to lay down any fly aways.

3. Take one section and cross it over the hair elastic to the other side and secure in place with a bobby pin.

4. Repeat with the other section of hair. Make sure the bobby pins are really tucked in so they’re as invisible as possible.

Twisted Pigtails

This twist (literally) on a classic is so adorable and super easy to do!

1. Part your hair down the middle and separate into two sections.

2. If your hair is frizzy, spray it with some water to make it easier to twist.

3. Starting at the scalp, twist your hair until you get to your ear and then secure the section with a hair tie to create a pigtail.

Waterfall Braid

This ‘do is super clean and professional, making it the perfect look for a job interview or day of classes.

1. Part your hair down the middle.

2. Section off a small portion of your hair on the right side and split it into three equal parts. French braid the section for about an inch and a half of length.

3. Then continue braiding, but instead of grabbing a new piece of hair like you do with a french braid, drop the one you were working with and grab a new one behind it every time you’re working with the part of the braid closer to your face.

4. Continue until you’ve reached the back of your head and then bobby pin the section into place. Repeat on the other side.

Double French Braids

This look will stay put all day, no matter what you do, making it a great ‘do for a long day of shopping, classes or just hanging out!

1. First, lay your edges. Check out look one to see how to do this.

2. Apply an ample amount of moose to the palm of your hand and run your fingers through your braids from root to tip.

3. Starting from your hairline, French braid your hair and secure the end with an elastic band.

4. Repeat on the other side!

Belle-Inspired Braid

This hairstyle is inspired by Belle from Beauty in the Beast. Who knew it was so easy to look like a princess?

1. Part your hair down the middle. Separate two sections in the front and pull the top half of your hair into a high ponytail, leaving the rest of your hair (and those front sections) down.

2. Twist the front sections and pull to the back of your head and under the ponytail, securing them in place with bobby pins.

3. Take all of your hair and fishtail braid it to the bottom.

Twisted Side Bun

This look is great for a nice event like a dance or a date!

1. Part your hair on whatever side you prefer. Starting on one side, use a brush and gel to slick down your hair and then start lace braiding from the scalp, only picking up hair from the side of the braid closer to your face. Once you finish the braid, secure with a clear elastic.

2. Repeat the process on the other side. Once you get to your ear, switch to a regular, three-strand braid. Then, secure with a clear elastic.

3. Put your hair into a low pony, combining your braids into it with a hair tie.

4. Gather the hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Princess Jasmine-Inspired Updo

This look is super glamorous and perfect for a date night.

1. Place an elastic headband on your head as if it were a crown.

2. Twist the front section of your hair until you get behind your ear. Tuck it into your headband and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

3. Take part of the back section of your hair and twist it in a loop up toward the ceiling. Tuck that into the headband. Continue with the rest of your hair, using hairspray to secure it into place.

Space Buns

This look is super fun and perfect for a night out with your friends!

1. First, lay your edges. Check out look one to see how to do this.

2. Start by parting your hair down the middle and securing each side with an elastic band.

3. Twist or braid each section from root to end.

4. Wrap the section around the elastic until it creates a bun and then tuck the loose ends under.

5. Do the same thing with the other side.

10 Braided Top Knot

This romantic bun is perfect for a date or a party!

1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Brush your hair down as much as possible to tame any hair bubbles and fly aways.

2. Divide your ponytail into two sections. Braid each section all the way down and secure with elastics.

3. Wrap the braids around each other in opposite directions and secure with bobby pins.





9 New Short Hairstyles To Inspire You

9 New Short Hairstyles To Inspire You

Ready for a hairstyle makeover? From pixie perfection, side-swept bobs to effortless waves and slicked backdo, we’ve found the ten new short hairstyles that will be huge this season. So stay ahead of the fashion curve and start planning your new hairstyle trend now.

1. Long And Side-Swept Pixie

Singer Frankie Bridge looks stunning while flaunting her beautiful, ombre pixie with side-swept bangs. The hairstyle that works well with heart shaped faces is going to convince a horde of long hair fans to go for the short.

This edgy and latest short hairstyle can have diverse finishes. The key to the look is the extra volume on the top; make sure you use a good quality volumizing mousse. Now, when blow drying your hair, lift your hair at the root area with a round brush and smooth the hair with a hair shine serum, as you bring the brush and the dryer downwards.

2. Side-Swept Fringe With Headband

Perfect for girls with grown out pixies with a longer fringe, this side-swept hairstyle is an ideal look for formal occasions. Actress Michelle Williams looks classy and strikingly radiant when she wore this slick style with a sparkly headband.To create this easy-to-do hairdo, first create a deep side part. Then, apply a heat-protector spray and use a thin barrel hair straightener to sweep most of your hair to one side of your head. Dab good quality pomade, texture cream for that piecey perfection and sprtiz a high-shine hairspray if you want extra hold. Finish this hairstyle with a glam headband.

3. Side-Swept Asymmetrical Bob

Actress Julianne Hough is the queen of sexy asymmetrical bob hairstyles. Sometimes, this hairstyle runs the risk of looking too edgy, but Hough made it look almost sophisticated and chic by mixing her gorgeous bob with a little side-swept bang.

Modern and flirty, the length and cut really suit Julianne’s oval-shaped face. She keeps her rounded bob at the bottom and slightly flipped her bangs in front for a softer outline that accentuates her face features. Use a texturizing mousse and your fingertips to give your hair that extra volume and feminine texture.

4. Retro Finger Waves

Thirteen actress Evan Rachel Wood brought the retro glamour to the red carpet with this finger waves hairstyle. Time consuming and tricky, this rare hairstyle can blow everyone at your next party.

To recreate this vintage look, you need a lot of finger-wave lotions, plenty of setting gel, a comb and duck bill clips. For a modern method though, you can use the curling tong instead of the comb. Regardless of which way you choose, it is time consuming. Start with applying a strong-hold gel and create a deep side partition. Then, take a comb and create waves in place with fingers, all the way down your scalp. Now, use a duck bill clip to secure each wave. Remove the clips out once the hair is completely dry.