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Silver heels for prom are really popular every season, disregarding the trends, and it is not surprising at all.

Babes pick silver prom shoes because silver is a neutral tone, but it is also festive. And the combination of these two qualities is simply perfect.

Being neutral, silver shoes heels can let you wear the dress of any color. Plus, taking into account that neutrals go with everything, you can re-wear these shoes after the event.

Embellished Silver Heels For Prom









The heel size must work for you! Do not forget that this particular day will be very long and exhausting. And we can tell you for sure that your feet are likely to hurt after prom anyway.

Let us imagine that you are an experienced fashionista and even the highest heels do not scare you. But again, take into account the amount of time you will have to spend on the feet. And what about dancing?In case your dress is glammed up and ultra glitz, sparkling from top to bottom, it is advisable to choose less elaborate shoes. Silver heels with rhinestones might clash with your gown or deflect attention from it. Shoes with simple straps might work great for such a vivid gown.









But if the dress you choose is a bit plainer and is not all-sparkly, you can go as daring and wild as you wish when it comes to your perfect shoes. Without any hesitation, pick a glamorous pair of silver prom heels with rhinestones that will pop.

Keeping everything balanced is your key to success. Shiny and strappy or fully dazzled and flashy, your shoes will look chic and sophisticated in any case. Just don’t go over the board.

Awesome Metallic Silver Heels









We would recommend you to find a pair of silver heels for prom that you can wear afterwards, too. Of course, if you buy cheap silver heels for prom (which is totally fine because even cheap shoes can look bedazzling), not wearing them ever again won’t hurt. However, if you do decide to splurge on an expensive pair of heels, you might wish to justify this purchase.









Why waste money if you can easily purchase a pair of heels that will serve you for many years and help you break many hearts.

Silver Prom Heels With Rhinestones









The heel size must work for you! Do not forget that this particular day will be very long and exhausting. And we can tell you for sure that your feet are likely to hurt after prom anyway.

Let us imagine that you are an experienced fashionista and even the highest heels do not scare you. But again, take into account the amount of time you will have to spend on the feet. And what about dancing?









By the way, the soles matter greatly. The quality soles won’t make you feel any discomfort even if the heel is super high. And to the contrary, the soles of poor quality can turn wearing even short heels into a nightmare.

Also, when shopping for prom shoes high heels, pick a pair that is made of a lightweight material. The more the shoes weigh, the more difficult it will be to spend the whole day wearing them.

Popular Silver Heel Designs To Inspire You









One more thing to consider when picking silver shoes for prom: covered toe or show toe?
Silver prom shoes closed toe will look especially elegant, however, they might be less comfortable. And show toe heels appear rather youthful.









To make the right choice, just think about the style of your gown. If this gown is sophisticated and more mature, made of heavy fabrics like duchesse or matte satin, it is better to opt for covered heels. But in case you pick a shorter prom gown, slinky evening gown, or a princess gown, go for show toe heels.

Beautiful Silver Heels For Your Perfect Look

















If you think that a silver hue is not sparkly enough, you can always opt for a pair encrusted with rhinestones. Major glam is waiting for you! You will turn heads wherever you go.

Silver Heels For Real Princesses









We really hope that our article will help you appear amazing when the prom comes. You can find much useful info on our blog.


Long layered hair styles come to our rescue when we are tired of our old cut and wish to refresh it, yet, we don’t really want to sacrifice the length. If you still hesitate whether to opt for layers, here are more good reasons to get them:

  • We will emphasize this again, layers will give your tresses the new look and leave the length.
  • Opt for layers that frame the face, and they will enhance your face shape by making it slimmer or longer or even shorter. Yes, different types of layers can help you achieve all of that.
  • Specifically placed layers are capable of bringing attention to the best features and distracting from flaws. For example, layers can accentuate your eyes or a stronger jawbone and thus distract from such flaws as scars or wrinkles, etc.
  • Layers will bring movement to dull and lifeless thin hair.
  • If your hair is thick and it is weighed down, layers will bring you some illusion of volume and give your tresses much movement and a look that is more vibrant.

