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A chignon hairstyle: you have definitely heard about it, but what is it exactly? In its essence, it is an updo that involves a bun that is situated at the neck nape though the placement of the bun varies. Typically, the parting is in the center or one of the sides or simply absent with the tresses brushed back.

Chignon updos often have a bit lifted crown that is done with teasing, but sleek looks are also quite popular.

Updos for long hair are often spiced up with tendrils that surround a woman’s face and thus make the overall look much softer. And if a woman wears the chignon so that there are no tendrils loose, it is more practical.

Now let’s explore how to sport it to appear awesome wherever you go.

Beautiful Chignon Hairstyles With Braids

On this page you can observe wonderful chignons with braids. And actually, you can spice up this ‘do in many ways. But the most important thing is to know how to secure it in place. Here’s how to get a basic type of chignon that can then be enhanced with braids, teasing, accessories, and other elements










  • To get some more volume, apply mousse when your tresses are still wet and then blow dry them.
  • Would you like to get extreme volume? Curl your tresses, using large rollers, finger comb them in order to smooth them out, make them looser. But you can skip this step.
  • Sweep the tresses back to create a low pony, the presence of a parting is optional.
  • Secure it, using an elastic in a shade matching with the shade of your tresses.
  • Spritz the pony with hairspray, backcomb to boost volume, smooth its top, using a bristle brush.
  • Take the lower part of your pony and start twisting it, then wrap its tail for it to surround the base.
  • Take bobby pins that match your hair shade, secure your chignon with them.
  • Are there any sections that still require a volume boost? A special rattail comb will help you do that.
  • Fix with hairspray.
  • Apply hair serum to get rid of flyaways.










Now you know the basics. If you wish to add a braid here, just leave out several strands, braid them, and incorporate the braid into the style however you wish – either on the sides or around the bun, the options are limitless.

Amazing Chignon Hairstyles for Special Evenings

















Is there any special occasion ahead like a wedding ceremony or anniversary or prom? Then what can be better than a fancy bun hairstyle? They are simple to create at home, and you do not have to splurge on the salon to appear sophisticated. In case your tresses are thin but you think it would be better to add extra volume to your bun hairstyle, it is possible to incorporate hair extensions into your hairstyle. Bun hairstyles for special events are often accessorized. Whether your hairstyle is high or low, an elegant tiara, a quality barrette or quaint bobby pins embellished with sparkly rhinestones will complement it great and make you appear rather exquisite. Why not go for the major pizzazz?

Chignon Hairstyles For Every Day

















Are bun hairstyles fit for everyday wear? They are for sure! You can rock it at the gym, office, and then at a cocktail party in the evening. With one of bun hairstyles, you can not only feel comfy but also resemble a graceful dancer from a ballet. And you will get one more bonus with one of these hairstyles: your face will appear slimmer.

Both high and low chignons can work great for every day. As for the texture, any will do: sleek and tight or messy or just voluminous – the choice is all yours. And keep in mind that experimenting is everything.

Stunning Chignon Hairstyles With a Voluminous Knot









A voluminous knot can be placed anywhere you wish, and here you can observe some cute examples. As you might notice, these knots are combined with lifted up crowns for looks that scream Sophistication. This effect can be achieved with backcombing.









That is, for the best result possible, divide the crown into several sections and spritz each with hairspray, backcombing its underside. Thus, you will get some major volume boost. Due to their simplicity and elegance, such hairstyles can be rocked both every day and on special occasions.

Chignon Hairstyles With A Floral Accessory









Here you can see some cute ways how to use floral accessories to embellish chignon hairstyles. Floral accessories can complement your romantic image quite nicely.

Are you happy because now your collection of go-to hairstyles has some new adorable members? Cool! Our blog has more surprises for you!




Grey eyes are so pretty. With the right makeup, they can look simply stunning and are to envy.

From sparkly shadow to smoky eyes, we have gathered some stunning looks with eye shadow and liner combos for those with gray eyes. Whether you want a clean and simple look, or a sexy dramatic look, we have something to fit every mood!

Grey and blue eyes are both so gorgeous and the right makeup combo can really make them pop! Check out these 18 looks for gorgeous gray eyes and don’t forget to pin your favorites!

