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Burgundy hair is popular among women of all ages who wish to look brighter. There are many tones of burgundy so that every woman can find the most flattering shade for her complexion.

Usually, a cool burgundy hair color that includes much violet and red will compliment women with ebony, olive, or pink complexions. And a warm burgundy hair color will work for women who have golden or peachy skin tones. But we can reassure you that you can find your perfect burgundy even if your complexion is not that easy to compliment.

Mulled Wine Hair Shade









As you can observe in these pictures, a mulled wine hair tone will appear flattering whether your tresses are wavy, straight, or curly. These models look gorgeous.

Saturated Burgundy Hair Color









A saturated burgundy hair color will make your appearance hot and daring; we would even suggest the word ‘vampy’ here. Show off your wilder side!

Bright Burgundy Highlights









By adding vivid burgundy highlights to your beautiful tresses, you can create an amazing contrast! Style your tresses so that the shade does the talking.

Plum Ombre Hair Styles









Plum ombre variations of burgundy are rather futuristic. From brighter to subtler options, you can choose whatever you like as long as it complements your image.

Violet Burgundy Hair Shade









These violet burgundy hair shades are capable of granting some ethereal, a little dreamy edge to your image. These shades are positively enchanting!

Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade









Here you can observe the models who rock a bright berry burgundy hair shade. Bright berry burgundy would work for the most daring women.

Dark Burgundy Velvet

















A dark burgundy velvet shade is rich and saturated, and it can bring some elegance into your perfect image. How do you think, will you go for one of these looks?







It is time to think about prom shoes for the magical night. The shoes will be an essential compound of your overall image and, therefore, they should match it. Read on to become an expert in pairing shoes with gowns.

Fancy Dress = Simple Shoes and Vice Versa









With so many styles of shoes to choose from, you will probably feel a bit overwhelmed, but the key is to pick a prom dress at first. Really, you can’t even think about shoes until you purchase the prom dress of your dreams!

Whether we talk about prom gowns or party dresses or graduation dresses, shoes can make or break an outfit. While it might feel a bit daunting to find the perfect shoes for prom, we have some tips to help you.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to ruin a gorgeous embellished dress with shoes that are equally adorned. As well, you can dress up a simple yet elegant dress with a pair of shimmery shoes. Go for shoes that will compliment your prom gown, not take away from it.

Dressy Shoes Are Not Necessarily Prom Shoes









If you are like most teenage girls, you probably own a lot of shoes, including a few pairs of heels. However, even your favorite dressy shoes might not be suitable for prom. Remember, this is a special night, so it is better to go all out and treat yourself to a gorgeous pair of pumps for prom!

How to Distinguish a Dress Shoe from a Prom Shoe









It’s not the style itself that makes it a prom shoe; it’s the details, embellishments and the material of the shoe itself. If you are not a fan of spiky heels, don’t fret. Prom shoes have come a long way. You can opt for kitten heels, ankle straps, ballet shoes, and even flats.

Here are a few ways to distinguish a prom style shoe from your standard dress shoe:


Most dress shoes are designed of leather. However, shoes for prom are designed of more luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, suede, and velvet. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t wish to wear your Sunday shoes to prom, right?


Shoes are adorned with rhinestones, pearls, crystals, bows & sequins, which are typical designing elements for special occasions such as proms, weddings, and other formal events. This, of course, is different from popular teenage embellishments for shoes such as studs and zippers.

One of the best ways to check out prom shoes is to look online. See what all the teen celebs wear. And don’t panic, you don’t have to spend hundreds on designer shoes. You can easily find similar shoes at a reasonable price and still be the belle of the ball!


It’s time to pick a graduation dress, and we are happy to present you our photo gallery featuring the most suitable and pretty dresses for one of the most significant moments in your life. Surely, the dress will be hidden under the robe for a while, but then you will certainly show it off!

White and Black Graduation Dress Designs

















Remember one important rule: after buying your graduation or prom shoes, take some time to wear in them and walk in them again and again, until you get used to the heel and their shape.

Charming Graduation Dress Ideas

















And we guess that there is no need to mention that the shoes should not only match your prom dress, but also fit the formality of the event. Do not even think about wearing sandals!

Pretty Dresses for Graduation Ceremony

















Now let’s return to your dress. Besides being trendy and formal, it should be cute enough to spend the rest of the evening wearing it. You will certainly have some celebration afterwards.

