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Looking for new and creative toe nail designs? Let your pedi always look perfect. We have a collection of wonderful designs for your toe nails that will be appropriate for any occasion. Be ready to explore the beauty and endless creativity of nail art!

Striped Nail Designs

This look is elegant and classy. The pretty blue polish is dressy, and the white tip and sparkly bow design on the big toe give this design a sophisticated look!

White Floral Nail Art

If you love floral toe nail designs, this look is for you! The matte gray and pink polish is very subtle. The pretty flower on the big toe dresses it up for a look that’s girly and chic!

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Butterflies are so pretty! This cute pink to orange ombre fade is bright and cheery, and the matching butterfly on the big toe is super girly!

French Mani with Rhinestones

If you want a glamorous look, try this pretty maroon polish and add some shiny rhinestones to your big toe. Nothing says a night out on the town like sparkly gemstones!

White-Burgundy Floral Design





Here is another pretty floral look for a fun and feminine style! The stunning combo of burgundy and white polish with flowers is dainty and demure!

Cool Blue Ombre

Ombre nail art is so pretty. This blue fade is just stunning. Add some gemstones or tiny sea shells to your nails to dress them up a bit!

Fresh Watermelon Art

Watermelons are really tasty. This look with its vibrant red and green and a cute watermelon design on the big toe is super fun.

Totally Pink with a Girly Flower

Pink is such a pretty shade. The 3-D flower and gemstones on the big toe add a demure and dainty look that’s perfect for a romantic walk!

Nude Vintage

If you want a more simplistic style, this nude base is elegant and chic. We love the black lace tribal design on the big toe to give it a bit of class. This look is perfect for a wedding or formal event.

If you prefer a more edgy look for your toes, this pretty black and pink combo is a bit more dark and daring. The black polish is bold, but the pretty black and gold leaf design on a pink base on the big toe gives it a feminine and flirty vibe. This is another look that’s great for a formal affair!

White and Blue Leaves

Cerulean blue is such a pretty shade. Paint your nails with this pretty blue polish and then paint your big toe white and paint some cerulean blue swirly leaves for a look that’s totally girly and cute! This style will appear adorable against some pretty white sandals!

White-Purple Lace Design with Glitter

Is purple your go-to color for nail art? Why not try this delicate lace design with a mixture of white, dark purple, and lavender for a look that’s classy and chic?

Classy French Mani with a Touch of Gold

A classic French pedi for your toes is always stylish. We love this twist on the traditional pedicure with a nude base and white tips. However, the gold design on the big toe gives it a look of class and sophistication that’s perfect for a wedding or another formal event! This design can be worn day or night for a look that’s feminine and fun!

Classy Nude

Another classy look is this shiny nude polish with some tiny gemstones on the big toe for a bit of bling. This is another style that is perfect for a party or wedding! Nude polish is great because you can wear any style or color of sandals, flip-flops, or other open toed shoes!

Fun Connected Dots

If you’re looking for a nail design for your toes that’s fun and youthful, paint alternating toes white and pale blue. And then paint some colored dots on varying toes and connect the dots for a cute geometric look that’s super trendy!

Cute Toe Nail Designs









Toe nail art is not difficult because it is much easier to paint your toenails than your nails. The first step is to clean out polish. Women are often lazy when it concerns their pedicure. It happens because it is difficult to notice that the colors on their toenails are uneven. So, instead of cleaning out polish, they start painting over it. However, this laziness is unlikely to make your pedicure look clean.

Beautiful Toe Nail Designs









As for toe nail designs, rainbow nails can look nice, but the length of your toenails should be right. Moreover, long toenails can lead to discomfort and even infections.

Amazing Toe Nail Designs









Before starting, make sure that you have these things: cotton, clean towels, nail polish, and brushes. Maybe your first try will not be very successful. Just be patient, and your design will look awesome!

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Surely, some designs are quite difficult, and it will take a while till you learn how to do them. Other designs are easier because they are made with nail stickers.

Charming Toe Nails Designs









Add rhinestones to the design, and your toenails will look spectacular. If you are going to do it at home, mind that tweezers can help you to work with rhinestones. You can use them to pick them and put in the right place. When the design is ready, do not forget to seal it with a top coat.

Abstracted Toe Nails Designs








Tribal Toe Nails To Complete Your Wild Look








Black lipstick is daring and not every woman knows how to pull it off not to resemble some fairy-tale character. Even though we only start getting used to the trend, in reality, it has been around for as long as several thousand years. Women in Ancient Egypt knew how to rock this shade, so it’s more classic than you think. But let’s talk about pulling it off today. And let’s move from the general black lipstick tips to the specific application advice.

First of all, your lips will do the talking. So, stay away from bold colors for your eye makeup for black lipstick. Otherwise, you risk at looking like you’re going to a Halloween party. For example, pair dark lipstick with mascara and maybe some eyeliner plus blush.

