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Cheap prom dresses can be of good quality and brand-name – that is the first thing to remember. Don’t think that cheap prom dresses under 100 look worse than expensive dresses over 1,000 bucks. To prove that point, we have prepared some tips and also found several online stores on Instagram that have interesting offerings. Let’s go!

Tips on Finding a Not Expensive Dress

1. Wait for the off-season offerings

In September-October you are likely to buy a prom dress at its lowest price because it’s not the time when most babes shop for prom outfits. Just keep in mind the following:

  • Pick classic items. Classic dresses are always in when it comes to special occasions. But if you pick something extravagant in the fall, there is a chance that this outfit will go out when the prom season hits.
  • Look for price adjustments. It’s even better than a sale because as soon as it starts, the choice of items becomes scarcer with every hour. But several weeks before a sale, the choice is still wide and you have plenty of time to choose one of affordable formal dresses that is true to you. And several weeks later you can get that price adjustment. How smart it is! A shop assistant will answer all of your questions related to their price adjustment policy in detail.
  • Learn everything about the final sale beforehand. Usually stores do not accept any final sale items of clothes back. So, either be ready to live with the dress you buy, or learn everything about the return policies of the store before the final sale starts.

Tips On Finding Cheap Prom Dresses









2. Do not neglect discount codes

Promo codes seem to be annoying, especially when you enter your e-mail box and see a bunch of them. But look closer at each offering. It is essential when hunting for cheap prom dresses online. Subscribe to various newsletters, be patient and get ready to sort out many e-mails. Maybe one of them contains the real treasure.









3. Cashback deals might come in handy

The cashback system presented via websites like Quidco and TopCashBack can allow you to earn some money while spending. After shopping, you can transfer the remaining cash back to the bank account or save it in a special cashback account.

4. A dress without a loud name can look as beautiful

Even though advertisers might argue with us, a dress that has nothing to do with a popular designer brand can be no less matching and pretty. Believe us, it is not all about the name.









5. Flash sale offerings can save you a ton of money

There are websites that offer a flash sale, when several designer items of clothes are sold at a huge discount. Everybody wins: a person who saves money and the producers that ship items in bulk and save much money on shipping and packaging. Usually, such offerings are short-term and every item is sold out quite quickly.









The websites that offer flash sales lure you into visiting and spending money on a daily basis. But luckily, you can avoid extra expenses if you sign up for their newsletter and set alerts in a way to send you an e-mail only when they offer the brand you love the most.

When looking for cheap formal gowns, Promgirlxo is one of the places to stop by. Subscribe to its newsletter and receive various updates and offers. This online store even has a special category called under $100, which is super convenient, don’t you agree?

Lulus Maxi Prom Dress Designs









Lulus is also a popular Instagram store where you can find many pretty cheap evening gowns under 100. From time to time, the store has interesting offerings like free shipping or $7 shipping, or generous discounts that last for one day. Plus, the store offers free shipping on all orders that are over $150. To facilitate the choice of the dress, all items are sorted in many categories according to the design, color, and price range.

Brilliantly Cheap and Stylish Mini Dresses









Little Mistress offers a huge number of cheap formal dresses for juniors. Actually, they even have a category on the website called One hundred gowns under 25 pounds. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Plus, the web store offers you a 20 percent discount if you join their newsletter subscription list.

Cheap Sexy Prom Dresses









Whether you are looking for long formal dresses under 100 or cheap short prom dresses, you might also wish to visit lovecultureofficial Instagram store. If you register, the store grants you a generous discount – minus 20 percent off the first order. The store has a special category called SALE where you can find many super attractive offerings.

Amazing David’s Bridal Dress Designs









David’s Bridal is an online store where they have flash sale offerings we talked about earlier. Once you enter the website, it detects your country and asks you to choose the preferable currency – this can save you some money on the currency exchange. For those babes looking for cheap prom dresses for sale, the online store has a special category called SALE with many subcategories to save not only your money but also your valuable time.

Beautiful Nude Dress Designs









We are sure that with the help of this article, you will find one of cheap prom dresses that will look special. Good luck!


The question how to contour is on everyone’s lips these days. There is a ton of YouTube tutorials and more than two million Instagram photos and short video clips on this topic. And no matter how much we talk about it, it remains a mystery. Kardashian clan, especially Kim, who advocated and originated contouring as far back as 2007, may be called ‘queen of contouring’ without any doubts. Together with their professional glam squad they make contouring seem like it’s the easiest thing in this world.