Amazing Dress Designs for Your Special Day

















Also, here is great advice: pick a dress that has pockets. Imagine this: you and your 400 classmates participate in the procession, and you are carrying a purse with a traditional robe!

Charming Long Prom Dress For The Real Queen

















Are you going to opt for a long prom dress? We would recommend that you choose the length that will not make you uncomfortable in any way. While in the store trying the dress, walk in it for a bit.



Top inspirational teen bedroom ideas for girls can be found here. They will definitely come in handy when you decide to design your kid’s bedroom.

When choosing the perfect bedroom design, keep in mind that it should have a thoughtful layout. Teenagers are quite demanding when it comes to any changes in their room. But as a general rule, include in your teen’s room the following things: much storage space, a comfy sleeping bed, a study place with enough light, and a stylish touch.

Now let’s explore some bedroom ideas for your girl. And you can find tips on how to make your redecoration more affordable on the last page.

Boho Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea

Nowadays teenagers are well aware of the current trends and design-conscious. Your teen will appreciate if you let her feel that her room is her mini apartment where she can spend time with comfort. And expressing her personality is important for her too.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

If your teen girl’s room is not big, go for bunk beds. This type of a bed is not that big and thus space-saving. Here you can see that when folded, this bed occupies little space.

Cozy And Simple Teen Bedroom Idea

It’s one of the coziest teen bedroom ideas we have ever seen. Do you know that makes it so cozy? The involvement of soft fabrics and even fur plus pastel colors.

How To Add A Bright Color To Your Teen Bedroom

If you want your teen’s room to be unique, let her add wall decals to her taste. A high energy place is something that many teens like. And bright accents on walls can help achieve that effect.

Decorating Small Bedrooms For a Teenager

Here you can see one of the smartest teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms. Look close to it: every décor element does a good space-saving job. And light colors make the room visually bigger.

Cool Teen Bedroom Idea In Pastel Colors

For your girl, her teen bedroom is more than a space to sleep in. It’s the time when she starts exploring her independence. So, she will use this room to hang out, lounge with her friends, and study. The stylish design shown here will work great for all these purposes.

Modern Teen Bedroom With Throw Pillows

If you want to add some accents to the room design, you can always incorporate throw pillows in it. Whenever needed, pillows can be easily replaced. It won’t take much time or money.

Cute Colorful Teen Bedroom Idea

Every teenage girl has her dream bedroom design. Of course, tastes differ. But in general, it is a room that will express her creative self. With imaginative and bold elements like these, her room will surely stand out

Easy And Clever Teen Bedroom Idea

When thinking about teen bedroom ideas, do not underestimate the value of clever storage space. She will need space for her books, clothes, makeup, and other personal things.

Cool And Calm Teen Room Design Ideas

When considering the room design for your teen girl, it’s a nice idea to focus on lighter shades. As you know, bright and screaming colors are more aggressive, fit for mental activity, not relaxation.

Cozy Teen Bedroom With A Platform Bed

Buy your teen girl a platform bed, and her room will become cozier instantly. Subdued lighting, as well as warm pinks and peaches, only add on to this effect.

Stylish Teen Girl’s Bedroom Idea

Your teen girl will definitely say thank you if you add some interesting and expressive design element to her bedroom décor. It could be anything, starting with a lamp, and ending with a bin.

Minimalistic Teen Bedroom Idea

When decorating small bedrooms for teenager, it would be wise to go for the minimalism style. A small number of decorative elements will let the room seem not tiny. As opposed to heavy décor.

Cute Vintage Teen Bedroom Idea

Just look at this stunning vintage bedroom idea with the bed used as a focal point. In case your teen girl is fond of vintage things, she will really love this decorating idea.

Cozy Teen Bedroom Idea With Lights

Just look at this teen room idea in pinks and with decorative lights. How cozy and sweet it is. Pink fur complements a pink blanket quite nicely. And even the walls are painted in subtle pink. So girly!

Glam Teen Bedroom Idea

Teen bedroom themes list is really huge, and the glam theme is at the top of the most popular and cool themes. If your girl is really into glam, go for it! Her girlfriends will envy her.

Cute Modern Teen Bedroom For Girls

Think about the wall color and décor of your girl’s room. If the colors are relatively simple, you can add some posters, a mirror, and shelves as seen here. Be creative!

Cheap Ways To Decorate A Teenage Girl Bedroom

Looking for cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl bedroom? Follow our tips.

