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Enhancing Asian eyes with makeup, is it really that difficult? Well, it’s true that such eyes are monolid and they do not have a distinct crease.

We would tell you more, many babes just prefer to not wear eye makeup because it is more likely to spoil the look rather than help complete it. And we really hope that this post will help you learn that Asian eye makeup can be super flattering. You just need to know several tricks to succeed. Let’s go!

Natural Looks For Asian Eyes










Each of the best Asian makeup techniques would suggest that you contour a crease. Yes, this is your key to success, well, one of them. Contouring can be done on your eyelids, as well. Like you contour your face, you can make your eyelid crease appear more defined, playing with light and shadow.










With the help of a brush, apply the contouring color along your socket for it to look like an eyelid crease. Then dust some highlighter to the middle of the lid to get a 3D effect. Voila! Now let’s discover more tricks.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Asian Eyes

Does Asian smokey eye makeup seem like something impossible to you? We are all used to hearing that Asian babes cannot rock smokey eye, but it is so not true in reality. To prove our point, catch one of Asian makeup tutorials that will teach you how to pull off smokey eye makeup.

  • Apply eye primer. This step is especially significant to babes who have oily eyelids. Eye primer helps makeup become more long-lasting and intensify the colors of eyeshadow, making your eyes pop. Smokey eye is about playing with depth and shadows, and the primer will facilitate the process.
  • Next, smokey eye for downturned eyes requires applying a base color. It can be a matte hue that is one shade lighter or exactly matches your complexion. The base can help other shades pop more and blend with each other more easily.

  • Apply a hue along your outer crease. This will be a transitioning hue. It should be a bit darker, comparing to the base hue. And it should be applied along the crease or along the eye socket in case the crease cannot be detected. Go for the V-shape when putting it on, with the point peaking towards your outer eye corner. And if we are talking about smokey eye makeup for Asian hooded eyes, ensure that this transitioning hue can be seen above a hood. How to achieve that with ease? When putting on makeup, relax the eyebrows, look straight. And leave matte eyeshadow shades for your outer eye corner and above a hood.

  • A darker hue should be applied to the outer eye corner. Many babes think that it’s the scariest part in the Asian eyes makeup application. But don’t worry as the overall look will be winning. This hue should be applied along the transitioning V line

  • Apply one more dark hue for the intensity build up. Choose a shade darker than the one from step 4. And keeping to the classic blacks and greys is not a must. You can easily rock blues, greens, purples, etc. Just think about the desirable eye shape. Would you like it to be longer? Then pull the hue outwards. Would you like it to appear rounder? Pull it a bit upwards, then round up its shape slightly.

  • Put a lighter hue on the highlighted areas. This shade can be glittery and shimmery – awesome! Pick a lighter hue from the same palette and apply it from your inner eye corner and towards the centre. Blend the hues out properly to form a gradient. In case your eyes are hooded, intensify the color under the hood.

  • Apply these dark hues from the palette to the lower lash-line, too. This will make the makeup appear more complete.
  • Put on eyeliner along the lash-line. This step is optional.
  • Apply mascara to the lashes. This step is optional too but it will definitely enhance your eye makeup. See, how beautiful!

Asian Eyes Makeup With Eyeliner










It is the myth that Asian eye makeup monolid cannot be done with eyeliner. Actually, any beauty guru would tell you that eyeliner can open those small eyes.










There is a trick how to make it work: besides using darker eyeliner like blue or black, use some contrasting pearl or white eyeliner in the waterline below. As a result, you will open the lower part of your eye and make it appear bigger, more vivid, which is exactly what you need.



















Considering that Asian eyes often lack the crease, you have so much space between the brow and socket to work with. It means that you can apply eyeshadow very high up to your brow bone for a super dramatic and glammed up look. This will make your eyes visually deeper and bigger. The similar effect can be achieved if you apply false eyelashes. You will be the Belle wherever you go!

Night Glam Makeup Looks

Are you going out on the town tonight? Then one of the amazing looks you can see here will definitely work great!










Now you know how to enhance Asian eyes with makeup. We hope that makeup application will bring you only joy and excitement from now on. More interesting info is waiting for you on our blog.


