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Let us be honest, nude lipstick in an ideal shade is not that easy to find. It is tricky, and many women agree with this statement. So, why not clear everything here and now?

Professional makeup artists recommend picking a nude lip color that is a softer variant of your lip color. Thus, if you wish to find the nude that is true to you, go for a matchy-matchy effect with your lips. Nature already figured out what was best for you. However, your complexion should be taken into account, as well. And we have some useful advice. So, read on to learn which nude shades will work best for the tone of your skin.

Perfect Nude Lipstick Shades For Deep Warm Complexion









In case you have a deep warm complexion and keep asking yourself, ‘which lipstick color suits me,’ we are more than happy to help you out. Makeup artists recommend going for sheer gloss. If you are an African American, then when it comes to makeup, your aim is to play with shadows and highlights in order to develop definition. This strategy will ensure that your makeup flatters you the most. For instance, a shade of nude that is lighter than the complexion you have will make your face appear brighter, which will have quite a refreshing effect. Just stick to the glossy formula to look more natural.

Nude Lipstick Shades For Warm Tan Complexion









In case your complexion is warm tan, you are just like Rihanna. So, you can watch which shades of lipstick she wears and try them, too. And luckily, it can be done so easily nowadays. You can just follow her on Instagram and see the most complimenting makeup looks for your complexion. But in general, caramel rose that has some silver flecks or rose mauve that has some gold flecks are nude lipstick shades that will appear rather flattering against your warm tan complexion.

Nude Lipstick Shades For Olive Complexion









When it comes to the olive complexion, we can differentiate several tones, and they are light olive, cool olive, and medium olive. Now let us talk about the ideal natural lip color enhancer for each of these complexions.

  • If your complexion is light olive, professional makeup artists advise you to go for lipstick in caramel-beige that is a bit darker, comparing to your complexion. And bear in mind that glossier formulae are more likely to play up that natural warmth of your skin tone.
  • Babes whose complexion is cool olive have much versatility available when choosing natural looking lipstick shades. However, there is one thing you need to ensure: the hue you pick shouldn’t make the lips disappear. So, it’s better to opt for either a lighter or a darker hue of nude, but not the one that matches your skin tone completely.
  • What about babes with a medium olive complexion? You should probably find a shade of nude with pinkish undertones, but it should be lighter, comparing to your complexion. Thus, the lipstick will kind of add some separation between your skin and your lips.

Natural Lipstick Colors For Warm Caramel Skin Tone









When looking for the best natural looking lipstick colors, babes who have a warm caramel complexion would better avoid the shades that appear too intense. Instead, try finding the perfect balance between caramel and beige. And to make your lips stand out, just add some liner and gloss.

Natural Lipstick Shades For Warm Light Complexion









Luckily, it is not that difficult to pick the most flattering natural lip color for fair skin with warm undertones. Just go for a shade of nude that has warmer undertones, as well. Makeup artists reassure that you can rock beige and you can also rock pink without any hesitation. And more pigment is totally acceptable for your complexion, which is great news

Natural Lipstick Colors For Fair Skin Tone







Is your complexion fair? Christina Hendricks has a similar complexion. Well, we can tell you for sure that dusty and soft pink is just right for you. However, never ever opt for an extra beige shade unless it’s Halloween and looking like a corpse is the exact result that you expect. Just stick to sheer formulae and try to avoid extremely opaque flat hues of nude.

Stunning Nude Shades For Perfect Lip Makeup








You can choose for a colour that matches your natural lip – adding just a bit of definition – or have a bit of extra fun with it, going for a nude pink, peach or brown.

Newest Nude Lipstick Shades








We hope that this info is super useful and now you know for sure which shades of nude will work great for your complexion. We have more interesting info on our website, check it out!


Short hairstyles for women that do not require much time and effort, do they even exist? Even if you doubt, wait for a little as today we will prove that they do. When you decide to wear your tresses shorter because it is trendy or more convenient or you just like it that way, your styling options are not as limited as you think.

Easy and Fast Hairstyles for Short Hair

















Sometimes you open your eyes in the morning, look at the alarm clock and realize that you will be late for work. So, there is no time for styling. Well, here you can see hairstyles that you can create in five minutes max.

Awesome Hairstyles with a Headband









An accessory like a headband can spice up your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Just look how refreshing these headbands look on these models. A headband works great for any hair texture.