  1. Start with furnishing. Do you know that you can easily get inexpensive yet quality furniture? Go for the vintage-style furniture. You can find it on flea markets and estate sales. Then you can either leave it as it is or paint it.
  2. Think about the bedding in advance. You will save money if you pick the wall paint to fit the bedding, not vice versa.
  3. Let the wall design pop. It’s cheaper to decorate plain walls with some cute little décor pieces than opt for some exceptional wall décor created by professionals.
  4. Buy a rug. A rug can cover the modest design of your teen’s floor. Thus, you won’t have to splurge on the new wood flooring. Just avoid natural materials as they can shed easily or just be too rough.
  5. Add some DIY elements. For example, create pillow cases, using some old blankets, drapes, or clothes.

Do you like these teen bedroom ideas? We think that they are truly adorable and, what’s also important, functional. More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.



We need the best under-eye concealer because our busy lifestyles prevent us from looking radiant every day. And these undereye circles are so tricky because they appear instantly and it takes you so much effort to make them fade away. We know that it’s a problem for all women disregarding the age, so we discovered what to do. Also, don’t miss our video tutorials on how to apply concealer to your face to make the makeup flawless.

If you don’t know how to get rid of dark circles, check out our list of the most effective undereye concealers and some advice on how to apply them. Have fun pinning!

Tip #1

At first, use warm coral concealer to hide grey shades. And nude concealer can act as a base. Then, to brighten your skin, apply concealer in banana shade. Finish with banana powder to make the undereye area brighter.

Best Under-Eye Concealer

  • Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer by Maybelline
  • Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer by Beccacosmetics
  • Fit Me® Concealer Medium by Maybelline

Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. This concealer contains haloxyl and goji berry. These ingredients help to hide shadows under the eyes, make fine lines less visible, and brighten your eyes. And its price is quite flattering – only $9.

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer. Due to the unique advanced formula, Ultra HD Stick Foundation makes your skin look natural and flawless, and it is good for any skin type. Set it with finishing powder, for example, Sephora Collection Bright Set Pressed Finishing Powder. As a result, your skin won’t look ashy or shimmery.

FIT Me concealer ensures zero blemishes and flaws. Besides, it hides redness, and at a relatively low price – about $7. Moreover, it won’t clog your pores.

Tip #2

Darker concealer can do miracles. Try using either warm coral or orange corrector before applying foundation, and no dark circles will be visible.

Best Under-Eye Concealer

  • Anew Age-Transforming Concealer by Avon
  • Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer by Lancome
  • Ceramide Lift and Firm Concealer by ElizabethArden

Anew Age-Transforming Concealer diminishes fine lines and improves skin clarity and texture. Brush applicator makes it easy to apply.

Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer by Lancome can easily deal with any signs of tiredness and stress. Its unique not heavy structure easily evens the tone under your eyes.

Ceramide Lift and Firm Concealer, due to its ultra-creamy structure, helps to hide the deep wrinkles. Being rich in vitamins A, E, and C, it makes your look brighter and younger, and protects your skin from antioxidants.

Tip #3

Surely, you know that when applying concealer, you should dot it under the eyes because the undereye skin is quite sensitive. However, the question is whether to do it in a line or triangle pattern. And the answer is the triangle pattern because it brightens the entire face, but not only the undereye area. Apply a lighter tone in other areas of your face that require improvement.

Best Under-Eye Concealer

  • Radiant Creamy Concealer – Custard by Narscosmetics
  • Tinted Eye Brightener by Bobbibrowncosmetics
  • Touche Éclat by Yslbeautyus
  • Diorskin Star Concealer by Dior

Custard Radiant Creamy Concealer ensures the luminous finish because of its luxurious texture. Besides, it does not contain alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and paraben, and it won’t clog your pores.

Tinted Eye Brightener – this concealer is lightweight, and it is perfect for refreshing your makeup and brightening undereye circles. It’s ideal for those who don’t need much undereye coverage.

Touche Éclat. This concealer is preferred by celebrities, artists, models, and women all around the globe. It is so popular because it creates a luminous and natural complexion instead of masking the skin.

The formula of DiorSkin Star Concealer does not only hide dark circles when you use it, but it also makes them fade away if applied regularly. As a result, your eyes will become bright, rested, and really seductive.

Tip #4

Apply redness corrector, full coverage concealer, and eye brightener. These three simple steps ensure the perfect complexion.

