20 Fun and Exciting Ways to Update Your Hairstyle with Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are current and fresh for today. Getting bangs can be a fun and exciting way to update a hairstyle. Bangs are definitely in for 2018, and we have collected dozens of great ways to wear this trend every day. Different types of bangs can soften a haircut or bring it into precise focus. Bangs can be worn heavy and long or wispy and short, or somewhere in between.

Depending on which effect you want and which features you would like to highlight, there are countless options to try for women’s haircuts. These are some of the best looks for bangs out there today.

Hairstyles with bangs start simple, by cutting the front of the hair shorter than the rest. You can cut a wispy fringe along the edge or start higher on the crown of the head and make a statement. Bangs are popular because they are so versatile and they look great on everyone. Having bangs can freshen up your style and flatter your facial features.

Sometimes people can be a little hesitant to cut bangs in their hair, feeling like they are making a commitment they’re not ready for. It’s true that growing bangs out can be a frustrating process, but we have many looks for longer bangs, meaning that you can style your hair nicely even when it is in the middle of growing out.

1) Face Framing Bangs with an Upswept Bun

These bangs are cut just below the eyebrow for a modern look. They are cut straight across with a little bit of variation. The sides of the bangs come down to frame the face for a sweet and charming look. This pretty hairstyle is worn with a comfortably messy bun.

2) Awesome Long Hairstyles with Bangs

This model has gorgeous red hair and bangs that cover her eyebrows. The bangs are longer toward the sides and blended in using long layers. The bangs frame the model’s face and highlight her eyes. The hair is worn long with beautiful loose waves. It is worn up partially in the back.

3) Cute Medium Hair with Bangs

These bangs follow the natural part in the model’s hair, blending in beautifully with her haircut. The bangs are layered in gradually along the sides. They are worn swept to either side, framing the model’s face. The haircut is gently tousled for a soft and relaxed look.

4) Cool Long Hair with Bangs

This model’s beautiful hair is worn long in loose, relaxed waves. Her bangs are cut straight across the forehead at eyebrow level. They are gently layered along the sides of her face. Since these bangs are cut at eyebrow level, they draw people’s attention to the model’s eyes.

5) Side Swept Bangs with a Fun Braid

These bangs are worn swept to one side for a fun and easy look. A loose, messy braid highlights the side of the hair, complementing the side bangs. This medium hair with bangs has a fresh and casual look. The hair is layered at the ends and cut with a razor.

6) Short Bangs with Fringe Effect

This cute haircut for a girl features bangs that are worn short and gently swept to the sides. They are tapered from the center out to the sides. The bangs are blended in naturally with medium length hair. They give a fun, relaxed look and go nicely with soft waves.

7) Cute Short Hair with Bangs

This is a sleek long bob with eyebrow-length bangs. They are slightly tapered toward the middle to keep the look from being too severe. They are thick bangs and are not layered at all. This style is simple and classic, for wear by anyone with a serious sense of style.

8) Hair Cut Idea with Smooth Bangs

This model has long, gorgeous hair done in a balayage style from rich chestnut brown to blonde. The bangs are layered nicely to frame the face and the hair is worn parted to the side. This pretty hairstyle is worn with a soft and glossy shine. The ends curl into gentle waves.


9) Long Tapered Bangs with a Cute Bun

These long fringe bangs fall across the model’s forehead and frame her face with gradual layers. The bangs are smooth and neat for a more formal look. The updo is dressy but not too formal with a little bit of mess involved. This style would be great for anyone with long hair.

10) Hair Ideas from a Famous Singer

In this photo, Taylor Swift wears her hair with medium length bangs that are gently swept off to the side. The bangs fall just below eyebrow length. The hair is worn in long layers and is tapered nicely toward the bottom. This is one of the best medium haircuts out there and it looks nice on everyone

11) Cute Easy Hairstyle with Sleek Bangs

This is a nice short haircut for women. This haircut features sleek bangs that are worn above eyebrow length. The hair is worn in a smooth bob that slants toward the front. This style has skillfully applied blonde highlights. This is a good example of one of the many types of bangs.

12) One of the Prettiest Long Hairstyles with Bangs

This is a great look for girls with bangs. The model is wearing soft, straight bangs that hang below eyebrow level. They are cut straight across the forehead with a little bit of wispiness for more movement. The relatively short bangs set off long, gorgeous red waves. The length of the bangs looks extra nice with the model’s glasses.

13) Soft Bangs for a Modern Hairstyle

These bangs are worn a little lower than eyebrow length and are softly layered so they are not too severe. They are worn smooth and perfect across the forehead. The hair is parted slightly to one side. The top of the hair is worn back for a neat and classic look.

14) Wispy Bangs with Soft Layers

This style has short, tapered bangs that blend into the rest of the hair. The hair is worn in gentle waves to frame the model’s face. This is a cute hairstyle for girls who want to stand out a little bit from the crowd. The highlights are pretty and soft.

15) Adorable Women’s Haircuts with Straight Bangs

This haircut features girls with bangs that are straight and smooth. They are cut directly across the forehead with no layering or tapering. They set off the model’s eyes and show off her glasses. This cute haircut features a big bun in the shape of a bow, made from the model’s own hair. This is a fun modern hairstyle that anyone with long enough hair should try .

16) Softly Layered Long Hair with Bangs Style

These bangs are worn at eye length and have a lovely, soft texture. The styling keeps them from looking too heavy across the model’s forehead since they are not tapered into the sides of the haircut. The model’s red hair is worn tossed over one shoulder in a relaxed fashion. The hair has a lot of long layers for movement and softness.

17) Cute Easy Hairstyle with Bangs

This look is worn in soft waves for a relaxed weekend look. The bangs are swept off to one side and are integrated with the rest of the hair. The look is fun and easy with loose finger waves and a pale blonde color. Try this look for your next weekend away.

18) Fringe Hair with a Famous Model

Kendall Jenner’s bangs are cut long, falling down past her eyes. They taper to a long point in the middle and get gradually shorter as they go out to the edges. These bangs are soft and relaxed looking, contrasting with the formal updo, outfit, and jewelry.

19) Carrie Underwood’s Look with Long Bangs

This is one of the prettier hairstyles with bangs. These bangs are worn long and swept to one side. This is one of the types of haircut that anyone with long hair should think about getting. The hair is worn with several levels of long layers for softness and a sense of movement. The color is a gorgeous pale blonde.

20) Bangs Swept to the Side with a Cute Scarf

This is one of the cuter hairstyles with bangs. The bangs are worn long and swept to one side, framing the face in charming layers. The casual bangs are set off by the quirky updo and the warm, fuzzy gray scarf. This is a good look for any cold winter day.


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