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Long nails, what is the exact length that determines whether nails are long, you might wonder. While generally this differentiation depends on each person’s perception and taste, a nail technician would classify nails as long if their extension has the same length as the nail bed.

Many ladies really like longer nails, so it is their dream to grow out them. But luckily, the progress in the nail industry does not stand still. And if you cannot grow out your nails due to your lifestyle or so common lack of vitamins, you can get artificial longer nails. There are several types of artificial nails: acrylic nails, gel nails, and silk nails. And once you decide on going natural or artificial, consider the shape of your longer nails.

Everyone has her preferences of the nail shape, but practicality is also to consider sometimes. These are the major nail shapes: square, round, oval, almond, squoval, ballerina, and stiletto. Discover some fresh nail designs for different nail shapes here.

Long Nails of the Coffin Shape

























A coffin nail shape for long nails is ruling the nail industry nowadays. You can see this shape almost on everyone with long nails. This is a subtle variation of a stiletto nail shape. Opt for it if you need something comfortable and bold at the same time. By the way, this is Kylie Jenner’s all time fave. But how you can make your long coffin nails unique? Nude and transparent designs with a touch of sparkles look amazing paired with a coffin shape. Ready for something bold? Go for black designs with a matte finish.

Stiletto Shape Long Nails

























A stiletto nail shape is not that common as coffin nails. But Rihanna is in love with this nail shape. However, it is super easy to break. So, go for acrylic nails to prevent this. As for the designs, everything that is blinking and dazzling will be your cup of tea. A shimmering design and stiletto nails are a great combo to make a statement. You should only decide on the base, nude or bright, that is the question.

Square Shape Long Nails for a Classy Look

























If you are not ready for something as bold as stiletto nails, stay on the side of classy. A square nail shape would be your best bet. And when paired up with a one color design, it is the definition of style and elegance. As for the nail color, here is the part where you can turn your imagination on and decide between nude, bright, and even metallic nail colors, that are a huge trend this season.

Beautiful Almond Shape Long Nails

























An almond shape is another option if you want to stay on the safe side. An almond nail shape is not the one that makes your nails stand out and it is also a great base for a creative design. So, you may go as crazy on the design as you want.

Stunning Oval Shape Long Nails


























Oval shape is one of the stongest and least prone to breaking.But also this shape is very feminine and elegant. Rhinestones, glitter, marble, geometric shapes, and a matte finish are the designs that will help you to make a real statement.

Hope these ideas have inspired you to go for long nails and choose the best nail shape and matching design for yourself.


Green lipstick is one of the hottest trends this year. This magical makeup product is capable of changing a person’s mood. For the past couple of years, women think outside the box and give up pink and red shades for the sake of more creative ones.

Green Lipstick Shades

























Colour pop lipstick includes the most amazing shades of green that have a touch of emerald hue. It makes this lipstick rich and sophisticated. It is truly magical.

Green Lipstick with Glitter

























When it comes to such bold shades as green, you have to know how to apply lipstick correctly and perfectly. Use concealer and lip liner to make the line defined.

Lime Green Lipstick Shades

























A lot of makeup companies are planning to launch greenish lipsticks this year. Why it is in high demand? Nowadays lipstick is a popular accessory in beauty and fashion.

Magical Green Lipstick

























Greenish lipstick colors will successfully create a unique image, which is so important. Moreover, it will definitely make a statement look and give you rebel vibes.

Amazing Green Lipstick

























Pulling off a green color may be the real challenge. But it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. Everyone who has enough confidence can wear greenish lipstick colors.

Fantastic Green Lipstick

























The great thing about this lipstick color is that no matter what your skin undertone is, it will definitely flatter you. So, get inspiration from our ideas and slay your green lips.

Girls Who Wear Green Lipstick And Look Fab

















Green lipstick is new popular makeup trend and often many girls affraid to try it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start rocking this shade.


Let’s make your everyday makeup routine easier. We have created a photo gallery featuring more natural makeup looks that are ideal for a day at school or work. Plus, don’t miss our expert advice that will make your mornings happier.

Simple Everyday Makeup

















The power of makeup is huge, and even natural makeup can really enhance your beauty. Just find several flattering techniques, pick your favorite products, and practice a lot!

Nice Everyday Makeup

















In the mornings, when you lack time, apply simple makeup. Start with foundation. Dab 4 dots and place them with your fingers on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Pretty Everyday Makeup

















Then blend foundation with a brush. Now let us hide those dark circles. Makeup artists advise to add some moisturizer to the brush and only then add the concealer. Dab it under the eyes.

Cute Everyday Makeup

















The concealer should be applied with your fingers as they are warm and let the product blend better for a more natural finish. Next, proceed with applying the blush in a flattering shade.