1. Simple Pink Eye Shadow Makeup Idea

This pretty pale sparkly pink will really make your grey eyes shine. Draw a thick black line above your eye and apply sparkly pink eyeshadow to the eyelid and waterline for a look that’s feminine and sexy.

2. Dramatic Eyeliner Look For Grey And Blue Eyes

This look not only works for grey eyes, but pale blue eyes, as well. The dramatic smoky look is perfect for an evening out or a formal event. Draw a thick black winged line above and below your eye (almost to the outer corner as depicted) and color your eyebrow in the same shade. Then apply bright sparkly pink eyeshadow on your lower lid and just above. Then add the pink eyeshadow to your waterline, filling in the spaces for a look that’s purely sensual.

3. Silver Glittery Smokey Eye Makeup

Silver eyeshadow will really make your gorgeous greys pop! Use black eyeliner to make a thin line above your eyelid and then apply a shimmery silver shade to your bottom lid and waterline. Fill in your inner eye crease with white eyeshadow for a look that’s dramatic and playful.

4. Angel Winged Eyeliner Makeup Idea

This look is perfect for a special occasion. The gold glitter shadow is super chic and sexy and perfect for a prom or other formal event. Use thick black liner to create an angel wing above your eye. And then apply sparkly gold glitter eyeshadow on the lower lid and shimmery white shadow on the inside corner.

5. Cat Eye Eyeliner Makeup Idea For Grey Eyes

Cat eye makeup has always been popular, and this look is no exception. The blend of colors will accentuate your grey eye color. Start with winged black eyeliner on your inner crease and follow through to the outer part of your eyes with a thick outer wing above your eye. Next, apply pale pink glittery shadow on your lower eyelid. Then apply pale apricot shadow just above the pink and top that with white shimmery shadow. Use the same white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye to complete the look.

6. Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

Gold eyeshadow is super sexy and sophisticated. This combo will make your stunning greys stand out. Starting at the inner corner, apply thick winged black liner to your upper eye. The liner gradually gets thicker as it goes outward and curves upward. Then apply gold glitter shadow to your lower lid and paint a very thin line under your eye and have it wing out to meet the outer wing. Use thick black mascara to complete this sultry smoky eye.

7. Pretty Cut Crease Makeup Look For Grey Eyes

This look is pretty and just a bit dramatic. The pink shade will really make your eyes shine. Use thick black liquid liner above your eye and wing it out and up in the end. Then apply very pale shimmery pink eyeshadow to both the bottom and top eyelid following the black eyeliner. Then apply it to your inner corner and waterline for a look that’s girly and chic.

8. Black Smokey Eye Makeup For Pretty Girls

Smoky eyes are extremely sensual and stylish, and this look is no exception. If you really want to make your greys stand out, this look is for you. Apply sparkly black liquid eyeshadow on your lower lid, winging out. And then apply thin white shimmery shadow in the crease between your lids. Smudge black eyeliner at your waterline for a smokey effect. Finally, apply thick dark mascara for a smokey and sultry look that will dazzle everyone you meet.

9. Natural Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

If you prefer a more subtle smoky eye look, try this natural makeup. Apply black liquid liner thickly on your lower lid and wing it out on the outer end. Then smudge some under your eye. Next, apply pale gold shadow to the outer half of your bottom lid and the full upper lid. Then fill the remainder of your bottom lid toward the inner eye corner with white shadow. Next, smudge some gold shadow under the black at your waterline. Finish it with a thick coat of black mascara for a look that’s simply seductive.

10. Cute Makeup Look With Black Liquid Eyeliner

This look is girly and fun. First, line your eyes with black liquid liner and then apply pale pink shimmery shadow to the top and lower eyelids and waterline. Apply a generous coat of black mascara and complete this makeup with sexy fuchsia pink lipstick for a look that’s fun and flirty!

11. Simple Makeup Idea For Grey Eyes

This look is so simple yet absolutely stunning. The combo of blue, white, and silver will really make your grey eyes pop. Apply thin line of turquoise blue liner under your eye and then use black liner to draw a thick angel wing on the top of your eye. Next, apply silver shimmery shadow on your lower eyelid and waterline. Smudge some white shimmery shadow in the inner corner of your eye to complete this fabulous look.

