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Looking for one of the best family vacation spots in Europe, go to London. This city can enthrall its tourist by the amazing London dungeon, Zoo, fire eaters at convent garden and more. Though you might be thinking that this city is only for high budgeted people but just go through the London underground and you will be flooded with so many hotels and resorts at reasonable price tags. Life in this city is so captivating that people do not want to leave the city once they are in. According to the English writer Samuel Johnson, people who are tired of this big city, must be tired of their life.


If you wish to have a Disney world vacation, then go to Paris. Paris is a beautiful option for that. This is not to mention that Eiffel tower is the most attractive thing of this city of light and it looks even more beautiful as the light starts flickering after dark. Also Jardin de Luxembourg, blocks of Rococo, various iconic landmarks, neo classic architecture, Centre Pompidou and several kid friendly attractions are among other interesting things that make the vacation invigorating.


This is a very kid friendly city that should be considered as the first priority if you have kids with you. So many colorful buildings, inspirational landscape, fairy tale castles, amusement park, etc. are the biggest attraction of this city. You will find out the national aquarium of Denmark ‘The blue planet’ here that is the largest one in the northern Europe. This aquarium will surely enthrall your kids by the walls of water and more than 20000 animals in it.




If you and your kids are the history loving people, Rome is one of the best family vacations for you. This city is the sign of ancient history and move towards the Colosseum and Pantheon to experience that history. Kid friendly museum, several piazzas and many more attraction will provide you lifelong memories. There is a myth that Romulus and Remus are the two brothers, who were raised by a she wolf and a war god, have founded this beautiful city. It is for sure that there is something mystery and magical in Rome that attracts the travelers highly.


The best time to explore this city is in August while the Edinburgh festival takes place especially if you are taking your kids with you. It is really an amazing experience to the kids when they get a chance to try step dancing skills with the very traditional bagpipe tunes. Also there are many others things to explore such as the ancient Edinburgh castle, Scottish highland and do not forget to climb the Arthur’s Seat that will let you enjoy an inspiring city views.


Beach sides, cathedral, churches, the tree lined Las Ramblas and street performance, Barri Gotic, Gaudi’ s artwork in the Güell Park are some of the attractions that will surely keep you busy all through the day. Though this city is better known for rowdy nightlife but still there are many other things to be enjoyed by a family. This city is a combination of ancient history and wild bizarre, so you can enjoy both the things at a time.



Amsterdam is another one of the best family vacations for you. If you are in the search of impressive sights, plan a tour in Amsterdam with your kids and enjoy the city at your fullest. This city is very kid friendly that has to offer a lot of things to the kids. Go for canal tours and for better exploring the city rent a bakfiet and peddle to run around the city. Also do not forget to visit the Tropen Museum the roof of which is being transferred into beach in the summer season.


This amazing Italian city has a lot of attractions to pull all types of visitors’ towards it. Roaming through the Uffizi Gallery, scenic Ponte Vecchio and Tuscan hills will provide you huge fun. Also have a taste of the special foods at the gelato shop. And above all these, the much interesting thing is the Renaissance art that will blow your mind with its epic work.


You can consider this place as your next vacation spot if you have kids with you. Madrid Zoo in Casa de Campo and Parque de, the amusement park are some of the attractions of this city. Do not miss out to visit the royal palace.


Berlin is a very interesting place that is just perfect for the family vacations. Number of Kinder cafés, fashionable eateries will definitely delight your kids. You can spend quality time in the Berlin Zoo and Tiergarten with your family and kids. It’s already more than two decades after the fall of Berlin wall but still this city is barking in a cultural renaissance where everything starting from museum, food, fashion and nightclubs are present.

So, plan for a tour in any of the above mentioned city and make your travel memorable.


Nude nails designs never go out, and it is a fact. And this fact makes nail art ideas in nudes our little life saviors as following all those new trends often becomes exhausting and sometimes we need something that will never fail us.

Nail art in nudes has many perks:

  • It appears clean and neat;
  • It makes your mani appear well-groomed and elegant;
  • Nude shades are excellent at hiding chipping;
  • Nudes pair well with all nail polish colors;
  • Manicure in nude will complete practically any image;
  • A dress code is not your enemy when your nails are nude.

But which nudes are best for you? Let’s figure it out.

Experts advise picking nail polish that is one shade lighter, comparing to the skin tone. By doing so, you will make sure that this nude compliments rather than masks the skin tone.

That being said, let’s move on and get familiar with the latest trends in the world of nude nail art.

Beautiful Glitter Nude Nails Designs








































Glitter nail lacquer is your best bet if you wish to spice things up a bit and make your manicure in nudes be a bit more fun. Glitter accents are perfect for this kind of job. Plus, your mani will appear more glammed up.

Nude Nails with Rhinestones









































Rhinestones are capable of making your nude nail art sparkle with sophistication and taste. The less formal the occasion is, the more rhinestones and gems can be added for extra shine.

Incredible Matte Nude Nails Ideas









































Matte nail lacquer is experiencing a huge comeback, and if you love all things matte, that must be a super pleasant piece of news for you. Add some cute accents for your mani to stand out even more.

Nude Nails with Ombre Design







































What can be more up-to-date than ombre nail designs in nudes? If you have not noticed, ombre is everywhere today when it comes to the elements of your image, and your manicure is not an exception.

Super Easy Nude Nail Designs



























So, aren’t these nail art ideas in nudes exceptional? Come back for more inspiration! We always have something for you.


An inverted bob haircut is a trendy variation of a classic bob haircut that is one length. Its front is longer, and it frames a woman’s face and thus makes it appear slimmer. And the layers become shorter towards the back, making it more voluminous.

In case you have just got a bob after wearing your tresses longer, you will be amazed at your new styling routine. While it used to take you hours to get and maintain volume, now just some back combing can do the trick and grant you the volume boost that will last all day long.