We will introduce you to the world of contouring from A to Z, including all the info about what is contouring in makeup, things needed to contour face, and how to apply contour and highlight. Read and find out that the devil is not as black as he is painted. With our help you will never get goose bumps down your spine while hearing the word ‘contour.

How To Contour Your Face

A lot of women do not believe in the power of contouring and ask: Does contouring make a difference and why do people contour their face? Sure, it does. Let alone nose contour. With a couple of right brush touches you look like you just got a nose job. Contouring your whole face makes you look like a different person. In a good sense, of course. Imagine you have spanx for you face. This is how contour works. It makes your face shaped, and cheek bones appear in that place where there seems to be no hope for them. All the Hollywood stars use it both on red carpets and in daily life. Nina Agdal, a famous super model says: “Contouring is like my favorite things ever because you can get cheek bones even if you don’t have them.” Isn’t it magic outside the Hogwarts or some fairytale? It’s the power of makeup. Never underestimate or question contouring.


Totally green in all the beauty stuff? No problems! Welcome to the course “Contouring 101” in which we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to contour for beginners to create those sharp as hell Maleficent cheek bones! Today we will take a deep dive into highlighting and contouring for beginners. So, you better take a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and follow our tips.

  •  Actually, to achieve a perfect contour, there is no need to buy huge and expensive contouring palettes with loads of shades. In fact, one decent bronzer is all you need for killer cheekbones. There are 2 types of bronzers: powder and liquid. Powder bronzers are right up your street if you want something light for everyday wear. They will give you a slight natural definition and do not require a lot of blending. For those who are more serious about sharp cheek bones, there is a liquid bronzer. This one is perfect for dry skin. Remember that foundation goes underneath the contour.

  • The key to natural-looking contour is the appropriate bronzer color. This is of the same importance as the foundation color. There is a great makeup rule to help you choose a bronzer shade. The appropriate bronzer color should be two or three tones darker than your natural skin color. This will look as natural as possible and will allow you to layer your bronzer up. It will also prevent your contour from looking way too orange or cakey.

  • As for the tools, there are different ones for different bronzers. A makeup sponge or beauty blender goes with liquid bronzer, and angled or flat brushes go with the powder one. You may also use powder bronzer on top of the liquid one to get that finished look, but it requires a tiny bit of practice to master.
  • Once you have everything ready, it is time to contour. Find good natural day light and apply bronzer with sweeping strokes to the places that are usually highlighted by the sun – sides of your nose, forehead, cheek bones, and jaw line. The darkest shade of bronzer should be near your hair line. Then you should gradually blend farther up to your cheeks. The most important rule here: less is more. Never take too much product on your brush. Take less and you will always be able to add. The less bronzer, the more sun kissed you look.

  • Blending is another crucial key to the perfect makeup, especially when it comes to contouring. Blend your contour till your hands fall off or as if your life depended on it. In the end your transition should be seamless and flawless. A little bronzer on the back of the neck is needed when you are sporting an updo.
  • Here are a couple of no-go things every beginner should know. Applying bronzer with circular motions is the first one. It makes your contour patchy. Apply bronzer in sweeping motions instead. Secondly, avoid contour near your eyes. It makes them seem smaller. And who would want that?

Basically, these rules also apply for everyday contouring. But there are a couple of more things you should know if you want to slay your contour on a daily basis.

  1.  The trick of sucking in your cheeks actually works. It helps you to define where you should apply bronzer.
  2. Always tap off the excess from your brush. Too much product on your brush will make your contour super harsh and definitely not for every day.
  3. A lot of contouring palettes for beginners have light powder in them. It will help you clean the bottom line of your cheek bones and make them sharper.

Easy Contouring For Beginners

Like every other part of makeup, contouring differs depending on the occasion. It is pretty obvious that your everyday makeup should differ from your night out one. But one thing remains – foundation first no matter what, and then you can take your contouring and highlighting brushes and proceed. Here are some more great tips and tricks on how to contour your face that are must know for every girl and woman who wants to slay. We hope that our expanded how to contour tutorial will become your guide in this.

Contouring sticks, cream contour palettes, and other types of non powdery product serve to give you a bold and defined face shape. This is perfect for a dramatic night out or special occasion look that will show up and look great on photos. Powdery makeup will give you a sheer and polished look. This is just what every woman and girl needs for everyday. By the way, applying translucent powder before your powder bronzer helps you to make your contour more blended and seamless.