Now when you know how many benefits long layers can offer, let’s see which styles with layers are hot this season.

Long Straight Layered Hairstyles

















In case you have a totally straight or wavy hair texture, long straight layered hairstyles would be your cup of tea. This kind of hair texture will emphasize the structure of layers. The density of your hair doesn’t play any role here. This cut creates additional volume, which is just what you need when you have thin hair. This is also a life savior for thick hair as it will make them it lighter and will tame it.

Long Wavy Layered Hairstyles









The best thing for long layered hair that makes your look put together is a free curls hairstyle. It would look amazing on those who have a layered cut and a fringe. Layers help to make your curled hair style more voluminous. The key to this kind of curl is a big curling wand. Don’t forget to brush your locks through after curling.

Voluminous Side Bangs









Voluminous side bangs have been on the beauty scene for quite a while and never go out of fashion. This look is all time favorite of so many celebrities. Side swept bangs would be way too heavy for layered hair. So, opt for the layers that start near your chin and go lower. This will make your cut soft, light-weight, and shaped.

Layered Hairstyles with Bangs









Wide forehead? We have a great problem solution for you. Layers and straight bangs will become your life saviors. Moreover, women who don’t have very distinctive facial features but have a slightly longer nose would also love this combo. Shorter bangs are able to emphasize facial features and make your nose seem visually smaller. Women with a rectangular face shape and high cheek bones should go for a layered cut and bangs, the length of which is up to the brows. This would be the most complimenting option for them.

Long Textured Layered Hairstyles









Sometimes long hair seems lifeless and dull. If you want to give your hair a new lease of life, layers that start near your cheek bones will make your hair shaped. Leave the rest of your hair one length. In this way you will get flowing and easy to style hair. This is the definition of long layered hair. The lines are soft and flowing, which adds to your femininity and makes you look natural. No doubts, that long straight hair is also wonderful, but this cut adds volume. A layered cut without bangs would be the most flattering to the owners of the perfect oval face.

Messy Layered Hairstyle









For all those with curly and wavy thick hair, have a close look at messy layered hairstyles. Your hair texture is a perfect base for a slightly messy look, which is different and fun. This hair style is also easy to achieve if you are not a curly Sue. A curling iron of any size can easily help you.

We hope you get enough inspiration to go and freshen up your long hair with a layered cut. Create your image with our ideas.


Yellow diamond engagement rings have become a popular alternative to traditional semi-transparent stones.

We know that women dream about receiving one of diamond engagement rings. This crave for diamonds is related to the history of the engagement tradition. For centuries, diamonds were a symbol of engagement among royalties. So, show us a woman who wouldn’t like to feel like one?

And engagement rings for women with yellow diamonds are very symbolic. In its essence, a diamond is something nearly indestructible, while the yellow color represents Wisdom, Intellect, and Knowledge.

You Can Choose The Material Of The Ring

























Usually, diamonds are cast with 14 k or 18 k gold or platinum. As you know, gold can be white or yellow. Both white and yellow gold is quality, and the karat indicates the extent of quality.

Pick The Existing Design Or Create The Design

























Do you know that you can get your ring from scratch? Reputable jewelers are ready to make your dreams come true. So, you can ask for a unique design that no one else has.

Add More Shimmer With Additional Stones

























The more stones, the higher the price. Bigger yellow diamonds are often enhanced with smaller either colored or transparent stones. The overall price will depend on their quantity and karat.

Complexity Of The Ring

























The extent of the complexity also plays a significant role in the overall cost of creating the ring. In case the ring design is complicated, it will take the craftsman more time and effort to create it.