Now let’s discuss your styling options in greater detail.

Straight Inverted Bob Hairstyle Looks









































When sleek and straight, an inverted haircut looks really stylish and bossy. What can we say, a straight haircut is unlikely to ever go out, and it is awesome. We really love its sharp lines and the unique balance between the longer face-framing front and shorter voluminous back.















To get some volume boost, we would recommend that you apply sea salt spray when styling. And for the added shine, you can apply oil mist – this final step will also make your tresses appear sleek all day long without any touch-ups. This timeless look will work for any woman.

Messy Inverted Bob Haircut



























A medium length inverted bob will certainly add some carefree vibes to your image when you choose to style it so that it looks messy. A messy bob haircut is flirty and fun. And we can state without any hesitation that this look will work great not only for a day at the office but also for a night out on the town with your best friends. The added beach texture makes the waves fall especially effortlessly and soft – the result that is unlikely to be achieved without the deliberate messiness. When styling, apply volume boosting mousse and texturizing serum, then blow dry your locks, finger-combing them. Finish with medium hold hair spray.

Beautiful Wavy Inverted Bobs















These haircuts appear especially feminine when waved a bit. The inverted bob medium length allows for the added movement and lift when styled like that. While your tresses are clean and still wet, apply beach wave mousse. This mousse will grant lift as well as the texture that will last. Blow dry your tresses and then use a medium-barrel curling iron to get waves. When all strands are waved, finish with dry texture hair spray. This hairstyle can work great for women with any face shape or hair type.

A-Line Inverted Bob Hair Style














All bobs have something to amaze us with, but when we see these A-line inverted bobs, we think that they are the real champions when it comes to blowing our minds. This dramatic and crisp angle is what we love the most about this bob haircut. Such haircuts appear quite futuristic and are so reminiscent of anime characters and fantasy movies, especially with added pops of colors. When styling, use special cream for blow-drying to get the necessary hold as well as sleekness. Such a drastic angle will work for babes whose necks are not short. Whether your tresses are thin or thick, you can sport an A-line inverted bob.

Long Inverted Bob Cut














An inverted bob long is the answer in case you would not like to sacrifice much length when getting a new haircut. And many babes don’t because they think that longer locks make them appear more feminine (we would not argue with this statement). Truly, if you would like to amplify your inner enigma, mysteriousness, individual beauty, then a long inverted bob is to go for. Longer locks at the front create such an intriguing contrast with a dramatically shorter back. And waves will complement a long inverted bob with layers spectacularly.

Medium Length Inverted Bob Hairstyle















Opt for a medium inverted bob in case you feel like getting a compromise between a more daring short haircut and a more mysterious long bob haircut. And do you know that the best thing about sporting a medium length bob is its versatility? This kind of a bob haircut is a good basis for practically anything. Which means that if you decide to slightly alter the way you look, you will not have to go through the hell on Earth. By the way, Kelly Clarkson and Victoria Beckham were spotted with this variation of bob and looked fantastic.

Short Inverted Bob














Rihanna is one of the most well-known fans of short inverted bob haircuts. And there is no wonder why celebs like Rihanna choose to wear a short layered inverted bob – this type of inverted bobs is probably the easiest to style. Tresses just lay perfectly on their own due the density and smoothness. How cool is that!

This post is supposed to help you find your perfect inverted bob, and we hope that now you already know what to ask for next time you go to the salon. Catch more inspo on our blog.


Short prom dresses have become a great trend recently. More and more girls all around the world start choosing them instead of long gowns we are all used to associating with prom. This stereotype is so old and we can easily agree that nowadays prom dresses don`t have to be really long! Fashion experts are fascinated with this new tendency and have stated that with all the designs available on the market now, the choice can`t be made easily. Our prom night is something we will look back on for our whole life, and that`s why we aspire to choose the dress that won`t make us blush in years. Still, don`t have any idea on what short dress to put on? Then we are here to help you find your perfect prom dress. If you`re still wondering what type of gown to choose, then look through our suggestions and easily find that one dress.

Peach And Cream Double Skirt Dress With Sleeves

Peaches and Cream – everyone’s dream! That`s the most exact description we can give you about this dress. Romantic and super fancy, it will make you look really cute and trendy without you putting too much effort. Believe us, this double skirt will make your legs look so long in a pair of heels while long sleeves will make you look as decent for the occasion as possible. Beautiful white patterns will go so well with a peachy beige color. Try this short prom dress on, and you will feel super gorgeous! Short dresses are thought to be the best prom dresses to choose from, so don`t hesitate.

White Patterned Prom Dress With Sleeves

Do you prefer short prom dresses with sleeves? Then this one is perfect for you! Done in a snow white color, it will make you feel like a Hollywood star for sure! The length just right above the knee length in the combination with a full skirt will compliment your legs! A cute bow on the waist will make you appear as petite as possible completing the picture with the lacey material on the top.

White And Gold Double Skirt Dress

A gorgeous combination of white and gold is always a key to a luxurious look. That is why we believe it has become one of the biggest trends in prom dresses this year. For short prom dresses, we consider these colors to be bomb! If you agree, then think of turning your attention to this white and gold double skirt dress. Mainly white with gold lacey material on the top, it will be one of a kind for a prom night! A double skirt will make you look like a blooming flower, so don`t doubt.

Gold And Peach Prom Dress

Among all the short formal dresses, this one looks truly special as for us. A trendy color that will suit any skin and hair shade is just what you need to look both fancy and not too much. The plain peachy material completed with a lacey top, it will make you look as great as possible. Catch the lights and feel like the real Queen of the night!

