20 Romantic Ice Blonde Haircolors for Real-Life Elsas

For a while it seemed like everyone was going bottle blonde to see for themselves if blondes really do have more fun. The honey-colored hair craze passed in favor of more normcore colors, but now blonde is on the rise again. This time around, women are trying an edgier hue – ice blonde. This frosty cousin of platinum is perfect all year-round. If you’re thinking of going super light this season, then we’ve got a gallery of ice blonde haircolors to help you see which styles suit the shade best.

If you want an ethereal look, consider going ice blond with no high or lowlights to break up the tone and styling your hair super straight. Ice blonde haircolors are especially well-suited for most fair skin tones but also pair well with dramatic makeup looks. Dark roots combined with ice blonde tips are still popular as are ombre effects that blend ice blonde with other “it” colors like platinum and silver. If you want a softer take on the trendy shade, then consider some of the loose waves or chunky braids featured in our gallery of style ideas.

1) Super Straight Blunt Cut

2) Loose Waves for Short Hair

3) Long Honey to Ice Blonde Haircolors

4) Almost Platinum Layered Blowout

5) Super Lush Chunky Braid

6) Date Night Hair for Divas

7) Romantic Medium Length Curls

8) How to Rock Icy Tips

9) Fifty Shades of Blonde

10) 10 Second Half-Up Braid

11) Frosty Blonde Bedhead Waves

12) Dark Roots with Fishtail Hairband

13) Top Knot into a Cascade

14) Straight Ice Blonde Haircolors

15) So Icy You’ll Get Frostbite

16) 2 Step Fishtail Tutorial

17) If You’re Very Blunt

18) Embrace Your Dark Side

19) Simple Foolproof Twist Detail

20) Windblown Ice Blonde Beach Hair

 Uptown Funk Blunt Bob

 Long Bangs, Short Cut




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