Tip #5

To hide more skin flaws, stroke concealer rather than dot it. 4 strokes is enough because of the sensitivity of the undereye skin.

How To Apply Concealer


Short curly hair is something considered to be very difficult to style. There is no wonder why, since many people hardly know the difference between curly and wavy. In fact, that is partly true, especially when it comes to curly hair that is more likely to be of the same ringlet texture throughout the length, while wavy hair is often wavy at the ends.

Yet, it does not mean that short hair can’t be extremely fun and sexy-looking. To prove you our point, we have gathered here a number of trendy and extraordinary ideas to try out, if your hair is short and curly. Are you ready to let something new into your life?

Cute Short Curly Hair

















Curly hair can look not only hot but cute also and you don’t need to make complicated hairstyles for such look. Short hair length will help your tresses look great without your efforts.

Very Short Curly Hair Ideas

















Looking edgy with curly hair is easier than easy! All you should do is opt for a sleek undercut combined with ocean blue shades. Juicy voluminous curls always look stylish.

Chin Length Hair for Short Hair Lovers

















Hairstyles for short curly hair look simply irresistible when they are of chin length. Besides, if your hair is a wave of tight curls, all you should do is leave them be and add that exquisite spice to your look.

Hottest Short Curly Hair Styles

















Short curly hair styles always look hot and fancy. There is no way a man would resist touching that silky, curly mane of yours, even if just the easiest of curls are involved.


How is gel nail polish applied, what’s gel mani? This nail polish acts and looks like regular nail polish. However, it’s gel, and it requires special application conditions.

When doing gel nails, a technician starts with a special base coat, cures it with a LED or UV lamp, applies several coats of color (curing each of them), finishes with a special top coat and again, cures it. When the top layer dries, it is wiped off with rubbing alcohol.

The procedure requires more time and skill, comparing to the regular mani. However, you get chip-free, shiny, and long-lasting mani as a result. So, it is worth it.

Let’s discuss gel mani in detail and show you some fresh nail art ideas.

Bright Glitter Ombre Nail Designs






Glitter ombre nail art ideas are among our constant favorites. Many babes adore sporting glitter on their nails because it makes their manicures appear rather glammed up.

Stunning Patterns for Gel Nails







These nail designs are quite sophisticated with these intricate patterns and smart color choices. However, they are done easier than you might think. With little practice, you can get these dreamy patterns.

Beautiful Floral Nail Ideas








Practically every woman loves flowers, so she will probably find these nail designs super adorable. They can be done with stamps, a brush, or even freehand.

Geometrical Ombre Designs for a Trendy Look








Geometric nail designs are among the most universal ideas for your manicure as it suits anyone. Also, it will look great on short and also on long nails.

Geometrical Nails Ideas








These nail designs are quite sophisticated with these intricate patterns and smart color choices. However, they are done easier than you might think. With little practice, you can get these dreamy patterns.

Gel Nails with Foil Nail Designs








Foil appears miraculous when applied to your nails. You can either pick a subtler design or go full-foil, it is your decision to make. In either case, your manicure will stand out.

Matte Nail Designs Every Lady Will Like








Practically every gel nail lacquer brand has a matte top that can allow you to transform any glossy color. These shine-free manicures are quite inspiring.


Do you know that white graduation dresses are trendy this season? We really love this trend, and that is why we want to discuss it in detail today.

And answering the question that you are saying to yourself now, yes, it is totally okay to wear a dress in white for prom.

White is a classy and neutral color that can compliment every girl. And in its essence, it is positive and pure. People often associate white with sincerity and goodness. Wear white, and it can bring calmness and peace to your mind. This color is the definition of perfection.

Now let’s explore amazing prom dresses in white to any taste.

Classic White Dress With A Bow

In case you wonder what you should wear to your high school graduation, almost every school has its dress code. But there are some general guidelines.

  • A dress may involve spaghetti straps or be strapless (only if it fits properly).
  • It is allowed to put on a backless dress as long as it isn’t cut below a navel.
  • If a dress is 2-piece, it is a must that the pieces overlap at its waist. In other words, there must be no bare skin on a belly.
  • A Midriff mustn’t be exposed.
  • No visible undergarments.

Overall, go for something conservative and sassy at the same time. Because your task is to impress! And here you can see how a relatively short length can be balanced out with a closed top.