Red V-neck Halter Dress

What can be more appropriate for prom than a burning red short dress? In pair with a v-neck, it`s just right to make everyone`s jaw drop. Made from a thin material, as airy as possible, it will bring out your beauty even more. Red never goes out of style, so don`t worry about it being modern in the photos in years. Trust us, it will look burning even in decades.

Pink Floral Chiffon Dress

A floral print got so popular in recent years that you will for sure look as trendy as possible wearing it for prom. Especially if you choose such a combination of flowers and chiffon together. A floral top will make your upper body appear as delicate as you wish while a full peachy chiffon skirt will make your waist look really thin. Decorated with bright, colorful flowers, a skirt is truly a specialty of this dress.

White Floral Cocktail Dress

Do you prefer a cocktail dress for prom? Then this perfect one is just for you! A white color that will make you look as innocent as possible going with beautiful flowers on top. A lacey material that makes the dress appear full and airy is what will catch attention. You will look so beautiful in a top with a skirt of such a type. Think of getting this one!

White Flapper Prom Dress With Rhinestones

We bet you`ve heard of the rhinestones trend that has come over the world recently. Why don`t you pick a dress covered in them? Super catchy and fancy, it will be just as right to make you look like the star of your prom night! With interesting details and long sleeves, it will be perfect for you not to look like too much! White flappers will complement your body and will make you shine brighter than a diamond!

White Cocktail Dress With A Flapper Skirt

Something truly different – that`s how we can describe this beautiful dress. A plain white one decorated with beautiful details such as lace and a special flapper skirt. So full, it will make your body appear really petite and fit. Isn`t it great? Even though it may be a bit too short for you, trust us, its effect is undeniably magnifying.

Peach Bodycon Dress With Sleeves And Long Back

Most of the time we associate prom nights with balls where queens and princesses got to dress as fancy as possible. If you like this idea, then this peach bodycon dress is your piece of cake. Of a gorgeous peachy color, it will compliment your skin for sure. Small detailed patterns all over the gown will bring so much beauty to your look. Long sleeves with a long back will look so stylish on you that this night will definitely be yours!

Beautiful Black Halter Dress

A little black dress is a true classic for all the times! This simple dress will blow everyone`s mind. Plain black decorated with small details, it will be fancy and reserved at the same time. Isn`t it a dream? Save it for other occasions, and you will always look as stylish as possible.

Bright Burgundy Strapless Dress

Thinking of short prom dresses, we instantly come up with strapless dresses ideas. Of course, as they are always fancy and dramatic for such special occasions as prom. Now think of a bright burgundy strapless dress all covered with glitter. Great, isn`t it? Then don`t hesitate and pick it for yourself.

Soft Pink Asymmetrical Dress

Everyone in the modern world is looking for something unordinary. Even in prom dresses, we have a thing for you, if you want something unusual for yourself. An asymmetrical dress design that will make you look like a true model. Strapless in soft pink with a lacey top material, it will make you appear stunning for your prom night!

Black Prom Dress With A Layered Skirt

This black option is one of the best in short prom dresses 2018, in our opinion. This strapless black dress with a layered skirt will make you look really fit and stately. Such simplicity always catches the most of attention, so don’t be surprised when everyone will stare at you at a party.

Black Off-Shoulder Dress With A Flappy Skirt

We suggest thinking of getting this black off-shoulder dress with a flappy skirt. Why? Being super simple, it`s really unordinary at the same time. A-silhouette design will make your body unforgettable. If you think it`s too ordinary, then notice a flappy skirt that adds even more romance to your look.

Beautiful Pink Dress With Sleeves

Super girly, this pink dress is really trendy in such a dusty rose color. You won`t be left unnoticed, for sure, if you pick this one for your special night. With long sleeves, a short length and silky material – it`s a true definition of style. Simple but interesting at the same time, it will go well with your beauty.

Black Bodycon Dress With A Flappy Skirt

In the list of all the short prom dresses, we believe this black bodycon dress is for those ladies who are not afraid of standing out. Short and skin tight, it will bring attention without being too much for such an occasion. A flappy skirt will be a detail that will make your look flirty and super easy. A great choice for your great night!

Burgundy Dress With Bishop Sleeves

A Burgundy dress is another great suggestion among other party dresses. Such a deep color got really popular recently, so you will for sure look stylish in it. But wait, there`s another extra special detail in it. These bishop sleeves that accompany the design of the dress so well. A thin waist is guaranteed to be defined in such a dress option, too, so don`t hesitate and pick it for your prom!


A Boho wedding dress is a must this season! Some people consider Boho to be boring and old fashioned, but we don`t agree. Why? There are so many options done in such a style completed with modern details that make these wedding gowns perfect. From open backs to long sleeved romantic designs that will make your look unforgettable. We want you to think properly and pick the dress of your dream, so our best tip would be to look through the gowns without rushing. Try on different variants and choose your dream one. If you need some help, then we are here to give you some suggestions in the Boho style that occupied wedding salons this year.

Romantic Lace Wedding Dress

Are you looking for a dress that will make you feel like a queen? Then you got this one right. A perfect option that will add romance and flirtiness to your look. A lacey material will make you appear as airy as possible while a low neck will bring some definition to the whole wedding look. Do you still doubt? Then don`t, cause we believe this lace wedding dress to be one of the trendiest Bohemian dresses of this wedding season.

Boho Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves

This long sleeve bohemian wedding dress is a true dream for people who want to choose something unusual for their special day. Long sleeves that bring some mystery to the whole look will help you put an accent to a long super airy skirt. Made of a beautiful combination of tulle and lace, it will be just right to show how tender the bride is. Couldn`t find the wedding gown that will show your character? Look carefully at this one then.

Hippie Style Bride

Do you belong to the club of the free spirited souls? If yes, then this wedding dress is your perfect match. Long, decorated with gorgeous hand made lace and knitting, it reminds us of a hippie movement that brought happiness and peace to the world. Add this amazing piece of art to your wedding look and you will definitely be happy with how your wedding look turns out.

