Short prom dresses have become a great trend recently. More and more girls all around the world start choosing them instead of long gowns we are all used to associating with prom. This stereotype is so old and we can easily agree that nowadays prom dresses don`t have to be really long! Fashion experts are fascinated with this new tendency and have stated that with all the designs available on the market now, the choice can`t be made easily. Our prom night is something we will look back on for our whole life, and that`s why we aspire to choose the dress that won`t make us blush in years. Still, don`t have any idea on what short dress to put on? Then we are here to help you find your perfect prom dress. If you`re still wondering what type of gown to choose, then look through our suggestions and easily find that one dress.

Peach And Cream Double Skirt Dress With Sleeves

Peaches and Cream – everyone’s dream! That`s the most exact description we can give you about this dress. Romantic and super fancy, it will make you look really cute and trendy without you putting too much effort. Believe us, this double skirt will make your legs look so long in a pair of heels while long sleeves will make you look as decent for the occasion as possible. Beautiful white patterns will go so well with a peachy beige color. Try this short prom dress on, and you will feel super gorgeous! Short dresses are thought to be the best prom dresses to choose from, so don`t hesitate.

White Patterned Prom Dress With Sleeves

Do you prefer short prom dresses with sleeves? Then this one is perfect for you! Done in a snow white color, it will make you feel like a Hollywood star for sure! The length just right above the knee length in the combination with a full skirt will compliment your legs! A cute bow on the waist will make you appear as petite as possible completing the picture with the lacey material on the top.

White And Gold Double Skirt Dress

A gorgeous combination of white and gold is always a key to a luxurious look. That is why we believe it has become one of the biggest trends in prom dresses this year. For short prom dresses, we consider these colors to be bomb! If you agree, then think of turning your attention to this white and gold double skirt dress. Mainly white with gold lacey material on the top, it will be one of a kind for a prom night! A double skirt will make you look like a blooming flower, so don`t doubt.

Gold And Peach Prom Dress

Among all the short formal dresses, this one looks truly special as for us. A trendy color that will suit any skin and hair shade is just what you need to look both fancy and not too much. The plain peachy material completed with a lacey top, it will make you look as great as possible. Catch the lights and feel like the real Queen of the night!

Red V-neck Halter Dress

What can be more appropriate for prom than a burning red short dress? In pair with a v-neck, it`s just right to make everyone`s jaw drop. Made from a thin material, as airy as possible, it will bring out your beauty even more. Red never goes out of style, so don`t worry about it being modern in the photos in years. Trust us, it will look burning even in decades.

Pink Floral Chiffon Dress

A floral print got so popular in recent years that you will for sure look as trendy as possible wearing it for prom. Especially if you choose such a combination of flowers and chiffon together. A floral top will make your upper body appear as delicate as you wish while a full peachy chiffon skirt will make your waist look really thin. Decorated with bright, colorful flowers, a skirt is truly a specialty of this dress.

White Floral Cocktail Dress

Do you prefer a cocktail dress for prom? Then this perfect one is just for you! A white color that will make you look as innocent as possible going with beautiful flowers on top. A lacey material that makes the dress appear full and airy is what will catch attention. You will look so beautiful in a top with a skirt of such a type. Think of getting this one!

White Flapper Prom Dress With Rhinestones

We bet you`ve heard of the rhinestones trend that has come over the world recently. Why don`t you pick a dress covered in them? Super catchy and fancy, it will be just as right to make you look like the star of your prom night! With interesting details and long sleeves, it will be perfect for you not to look like too much! White flappers will complement your body and will make you shine brighter than a diamond!

White Cocktail Dress With A Flapper Skirt

Something truly different – that`s how we can describe this beautiful dress. A plain white one decorated with beautiful details such as lace and a special flapper skirt. So full, it will make your body appear really petite and fit. Isn`t it great? Even though it may be a bit too short for you, trust us, its effect is undeniably magnifying.

Peach Bodycon Dress With Sleeves And Long Back

Most of the time we associate prom nights with balls where queens and princesses got to dress as fancy as possible. If you like this idea, then this peach bodycon dress is your piece of cake. Of a gorgeous peachy color, it will compliment your skin for sure. Small detailed patterns all over the gown will bring so much beauty to your look. Long sleeves with a long back will look so stylish on you that this night will definitely be yours!

Beautiful Black Halter Dress

A little black dress is a true classic for all the times! This simple dress will blow everyone`s mind. Plain black decorated with small details, it will be fancy and reserved at the same time. Isn`t it a dream? Save it for other occasions, and you will always look as stylish as possible.

Bright Burgundy Strapless Dress

Thinking of short prom dresses, we instantly come up with strapless dresses ideas. Of course, as they are always fancy and dramatic for such special occasions as prom. Now think of a bright burgundy strapless dress all covered with glitter. Great, isn`t it? Then don`t hesitate and pick it for yourself.

Soft Pink Asymmetrical Dress

Everyone in the modern world is looking for something unordinary. Even in prom dresses, we have a thing for you, if you want something unusual for yourself. An asymmetrical dress design that will make you look like a true model. Strapless in soft pink with a lacey top material, it will make you appear stunning for your prom night!

Black Prom Dress With A Layered Skirt

This black option is one of the best in short prom dresses 2018, in our opinion. This strapless black dress with a layered skirt will make you look really fit and stately. Such simplicity always catches the most of attention, so don’t be surprised when everyone will stare at you at a party.

Black Off-Shoulder Dress With A Flappy Skirt

We suggest thinking of getting this black off-shoulder dress with a flappy skirt. Why? