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Seeking spring nails art ideas that are capable of reflecting the way you feel and also the way springtime makes you feel? When the spring begins, it tends to alter our mood and makes us want to dance. And we wish to share this joy with everyone around us.

Spring nails colors and designs are presented in our photo gallery. Discover nail art inspired by nature itself for this season to be as happy and vivid as possible.

Let’s Wear A New Form!








We have several spring nail designs for tips that might come in handy whether you do your manicure yourself or get it done by a professional manicurist. Firstly, do not be afraid to experiment. For example, French tip nail designs are something classic that never gets out. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot enhance the timeless French, make it more up-to-date. Today the stripe in the French mani can be not only on tips and not only white – the placement, size, and color of the stripes peculiar to the French mani varies. And secondly, buy quality nail lacquers so that your mani could stay flawless whatever you do and wherever you go.

Delicate Shining For Season Nails








Who says that spring season nails cannot involve glitter because it is peculiar merely to the winter and New Year celebration? These nail designs that are done with nude nail polish and glitter can be rocked this spring, believe us, each will be a great complement to your image. Glitter always spices things up, so, let it do its job and make your mani sparkle with springtime ecstasy. And the great news is that each of these nail designs can be replicated at home even by a nail art amateur.

Floral Inspiration For Spring Nails








As for spring nail designs 2018, we have noticed that they often incorporate floral patterns. Well, and it is not surprising as a flower is something that is always associated with spring. What can be more wonderful than blooming flowers? So, just use any flora motif that you fancy and add some pizzazz and color to the nail design. The pool of choice is so wide that you can draw countless ideas from it and never lack any.

Fancy Daisies To Cheer Up Your Mood








This season spring nail designs with daisies are especially popular. Daisies grow practically everywhere. They look simple, and they are also easy to paint. That’s why many enthusiasts add daisies to nail designs.

Dots For Decoration








Are you interested in spring nail designs EASY? Then we’d suggest that you opt for a dotticure. This type of mani is called like that because it is done with dots. And we think that no one would argue that a dotticure is fun to look at! Dots can be of one size or various sizes, depending on your preferences. Also, you can choose any colors for dots, there are no limits here.

Soft Pinky Chevrons For Real Ladies








When talking about spring nail designs and colors, we cannot but mention soft pink nail lacquer. All pastel shades work great for springtime mani, but pink is probably on top of this list. Besides being so suitable for spring, soft pinks also make your manicure appear sweet and girly. In case this is the exact effect you expect to get, go for pastel pinks.

Spring Bloom As A Perfect Accent








Do you like these nail designs pictures? We do, as they are not only pretty but they also involve blooms – the definition of spring. Plus, they are created with colors that scream Spring.

Spring Nails With Fragile Dried Flowers








We hope you enjoy looking through this spring nail art gallery. Are you intrigued to see what’s next? Hold your breath, as it’s time to present a new trend in nail art to your attention – the manicure done with the real dried flowers. Can you think about anything more spring-like? Besides being feminine and romantic, this manicure will grant you many gasps with excitement from people who find out that the real flowers are embedded into your mani. How cool is that?

We hope you find these nail art ideas pretty and incorporate them into your collection of favorite nail designs. See other posts on our blog for more inspo.



Choosing a red lip color is much like choosing from dozens of different shades of red flowers. It can seem daunting, but knowing how to compliment colors is the most important aspect of finding the best shade of red, whether you’re dressing up a room- or your complexion.

In order to find your dream red lipstick, you’ve got to know what tone your skin has so as to flatter it best. Here is how to tell which colors look best on you:

  1.  Check the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are bluish, you’re skin has cooler undertones. If they appear green, you’ve got warm undertones.
  2. Have a look at those peepers. Your eye color is a good way to gauge your skin tone and therefore bring you that much closer to the perfect red lipstick. Blue, gray, or green eyes mean cool undertones while brown, amber, and hazel colors means a warm undertone.
  3. Try the jewelry test: Does silver tend to look better on you? Or does gold compliment your skin best? If silver does, your skin is cooler and if gold is your go-to, then your skin is warm.
  4. How about those lovely locks? Girls with black hair (and especially blue eyes) or brown and blonde hair with ashy, blue, violet, or silver tones have cool skin. Deeper colored hair like strawberry blonde, chestnut, reddish brown and black with gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones have warm skin.