Wedding Gown With A Bare-Skin Effect

This wedding dress with a bare-skin effect is the dream one for all the girls who want to find something different. Not a casual one, it shows more skin, weighing down the look with a beautiful lacey skirt that falls to the ground. A low neckline will be a great detail in this romantic wedding dress. We advise you to make up your mind fast on this one, as it is a true definition of style.

Boho Floral Lace Dress To Feel A Harmony

If you believe that simplicity is the key to perfection, then this Bohemian wedding dress is your piece of cake. Super simple but really beautiful and interesting at the same time, it will bring as much attention to you as possible. Long, completed with super thin floral lace, it gives an idea of harmony and lightness. If that`s a definition of how you want to look, then don`t skip this design and rush to the shop to buy your dream dress!

Best Bridal Dress For A Beach Wedding

Is your dream wedding location a super romantic place near the sea or the ocean? Then this style is just for you. Super light and casual at the same time, it`s an ideal option for a Boho wedding dress beach. Don`t you think? With beautiful low sleeves, thin lace and length, it`s exactly what you are looking for. Formal but perfect for a beach ceremony, as well. Extra romantic and simple to make your special day a dream.

Embroidery is becoming a great trend not only among wedding designers nowadays. More and more often embroidered clothes appear on the shelves of the stores. We believe that such an ethnic tradition is a great way to remind of old-school simplicity and charm in a wedding dress design. Romantic and truly gorgeous, embroidery will make your wedding dress turn into the perfect gown. Done on chiffon and completed with lace, it`s the true definition of tenderness.

Wedding Gown For A Free-Spirited Bride

Are you not keen on keeping up with the trend? If your soul needs something simple that will show your independence from the rest of the world and freedom, then this beautiful wedding dress is for you. Simple but still really effective, it`s one of a kind. Long, made of different kinds of lace that can be seen through in some places, and chiffon at the end of the skirt. It will for sure make your look unforgettable not only for you and the groom but also for all of the guests.

Fab Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Do you prefer fabulous wedding gowns with long sleeves? If yes, then look at this one. Super romantic it is a perfect match for those who want their wedding look to be simple but dreamy at the same time. Lacey material which adds a bit of mystery to the whole look is spread all over the gown down to the ground where it is gathered into a beautiful skirt with the tail. Isn`t it a dream dress?

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress

Dresses that show more skin are getting more and more popular this year. Of course, as they add some definition to the body of the bride and make her look as delicate as possible. However, if you prefer such a trend but still want something more special added, then think of an off shoulder wedding dress. A small detail that will bring so much beauty into the look that it can`t be missed.

Boho Wedding Dress With An Open Back

Super simple, it`s still one of the trendiest in 2018. Done in a special way, it will make your look truly awesome. A long skirt that goes up into the top with an open back and long sleeves. Isn`t it perfect? All made of lace, it`s super romantic for a wedding day.

Boho Bridal Dress Must-See

Thin lace is thought to be the key to an amazing look this year. Think of picking a Boho wedding dress fully made of such a material, and you won`t regret your choice even for a second. Why? It`s super airy, romantic and flirty. As for us, it is a nice example of the Boho dress style as it gives the vibe of freedom and simplicity that Boho represents.

Boho Dress Of Your Dream

If you still doubt if a Bohemian style is to your liking, then this dress will definitely make you decide for it. Look at how beautiful it looks! Long, all covered in lace, it is skin tight to show all of the best sides of your body, but still to hide what you might not want to show. A long skirt completed with different types of lace combined on top. Gorgeous, as for us.

Bohemian Backless Wedding Dress

As you have understood, backless dresses are on top of the most requested Bohemian designs right now. Of course, as they give us a feeling of delicacy and tenderness that every bride aspires to bring to a special event of her life. This Boho wedding dress specifically is a backless miracle. Truly romantic, it is made of different types of materials all brought into a full skirt that is not too much for.

Amazing Lace Dress

It`s not a secret that lace is what makes it all for the Bohemian dresses. It makes the wedding looks super airy, special, delicate and simple in a good way. Extraordinary and super stylish, it will help you to bring out the best wedding look ever.

Boho Dress For A Sexy Silhouette

Do you prefer a dress that will complement all your curves? Then this sexy Boho dress is for you. Be sure, it will help you define your body the best way possible. The variant that is perfect for those confident ladies who are not afraid to show the beauty of their body even on a wedding day.

Gorgeous Lace Wedding Dress

Usually lacey wedding dresses are made in pair with another material. But why don`t you try on a plain lacey one? It will be so tender and delicate that your wedding look will be really unusual. Super simple but stylish.

Boho Chic Wedding Gown

This Boho chic dress is another alternative for those who prefer lacey dresses with an open back. What can be more beautiful than that? Put it on once and you will feel it. A gorgeous dress that will meet all of your expectations for the dress of your dream.



It’s that time of year and your bent on finding the best one year anniversary gift out there. You’ve came to the right place. Enclosed here you’ll find the perfect ideas for the anniversary celebration.

The One Year Anniversary, Making Your House A Home

If you’ve decided to stay home to celebrate here are a few ways to ensure a peaceful, relaxing time with your beloved.


1. Turn off your electronic devices. Leave the computer off and turn the phone on silent and put it in the underwear drawer. Take time to talk without distractions and you’re sure to fan the flames of love.

2. Make your favorite adult beverages together. Just be sure to stay within the federal laws on quantity created. Don’t forget to be sure to borrow all the necessary equipment to make your drinks ahead of time so you can enjoy time together. After all, spending time together was the whole point wasn’t it?