Stunning Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

























Diamonds in general carry the coded meaning of relationship strength, clarity and abundance

Incredible Beautiful Yellow Diamond Rings








There are most popular shades of yellow diamonds – fancy vivid and fancy deep.











Long hair haircuts look undoubtedly gorgeous and who wouldn’t like such hair for herself? But to get there, you have to get through a lot of challenges. You need to tend to your hair caringly so that it looks healthy, is well-groomed and cut correctly.

Stylish Layered Haircut

















If your hair are long you can choice any type of hairstyle for gorgeous look!

Cute and Pretty Long Layered Haircut

















Keeping up with the trends is a difficult task to carry out. But what about a center part for your long locks in addition to a bright color? Burgundy ombre sounds thrilling!

Adorable Blunt Cut Hairstyle

















Looking through haircuts for long hair can be tiresome. So, we gathered the best ones here for you. What about the sweet side part to soften your features? Is that what you were looking for?

Rich Wavy Hair

















Those long haircuts that involve straight bangs are extremely poplar these days. Since a bold fringe can transform your look drastically. If you are ready for a new adventure, take this road.

Soft Balayage Long Haircut

















If you want to transform your layered haircut into something fashionable and futuristic, we have a suggestion for you. Glossy grey and diffused edges will create the liquid metal impression.

Lovely Straight Long Hair Hairstyle

















For thick long hair we recommend sharply angled layers. They will add the perfect shape to your hair and will remove the unnecessary bulk. Stylish? Check!

Charming V-Cut Hairstyles

















What should you do if you do not want to experiment with the length? We think you should consider balayage highlights. It won’t require length change or dramatic color change.

Summer-Kissed Layered Cuts


Medium length hairstyles can look amazingly beautiful on every woman. They are especially suitable for the women with thick hair, – and if chosen and styled properly such haircut will add a spark to your appearance becoming the catcher of the delighted looks from all around.

Medium haircuts are perfect for those who got tired of wearing long hair but are hesitant of making too radical changes and getting a very short haircut. Such haircuts look classy, yet stylish, beautiful, yet bold.

There are varieties of mid-length haircuts, and every woman can choose the haircut that best fits her hair type. If your hair is too thick and you have problems with styling it, try shoulder length haircut that can help make your hair more manageable. No matter whether you have curly or straight hair, there is a haircut designed specifically for you.

Now, let’s have a close look at medium length hairstyles.

1. Careless Hairstyle

Let your hair be not too ideal and flow carelessly. Let the whole world see your wild and adventurous nature. You can wear it with or without bangs! Go for a walk and let the wind create even more mess with your hair!

2. Balayage Sexy Hairstyle

Combine your mid-length hair with balayage, and you are ready to have a summer rest. It looks cute and sexy. Go to the beach, party or a restaurant, – your hair will look incredible!

3. Bright Balayage

When the summer comes, everyone looks for some brighter colors, so why not dye your hair with some brighter colors for a stunning summer look? Choose your favorite bright colors and let your hair shine in the sun!

4. Asymmetrical Bob

Want to experiment with your hairstyle? Then why not try asymmetrical bob to show off your experimental and adventurous nature? This kind of hairstyle gives a lot of room for variety and can be worn slightly differently every day.

5. Trendy Undercut

Undercuts are very popular this year. You can change your image according to the mood. To do this, just part the hair or gather it in a top knot.

6. Sweet Colored Waves

Soft pink shades will help you create a cute but bright look. Ideal for more daring ladies.

7. Medium Blonde Bob With Longer Side Parts

If you are bold and like experimenting with your hair, then get the haircut with longer side parts to achieve a trendy look. If you have blonde hair, you might want to add some highlights or lowlights for a more dramatic effect. This look is perfect for those who would like to achieve somewhat messy look. With some minor styling, the hair can be made into a more refined look.

8. Angled Long Bob

Whether you have curly or straight hair, you will look fashionable with long bob. Making this hairstyle more angled will add some peculiarity to the overall image. This is a ‘blow- and-go’ kind of hairstyle requiring no styling efforts at all. Just walk and enjoy your look!