The great news is that black lipstick looks pretty good on anyone. If we are talking about jet black lipstick like black lipstick Mac or black lipstick NYX. So, if you wonder how to wear black lipstick on dark skin or medium skin, you definitely have nothing to worry about. However, jet black hues might appear terrifically severe against lighter skin tones. So, you will have to opt for blotting it down in this case.

However, keep in mind that the glossy finish will need more maintenance. Keep the liner or lip gloss in the purse in order to reapply it during the day.

Now when you know the basics, let’s see the pics that will demonstrate you how to wear black lipstick without looking goth.

Lips Makeup Ideas In Black Shades








One more important thing to consider: black lipstick outfits.
Well, it might sound surprising, but actually, a black lipstick girl can sport practically any outfit because this dark lipstick shade is quite versatile. In case you wonder how to wear black lipstick casually, opt for denim and relaxed knitwear. And for the night, pair such lipstick with a classic black dress, for example.

Tips On Wearing Black Lipstick








And here are some tips on wearing black lipstick in public. Remember, precision will help you sport this striking lip color in the most beautiful manner. How to achieve precision?

  1. Exfoliate your lips. Exfoliate the lips gently, using lip scrub or a toothbrush that is soft. Thus, you will succeed in getting rid of flakes or dead skin.
  2. Moisturize your lips. This step is important because even the best black liquid lipstick will only amplify such flaws as chapped or dry lips. So, after exfoliating, apply moisturizer or lip balm. Let the lips absorb the product or the liner might slide.
  3. Line your lips. The line must be precise. Remember that dull pencils make disproportioned and thick lines, so sharpen the pencil before lining. And black eyeliner can easily replace lip liner as, let’s be honest, even a professional Mac lipstick set might not include black lip liner. When applying the liner, it is advisable to follow the natural line of your lips. Or, if you do not wish to use eyeliner, clear lip liner will work, too. The liner helps make the lipstick stay put. Plus, in case you do not put on such lipstick often, why spend money on black lip liner?

Glam Makeup Ideas With Black Lipstick










  • Apply another layer of liner. Use either the pencil or the dark lipstick. If it’s lipstick, apply it using a brush not to step out of the original line. Keep cotton swabs at hand in case of making mistakes. Correct it at once instead of painting over it.
  • Add some glossy finish if you wish. Surely, if you have the best matte black lipstick, you might wish to skip this step. But if you don’t, the glossy effect might come in handy. Just add little lip gloss to the center of the lips. Next, purse the lips and then spread that gloss all over.

Black Matte Lipstick








A matte finish is pretty popular these days, and there are many black lipstick brands that offer matte finishes. And luckily, the prices are quite flexible. Thus, you can find less expensive black matte lipstick Walmart or drugstore black lipstick. And you can find more expensive brands like Mac lipstick matte or NYX lipstick matte. The choice is yours.

Soft Eyes With Bold Lips Makeup Looks









If resembling an elf or goth is not your intention, do not apply much makeup to your eyes. As you can see, these pics show that this daring lip color will appear not so striking when the eye makeup is soft.

Black Lipstick With Festive Accent








In case there is a special occasion ahead, you can go as wild as you can. Do black lips seem to be not enough daring for you? Add gold liner or shimmer effect for a look that will definitely turn heads. You will be the hit!

Amazing Makeup Looks With Black Lipstick









Here you can see glammed up makeup looks with black lips that would be more appropriate for special occasions or nights out because they are quite bright. If you plan on wearing black lipstick to school or work though, this amount of makeup might be excessive.

How To Wear Black Lipstick For Any Occasion









We hope that our tips are helpful and now you can put on coal lipstick without any hesitation. Visit us every time you wish to learn something interesting.



Why do we apply eyeshadow? Women have used various types of eyeshadow for centuries to accentuate their eyes, look prettier and younger or older.

Truly, the flattering eye makeup can do wonders and alter the appearance of a woman, subtly or dramatically, depending on the desired result. But when you are a beginner, choosing and applying eyeshadow seems more like a burden than fun. Well, we are here to ease that for you.

Here you can discover everything about eyeshadow textures and finishes and learn the basics of its application. Let’s go!

Types Of The Eyeshadow

Here are the major types of eyeshadow you can find in any beauty store. Amazing eyeshadow looks can be achieved with each of these types. Just pick those that work for you.

Powder Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow is dry, and it works best for oily skin as it won’t crease on skin immediately (we are talking about the quality eyeshadow). Such eyeshadow gives a soft and natural finish to the look and is buildable. It is simple to apply. Basically, this eyeshadow type comes in pearl and matte finishes. It is quite cost-effective as it is often sold in palettes of the hues that complement one another nicely.

Creamy Eyeshadow

Creamy eyeshadow is moist when applied and dry when left on. Some women notice that such eyeshadow stays longer, while others have a completely opposite view. It all depends on your skin type and the eyeshadow brand.