3. Learn exciting new facts about your lover. Use a questionnaire about love and ask each other questions. Be careful to not allow jealousy to arise, you are supposed to be having fun not picking a fight.

4. Declare a bed only day! Whether you play sick or find other reasons to stay in bed relax together and enjoy each others presence.







5. Turn on YouTube and learn to dance. Whether its “Dirty Dancing” or line dancing. There are plenty of how to step-by-step videos to instruct you and your partner.

6. Time to pull out the music! Make a list of your favorite songs and play them. Don’t forget to throw love songs in as well!

7. Dessert time! Special occasions call for special treats. Champagne and chocolate sweets make a special day super sweet.

8. Write a love letter or a love song. This makes her heart melt!


9. Fondue for you and you!!!! Cheese and wine anyone? Typically these two go together with cold cheese but oh the fun you can have with melted cheese and melted chocolate too!

10. Bring the destination to your place by decorating. Transform your home into an exotic or romantic vacation spot.





Next, we will explore some romantic date ideas away from the comforts of home.

Take Me Away





1. Day trips are fun. Get outdoors whether just on a picnic or walk, spending time together is key.

2. Take a scenic ride through your area and find a local vineyard. A lot of them have food options available making grabbing a bite to eat convenient.

3. Want to get away for a few days on a budget? Camping is the answer to your dilemma. A word of advice prior to settling on this watch the weather forecast.

4. Want to travel but hate to drive. Taking a scenic train tour is the perfect solution not to mention the most cute anniversary date idea we’ve heard of yet.

5. If you’ve got a weekend together and some cash stashed away to pursue the cabin option. If you’re not the woodsy type a beach cottage is a good option!




If you’re not married there are in a relationship there are still one year anniversary ideas for a boyfriend as well as for her.


1. Think back to your first date ideas. This is a good opportunity to re-create that special day.


2. Ever heard of spelunking? A little wet, a lot dark, even more fun!


3. If it’s romantic you want, try for an air balloon ride. The basket is rather small making for a close romantic environment.


4. The breath-taking beauty seen snorkeling cant compare to her beauty but its close.







5. Want some white-knuckle adventure? Grab your oars and hang on tight! White water rafting is a definite thrill seekers paradise.


6. If you’d like to show your boyfriend or girlfriend how they make you feel, go to the highest mountain or water tower you can find, climb to the top and announce to them that their love makes you feel just like this. “On top of the world.”



7. Expand your skills and increase your compatibility by taking cooking classes together.

Romantic Anniversary Night Ideas

Everyone knows how special the anniversary night is. Somehow more important than the day the night holds a special significance. Together we will share some specific romantic anniversary night ideas. Brace yourself, here we go!


1. Cuddle time! Grab a basket, some candles, sweets, wine, a playlist of the best love songs and/or a romantic movie.


2. We all like playing make-believe as a child. Tonight play make believe that there is a power outage. NO electronics just a cracking fire and lots of candles. This combination is sure to set the proper mood.


3. Room service anyone? French maid outfit optional. Give your special lover special service by providing them with a different but enjoyable full-service treatment.


4. Spa experience at home without any interruptions. Some massage oil, patience and one-on-one time will produce an explosive experience you won’t soon forget.




5. If you’re fortunate enough to live in or close to a semi-rural environment all you need is a blanket and your main squeeze. Star-gazing with your sweetie is sure to put that sparkle back in your eyes. 

6. Print your own menus and make your significant other their favorite meal.


7. Bring the vacation to your place. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to celebrate? Don’t forget to hang up the do not disturb sign.


8. Grab some candles, scented is always a plus. Go by the florist or craft store and get some rose petals and have your very own “Love Hut”


9. There are also games that you can bring into the bedroom that are certain to spice things up a notch. Use your imagination and take notes!














Spring will soon be upon us, which means Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Some of us are great at coming up with gifts for Mom (and if you’re lucky, your mother will start dropping hints in a few weeks).

However, many moms are happier with personalized gifts. Homemade gifts show a lot of thought, time and effort. Plus, they come from the heart. If you want to make your mom happy this year, why not consider personalized gifts for Mother’s Day?

Here is a list of DIY gifts for Mom you can easily make at home. So, dig out your craft box and start making those Mother’s Day Gifts!

Spray Paint Floral Art

Not everyone is crafty, but this pretty floral print is so simple that anyone can make it. All you need is a spray paint, flowers and a canvas. You mom will love showing off this homemade canvas art to all her friends.

Homemade Herbal Teas

We are certain that your mother will love to relax with a cup of homemade herbal tea. Made from freshly dried fruits, herbs, and flowers, every cup tastes like heaven. You can find DIY herbal teas recipes on sites such as Pinterest or use our recipe.

DIY Photo Frame

Homemade picture frames make great sentimental Mother’s Day gifts. You can hand paint the frame and decorate it with shells, buttons, sequence, ribbons, or whatever your heart desires. Use your mom’s favorite family photo, and she will be sure to tear up at this thoughtful gift!

Homemade Tote Bag

This handy bag can be used for grocery shopping, laundry, or a day on the beach. Look at this adorable cactus print! You can make it by yourself using ink and special stamps.

Marble Mugs Set

Everyone can do this bright fancy mugs by yourself. All you need are several white ceramic mugs of any shape you like and nail polishes. Drop the polish into a wide vessel with water and dip the cup. The thin layer of polish will adhere to the mug leaving beautiful stains. Do the same with other mugs and you’ll get fancy set like this.

Homemade Bath SaltPamper Mom with this luxurious bath salt. There are plenty of easy DIY recipes online for aroma salt, bubble bath, or even bath bombs. And you might already have most of the ingredients handy. Package it in a glass milk bottle or Mason jar and adorn it with some pretty dried flowers and ribbons.