Сharming Everyday Makeup

















Depending on your skin type, pick either powder or cream blush. Mind that if your skin is oily, all products should be marked as ‘long-lasting,’ and if it’s dry, keeping moisture is a must.

Stylish Everyday Makeup

















There is a simple trick how to find the ideal place for applying the blush – just smile and the cheekbones will become visible. Always blend the color not to look like a doll.

Everyday Makeup Ideas










Do not overload your face with makeup. Say no to eyelashes with three layers of mascara, vivid lipstick, and extra thick eyeliner. Choose cosmetics in the shades that are close to your natural tone of skin.






White coffin nails instantly make your hands look more elegant. Of course, this nails shape presumes your nails to be long enough. Otherwise there will be less charm in it. Besides, the length gives space to the imagination, so various designs can be tried out.

Cute White Coffin Nails

























White nails are something you should try at least once in your life. You can either keep them plain white or decorate with some intricate pattern, but it’s a must for your trendy look.

Amazing Designs for Coffin Nail Shape

























Shaping your nails coffin like will grant you additional attention. But if you combine them with pearl nail polish and stylish French tip, there will be no running away from amazed gasps!

Beautiful Coffin Nail Ideas

























Where is white there goes black, right? This gorgeous combination of colors will never go out of fashion. As well as the mixture of polka dots and stripes. For a bolder look combine all four!

Gorgeous White Coffin Nail Designs

























Sometimes the lesser is the better. And pure white nails are the perfect example of it. White gloss emphasizes the shape in the best imaginable way, don’t you agree?

Stunning White Coffin Nail Designs

























You can choose different styles for coffin nails. The longer length means there is plenty of space for amazing designs and art.

White but Colorful Designs for Every Day



















All white outfits can offer you many advantages. Firstly, you will instantly have a very fresh image. Secondly, you will look truly elegant. So, don’t be afraid to wear nothing but white – we have many ideas how you can pull off this look. Yes, all focus will be on you. Just emphasize how glamorous you are!

All White Outfits With Skinny Jeans

















Do you know how to look even more fresh wearing summer or spring outfits in all whites? Acquire a tan, and those white shades will truly pop. But stay away from bronzer lotions.

Popular All White Outfits
















Mind your color combination as there exist many shades of white, for example, ivory, winter white, and many others. However, the problem is that these shades do not always match.

Sexy All White Looks

















Sometimes one of the shades looks so vivid that another shade seems untidy. So, try to look at the outfit in different lighting. Go to the kitchen, bathroom, and even outdoors.

All White Feminine Outfits

















You can also mix in some neutral shades without breaking this monochromatic style. For example, you can wear some neutral shoes, like silver or nude pumps – very stylish.

All White Trending Items

















Also, do not forget about wearing some matching accessories. They can transfer your attire from one style to another. For example, a wood necklace can make it look beachy.

Everything White Looks For Any Occasion

















This popular trend puts the focus on you. Go fun and ultra-modern with a bright lipstick, choose metallic eyeliner, or go with natural makeup just how fabulous you are.

Newest All White Outfits

















We have found stylish compilation of totally cool all white outfits that for sure will brighten up your summer hot days.

Fresh All White Outfit Ideas









This look is monochromatic, but it does not have to be boring. Therefore, try to play with textures. You can do it by combining items of clothes that are made of different fabrics.





Blue lipstick trend has officially arrived. It stems from a couple of years ago, when models were wearing this lip look on the runaways. Not a long time ago some celebrities started wearing this trend for red carpets. Find out how to make it work.

Amazing Makeup Looks With Blue Lipstick

















Purple lipstick is one of the richest shades in this color family. It works for any skin tone – medium, olive, warm, light, dark. You will definitely do you with purple lips.

Beautiful Blue Lipstick Shades

























Liquid lipstick has revolutionized the world of beauty. It is extremely saturated with color. Take a look at one when you are choosing the blue shade for your lips.

Pretty Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

















With light or olive skin tones, you will need to compliment your eyes with nude eye shadow. To complete the look, go for a thin eye liner that will define your eyes.

Blue Lipstick Shades For Any Occasion

























If you have medium or dark skin tone, it would be great to complete your makeup with some bronze eye shadow. Don’t forget about you mascara for more definition.

Trending Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

















Blue lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter and can help to tone down sallowness.

Stunning Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

























These fun shades will accentuate your lips. However, the shade can easily look costume-ish — after all, no one wants to look like a Smurf. So, pick the shade carefully.

Fantastic Blue Lipstick Makeup

























If you’re affraid to choose hot new shade and that’s making the rounds, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what shade of skin you rock, you can do you in blue.