Crayon and Sticks Eyeshadow

Such eyeshadow is vibrant and offers any extent of coverage. You can use it as either liner or shadow. It is very simple to apply as no applicator is required.

Loose Powder Shadow

Often glittery or shimmery, such eyeshadow is simple to apply, lasts for a long time, can be intense or subtle. It has ingredients that help it adhere and stay on, so this type of eyeshadow is great for oily skin.

Baked Eyeshadow

Baked eyeshadow is not pressed but really baked. Its formula is blendable and super-smooth. It can be applied dry or wet. For a more dramatic look, apply this eyeshadow wet.

Glitter Eyeshadow For Sparkly Dramatic Makeup

You can achieve the most dramatic makeup looks with glitter shadow. Glitter eyeshadow comes in several types








  • Loose glitter. Such glitter is typically not pigmented. This formula works alone and can be applied over eyeshadow to make its color more vibrant.
  • Loose glitter eyeshadow (pigmented). It is similar to loose glitter, but some pigment is mixed in.
  • Cream/pressed powder glitter. Usually, it is a hybrid combining glitter, cream, and powder.
  • Cream glitter. It is glitter mixed with cream.

Glitter can be applied directly to skin, but it can fall off easily in this case. So, it’s better to apply it over some base like primer, tinted moisturizer or foundation. Then the glitter will stay on longer. And here you can see truly mesmerizing glitter eyeshadow looks.

Matte Eyeshadow For The Perfect Look

Matte eyeshadow includes no light reflectors in its formula. It has a silky texture. Usually, mattes are used to compliment other finishes.








Such eyeshadow is best for the daytime wear as it can appear quite natural. But to appear more glammed up in the evening, use some other texture. Sophisticated and simple, highly pigmented mattes will define, enhance an eye color. Mid-tone mattes will grant you a more natural look. Mattes are great for mature skin.

Shimmer Eyeshadow For Date Makeup

Shimmer eyeshadow involves tiny particles that are light-reflecting.








Such eyeshadow comes in any color, both cool and warm, so the choice is great. And shimmers can be subtle for the daytime look, with dozens of eyeshadow looks natural, and vivid for the nighttime. A woman can sport it at any age. If you have wrinkles, it won’t get into them unless you apply too much of it.

Sexy Eye Makeup With Glossy Eyeshadow

Usually, glossy eyeshadow is liquid. It is packed like lip gloss.








It is believed that such eyeshadow is ideal for beginners. You can use it either as the base or as the shadow, which makes it great for eyeshadow ideas natural. If your lids are oily, it’s better not to use it as it will easily crease. Remember that such shadow dries fast.

Eyeshadow Tutorial For Beginners

Here is how to put eyeshadow step by step. You can do it even if you are a beginner, believe us.

  • Determine the lightest hue is the palette, sweep it lightly with a brush to the inner corners, below the brows.
  • Lightly pat the medium hue over the eyelid, using a brush. Do not go above the crease.

  • In a half moon shape, the darkest hue should be applied to the upper lash-line for eye contouring. It’s done with a sponge applicator. Begin from the inner corner and move to the outer, fading out the hue gradually.
  • In soft and gentle strokes, blend the eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush.

  •  Apply two coats of mascara, and voila, your eye makeup is ready.

These are the basics. Once you are ready, you can master more difficult looks. And here you can see more eyeshadow looks step by step that can be done easily.



Trying brown ombre hair is a great solution in case you wish to add a posh accent to your hair color. Thus, your appearance will become even brighter, and you will definitely be more successful with the opposite sex.

Brown Honey Shades for Your Hair









Caramel Ombre Hair Color for Brunettes









Usually ombre hair requires constant attention, that is, frequent visits to your hair stylist. And now the most awesome news ever: darker ombre styles are low-maintenance!

Deep Cooper Ombre for Brown Hair









Trend Ideas with Chocolate Tints









Whether you opt for brown with red or ashy or blonde or purple ombre hair, just make sure that the roots remain natural and you only get the ends dyed.

Adorable Dark Chocolate Ombre Tones

















Also, if your hair is brown, you can easily pick more than two colors for that dramatic super-cool ombre effect. As for the extent of brightness, subtler shades are really pop today.

Beautiful Ombre Tones

















Today, ombre is the most popular way of coloring hair among celebrities. Bright highlights will make your look more fresh and stylish.

Popular Ideas of Brown Ombre Hair

















Ombre will be an excellent option for those who care about the look of their hair.

Trendy Brown Ombre Hairstyles

















Ombre is really popular this season. If you want to be in trend, ask the stylist to create one of the suggested coloring options.

Awesome Honey Ombre Tones









You can choose one of many variants of ombre. For example, opt for light accents, a little lighter than your hair color, for a natural effect.