Pamper Mom with this luxurious bath salt. There are plenty of easy DIY recipes online for aroma salt, bubble bath, or even bath bombs. And you might already have most of the ingredients handy. Package it in a glass milk bottle or Mason jar and adorn it with some pretty dried flowers and ribbons.

Pamper Mom with this luxurious bath salt. There are plenty of easy DIY recipes online for aroma salt, bubble bath, or even bath bombs. And you might already have most of the ingredients handy. Package it in a glass milk bottle or Mason jar and adorn it with some pretty dried flowers and ribbons.

Sewing Pattern Floral Arrangement

This simple hand-crafted floral arrangement will brighten up any room.

  1. Cut six 7-inch squares from the sewing pattern. Stack and fold these squares to form a 7-inch pattern like a rectangle, and snip off the corners.
  2. Twist a wire floral stem around the center. Make sure it is tight.
  3. Fan the paper out and pull apart to create a blossom.
  4. Arrange in a beautiful vase. Bonus points, if this homemade vase is like the one described further!


Family Tree

Your mom will love this homemade antique frame with your family tree. Bonus points, if you include some vintage family photos of your ancestors!

Sentimental Recipe Holder

Create a recipe holder for Mom so that she could beautifully display her recipes out of harm’s way while cooking and still have them close enough to read, if needed.

Stain a piece of pine board with hot glue and add some family photos or her favorite quote. Or, hand paint a design. Then hot glue some clips for her to display her recipes while cooking.

DIY Ribbon Vase

This bright and cheery vase will beautifully compliment the sewing pattern flowers in the aforementioned tutorial. And your mom will appreciate the extra effort that went into this beautiful arrangement.

  1. Find an oversized vase.
  2. Choose brightly colored and/or patterned ribbons (polka dots or stripes are always a good choice).
  3. Hot glue the ribbon and glue it to the vase.
  4. Add the flowers for bonus points!

Raffia Floral Hat

This classy hat will look great on your mom. You can dress up one of her older hats that needs some sprucing or start from scratch with a new hat.

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard so that it’s about one inch in width and 4 inches in length.
  2. Cut the raffia to a length of around 6 feet and wrap lengthwise around the cardboard.
  3. Slide the raffia off the cardboard carefully.
  4. Tie a 2-inch long piece of raffia around the middle of the bundle and snip at both ends.
  5. Repeat until you have 4 bundles.
  6. Stack the bundles on top of one another, then tie together with a 3-inch piece of raffia in the middle.
  7. Fan the bundles to make flowers.
  8. To attach to the hat, cut a 4 ft piece of raffia and slide through the center knot of each of the flowers. Bunch the flowers together and tie the raffia around the rim of the hint, trimming off the excess and then fluff out the flowers.

If you simply take a few minutes to make one of those handmade gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day, you will be sure to bring tears of joy to her eyes! Bonus points, if you make a homemade card with a sappy message from the heart!




Beautiful And Useful Gifts For Mom

It’s time to start thinking about gifts for Mom, as Mother’s Day is approaching. Of course, you adore your mom and you want to show her how much you appreciate her, on Mother’s Day and every day.

She will love anything you give her, of course, but why not opt for personalized gifts? There are plenty of gifts that you can personalize by adding a special touch.

You could buy her flowers and candy – these are standard gift ideas for women. But don’t you want to do something extra-special for Mom this year? Think of all the nights she stayed up, nursing you back to health when you were ill or taking care of your every need, while you were growing up. You want to show your love with a special gift.

1. Custom Phone Case

Every woman loves a pretty phone case. And your mom will flip for a custom-designed case for her smartphone. Choose nice phone case with a powerful phrase. You can easily have one made at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Also, there are plenty of sites online where you can order a personalized phone case. We guarantee that your mom will love this thoughtful gift!

2. Espresso Machine

Moms cherish their morning coffee. Sometimes it’s the only break they get during the day. Most moms are up early way before the rest of the family, so why not upgrade her old coffee maker with a fancy espresso machine?

3. Tea Kettle With Assortment Of Fancy Teas

If your mom isn’t a coffee drinker, opt for a pretty tea set with a variety of herbal teas. She will be sure to cherish this gift in the heart.

4. Indoor Garden

This is great gift, especially if your mom lives in the city and is unable to have an outdoor garden. You can find plenty of flowers, plants and herbs that she can easily grow in a home garden. Shop around at your local garden store or look online. Your mom will love that you took the time to think of such a unique Mother’s Day gift!

5. New Cookware

Mothers spend so much time in the kitchen. Yet, most moms probably don’t think to replace their cookware. Treat Mom to a new set of designer cookware this Mother’s Day so that she could ditch those tired old pots and pans!

6. Antique Shopping Spree

What’s a better Mother’s Day gift than quality time with you? Take Mom on an antique shopping spree and buy her one of her favorite treasures. Stop for lunch at her favorite cafe and spend time bonding over coffee.

7. Spa Gift Box

Treat Mom to some of her favorite spa and beauty products in a personalized gift box. Buy her favorite face cream, nail polishes and so forth. Splurge on a lush spa-style robe that she can wear while she gives herself a facial. Better yet, throw in a gift card for a mani-pedi or a day at her favorite spa!

8. Tablet/E-Reader

Your mom would never think to purchase her own E-Reader or Tablet. Buy her a Nook or Kindle and preload it with some books by her favorite authors. You can also enroll her in a digital “Book of the Month Club” as an added bonus!

9. Dinner And Movie Night

Offer to host a dinner and movie night for Mom. Prepare all of her favorites and let her choose a movie. Pop some popcorn and open a bottle of wine and let her relax. She deserves a night off! Think of all the birthday parties, family and holiday dinners and other events she has hosted over the years. Show her you appreciate her and return the favor!