9. Fluffy Ends On Medium Length Haircut

Leaving some fluffy ends on this type of hairstyle will add casualness to the image. It requires minimum styling efforts and will look gorgeous during any type of weather. It’s suitable for women of all ages.

10. Shoulder-Length Layered Lob

For those who prefer still longer haircut, there’s a nice alternative, – long bob (lob). The shoulder-length haircut looks especially beautiful if you have thick straight hair. Such hairstyle looks classy and beautiful and can be worn on all the occasions. Add some layers for a more sophisticated look.

11. Shaggy Medium Length Haircut

Shaggy haircuts always look natural and trendy. This might be a favorite hairstyle for women with thick hair who are struggling to achieve the all natural, careless, yet beautiful look.

12. Wavy Shoulder Length Bob

Slight waves will make your shoulder-length bob look gorgeous. If you have natural wavy hair, you should definitely try this style. For those with straight hair, there’s always an option of using a curling iron.

13. Medium Length Style With Layered Edges

If you have straight hair and long for a more classy-looking hairstyle, you can always add some highlights to the edges of your hair to achieve a more vigorous and dramatic look. Experiment with different color shades and create the look that will reveal your personality!

14. Edgy A-line Bob

This look will especially suit the women with a round or square face as it creates an oval silhouette and adds overall cuteness. This cut can be styled in a different ways leaving a lot of room for experimentation.

15. Hairstyle With Edge Layers

This hairstyle will make your hair look more voluminous, so that it can appear even thicker. This look requires minimum efforts and will look amazing. With some highlights on the hair edges, you achieve a ‘free-spirited edgy’ look.

16. Sexy Look With Side Swept Bangs

Side swept long bangs create an asymmetrical effect that gives you a sexy and irresistible look. With some bold makeup added, you will definitely rock the scene.

17. Hairstyle With Swoopy Layers

Add swoopy layers to your bob if you want to have a more dynamic look. Depending on your hair color, add some highlights or lowlights to add the texture to your hair. Such hairstyle looks interesting and adds a spice to your overall image.

18. Wavy, Shoulder Length Cut

Shoulder length bob looks especially gorgeous with the wavy hair. Let your waves fall restlessly from the mane to the shoulders and create careless, yet sophisticated look. Such a look creates a retro vibe and is especially good for women who enjoy 1940’s style.

19. Medium Haircut For Curly, Thick Hair

Women with naturally curly hair can achieve a stunning look by adding proper layers to shape and define shoulder length hair. If you want to give more dimension to your hair, you could try some bold color, for example, a cherry red with darker roots, a honey blonde to frame your face or any other color.

20. Classic Lob With Bangs

If you love bangs, go for it. Bangs look especially beautiful with classic long bob. And if you are ready for some small experiments, you can have a cut with subtle elongation towards the front, which is both practical and easy to manage.

21. Graded Mid-Length Cut

Color gradation creates enormously beautiful effect, especially on shoulder length haircuts. Such an effect is relatively easy to achieve and will look great no matter whether you have blonde or darker hair.

22. Blonde Shoulder Length Bob

If you have natural blonde hair, bob haircut is a perfect one to showcase your beautiful hair color. Such hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain and will look beautiful on every occasion. You could add some balayage to make your hairstyle stand out even more.

23. Ombre Medium Hairstyle

Changing hair color is one of the ways of breaking up the density of thick hair. Ombre can create an airy effect, as it gets gradually lighter towards the hair ends. Depending on your natural hair color, you could experiment with different shades of color, from pink to a green one.

24. Bob With Highlights

Highlights add extra volume to the classical bob. It’s perfect for women with different types of hair and different color shades. Such hairstyle will always be in trend.