Knee Length White Prom Dress With Pockets

Do you know why white graduation dresses with pockets are especially popular? It’s because pockets make our lives much easier! Believe us, you would thank us for this tip afterwards. If you carry a purse while marching the procession, it may appear a bit strange. Leave the wallet and other things in the car or give them to your parents. Keep the looking glass, phone, and keys with you. By the way, there are dress designs with barely noticeable pockets. So, don’t worry they will spoil the look.

White Short Graduation Dress With A Double Skirt

Every girl wants to find the perfect graduation dress. But how to do that?

Well, it all depends on many factors. Some girls base their choice on the current fashion, others search for a particular design and shade. The length, type of neck are also taken into consideration. What’s perfect for one babe may not be to someone else’s taste.

And once you find the dress that is true to you, remember that it’s a must to try it on. It should fit perfectly. This occasion is too important to wear something that won’t fit or won’t flatter you. Plus, make sure it is comfortable enough for you to spend the whole day wearing it. The white dress you can see here won’t restrict your moves throughout the day.

White Short Dress With Black Belt

If you still think that white graduation dresses to wear under the gown appear too wedding-like, you can always spice up white with gorgeous black elements. White and black is a classy, perfect match. So, you will look ultimately elegant in a dress like that. And here you can see how nicely the black belt accentuates the waist.

White Lace Basic Dress With A High Neck

When considering white graduation dresses 2018, why not go for the one with a high neckline? Despite the popular belief, it’s not outdated. Pick it properly, and you will look chic.

Go for a high neckline with some delicate details to avoid looking severe. Delicate details will soften it. Crochet or lace detailing is especially complimenting.

Choose some delicate fabric. The delicate fabric can also help to soften the look and balance the high neckline. For example, pick a silk, cotton voile, rayon, or chiffon dress.

White Floral Knee Length Dress

When thinking about white graduation dresses, why don’t you go for a knee length party dress with a floral pattern? First of all, knee-length dresses experience a comeback these days. Plus, you will appear classy and sassy at the same time. It’s a good combo, how do you think?

But the key to pulling off the knee length is to choose the length flattering to your height. If your height is short, go for the dress that falls right below your knees. And in case you are tall, a mid-calf length will compliment you.

White Short Dress With A Sweetheart Neck

White graduation dresses for high school with a sweetheart neck appear sophisticated yet so sexy. Pick one, and all eyes will be on you!

This neckline will grant the sufficient coverage to your breasts, and it will also accentuate your cleavage. Thus, such a design is ideal for babes with a large bust. It will also suit babes with a short neck and chin and babes whose face shape is angular.

Long White Floral Dress

Maxi dresses for graduation ceremony are extremely popular. It’s because what can be more formal than a long dress? Plus, floor-grazing and flowy, maxi dresses never go out of fashion.

You just need to find your ideal length. Otherwise, you might get caught in the long dress or trip.

Pick a dress that touches your toes. And it should hit your ankles or fall lower. We would recommend that you walk in this dress while in the store. Thus, you’ll make sure the length is comfortable.

Long Lace White Prom Dress With A Flapper Skirt

It’s one of the most iconic white graduation dress ideas we have for you. What do you think about 1920-s fashion? It’s experiencing a comeback, big time. Dresses with flapper skirts are glamorous and eye-catching. Plus, such dresses usually come in modest lengths, which makes them totally appropriate for such a formal occasion as graduation. It’s a win win!

White Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

Is it possible to rock a turtleneck along with long sleeves? We say that everything is possible. And the picture you can see here is our proof. Lightweight, partly see-through fabric definitely saves the situation, making the design as balanced as possible.

Such a neckline can suit practically anyone, but especially those who have a thin neck and long face. Also, if your chest is small, go for such a design!

White Knee Length Graduation Dress

When going for one of university graduation dresses in all white, you can always think about ways to spice it up. For example, add a sandy hat as an accent to your ensemble. As you can see in this pic, the hat really matches this white mid length dress with a partly transparent skirt. Also, we would recommend that you have some tan. Thus, white won’t make you appear washed out.

White Long Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

We really love this white long graduation dress with a scooped neckline and long sleeves. Such a neckline will beautifully display your collarbone and elongate a thick or short neck. Also, babes with a long face will find this neckline flattering. And narrow shoulders will appear wider with it. And in case your body shape is hourglass, the dress design you see here will create a more balanced look between your lower and upper body part.

