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Shoulder length hairstyles are hairstyles that are done on shoulder-length hair. We are going to discuss such hairstyles in today’s post.

In their essence, shoulder length haircuts can be classified as the most versatile haircuts. They are neither too short and, oh-my how cool, nor too long, which provides a great canvas for styling experiments.

And the awesome news is that any woman can sport medium length hairstyles, disregarding her age, facial features, and occupation. And you should definitely get one if your tresses are thicker at the roots, mid-length but get much thinner from the mid-length towards the ends. By getting the shoulder length cut, you will show off your tresses at their best.

Let’s explore the trendiest and most complementing styling options for your mid-length cut.

Beautiful Medium Hairstyles With Braids









There are many ways of enhancing medium hairstyles, and incorporating braids is among the prettiest options. And here you can see adorable hairstyles with braids.

For example, rock a carefree and voluminous wavy hairstyle with a braid swept to one of the sides. And we think that these playful waves are super cute. Such a hairstyle will work great for a meeting with your friends or for a romantic date. Really, in case you would like to capture the free spirit appearance, embellishing your curly or wavy tresses with a braid will assist you in accomplishing it.









Braided hairstyles for medium hair have that unique flair. And the best thing is that such looks can be achieved on the tresses of any texture. Here the braid or several braids is the trickiest part. Well, but do not worry. If you are an amateur, just pick a simpler braid rather than trying something that even a hair stylist would barely pull off.

When it comes to braiding shoulder-length locks, there is one thing to take into account: the gripping ability of the locks should be enhanced for the braid to stay in place. Luckily, today there is a huge number of styling products that can help you do that. It would be a good choice to apply flexible cream or paste to your locks before you begin braiding. And when it’s all done, do not forget to complete the hairstyle with dry finishing hairspray.

Cute Easy Hairstyles To Make Your Day Brighter

Here you can see how medium haircuts can be styled so that they appear fun and creative. Sometimes we just wish to play with our tresses, especially when we have some entertaining and informal event ahead, like going to the movie theater with your friends.








Whichever hairstyle you pick, let’s discuss the basics that will help you achieve the best result. Wash your tresses, then use a towel for absorbing the extra moisture. Do not rub it, or fly-aways will appear. Apply some volumizing mousse to the wet tresses and begin blow drying. And blow drying mid-length tresses has some specifications.









First, pin the top half up. Then the bottom should to blasted, using a hair dryer. Determine the direction of the hair growth and blow dry strands in the direction opposing it, using a round brush, preferably vented. This will grant more volume to your locks. Wait for 2 minutes for the bottom locks to cool down a bit and set in their form and then continue on with the upper half after unpinning it. As a result, you have a firm basis for one of the looks you see here.

Stunning Medium Hair Updos For Romantic Mood

These hairstyles for shoulder length hair definitely ooze some romantic vibes. And these updos will work for both formal and informal occasions. Sometimes we really wish to get a classy look, and a hairstyle that opens a neck is one of them.

















These updos can grant some major volume boost even to the thinnest tresses, which makes these looks even more tempting to get. And twists are not complicated to recreate. Hair stylists recommend applying some dry shampoo for an added texture before beginning and finishing the style with light to medium hold hairspray.

Easy Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Every Day









Aren’t these soft wavy hairstyles super cool? The best thing about them is that they can be done in no time!

  • Shampoo your tresses and proceed with conditioner.
  • Blow dry your tresses like we’ve advised earlier.
  • Make three sections out of your hair: one back section and 2 side sections. Take a 2-inch strand and clip out the remaining tresses.
  • Curl this strand with a curling iron from the mid-length and downwards.
  • Repeat the same, taking out 1 2-inch strand at a time.
  • Wait for the curls to cool down.
  • Apply a bit smoothing cream. Voila!

How many shoulder length hairstyles have you pinned for later? Just try them, they are not difficult! We are sure you will be excited when you see the result in the mirror. Come back for more inspo as we have plenty here!


Our collection of short haircuts for women can inspire you to finally get your hair chopped off. We know that it is a huge commitment and most women hesitate to go short even if they really wish to. Well, and their doubt is understandable.

But we can assure you that there is no need to fear going short. To the contrary, get excited to embrace your new image. Maybe it is something you were looking for.

In fact, we will advise you one thing. Consult with your hair stylist. Ask him or her which haircut will work best for your facial features and character. A professional can say all that by casting just one glance at you.

Short Bob Hairstyle for a Romantic Look

















Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

















The Best Pixie Hairstyle Ideas from Instagram

















High Afro for Curly Hair









Buzz Cut Hairstyle Ideas


Starting from the basics, gel nails are done with gel nail lacquer that has a special formula. This nail lacquer is applied to your nails in coats and then it is dried under the UV light. As a result, you get hardened manicure that lasts way longer, comparing to the old school mani.