Taking a look in the mirror is one way to find out which shades will suit you best while turning to nature and red flowers reveals the best tones that are out there.

Best Lipstick For Dark Skin Tones

Richness in red is key with dark skin. Any pink undertones in a lip color will read far too harsh on deep skin tones. When shopping for your perfect red, you’ll want to add colors like wine that contain a blue under to mirror the natural coolness to your skin.

Not all types of complexions can pull of this red! Even though there is more red than blue in this deep cherry red, there is no warm tone in sight.

This red violet flower is an ideal red with bluish undertones for dark skin tones. If this flower would look stunning in your hair, then it’s perfect for your lips!
This red lip is lovely not only for its deep, cool undertones but for its style. Matte lipstick is much more subtle and sexy than shiny gloss.

Best Lipstick For Ivory Skin Tone

Blondes, beware of yellow undertones! Choose a red with icier tone, like this nearly pink shade. Add a bit of pop to your light skin by adding a lip gloss on top.

It’s easy to think of Spring when it comes to ivory skin and fresh red. Envision the warmth of a peony flower when shopping for your ideal shade.

When scanning Sephora for your radiant red, go for cherry red and don’t be afraid to try matte if you’re going to be wearing highlighter.

Best Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

Stay warm when you’re searching for the coolest red. Having a medium skin tone not only means you look great with a bronzed tan, but that you’ve got a variety of colors to choose from. True red, cranberry, as well as brown and orange undertones in lipstick shades will suit the natural warmth of your skin so keep them in mind when you go red.

A red lip with brownish undertones looks great on medium skin and brown hair. If you’ve baby blues on top of that, then your features will truly pop!

Consider the brilliancy of a red aster flower when looking for lip inspiration.
While medium skin tone can wear several different shades, nothing beats the ability to blot on the perfect shade of true red.

Best Lipstick For Fair Skin Tone

When it comes to red flowers, orange undertones are rare and delightful. If you’ve got alabaster skin, then you’re lucky enough to be able to rock this shade with ease. When selecting your lipstick shade, think light instead of deep.

Alabaster babes, matte lipstick is your friend on this one.

In nature, this anthrurium flower is the best source of inspiration on your hunt for that red lip!

This color may have more orange tones than red ones, but it’s a great option for the natural pink and warmth in ivory skin.

Best Lipstick For Olive Skin Tone

For the best pop against olive skin, tap in to your natural warmth. The best red lipstick on lips that this greenish undertone should have oranged tones. Coral is an excellent option for the olive-hued gal.

For red flower inspiration, think of poppy or a light red rose flower.

A red rose shade is the ideal lipstick color if you have an olive skin tone. Of course, it is flattering for all skin tones. But as for the olive complexion, this shade can give it sheer sexiness and some natural blushing effect.

Best Lipstick For Caramel Skin Tone

Caramel skin also comes with some variety when choosing the right red for your perfect pout. Go for a deep cherry or burgundy color when going red. Always remember to embrace your warm undertones!

Avoid blue and go for one with orange undertones to flatter your beautiful caramel skin.

The deep burgundy of the lily flower serves as the ideal inspiration for caramel skinned babes.

Brown based reds like burgundy with undertones in the plum realm contrast perfectly against medium skin caramel undertones.

Soft Glam Makeup Ideas To Inspire You

















Whether your skin is warm or cool and no matter the shade, there is a red lip out there for you! While there may be hundreds of brands to choose from, as long as you stick to your hue and compliment your undertones, you’ll be as radiant as the red on your lips- or a beautiful red flower.


Do you like spring flowers? They can be a great embellishment for both an exterior and interior location on any special occasion ahead. But what to do if you are a fashionista and perfectionist-a all in one? Then you’d probably wish the flowers you will use for the décor to be in trendy colors. Only by doing so you can ensure that the décor will be flawless and everyone will be amazed how you arranged everything. Especially if the media will be present at your event or simply many pics and videos will be taken.