White Short Off-Shoulder Dress

If you decide to go for one of white graduation dresses short and off-shoulder, you are definitely not afraid of showing off some skin. But what can we say, mini cuts are perfect options for the summertime when it’s hot. And considering that you will be wearing a robe on top, it will be twice as hot. So, wearing a dress like this, with less fabric, is a wise idea.

White Short V-Neck Graduation Dress

A V-neck can help create a taller, longer, and leaner silhouette. Such type of a dress is universally flattering and draws the attention towards the face. And in case you have a short neck, a thick torso, or broad shoulders, this neckline will enhance your appearance.

White Bodycon Dress With Juliet Sleeves

Wear a bodycon dress if you wish to appear more dolled up, fierce and sexy. This dress is quite tight, so it hugs every curve. It also tends to be not long, which will work great for a special event held in the summertime. And here Juliet sleeves make the look more balanced, formal event appropriate.

White Short Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

If you want to go for a graduation dress with long sleeves, it’s better to choose the one that has sleeves made of lightweight see-through material like chiffon. Chiffon with embroidery will work nice, too. Just think about it, it will be super hot outside, and you will also have a robe on.

Long White Dress With A V-Neck

Choose a V-neck if you’d like to show off some cleavage or if you have a large bust. This silhouette also compliments plus size women as it grants some vertical illusion to a dress. Also, it’s noticed that such a silhouette can elongate a woman’s face shape.

White Short Graduation Dress With A Square Neckline

White graduation dresses look so nice when they have a square neckline. Such a neckline will work for any body type. And it will especially enhance a pear shape as it will grant a broader appearance to the shoulders. This silhouette can also balance out a round face.

Now you have an idea of which graduation dresses in white are trendy and how they can enhance your appearance. More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.


Adding layers to a cut is quite beneficial disregarding the hair length. In general, if your tresses are medium to long and thick, the layers will instantly help you get rid of the unnecessary bulk. And in case your tresses are short and fine, the layers will also work wonders by adding the desired volume to your style. Besides layers, you can really flatter your face if you add bangs to the layered cut.

Why do that? Well, the reasons are numerous but to sum up, if your hair is short, bangs will add edginess to your look. If your hair is medium to shoulder length, then by opting for bangs you will add movement and sexiness to your style. And if your hair is long, bangs can make your face appear longer. And now let’s discover the most flattering and trendy styles with layers.

Layered Haircuts for Short Hair

















Layered haircuts for short hair are very much in fashion nowadays. Layers add more depth, texture, and definition to short hair. This is why you can rock any of these hairstyles no matter what hair type you have. Maintaining one of these gorgeous short hairstyles is as easy as ABC. Just make a side part, add some hair spray, and you are ready to go. Layered haircuts for short hair with bangs will add a touch of edginess and will make you hot as hell! A side part with a side swept fringe that gradually falls into your hair will make your short hair elegant and chic.

Medium Hair Layered Hairstyles

















As for layered haircuts for medium hair, long bobs are still pretty popular. It They will suit both wavy and straight hair type. If you have naturally wavy hair, opt for a choppy and textured look that will do you a favor of enhancing your natural beauty. A popular side part will be a great combo with a long bob. When it comes to layered haircuts for medium hair with bangs, there are a couple of options. Firstly, you may go for straight bangs that are slightly above your eyebrows, or opt for longer and torn bangs. Both of these options look super stylish with medium length hair. Wear it in a messy way.

Layered Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair

















Layered haircuts for shoulder length hair are probably the cutest and most feminine thing in the world you could possibly do to your hair, especially when they are styled in a messy way. If you are an owner of natural waves, you can achieve a messy shoulder bob look easily. Even if your hair is naturally straight, it won’t be a huge trouble. The best thing about this kind of hairstyles is that they look very effortless and natural as though you are Queen B that ‘woke up like this’. With layered haircuts for shoulder length hair with bangs it is essential to change your hair color at least a tiny bit. It will boost up the texture and volume of your locks. Subtle highlights at the ends of your hair may be just enough.

Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

















Layered haircuts for long hair are all time favorites of many popular celebrities. This hairstyle is Sara Jessica Parker’s signature look. It is common knowledge that long hair is boring and lifeless most of the times. The best thing that will help you avoid this problem is layers, of course. And they have a huge power of changing your image drastically. Shorter layers and also layered haircuts for long hair with bangs have an amazing face-framing effect, which is a life savior if you need to break up a prolonged face and make it more oval. And the number of ways in which you can rock them is literally endless.

Hope that you have fallen in love with these hairstyles and they will serve you as inspiration.