We will dive deeper into the topic of shades. So, what shades are the most flattering for different skin tones? Light to medium skin toned women should look for a taupe or gray undertone in their bronzer. But no way grayish, otherwise, it will look like mud. And we don’t want that for sure. If your skin tone is medium deep to dark, your perfect bronzer should have a warm undertone.

The thing you should steer clear of in contour makeup is shimmer. Your product has to be completely matte. Shimmer attracts light and brightens up the part of the face where it is applied. As we are trying to hide things, shimmer is exactly what we should avoid because it gives you the effect that is totally opposite. Highlighter should be the only shimmery thing when it comes to contouring.

Speaking of the devil, highlighter and blush will help you balance all out. They should be of the same texture as the contouring product. They give you that natural glow from the inside, make your makeup very natural as though you woke up like this. So, don’t miss this step in any case. Put the highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, underneath your brow bone, into the inner corners of your eyes, onto the Cupid’s bow, and on the bridge of the nose. Do not own a highlighter, a shimmery champagne color from your eye shadow palette will do the job. Want your highlight to be blinding? Use lip balm underneath and your highlight will be seen from the outer space. As for the blush, it is applied to the apples of your cheeks. Smile and you will instantly know where to put it.

Eye makeup is the final step in your contour. It also depends on what you want to achieve. Take some of your bronzer and apply it to your eye crease with a smaller blending brush. This will make your eyes bigger and more defined. There is also a great life hack for those who go for a more extreme version of eye makeup. Do your eye makeup before foundation and contouring. In this way you will be able to clean up all the eye shadow fallout easily and not smudge it all over the face and ruin your hard work of contouring.

How To Contour Oval Face Shape

It is not a secret that contouring depends on the face shape to some extent. Follow our guide to find out how to accentuate your facial features the right way.

An oval face has the following features: it is one and a half times longer than its width, it doesn’t have any distinctive points, and it looks like an egg upside down. So, when it comes to the question of how to contour oval face, follow the next tips.

  • To make your forehead slightly narrower, add a tiny amount of bronzer to its sides.
  • Contour your cheek bones as usual: from the ears up to your cheeks.
  • Another thing to remember for oval face shape contouring is highlighting. Matte highlighter should be applied to the middle of forehead, to the middle of the chin, and under the eyes.
  • Add some shimmering highlighter under the brow bone to make your eyes more defined.

How To Contour Oblong Face Shape

So, how to contour oblong face? This face shape doesn’t have any distinctive points like jaw line, hairline, or chin. And it is longer rather than wider.

In case you have this shape and don’t know how to highlight and contour your face, there are rules you should keep in mind.

  • The first part to contour would be the hairline. Blend some bronzer into your hairline and this will make your hairline lower.
  • Secondly, add some bronzer to your chin. This will create an allusion of a rounder face and bring your oblong face shape closer to the perfect one.
  • The last thing to contour would be cheekbones. Start blending your bronzer from the ears up to your cheeks to give your face
  • As for highlighting, apply bright matte highlighting powder under your eyes in the triangular shape.

How To Contour A Round Face

The length of a round face is almost the same as the width. In addition to this, any parts like jaw line, hairline, or chin are not defined. Sounds like your face shape? Have you been wondering how to contour a round face? Our tips will make it crystal clear to you.

  • So, first things first, start applying bronzer to the sides of the forehead and bring it down to the cheek bones.
  • Then, start blending your bronzer from the ears to cheeks and down to where your chin begins. This technique helps to create an allusion of a longer face which is exactly what we need.
  • Places to highlight a round face: forehead, chin, underneath the eyes in the upside down triangular shape.

How To Contour Square Face Shape

If you are an owner of a square face shape, the length of your face is about the same as the width. In addition to this, your jaw line and hairline widths are more or less even. Well, do you know how to contour square face? Then keep up with us.

  • The first thing to do would be to apply bronzer not along your hairline, bur only to the sides of it. This makes your forehead seem narrower than it actually is.
  • The next step would be jaw line. Try to blend bronzer under it in order to make it also narrow. And, of course, cheek bones as usual.
  • Where would you apply highlighter? This is much easier. Add some matte powder to your forehead, chin, and under the eyes.

How To Contour Rectangle Face Shape

A rectangle face shape length is bigger than width. Also, jaw line and hairline are about the same. Want to find out how to contour rectangle face? These tips will be your holy grail.