Don’t worry, your whenever your reputation of a person with the ideal taste is at stake, we are here to help. Discover flowers in hues picked by Pantone for this season, and your event will have no rivals.

Gorgeous Little Boy Blue Shade

























Little Boy Blue: we think that this hue is reminiscent of the blue sky that is so clear it hurts the eyes when you look up at it. And after the Pantone fashion report was released this hue ceased to be peculiar to only the outfits worn by little boys. Azure blue suggests continuity and expansiveness and promises us a happier new day.

Grape hyacinth
Grape hyacinth is also called Muscari. It owes its name to its purple clusters looking like grapes. These flowers come in various colors, but blues are the most common varieties.
This plant will please anyone’s eye because it has a peek-a-boo, very interesting flower.
These flowers are famous for the spikes of flowers blooming in hues of blue, purple, white, or pink.

Meadowlark Pantone Spring 2018 Color

























Meadowlark is lively and rather daring. This bright yellow hue is so outgoing and confident that it highlights the season itself. We adore how it glistens with joy, practically illuminates the world that surrounds us.

Traditionally in yellowish pompons, mimosa flowers are symbols of good luck and joy.
These flowers poke through the snow or frozen soil quite early. They symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Ultra Violet Spring Flowers

























Ultra Violet is a magical hue that conveys such concepts as ingenuity and originality. This shade is complex and distinctive that is capable of intriguing and fascinating anyone who will gaze at it.

These flowers are wild and they are capable of self-seeding. The best thing is that they are not only adorable but also low maintenance.
Blue star
Also called Amsonia, this flower has soft blue blossoms in the shape of a star.
These early spring flowers come in a variety of colors that can amaze anyone. Most species have very strong perfumes.
Lilac is also referred to as Syringa. It grows as a not very long tree. Lilacs are believed to be the symbols of love in many cultures.

Coconut Milk Color Inspiration

























Coconut Milk is something classic that will stay with you this spring. If to take a picture of spring flowers in bloom of a coconut milk hue, you will realize that it’s the softest thing you have ever seen.

Camellia flowers are evergreen. They are originally from Southern and Eastern Asia. These flowers blossom from autumn to spring.
These flowers emerge very early in the springtime. To bloom, snowdrops work their way through snow.
These flowers are annual wild and edible. Their flowers are tiny and daisy-like. They start blooming in late spring.

Pink Lavender Hues

























Pink Lavender, how to define this hue? Well, in its essence, it is a romantic and soft violet rose. This shade can charm anyone with its unique feeling of quiescence.

Cherry blossom
Do you know how cherry blossoms appeared in America? They were a present from the government of Japan.
Magnolia blossom
These amazing flowers often symbolize Yin and they are extremely popular as presents both to women and men.
Poppies count about 70 species. In the Celtic culture, mothers gave poppies to their kids for them to fall asleep faster.
These flowers bloom in the summertime or late spring. They come in vibrant hues like pink, green, or blue.

Incredible Spring Crocus Hue

























Spring Crocus, how would we describe this shade? It is expressive and full of wisdom, similar to a tantalizing and flamboyant fuchsia hue. It has a special beguiling charm that is capable of summoning you in.

Roses are the most beloved and famous flowers all around the globe. Roses come in all possible colors.
Its blooms are thick and ruffled and this flower can return each spring for more than one hundred years!
Tulips have cup-shaped blooms and come in a variety of hues. They represent long-lasting passionate love.
Roses are the most beloved and famous flowers all around the globe. Roses come in all possible colors.

Blooming Dahlia Shade

























Blooming Dahlia is a subtly alluring shade that amazed us with its sweetness. When looking at this shade, we commence understanding the meaning of understated appeal.

Being colorful and spiky, Dahlia flowers start blooming in the midsummer and up to the first frost.
These flowers are ornamental but they are also edible! They have flower heads that resemble flame.

Fragile Spring Flowers In Almost Mauve Color

























There is one thing that we love the most about Almost Mauve. With its ephemeral, delicate, and gentle touch, it adds some nostalgia to the palette of spring 2018.

These flowers count about 300 species that were already described. They are very wide-spread.
Anemones are wild flowers that grow in Europe, Japan, and North America. Anemone is translated as ‘wind flower’ from Greek.