25. Outgrown Bob

This style adds quite a deal of volume with loose and extra large waves. It’s an effortless, yet modern, style, with its long bangs, sunkissed color and shaggy ends.

26. Straight Layered Haircut

If you like having slightly longer hair, this style is perfect for you. The hair falls naturally over the shoulders creating the effect of outgrown bob. This hairstyle can be worn either loose or put into an updo leaving the room for variations.

27. Hairstyle With Long Bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for women with thick hair who also like bangs. Try wearing long bangs, – in such a way you’ll get all the attention on your eyes and beautiful face shape. You can wear such bangs either straight or sideways.

28. Shoulder Length Shaggy Waves

Shaggy waves effect can be achieved by leaving the ends of your hair disconnected while styling it. It creates very casual free look. Go for it if you feel like revealing your free-spirited nature.

29. Bouncy, Mid-Length Layers

Creating soft transition of hair color will help achieve the romantic look. Use a round hairbrush and hairdryer to give your hair a natural bounce and highlight your gorgeously layered locks to look like a princess.

30. Layered “U” Cut

This type of haircut will show off the gradual change in length, as it’s longer in the middle and somewhat shorter on the sides. No matter what type of hair you have, this haircut will add a little spice to your image.

31. Copper Shoulder-Length Layers

Pay attention to styling the ends of this hair cut. Make them either tamed or disconnected, depending on the desirable look.

32. Two-Toned Haircut

Are you longing for a really dramatic look? Dye your hair with two different colors, – get bold and experimental! You can either slightly curl your hair or leave it straight, and no matter what you choose, your two-toned haircut will definitely be eye-catching!

33. Shaggy Haircut With Bangs

This hairstyle is reminiscent that of the 1970s, which can be a great addition to the way you dress. It creates a messy and careless look, which is definitely worth trying, especially if you want to emphasize your carefree nature.

34. Haircut With Thick Straight Bangs

If you love wearing bangs, make it thick and straight, so that it becomes the attention grabber. Combined with classy-looking mid-length hairstyle, it will add some sparks to your image!

35. Mid-Length Haircut for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, don’t worry. Go for a hairstyle that help create volume and requires minimum efforts in styling. You can either have bangs or go without it, you can slightly wave your hair or leave it sleek or you can change your look every day!

36. Wavy Layered Haircut

If you are lucky to have wavy hair, take full advantage of it and try different options. You can style your hair in a variety of ways and wear it either sideways or let your waves fall carelessly. You can also create more twisted waves for a more sophisticated look.

37. Grunge Haircut

This messy hairstyle creates a unique disheveled-chic aura. This aura is one of the main reasons why this look is so popular among style icons. Go for it if you want to feel like a star.

38. Ice Blonde Layers

Ice blonde color itself adds a lot of mystery to the image. Do some small styling and add dimension to the hair to achieve even more mysterious and dramatic look! No one will be able to take eyes off you!

39. Slightly Wavy Lob

Slightly wavy lob is fresh and youthful hairstyle that can flatter literally everyone. Go for this hairstyle, and you won’t regret it, as you will always look young and full of energy!

40. Blonde Tousled Bob

Blonde color and beach waves are perfect if you aim for an effortless look. Keep your locks tousled to have that beach charm and make everyone envy you! No make up is needed when you have such a gorgeous hairstyle.

41. Brunette Lob

Lobs are very versatile and look beautiful with every hair color. If you are brunette you can have the lob and add some waves for a more romantic look. Highlight your waves with slightly different color and simply enjoy your new look!

42. Choppy Haircut

If your hair is too thick, go for a trendy choppy haircut that will frame your face in the best possible way. In addition, the multitude of layers will give you a fashionable look no matter if you choose a standard bob or slightly over the shoulder lob.

43. Sleek Lob

This simple long bob looks stylish and elegant. Plus, you’ll have more styling options.

No matter what type of face or hair you have, you can always choose the medium length hairstyle that will look amazing and will highlight your true nature.