A rose gold color is what we all start seeing everywhere we go. Its popularity started growing in past few years and it doesn`t seem to stop. However, it was not always like this as, first, a rose-gold color was introduced only to jewelry by mixing solid gold with other metals. As soon as this combination appeared on the market it started spreading to other items. Clothes, shoes, makeup palettes, nail polishes, even phones can now be found in such a color after it has become so trendy. And as for us, there`s nothing strange about it getting so popular as it suits everyone and looks great with nearly everything. Want to look stylish without putting much effort? Then make rose-gold present in your life.

Rose Gold Rings Designs










Have you noticed how fast rose gold jewelry has become a trend and then quickly become a new classic? Such a beautiful color appeared in jewelry stores and made people`s hearts melt immediately. As this color origins from a mixture of yellow gold with other metals, we believe that it is necessary to have at least one piece of rose-gold jewelry. Why don`t you start with a rose-gold ring? Such rings will become a great alternative for those who want to bring something colorful to their daily lives. They will look good on every skin tone and will match other metals really well.

Rose Gold Makeup Ideas










There are so many ways to rock it in makeup. You can use it for eyes as the main color, to create a cut crease, to add some color to your smoky eye or just to make your eyes pop by smoking your lower lash line with it. Not ready to experiment with your eyes? Then choose some rose-gold highlighter to amaze people as soon as the sun starts putting its rays on your face or add some definition to your lips with adding metallic rose-gold topper to your favorite lipstick. Rose-gold is a great choice for anyone as it flatters any skin color. It will be great for your daily routine as well as nights out, you need to try and make sure by yourself.

Rose Gold Hair Shades










It can look intense too, but it can also be as subtle as possible. Everything depends on what you and your hairdresser will find for you. Peachy or washed out rose-gold will be great for those who are fed up with their blonde hair and want a bit of change but not too much. You can also add some highlights and dye only a few strokes of your hair. Ombre with rose-gold is definitely an option for girls who don`t want to ruin their natural hair color but want to try something new. Choose the way you want your hair to become rose-gold and enjoy it as much as possible.

Rose Gold Shades For The Perfect Manicure










Rose-gold color nail paint is what girls choose this year more and more. Of course, as it looks so well on the tips of your fingers. A combination of baby pink with rose-gold is a bomb! And the best about it is that rose-gold can be in as many variations as possible. From glitter and foil to polishing. Any design your heart desires can be chosen. In our opinion, rose-gold is a must to try at least once no matter what time of the year as it will suit any occasion and season.

Rose Gold Dresses Designs










Rose Gold Color For Wedding Inspiration










What you should keep in mind is that rose gold is not only a color for your daily life. You can also associate with one of the biggest events in your life. A rose-gold themed wedding is a must for those who want to choose something different, subtle and at the same time stylish and romantic. Just think how cute and chic it will look for such a huge love party. From tables with sweets, dresses of bridesmaids, details and decor, you can make everything look stunning with such a color choice.

Rose Gold Accessorias










For sure, this beautiful accessorias will stand out among others, being even more special for you than it is already. In a combination with right outfits, rose-gold is something that can`t be missed. So, don`t hesitate and pick it for your useful items as soon as you have such an opportunity.

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes










In recent years rose gold became such a huge thing that nearly every makeup brand has a collection which is dedicated to it. And of course, we are not against it. Such a beautiful color used in such different variations is what we needed for sure. Makeup brushes are all available now in rose-gold to make you feel like a goddess.


A pixie cut might be a great option for a self-confident woman pursuing a career or a woman who is a tomboy by nature. It’s because a pixie has this unique carefree vibe with a hint of bossiness, and the letter quality is not that common in other haircuts.

Surely, you may hesitate whether to get your hair cut short. But even though we agree that wearing short hair can be challenging, once you learn how to manage it you would never wish to grow out your tresses again. And it is not surprising, as a shorter cut has many benefits to offer.

Edgy pixies will grant you a ton of compliments and thus make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Plus, modern pixies come in various shapes and with many elements that change the image drastically and can enhance your facial features. You can change the game by simply adding or removing bangs, layers, or undercuts. Intrigued? Then let’s go pick a cool pixie for you.

Pixie Cut Hair Ideas

It is a common misconception that pixie cuts are difficult to style and can only be styled in one way. As you can see by the pictures of pixie cut styles below, pixies are most certainly versatile and can be styled many ways.

