Styling Ideas for Braids for Short Hair

We will teach you how to pull off simple braids for short hair and look dazzling. When you have short hair, it seems that ideas for styling are super limited and braids are not an option because you probably think that they work only for medium or long hair. We will prove you that this is totally wrong. Braids also look stunning on such cuts as pixie or bob.

Braiding Short Hair

Hair braiding seems to be complicated at first sight. But you need minimum efforts and five minutes of your precious time to create these simple braids that will freshen up your monotonous look.

The Trendiest Braiding Hairstyles

We have collected the trendiest braiding hairstyles from all over the Internet, including ‘dos from the latest fashion week runaway shows and brilliant looks suggested by the best Instagram bloggers.

Half-Up Braided Crown

A half-up braided crown will be the perfect highlight to your bob. It doesn’t require loads of skills and time and will provide an upgrade for your regular ‘do to wear every day.

Elegant French Braids


You can look elegant and chic with short hair. And a Dutch or French braid is a great way to reach this look. In order to make your ‘do more voluminous, try pulling off strands from the sides of your braids.

Perfectly Cornbraids

Cornbraids go perfectly with pixies. They add a bold and daring touch to your look. You may try both side cornbraids and braided bangs. Both of them look super creative and unique.

Bright Short Braided Hair

Main photo by Hair_by_pelerossi


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