10. Photo Collage

Moms love good photo collages. You can really get creative with this one. You can use a purchased photo frame or make your own and fill it with family pics from over the years. Also, you can buy a digital photo frame and preload it with her favorite photos. Get sentimental, and you will be sure to bring a tear to your mom’s eyes.

11. Personalized Throw Pillow Or Blanket

Speaking of sentimental, your mom will love this one! Order a custom designed throw pillow or blanket for your mom. It may be your mom’s favorite family photo, pleasant words or wishes for her. Bonus points, if you get a matching set with pillows and a blanket!

12. Wine And Paint Night Out On The Town

Wine and paint nights are all the rage right now. Mom would love a night out with you. And the best part is that you get to enjoy a good glass of wine, explore your artistic side and bring home a handmade souvenir of your special night with Mom. She will cherish both the quality time and the painting forever!

There you have it! 12 thoughtful gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to buy her that sappy card that will make her cry! Better yet, make your own card. Bonus points, if you compose a mushy poem!

Top 10 Best Fall Winter Nail Colors Ideas & Trends

Let’s discuss the Ten Best Fall Winter Nail Colors 2017-18 Trends, as blood red color and nude colors has always been very famous in winters. These dark colors with wool sweaters look nice and the light nail colors such as nude, light brown look good with dark clothes of winter. Before discussing the colors of nail polishes, I would like to suggest you some nail color brands that are very reliable and best ones. These are Red Carpet, RGB, nails inc. , O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, Essie, Marc Jacobs, Sally Hansen and many others.



What the hottest nail color, it is. Red velvet and bloody colors will be very trendy in these winters. It will look so sexy with wool stuff clothes. You can choose many red shades of nail colors. I would like to recommend you some brands of awesome shades of red velvet colors. These are Esse, Le Vernis 475 DRAGON Chanel, LED gel polish, sinful colors, Loreal red colors, all are very famous and have the good collection of colors.

Glittery nails:

Glittery nail polishes will also be trendy in these winters, especially on weddings, dates and parties. You simply have to apply you matching nail color the give a final coat of glitter nail color on the top. Wow, such an attracting look! The good brands for glitter nail colors are Essie, GEMI crush, and G’Sang.


Midnight blue:

The shades of blue always look great in everything, as in your dressing and all other accessories. In this winter, blue will be trendiest as it gives a bright look to your hands. Here is some nail color you can buy easily, Essie, G’Sang, BB and Madora. They produce best blue shades that any girl asks.



I always like light shades in Winters, as they look decent and cute. In this Winter 2018-19, the nude color is more valuable than any other color. It adds fairness and clearance in your hands. The best nail colors of nude shade are, O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, and Essie. G’Sang nude color is very famous I would recommend using this brand colors. They are fantastic.



It is one of the hottest colors, as it look great. Grey shades, dark and light both will be trendy in these winters days. You can also do some nail art with this gray color, and you can add nail accessories with the gray nail, it looks really hot and nice.


Pale colors give the soft look to your hand as in winters you always want to have a soft look of your makeup, hairstyle, and everything. Do you know? The soft look of nail polishes also matters, so choose the pale color for soft hands. The best nail colors of Pale shade are, O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, and Essie.

Dark Purple:

The purple color is my favorite color; it’s not only mine. Here are hundreds of girls here, who love purple. I always buy a purple shrugs, sweater and tops in winter, as they give the fantastic look to your personality. So my applying purple nail color, the dressing and fashion sense seems complete. In these Winter days, Purple color will be famous for clothes, so that’s why I’m suggesting you good purple shades, Butter, Essie, O.P.I Nails Lacquer.

Metallic colors:

These metallic shading colors the vast majority of the most up to date style slants that are displayed for the winter 2016-2107. It can be found in garments, embellishments and even nail shines for more extravagance and to include a rich and splendid touch to your hands. You can likewise utilize the brilliant shade for making diverse examples and prints and for getting French nail trim that makes your hands eye-catching and attracting.


Dark green:

Fall, for the most part, brings dark shades of nail shading, the particularly profound dark green color will be trendy in these winters.

The classy tints come in lighter emeralds, darker timberland greens and even in shimmery enamels, all of which offer a pop of occasional shading to your digits. Darker nail hues connote the colder months, and we’re cherishing this extreme change from the splendid pastels of summer.

Black Carbon Shades:

Dark nail shine is a challenging yet shockingly simple style. It can run with whatever you’re wearing whether it be Lactose, or something hip you made yourself. In these winter season, the carbon black shades will be available that you can wear with any dressing. It hot color.


21 Amazing Styles That You Can Do With Your Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair Is A Masterpiece

Long curly hair is something that can make a woman feel like a goddess. Needless to say, long hair has always been attractive, as it is a symbol of women’s beauty and femininity. As for curls, when we look at them we can’t help ourselves and just hallucinate: the natural movement of curly locks is absolutely breathtaking. Girls who have such hair since birth know that they are the luckiest people in the world. If you are one of these girls, don’t even try to straighten your locks! Straightening is the last thing to try. Remember: a special girl needs a special approach. And we prepared something absolutely special for you!

How many curly hairstyles do you know? It’s time to get to know some more! The hair is the richest ornament of a woman, we can’t even imagine how rich curly girls feel. But we are sure that even a girl that owns the beauty of the whole world would like to change something in her look. That’s why we’re here: we will show you how you can take a fresh look at your gorgeous hair. The most flattering hairdos are waiting for you. Let’s see them all!

Long Curly Hairstyles


You may expect something grandiose, but your curly hair is beautiful as it is. It means that you don’t have to get lost in complicated hairstyles to look amazing. Beauty will save the world, that’s right. But let’s be more exact: natural beauty will save the world. We don’t want to say that you should stop wearing makeup, we just want you to flaunt with your awesome curls proudly! Let your hair down and these cuties will do the talking. How do you like these pictures? These girls simply loosened their hair, but it feels like they waved a magic wand to make us fall in love with their hair. Do you want to grab people’s attention like these goddesses? Well, the only thing you need is a desire. You got your long hair, got your curls, got your charm. You are ready to turn heads!