A pixie undercut is a great way to add volume your hair. Ask your stylist for a trendy undercut and some color on the top to add depth and dimension to your pixie. Or ask for a pixie cut with bangs for a sexy and flirty vibe!

Cool Pixie Cuts:

  1. Faux Hawk Pixie Cut
  2. Shaggy Pixie
  3. Side Swept Bangs
  4. Curly Pixie
  5. Wedge Pixie
  6. Punk Pixie
  7. Asymmetrical Pixie
  8. Disconnected Pixie Cut
  9. Feathered Pixie
  10. Tapered Pixie
  11. Undercut
  12. Choppy Pixie
  13. Preppy Pixie
  14. Long Pixie
  15. Razored Pixie










Here are some expert styling tips to help you rock your pixie cut!

  1. Prep your hair with the desired product: texturizing cream, volumizing mousse, shine serum, whatever style you have choose for that day.
  2. Blow dry your hair until it’s almost dry. Use a round brush for a straight look or a diffuser for your curly tresses.
  3. Finish your style. Do you want it spiked? Seductively off to one side? A tousled, bed head look Use this time to style your pixie according to your mood or look for the day.
  4. Set your style: Use a quality finishing spray to hold your pixie in place!










Still, not convinced that you can sport a short and sassy pixie? Take a look at some of the styles above. The best thing about a pixie is that you can experiment with color techniques such as ombres and balayage hues to add texture and depth to your tresses. And think of how much cooler your short pixie cut will feel on those hot and humid summer days!

Pixie Hair Cuts For Beautiful Daily Look

A pixie cut is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your hair. Any woman who has self-confidence can pull off a pixie cut, as they are quickly becoming one the most popular hairstyles for short hair. And as previously stated, you don’t have to stick to just one style with a pixie. If you get the right cut, you can style your pixie differently every day!

Take a gander at some of the pics below for short choppy pixie haircuts. As you can see, you can style your bangs to one side, or let them fall naturally over your face for a carefree look. As well, you can curl your hair or slick it back for a more polished look. And if you wake up with a sassy attitude you can always spike your hair for a bold and rebellious look.










Now if you think that styling a pixie cut with thick hair will be a hassle, you couldn’t be more mistaken! A pixie cut can work wonders for thicker tresses as it will help remove some of the weight. In addition, it adds texture to your hair for added volume and bounce!










Adding some soft highlights or balayage tones can also liven up your pixie cut. Highlights or lowlights can give your hair a multi tonal look that will add dimension to your hair. If you feel like you need a change, but don’t want to go over the top, try some soft balayage tones to compliment your natural hair color.

Awesome Colorful Pixie Haircut Ideas

Perhaps the best thing about a pixie cut is that they are perfect for experiment with bright and bold colors. Whether you want to color your entire head of hair hot pink or go for a rainbow ombre, there is no end to the number of creative and unique hair color ideas for pixie cuts.

So if you are running out of ways how to style pixie haircut, look no further. Check out these awesome pixie cuts that are just bursting with color and charisma!

As you can see from the photos below for pixie cut color ideas, pixies look positively striking with bold and bright colors! Whether you got for a curly faux hawk pixie, a slicked back fuchsia pixie or a colorful orange, pink and yellow ombre pixie with shaved sides, you will certainly be able to find the pixie cut and color combo that works for you!










Some of the best hair color for short pixie cut are those that are bursting with bright colors. In the first photo, a bright crimson red makes this trendy curly faux hawk pop with color. The pink and violet balayage hues in the second picture are perfect for those who love pink! If you really want to be the center of attention, try this pastel faux hawk pixie with shaved sides. The pale orange, pink and yellow tones are perfect for a summer haircut!

Have we inspired you to go try one of these edgy pixie cuts? We dare you to embrace your inner punk rock chick and go for a bold new look that just burst with color!

Think you have what it takes to rock one of these short and sassy pixies! We do!



Today a fade haircut owes its popularity to YouTube, movies, chat rooms and various social media platforms. And this haircut is especially popular among African American women. Why so? It’s because this super short cut allows African American women to deal with their unruly, naturally curly locks.

So, oftentimes, wearing a fade cut is not only about being daring, it is about embracing who you are. As if you get your hair cut that short, you won’t have to straighten it with all possible and impossible means.

Let’s explore those sassy and trendy looks with a fade cut we have prepared for you.