  • Firstly, apply some bronzer along the hairline and to the sides of the forehead. This creates an allusion of a low hair line and a narrow forehead. In order to make the jaw line also narrow, blend your bronzer under it.
  • Cheek bones are contoured as usual.
  • Highlighter should be applied to the chin and under the eyes.
  • Add a bit of shimmering or matte highlighter to the brow bone.

How To Contour Diamond Face Shape

As for a diamond face shape, its hairline is narrower than cheeks. The length of your face is bigger than width and you have a pointed chin. Is this totally describing your face? Then read our tips on how to contour diamond face.

Contouring this face shape is probably the easiest of all. The only thing you have to contour is cheek bones. Do not even dare to touch your forehead or jaw line with bronzer.

Defined cheek bones are all you need with a diamond face shape. But you require more highlighting. Matte powder should be applied to the following places: the brow bone, under the eyes in the shape of a triangle, centre of the forehead and centre of your chin. This will make your face appear broader in the parts where it needs it.

How To Contour Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape owners have the following features. Your hairline is narrower than your cheeks and you have a pointed chin. You may also have a widow’s peak. So, how to contour heart face? We will tell you.

Start contouring from the sides of the forehead down to your cheek bones.

  • Then take a bit more bronzer and start defining your cheek bones from the ears to the centre of the cheeks. To make your chin softer, add a bit of bronzer under it.
  • Apply highlighting powder underneath your eyes in the triangular shape, to the centre of your forehead and to the centre of your chin to make these areas broader than they naturally are.

How To Apply Makeup Contour Like A Pro

For those who are more advanced in contouring, we compiled professional contouring makeup tips to take their makeup skills to a new level. So, if you want to have your contour at its finest, read our tips on how to apply makeup contour like a professional makeup artist.

1. As a rule, makeup artists also contour noses. This totally changes the way your face look looks. But how to do it and what are the best contouring makeup products for your nose? Here is the only answer – creams. You will also need a small brush to accomplish this. Take some product on your brush and start drawing painting a thin line on the side of your nose. Do the same with the second side. The closer the lines are to each other – the thinner your nose will look. You should also remember to bring the lines up to where your eyebrows begin in order to make your nose contour seamless and unnoticeable.

2. The best way to apply creams would be a flat synthetic brush and not the fluffy one. This kind of brush is densely packed and this is why it doesn’t take your product away.

3. Makeup gurus also use a couple of great hacks while blending contour. If you choose to blend your cream or liquid contour with a makeup sponge, dampen it with water and squeeze it out nicely so it doesn’t contain any water that can dilute your makeup. Start blending your contour only with tapping motions and not moving. Also, while blending contour, try bringing it up and not down. In this way you will get the most flawless looking contour.

How To Apply Makeup Contour Like A Pro

4. Makeup artist artists are involved in creating special event makeup looks most of their time, so they definitely know how to make your contour look good on in the photos. Using two techniques textures in contouring – liquid and powder – is the key to extreme contour. Powder product products over the liquid ones help to intensify them and set them in place.

5. Makeup gurus also give advice on how to make your contour stand through the most extreme conditions and last up to 16 hours without touch ups. Backing your face with loose translucent powder is the answer to this question. You need to wait about ten minutes, and your contouring product and powder will melt together and stick to your skin for a long time. Take a fluffy brush and wipe the excess powder away. It is the best way to set your contour in place, and it will definitely stand the test of time.

6. There are also some professional beauty hacks when it comes to backing. Loose translucent powder is applied with a damp sponge. As for the places where it is applied, those are a T-zone, under eyes, and a chin. To put it simply, those are the same places where you applied concealer or a light cream contour.

Contour Makeup Tutorials

7. Makeup artists also apply shimmering highlighter to the top part of cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and to its tip in order to make the contour razor sharp. A fan brush is the best makeup tool to do this and prevent fallout.

8. You should always keep in mind that contouring is not about your face only. While you are working on your jaw line, go down a little and slim down your neck. Just add some darker powder along the length of your jaw and around your chin and then blend everything gently not to ruin the look.

9. Bear in mind that your complexion matters greatly. That is why you should remember that if you have dark skin, you should in no case use anything with yellow undertones to highlight your face with!

10. The same rule applies to a highlighter. Steer clear from opalescent and peach highlighter shades because they will look chalky and ashy on a darker skin tone.


When shopping for plus size prom dresses, you probably notice that there are many pretty designs to any taste, but are these designs matching, as well? This dilemma is faced by many babes.

We know that your body is hot disregarding its size. And we will tell you more: the ideal dress will only emphasize your beauty. Actually, that is the main quality of the perfect dress for formal events – the ability to enhance your best features.

