A Ladder Braid as an Element for Various Hairstyles

A ladder braid will be a pretty and interesting addition to any hairstyle. Who can pull it off? Well, ladders can be created on longer locks. So, ladies whose hair is not short should definitely make a mental note to learn how to braid this way. As for the occasions, it is for you to decide where to wear a hairstyle with a ladder starring. But we are sure that you will be the real queen wherever you go!

Braided Hairstyles for All Occasions

It is one of the simplest types of braids. And if you learn how to do it, you can combine it with other elements to create more intricate hairstyles for various special occasions.

Pretty Ladder Braid Hairstyles

So, let us see how to recreate it and then combine it with waterfall or French braids or some other beautiful elements – the choice is all yours. You will need several things to recreate this look.

Lovely Hairstyles for Nice Girls

Take a hair brush, edge tamer, hairspray, and hair binders. As for edge tamer, it is a really useful holding product for this hairstyle. It prevents the ends from reverting and thus keeps all those unruly small hairs in place.

Ladder Braids to Try Right Now

Do a ponytail at first. And a tiny fishtail braid will go down the ponytail. A braid starts off the center. Now hold the right strand and let go the middle strand. Reach below the ponytail to take the right strand.

Special Braided Hairstyles

First, place it below and then around the ponytail. Thus, it will be the left strand. Continue on and wait till you see the spaces between ladder strands. Usually it takes about 3 turns. Then you can take one more section and continue on.

Ladder Braids for Every Hair Type

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