12. Best Makeup Idea For Any Color Of Eyes

This pretty pink shadow will work with any eye color but is especially gorgeous with grey. Fully outline your eye with black liquid liner and make a dramatic angel wing in the outer end. Then follow that outline with shimmery pink shadow on both lids and your waterline. Apply a thick coat of black mascara for a look that’s classy and chic.

13. Pretty White And Black Eyeliner Styles

This look is super sleek and sexy with its dramatic blend of colors and drastic lines. It will make your eyes stand for a totally sultry vibe. Draw a thick angel wing above your eye and then follow along with both a shimmery silver and white line and then smudge rose shadow on your upper lid. Make sure to bring the look out to the inner crease of your eyes, as well. And finish it up with a silver smudge under your eyes and an extra thick coat of black mascara for a look that will stop a crowd.

14. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette For The Perfect Eye Makeup

If you want a look that’s dainty and demure, this pretty rose gold and silver combo is just perfect. Outline your eye with black liner, thicker on the top and wing it out slightly. Then apply rose gold to your lower lid and waterline. Then apply a thin line of silver shadow in the crease between your eyelids. And complete the makeup with dramatic black mascara for a look that’s mysterious and playful.

15. Amazing Smokey Eye Look For Grey Eyes

Our final look for grey eyes is classy and sophisticated. Apply black liner around your eyes and then follow it with glittery peach shadow on both lids and on your waterline. Then smudge some white shadow in the inner corner of your eyes. And finish off this delicate look with heavy black mascara. To make it even sexier, apply bright coral lipstick.

We are sure that you love some of these looks for your gray eyes. Now it’s time to practice and pick the most flattering looks.

16. Party Gold Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is ideal for partying on its own, but add some gold glitter for a fabulous effect.

17. Lovely Makeup Idea With Glitter Eyeliner

In case you don’t want to go all-glittery and shine like a star, gold glitter eyeliner will come to your rescue.

18. Romantic Eye Look With Ombre Halos

Bright copper eyeshadow is all the rage this season. Spice it up with gold glitter in the inner corner of your eyes.


A layered bob haircut is one of the most stylish ones this season. There are so many different variations for different lengths and different structures of hair that the conclusion is simple – it is suitable for everyone. Perfect-looking and easy in styling, it will become your favorite hairstyle for sure. Are you intrigued? Then read through our suggestions and find your perfect bob with layers idea that will make you fall in love with such a hairstyle.

Layered Bob Haircut For Short Hair

A short layered bob is a stylish haircut that will make you look great any time. Don`t you think? With the help of layers on the short cut, the volume will be created. Isn`t it what every girl with short hair needs? Less time for styling will be needed, and comfort with such a gorgeous hairstyle is guaranteed.

Medium Layered Bob Hairstyle

medium layered bob hairstyle is a perfect option for those who are not ready to try out short hair. The medium length will look as trendy as possible, especially if you try different variants of styling. Whether you decide to wear it with straight or curly hair, we believe it will look out of this world.

Long Bob Haircut With Layers

A long bob haircut is what every girl needs to try at least once in her life. Why? Super comfortable and stylish, it will look as if you have just left your hairdresser`s when, in reality, you spent seconds on styling it. Curly or straight, it will give you an illusion of neat mess that is so popular nowadays.

Long Layered Bob Hair Style For Curly Hair

A long layered bob haircut is not only great for those girls who have straight hair; it is also perfect for those who have curly hair. Structured and voluminous even more with the curls, it will look super flirty and romantic. Layered curls will form a gorgeous ‘do that you will be able to style within seconds.

Layered Bob Haircut For Wavy Hair

Is your hair neither curly nor straight? Are you tired of not having a specific hairstyle on your head? Then this layered bob is perfect for you! Your gorgeous waves will only look better with a layering technique that is suggested. And a medium length will create a great form, which you will be able to style quickly daily.

Layered Bob Hairstyle For Straight Hair

For girls who have had straight hair for their whole life, this layered bob is super fantastic. Why? The volume you lack will be created with the help of cut layers and your hair will easily be styled. Add different elements as dyed strands or bangs, and you will be ready to turn heads with your perfect-looking hair.

Layered Bob With Bangs

Are bangs the element that you can`t live without? Then don`t be upset, cause this layered bob will look perfectly fine with any kind of such a hair element that you prefer. A messy effect will be accompanied so well with neatly cut bangs, don`t you think?