Today we would like to solve this mystery once and for all and tell you how to pick a dress that will fit and also compliment your curvy body and make you feel really self-confident as a result. Trust us, there will be many occasions in your life when you will need this knowledge. Let’s go!

Women Are Beautiful In Every Shape









Each body shape is beautiful, and the plus size shape is not an exception. You just need to know its perks and ways of enhancing them. And even if your body shape is somewhere in between rather than falling into the general categories like round, pear, apple, and rectangle, you still can find plus size dresses for special occasions that will make you look fantastic. Read on for more tips.

Maxi Plus Size Prom Dresses









Before you start searching for plus size prom dresses, think about the features that you would like to accentuate. Some women have killer curves, others are proud of their toned legs, or think that their décolletage is to die for.

However, there are many women who believe that their size places the restriction on showing off their winning sides. Well, that is absolute nonsense!

Emphasize Your Assets









  • Plus size prom dresses will help show off pretty legs if they hit at or above a woman’s knees.
  • If you wish to accentuate the hourglass silhouette you have (oh-la-la how sexy), a peplum gown will do the job.
  • Do you have a beautiful bust-line or collarbone? Emphasize it by wearing a V-neck gown.
  • Speaking of necklines, a scoop neckline, a V-neck, and a sweetheart neckline are your best friends if you are plus size.

Choose Comfortable Style









When shopping for plus size evening gowns, don’t base your choice on the fashion only. Besides fashion, focus on your style and make sure the design will help you flatter your curves and enhance the positives for you to feel self-confident and comfortable. The most fitting dress will grant you all of that. And here is another tip: purchase the gown that you like and fit and are able to put on right in this moment. That is, do not force yourself into losing several pounds in order to fit into a smaller gown. It might not work and you will have to purchase a new prom gown as a result.

Opt For A Dress That Fits









When looking for prom dresses plus size, your task is to find the exact size that will fit your body. Remember, a bigger size can make you appear sloppy and larger, and a smaller size will make it difficult for you to breathe. This is important – the true size is your best bet.









There is one more thing to keep in mind: clothing sizes vary greatly and depend on their brand or the store where they are sold. So, instead of trusting the label, trust your eyes and carry several sizes to the fitting room to save your time while shopping. And figure-hugging or fitted outfits are not your enemies. Actually, they can accentuate your body shape, in a good way.

Find A Dress That Creates Waist









Disregarding her shape, a woman adores showing off her hourglass silhouette because a curvy, feminine look is always sexy. To better emphasize the curve, go for a gown that will create a waist on the smallest part of your torso, and that is probably below your bust line.

Knee-length bodycon gowns and fit-and-flare gowns are feminine and definitely complimenting for plus size babes. In case you have a visible waist, accentuate it. But in case it is barely visible, you can create it. And there are many means how to do it, for example, by accessorizing, wearing special lingerie, or picking the particularly cut gown.

Self Confidence And Self Love









Do not even dare to think that plus size designer prom dresses are not for you. Yes, we have heard those fashion pieces of advice for plus size babes like ‘avoid vivid colors’ or ‘horizontal stripes will make your body appear wider.’ There are people who worship these rules, and there are people who think it is complete nonsense. Well, we will not command you to break these rules or follow them. Instead, we will tell you that it is crucial to pick a gown that is true to you. It all depends on a woman’s self-love and self-confidence.

Confidence And Comfort









Just enjoy living, dressing with confidence and comfort – these are the keys to the flawless image, not some strange rules. Surely, in case you think these rules will do you good, follow them. But in case you find those rules oppressing, break them. Always remember that when it comes to your outfits, it is for you to decide. No one can make that choice for you. Fashion must bring us enjoyment, and in no case frustration.

Dress Makes a Princess From Any Woman









We hope you enjoy these pics of trendy plus size prom dresses and find our tips really useful. Come back anytime you lack fashion inspo.


Even though the name is a bit on the creepy side, coffin nails are quite elegant and stylish, especially if you like really long nails. They are often referred to as ballerina nails, as resemble the shape of ballerina slippers.

So if you are wondering what is the difference between coffin nails vs ballerina nails, the terms are interchangeable. Coffin nails are shaped like a coffin, which is very similar to the shape of a ballerina shoe, so either term can be used for these super long nails that are all the rage.

If you are one of those girls who can’t grow out her nails and wants really long and cool nails, coffin nails might be the way to go. They can be any length, but most people prefer longer nails as that is the trend, but don’t hesitate to get them a little shorter, as this is still very stylish.