Gel mani is relatively new and not all women are aware of its properties. Moreover, as with anything new, there are many myths that are difficult to differentiate from facts.

So, let us end the era of confusion today. We will discuss the pros and cons of getting gel mani. Ready?

Pros And Cons Of Gel Nails








Gel Mani Pros

  • Gel mani lasts for a long time. In case you prefer to have flawless mani wherever you go, then gel lacquer is to go for. The special formula of gel nail lacquer along with a multi-step process of drying results in the mani that lasts much longer, comparing to the mani done, using regular nail lacquer. How much longer? Well, gel mani can last 3 weeks and even longer, while the regular nail lacquer will start chopping off in about a week.
  • Chips are not peculiar to gel manis. Yes, if done correctly, gel mani is unlikely to chip no matter how you treat it. Do you remember all those times when you smudged several nails right after leaving the salon? Do you remember all those times when you got home, washed some dishes and got several chipped nails as a thank you? Oh, stop it! These memories are too painful. Gel won’t torture you like that.
  • Gel manis are quite cost-effective. Getting gel mani will cost you more at the moment but you will save much precious time in the long run. You can either opt for gel mani once in three weeks or the regular mani once in a week. It is all about your preference. But considering that time is money, spending 35-45 dollars once in 3 weeks is more cost-effective than spending practically the same 12-15 dollars every week.








Gel Mani Cons

  • Removing gel nail lacquer might not be very pleasant. Well, sometimes beauty does have something to do with pain. And if your nails are thin, the feeling will be a bit painful while removing gel nail lacquer. Plus, this time the regular cotton balls and nail lacquer remover won’t help. The process of taking off gel nail lacquer is a bit more complicated. To remove it, you will have to soak the nails, using acetone. And this procedure might make the nails brittle and thinner.
  • The UV light is harmful. This point must not be neglected in any case. The process of drying gel nail lacquer requires the UV light that might cause cancer. To protect the skin of your hands, apply sunscreen approximately twenty minutes prior to drying. Keep in mind that all nail lamps are harmful due to UV radiation. In case you are especially anxious concerning this issue, try air drying or switch to the regular mani.
  • Peeling is unlikely but possible. Only a professional nail technician can do everything right to avoid any peel or lift of the gel nail lacquer. If you notice that such things occur, find a more skillful nail technician.

So, is gel mani worth it? We think it is unless you fear the exposure to the UV light or much acetone. Now let’s discover some trendy and pretty nail designs for various nail shapes.

Gel Nails Designs for a Coffin Shape

























A coffin nail shape allows for all possible nail designs because there is so much space. Here you can see nail art ideas done in pinkish shades with some whites and nail glitter – very feminine and glammed up. You should definitely try them all someday!

Stiletto Shape Gel Nails Ideas

























These gel nails look especially sexy due to the most daring nail shape – stiletto. Here you can observe how various finishes can be combined: satin, matte, and glitter work together to create a miraculous ensemble on your nails. Add some accessories or prints for a totally wow effect.

Square Shape Gel Nails

























A square nail shape is quite sturdy, which is great because you won’t have to worry that you break one nail and have to cut them all then. And look at these nail art ideas for square nails. Aren’t they the definition of cute?

We hope that you find out many interesting facts about gel nails here in this post. Visit us every time you crave for beauty knowledge.








Here you will find graduation hairstyles for long and short hair, including buns, braids, updos as well as elegant styles for those who wish to wear their hair down for this special day. These popular trends will help you find the most flattering style that will make you look like the real Belle of the Ball. All your girlfriends will envy!

Braided Graduation Updo Hairstyles

















Braided updo hairstyles for long hair look truly gorgeous and they are just perfect for this special occasion. More intricate variants that involve many elements, like braids and buns, are in.

Romantic Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

















When it concerns prom hairstyles, girls become really nervous. Face it, teenage girls always place a high emphasis on their appearance, especially when it comes to important moments.

Let Your Hair Down For That Special Day









Every single detail must be perfect: from the dress color to the most intricate detail on their accessories. If you are looking for elegant and memorable hairstyles, the possibilities are endless!

Cute Braided Crown Hairstyles









Create some messy braids. Pancake the braids for added volume. Twist them together and pin here in there to keep them in place. Simple and amazing!

Stylish Low Bun Hairstyles

















For example, you can opt for either a messy or a sleek updo hairstyle. While some of such styles are difficult to do without the help of a professional stylist, others can be pulled off at home.

Braids For Gorgeous Look

















Chic braided hairstyles never go out, as well. And the good news is that many of them can be created at home, too. For example, a mermaid braid can be done in just four easy steps.

Beautiful Low Ponytail For Elegant Ladies

















Low ponytails look simple and elegant. In addition, they are easy to make by yourself. What will it be – just volume and structured ponytail or hairstyle with some braids – it’s up to you!