Side Bang Long Layered Bob

Are you getting tired of your long layered bob hairstyle that looks the same all the time? Would you like to freshen it up? Then we have a great idea for you. A long side bang will without any doubt add spiciness to your look, making you appear flirty and trendy, as such kind of bangs is really popular nowadays.

Long Bangs Haircut For A Layered Bob

Long bangs are also a great suggestion for those women with a short or medium length of a layered bob. There won`t be a great difference between the length of your hair and your bangs, but believe us, it will add that kind of a detail that will freshen your look up.

Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircut With Layers

A short asymmetrical bob haircut is what you are looking for if you want to try something new and creative. Great for those ladies who don`t want to style their hair for hours and would like to have something cool at the same time. Suitable for any look, it will be your favorite hairstyle from the moment you try it.

Wavy Angled Bob Haircut

A wavy angled haircut is a great alternative to a medium layered bob hairstyle. Don`t you think? Neither short nor long, this hairstyle will look perfect on any woman, especially if you add waves to the hair.

Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyle

What is a choppy bob hairstyle? A great hair look that will make you appear gorgeous any time of the day. Whether you have straight or curly hair, it will be just for you. Medium length of such a style will give you a possibility to try out different hairstyles but, at the same time, if you leave it as it is, you will look fine, too.

Short Layered Bob Haircut For Thin Hair

Have you ever been dreaming about having thick hair? There`s no need to! A short layered bob for thin hair is also perfect. Layers will create an effect of volume and thickness and you won`t have to try out different methods to make it styled well as it will already be done perfectly.

Long Layered Bob Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Girls with thick hair are so lucky and we can`t deny that! A long layered bob for thick hair is ideal. Different lengths of layers will create even more volume but that will be neatly structured without making you look too messy. Isn`t it perfect?

Layered Bob Haircut For Fine Hair

A layered bob haircut for fine hair is a must. A medium length and different layers will give you a dewy effect. Freshening up is what every girl needs sometimes, don`t you agree? So, try it out without doubt and experiment with different lengths of layers, you won`t be disappointed!

Medium Layered Bob Hairstyle With A Deep Side Part

A deep side part is what some girls prefer to wear and we think it`s a great element that makes any hairstyle look pretty! Especially a medium layered bob hairstyle. Different lengths of hair will give more volume that looks great with a deep side part that instantly creates bangs.

Long Layered Bob With Texture Waves

Naturally wavy or curly hair is great-looking, but what do you think about well-textured waves that you can create? Great for any special occasion and everyday looks, it appears so good! With layered hair, it is a dream come true, don`t you think? Feel super confident rocking your perfect hairstyle any time.

Medium Face-Framing Bob Hairstyle

A medium length of a face-framing bob hairstyle is so popular nowadays and we know exactly why. Styled, it looks as if you have just seen your hairdresser. And isn`t that we all would like to have every day? Try it and, trust us, you will look as fantastic as possible.

A layered bob can have so many variations that it is difficult to pick something specific. Different styles for different hair structure and length are available for you to choose from. That is why don`t doubt and, after reading though our suggestions, go see your hairdresser to freshen your hair up. Trust us, you will rock it.



Red heels are popular and truly classy. And there is something special about the heels in a red hue. What makes such shoes ultimately sexy? Probably our perception is the result of their history.

Do you know that heels in a red shade were introduced into the fashion world by King Louis XIV? The king issued a decree that allowed only the subjects in his favor to put on heels in red. That was a royal privilege. Thus, red shoes used to make aristocrats stand out.

Nowadays, at the back of mind, we see heels in red as an indicator of privilege and wealth. And that is why we love them so much.

Let’s explore red high heels that are in fashion today.

Elegant Open Toe Red Ankle Strap Heels For A Special Evening

In this pic, a model is wearing a little red dress and sophisticated open toe ankle strap high heels in a red hue. And we can tell from our experience that ladies often wonder if opting for a matchy matchy red outfit is a good idea. Fashion gurus have different views on this matter. But they agree on one thing: if it’s a red carpet or black tie occasion, then go for it!

Red Velvet Chunky Heels

In this pic, a model has red velvet chunky high heels and jeans on. The look is matching and can work for every day. And overall, remember that you can always pair a blue outfit, be it a dress or jeans, with red shoes. As for the shade of blue, you can go for anything from navy blue to cobalt blue to baby blue.