One Of The Biggest Celebrities Trend Right Now

Coffin nails long started as a trend amongst celebrities, but have since taken the nail world by storm as more and more women are opting for coffin nails medium, short or long.

Ballerina shaped nails, or coffin nails, are perfect for the active woman who wants long nails as they are stronger and hold up better than stiletto shaped nails, which tend to break easily. Here are some of the other benefits of coffin nails as opposed to round shaped nails or other nail styles.








  • Coffin nails are flattering on any shape of hand.
  • Coffin nails are great for those with shorter fingers as they elongate the hand.
  • Coffin nails short are just as flattering as longer coffin nails.
  • Coffin nails leave so many options for nail designs as they are a great canvas that’s to their longer length.
  • Coffin nails are a bit more fun and adventurous than rounder shaped nails.
  • They have a flat tip which make strong and durable.

Pink Coffins Nails

Coffin nails are the perfect nail style to try out fun and creative designs. And there are so many pretty colors to choose from. Whether you want a holiday design or dark Goth nail art or something feminine and girly, you will certainly be able to find a coffin nail art design that fits your style.

We have compiled a gallery of the most popular colors used in coffin nails designs. We shall start with pink as pink is one of the most popular shades and can go with any occasion. Pink coffin nails are very delicate and pretty and are perfect for any occasion from work to a formal event like a prom or wedding to just a day out with the girls.

Pink Coffins Nails

Coffin nails are the perfect nail style to try out fun and creative designs. And there are so many pretty colors to choose from. Whether you want a holiday design or dark Goth nail art or something feminine and girly, you will certainly be able to find a coffin nail art design that fits your style.

We have compiled a gallery of the most popular colors used in coffin nails designs. We shall start with pink as pink is one of the most popular shades and can go with any occasion. Pink coffin nails are very delicate and pretty and are perfect for any occasion from work to a formal event like a prom or wedding to just a day out with the girls.








Matte nails with pink are very stylish as matte nail polish is very in right now Matte nails pink look especially stunning with flowers or gemstones.

Light pink nails coffin are perfect if you are going for a very soft and demure look and will transition well from work to play.

White Coffin Nails

White matte nails are very classy and chic if you are going for a more sophisticated style. They are perfect for weddings and formal affairs. If you are looking for white nail designs coffin, you have come to the right place. Check out our favorite designs for white coffin nails.








Matte white nails are very stylish and chic. They look very pretty when mixed with pastels for a very girly vibe.








White and gold coffin nails are also very glamorous. You can paint one nail gold or add gold accents to all of your nails, their possibilities are endless!

Blue Coffin Nails








Blue is such a pretty color and often understated. If you opt for a deep dark blue, or a pretty pale blue, you can’t go wrong with blue coffin nails. As you can see in the photo above, white and gold designs look especially stunning on long blue coffin nails or even a pretty turquoise blue is just so beautiful.

Purple Coffin Nails








Purple coffin nails are perfect for the passionate woman, as purple is a color that is full of passion and excitement. Purple is a very trendy color and can range from a pretty lilac to a deep purple and will work for almost any occasions.

Burgundy Nails Coffin








Burgundy nails coffin are very sleek and sexy if you want a look that will drive men wild. Plus they are simply gorgeous. You can totally rock a French manicure with burgundy red tips with white and gold swirls or even a pretty matte burgundy red if you want to mix things up a bit. Check out our favorite looks for burgundy nails above.

Grey Coffin Nails








Grey acrylic nails coffin are making a huge splash this season. Of course, grey nails coffin might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coffin nails, but grey nails and grey nails designs are very much in demand this year. Grey is the new trendy color for everything from makeup to nails to hair color and grey and silver acrylic nails and coffin nails are no exception! Grey nails with glitter are very stunning and trendy if you are looking for a fashionable new nail design this season.

Black Coffin Nails

We have some of the hottest designs for black matte nail design for black matte nails coffin.

























Coffin nails black are all the rage right now as black nail polish seems to be made for coffin nails. For a sleek and sexy look or an edgy, Goth vibe black acrylic nails coffin are always a hit!

You can go with short plain matte nails black for a simple look or dress it up with some white or silver accents such as gemstones or a pretty lattice design like the ones pictured here.

More Ideas for Your Coffin Nails

























Coffin shape nails do not necessarily need to contain some intricate pattern to look special. Sometimes all you need is to refer to pastel-shaded ombre and steal everyone’s attention. Guaranteed!