20 Five Minute Hairstyles to Keep You Sane in the Morning


Ever wake up in the morning and walk to the mirror, only to be completely overwhelmed by the lions mane that awaits you? And even worse, when you realize you have hit the snooze button one too many times and you are wishing there was some 5 minute hairstyles you could do.

20 of the Coolest 5 Minute Hairstyles that will Save You Time

Always wondering about what hairstyle you are going to do on the “off days”? You know what I mean, the days where you do not have time to wash your hair, so you pull your good pal out of the cabinet, aka dry shampoo. Are you wondering if there are even easy-to-make hairstyles that exist? Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you are able to wash your hair, or your hair needs a good dousing of dry shampoo, 5 minute hairstyles are a necessity for any day. Let’s be real, nobody likes to spend long amounts of time completing that perfect hairstyle! 5 minute hairstyles keep us all sane, especially if you have little ones crawling around your feet. All you mama’s know what I am talking about. Make the morning productive and enjoy these styles you can accomplish in a blink of an eye.

1) Half Up Knot

2) Playful Top Knot

3) Low Bun Fun

4) French Twist With Waves

5) All The Little Buns

6) Messy Wave For The Save

7) Wrap Around Ponytail

8) Out And About

9) Hair In Bloom

10) Braid Mix In

11) Braid Mix In

12) A Little Mess, A lot Of Fun

13) Soft Waves All The Days

14) Braids And Twists

15) The Weekend Is Here

16) Loose Messy Bun For More Fun

17) Loose Messy Bun For More Fun

18) Quick Ribbon Tie Up

19) Double Braiding

20) A Little Extra Bun And Braid


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