Hot Red Chunky Heels

Do you know why it is extremely popular to wear red high heels with a white dress like you can see in this pic? It is because the look is super bright and rich in contrast. Put on this glamorous pair and you will not go unnoticed anywhere. If you wish to reduce the contrast just a bit, go for the heels in a darker hue.

Sexy Platform Heels For Every Day

Do you know what the best thing about wearing red high heels is? Even if you buy red heels cheap, they will still make any outfit appear more expensive than it actually is. It’s their unique quality, something that not so many things have. As you can see, even when paired with simple jeans, such shoes make the image more seductive.

Red Open Toe Chunky Heels For Hot Girls

In this pic, the model goes for an everyday image with her open toe chunky high heels in a red shade and cuffed jeans. Overall, when you add high heels to your everyday image, we would recommend that you opt for a design with an improved stability. And chunky heels can grant you that. If your shoes are secure and stable, you will not notice the height of the heels.

Sassy Corset High Heels

These corset high heels will make you appear sexier the moment you put them on. And speaking of high heels, there is an eternal question asked by every fashionista: how are high heels different from pumps?

  • Basically, pumps are a type of high heels.
  • The back sole of high heels is elongated, while pumps do not have this feature.
  • High heeled shoes have buckles and laces. And pumps typically have neither laces nor buckles.
  • Pumps are more comfortable than high heels.

Amazing Closed Toe Red Stiletto Heels

Red heels closed toe like the ones you can see here are especially sophisticated. Such shoes will be appropriate for a day at the office or even for a formal event. Pair these heels with white suit pants and a black blouse. This combo is elegant and classy.

High Heel Sandals For A Luxurious Look

Just look at these exquisite sandals, aren’t they amazing? Every time you face a styling dilemma when looking at your crimson heels remember that black and red is the perfect combination. Red shoes will act as a bright accent if you wear a black outfit.

Red High Heel Sandals With Fringe

Red heels shoes with fringe definitely have some bohemian vibes. To enhance the boho effect, pair such shoes with a printed and colorful outfit that has a white, grey, or black base and involve some red. Then it will all match.

Unusual Red Heels For A Stylish Woman

In this pic, you can see fabulous red shoes with wide straps. There is one thing to consider when opting for such shoes. It’s better to shop for them in the evening, when your feet get tired and a bit swollen. Then you will make sure that the pair will fit you any time of the day and won’t cause any discomfort.

Hot Red Stiletto Sandals

If you are looking for a bold, yet, not screaming red heels outfit idea, we have one for you. Pair your red footwear with jeans, black purse, a light scarf in a soft color. And to take it to the next level, pair it all with a blouse that has a leopard print.

Red Chunky Fantasy Heels

We really love how these red chunky heels look on this model’s feet. To make sure that every pair of heels you buy fits perfectly, walk around the store in it while shopping. Thus, you will learn if the heel and sole are comfortable.

Wine Colored High Heel Sandals

These wine colored high heel sandals were created to make a fashion statement. The heel is high but the sole takes away some of the height, making this pair more comfy to wear all day long.

Red High Heels With A Snake Skin Design

In case your fashion choices tend to be more extravagant, these high heels in a red hue with a snake skin design might be to your taste. Not to go over the board, pair them with plain clothes.

Velvet Stiletto Heels With Rhinestones

Here are the perfect red heels for prom or any other semi formal to formal occasion. A saturated red hue looks fantastic and really festive when paired with shiny rhinestones. When attending a special occasion, choose the heel height wisely. It must cause no pain for you to have fun while dancing and socializing.

Red Bondage High Heels

These red heels will work great for a self confident woman who is always on the go. Though being high, these heels are stable and the multiple straps will keep your feet in place.

Sexy Red Heels With Fluffy Pompoms

These red high heels embellished with cute fluffy pompoms are sassy and will be appropriate for a date night or a party. This pair will help you out whenever you feel a bit playful.

High Chunky Heels With Ballerina Straps

This chunky, platform style heel is super stable, and ballerina straps make this design truly special. Make sure that the ballerina straps are made of soft fabrics that won’t cling to your feet too tight.

Now you know how to make a fashion statement with red high heels. Don’t miss more inspirational ideas on our blog.