Space Buns for Any Situation









Space buns are all the rage and we can tell you for sure that they are much more fun than simple half-up half-down hairstyles. If you wish to be a cool girl, then space buns are to go for.

Short Hairstyles with Braids









Braids on shorter tresses are quite realistic to pull off! Yes, it is true, you can totally do that. Braids can upgrade your regular hairstyle and make it appear cute and flirty.

Easy Way for a Beautiful Look with Accessories









Every time you are out of styling ideas, accessorize! This is number 1 rule that every fashionista should know. An accessory will change your image instantly, with little effort involved.

Short Hairstyles Ideas for Romantic Evening

















Do you have a romantic date this evening? Then you might consider choosing one of these feminine hairstyles for short hair. Accessories with bows and flowers are super cute.

We hope that these ideas of short hairstyles for women will come in handy. Do not thank us, we are always here for you.


Braided prom hair updos may be considered in case you opt for a more classic style that reflects tender beauty. And as for this season, that decision would be correct. It’s because more natural looks with braids and buns have replaced the bold ones with much color, hair extensions, and extravagant hair accessories. Men even say that a bit messy braided hair updos seem more sexier and feminine. So, read on to learn what’s in trend and pick the best hairstyle for the special occasion.

Nice Updos for Delicate Prom Look

















There are many braided updo prom hairstyles for short hair, as well. So, don’t think that your hairstyle will look less feminine if your hair is not so long as you can see on different pics. The variety of hairstyles lets you pull off any image you wish disregarding the hair length.

A Little Bit Messy Prom Hair Updos

















Updo prom hairstyles for long hair with braids look very delicate, as well. Some of these hairstyles are easy to be doable at home, while others are more intricate and require the assistance of a professional hairdresser. But nevertheless all of them look gorgeous and suit a great variety of dresses.

Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Beautiful Prom Look

















If you don’t wish your prom hairstyle to be too costly, there are plenty of choices. You can make a crown braid, for example. The other variant is a long through braid ponytail. It is very easy to do at home yourself or you can ask your relatives / friends to help. It is a bit close to fishtail but looks more luxuriantly. The icing on the cake of this hairdo is the fact that it covers your back making it elegant. Easy and pretty!

Hairstyles That Will Make You the Belle of the Ball

















This event is so much fun. So you need to experiment with the texture of your ‘do. Moreover, you are always able to add some accessories. Will your prom be held in May? Great! Therefore you can add some flowers to your hair which will make it not only beautiful but really awesome. Or you can add some sprigs, crowns, beads etc. All this is called to emphasize your individuality!

Fabulous Braided Updo Hairstyles

















This look will fit any gown. Plus, it is super-cute. Do you wonder how to achieve that messy effect? Well, old-school teasing is always there. You can also experiment with the placement of the braid according to your likes, wishes and overall look.

Updos With Neat Braids To Embrace Your Beauty

















For elegant and charming look choose one of these beautiful hairstyles with neat braids. They look gorgeous with any dress. Complete your look with braided updos and you will be a queen of the ball.

Elegant Braided Low Bun

















Combine low structured bun with stunning braids. A low bun definitely adds the dose of elegance and class to any outfit.



Medium hair with bangs is a creative way to change your look dramatically. Very often we get scared of something new and unusual, since we do not know how it will look on us. That is why we have gathered these ideas to at least give you a clue of what will be waiting for you.

Blunt Bang and Layered Haircut

















Medium hairstyles with bangs bring that necessary spark into your everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair as there is always a suggestion for you. See for yourself!

Messy Medium Hair with Bangs

















If you mix medium hair styles with bangs it will be like adding a final cherry to the top of the ice-cream cake. As they will enhance and compliment your features.

Fabulous Textured Long Bob with Bang

















For those who desperately crave for thick hair but have thin natural hair we have the perfect suggestion. Combine lots of various layers and angles in one cut and you will get the desired effect.

Romantic Side Long Bangs

















Just a few ladies are bold enough to go chestnut. That is the catch! With this shade, there’s that desired dimension added to your mid-length locks.

Trendy Side Swept Bangs

















In case you seek some more cuteness just bring some fairy-like pastels into your hair. Together with medium haircut it will take you to the next level of trendy!

Stylish Ideas for Medium Hair with Bangs

















Sometimes we get tired of our natural curls and give in to despair as we have no idea what to do with them. A layered naturally curly bob is the savior. Just air-dry your mane and you are ready to roll!