Side Part Long Curly Hair

Are you looking for a dramatic and a bit daring look? Or maybe you are about to become a curly queen at the party? How about you to become a curly braid? Yes, your curls can make your special days even more special. Whether you are about to go the party or you will become a happy wife soon, the first things you will think of are your dress and your hairstyle. And now, congratulations! Your hair can help you save some time. There are some easy long curly hairstyles for wedding and prom that modern women will definitely like! You can get yourself a classic side part hairstyle. It’s simple, yet absolutely stunning. For a dramatic party look, you can opt for an ombre, and if you are looking for a delicate wedding or prom look, soft balayage highlights on side part is a must try for you. Once you embellish this easy-to-do hairstyle with some thematic accessories, you will understand that simplicity never fails.


Long Curly Hair With Bangs

Believe it or not, there’s something that can make long curly hair look even more beautiful than it is. So here come everyone’s favorite bangs. Have you ever seen curly bangs? Life is full of surprises, right? These long curly hairstyles with bangs are to die for! The tiny fringe makes voluminous hairstyles look a bit messier, which is pretty. You know that bangs came to this world to frame our faces so that we feel confident with our face shape. And since your curly hairstyle keeps your face open, bangs will come in handy. These pictures show you how you can sport it: it can be curtain bangs on light curly hair or you can adorn your jet black hair with blunt bangs. Maybe it’s time to find out how to style bangs with curly hair? Yes, definitely.

Bun For Long Curly Hairstyles

We can’t leave you without updos! Some women can’t imagine their lives without them, and no wonder. They are cute, elegant, and very comfortable to wear. Those who have curly hair with bangs and layers are in luck: you’ve got everything a truly wonderful updo takes. You can get yourself a high messy bun with some of your locks loosen, create a soft classic updo with a twisted bun and framing locks or do a loose voluminous bun on the crown. Just look at these girls! They know how to take the best out of these hairstyles. As for your bangs: don’t incorporate them in your updo, leave it as it is and enjoy the lively movement of your hairstyle. Layered hairstyles are a good base for a messy updo, so don’t miss these messy ideas.

Top Knot For Long Curly Hairstyles

Here comes the easiest way to adorn your days. When we don’t feel like doing something with our hair, we usually do a simple ponytail or a top knot. But the truth is that simple, familiar hairstyles can look extremely magnificent, just add some curls! Everything that your curls touch turns to gold, so don’t stay away from common daily look ideas. Look at these stunning pics: these hairstyles look so unique, though it’s just a top knot. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for authentic black hairstyles for natural curly hair or you want to find a way to diversify your false curls, these ideas are totally universal.

Long Curly Hair With Ponytail

Ponytails are even more versatile than you think. You can create a fantastic evening hairstyle with a ponytail if you want. Or you can get yourself a beautiful hairdo for a walk with your friends. Just remember that ponytails aren’t meant just to gather your hair to make you feel comfortable with it. A ponytail is another cool way to show off your amazing curls. Look at these hairstyles: each is gorgeous in its own way. You can opt for a classic variant, a neat high curly ponytail or get yourself a side swept half updo. There are so many things to try!

Long Curly Hair With Accessories


If you have black hair, you can be sure that there are no long curly hairstyles black hair can’t complement. Actually, any hair color gets on well with curls, you can see it with your own eyes. But how about making it unbelievably cute and stylish? Hair accessories can be in handy: you can adorn your voluminous curly hair with a headband, flowers or hair jewelry. It’s all up to your imagination! Besides stylishness, hair accessories can secure your hairstyle so that it won’t let you down. Do you like these pics? These girls know how to rock this summer. Now you know that too!

21 Ideas of Classy Hair Waves for Everyday

Beautiful Hair Waves to Amaze Everyone

Hair waves should look natural – it is the rule number one this season. To get this look, do not apply much conditioner when washing the hair. Conditioner can weigh down your hair, and it should be light to be shaped into the cutest waves. Dry your hair with the help of a towel and spritz its ends with a holding non-sticky spray. The roots should not be spritzed. Allow your hair to air dry in case you wish to have a loose and natural look.

Hair Waves Ideas

Waves are considered to be quite easy hairstyles for long hair. Even if your hair is naturally straight, you can make it wavy overnight. Just apply some holding cosmetic product of your choice, braid your hair and go to sleep. It will be wavy in the morning.

Hair Waves Ideas

Hair Waves Ideas

Hair Waves Ideas

And if you are not an amateur in braiding, you can try braided updos – the most elegant braided hairstyles. It is an amazing way to spice up your hair routine. Everyone will love this gorgeous look.

Hair Waves Ideas

And do you know that it is possible to create ideal waves with the help of a flat iron? There are different techniques how to achieve it. For example, create a simple braid and secure it with elastic.

Pretty Hair Waves:

Next, take a flat iron and run it over the braid several times. Unbraid and see pretty beachy waves. Just don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before using your flat iron in order to reduce the harm to the minimum.

Hollywood Waves

Or, achieve super-cute waves in the form of “S.” Take one tress and begin with dropping its middle into a straightener in order to get the 1-st bend. Now create a section that has an “S” form.

Cute Curly Hairstyles

Next, clamp this section with a straightener in the place where “S” curves. Repeat this process to the very ends. With this method, your waves will seem carefree, which is ideal for every day.

Sexy Waves for Ladies

Just apply sea salt spray to your wet hair and finger comb your locks while blow-drying. And voila, the sexy, beach waves are ready!