Fade Haircut With Pixie Hairstyle



















Very Short Hair Fade Haircut



















Mohawk Fade Haircut Ideas










High Fade Haircut Hairstyles


Looking for fun and creative summer nail designs? Are you tired of the same boring colors and nail art? Summer will be here before we know it and that means bonfires on the beach, picnics in the park, swimming, and late summer nights. And of course, we want to look our best from our hair to our clothes to our nails. It’s never too soon to think about nail designs for summer that will match your favorite sundress or suit that day on the beach with the girls.

If you are looking for easy nail designs, look no further. These nail designs for summers are easy to achieve with just a bit of practice and a pinch of an artistic flare.

And the best part is that you can always experiment and try out different nail designs until you find the one you like best. Or, perfect your favorite nail designs for summer season!

Nifty Neon Nails

Bright neon colors are peculiar to the hot season. This fun look with its pretty pink tips, mint green midsection and nude half moons is so adorable. It will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes, and you can alter the neon shades to match your attire or your mood!If you bored of simple designs you can create a funny art with these colors

Road Trip Nails

Summer is the best time for road trips with your family and friends. This vintage road map nail art may look complicated, but it’s quite simple. All you need to duplicate this trendy design is white and clear nail polish, a road map, and rubbing alcohol. People will be blown away by your nail art!

Summer Citrus Nails


Summer and citrus go hand in hand, so why not try this sweet design? You can adorn all of your nail tips with the same shade of your favorite fruit or mix it up.

Ice Cream Nail Art

It just isn’t summer without ice cream! Choose pretty pastel shades mixed with white, and paint on some swirly ice cream designs to get nails that look good enough to eat!

Summer Swirls

Summer also means slushie. What can be better than showing off this snazzy mani consisting of pastels in a combination with an intricate design that harkens back to days of sipping slurpee on a hot summer’s day?

Far Out Tie-Dye Nails

If you aren’t skilled at straight lines, you will love this funky tie-dye design. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite summer shades, and you can easily master this adorable effect! Perfect look for a day on the beach!

Chic Chevron Nails

If you want to make your shorter nails appear longer, a classic chevron is the way to go. This Retro-70’s nail art with bold summer colors is absolutely perfect. Just choose 4 summer shades and alternate the chevron effect on each nail for a fun and chic design.

Ocean Ombre Nails

Create an ombre effect with beachy blue and cream or white tones. Then draw a cute little starfish or an anchor on every other nail for a stunning summer effect.

Triangular Trifecta

Reverse French manicures are all the rage, but this one takes it up a notch using a fun zig-zag design that isn’t of the typical oval shape. Choose up to 4 bold summer shades and rock this geometric nail art.

Wacky Melon Moons

Nothing better than an ice cold slice of watermelon to cool you off on a humid summer day! This adorable design with its sweet, wacky watermelon half moons will impress your friends.

Palm Tree Nail Designs

Palm trees may seem tried and true when you think about summer nail designs. However, if you choose a pretty panel as a base and design your palm tree in the brigth color or in a darker shade, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Nautical Moons

For a fun 4th of July look, try this patriotic design where red, white and blue are combined with stripes and sparkles! If you’re skilled enough, leave one nail white and draw a blue or red anchor to really make this nail design pop! You can rock this patriotic style all summer long!

Basic Blocks

If you aren’t skilled at fine details like anchors or palm trees, this bright color blocked mani looks classic for any occasion. Simply choose four bright shades and paint blocks of each color on every nail, alternating the pattern between nails if you wish. Or, choose 3 to 4 shades of the same color for a more subtle effect.

Bright Abstract

This fun nail art is eye catching and easy. A bright abstract nail design works with any color combination you want

Pink Flamingo

Fancy pink flamingo manicure is so pretty and stylish. You can choose a bright color and paint a flamingo on one nail. And black stripes on a white base will be one more accent.

This orange chrome color is so hot for this summer. And sparkly accents will help you to rock this season.

Swirls Accent

Sometimes, simple ideas are the prettiest. Sand glitter swirls will make your mani original.

Mosaic Flower

The latest trend – a mosaic flower design. Three-dimensional art is so fresh and delicate.

Fresh Summer Nail Designs


















There you have it! 24 totally pretty summer nail designs! Break out that nail polish and start practicing so that you can make all of your friends jealous about your super-cool nails this summer!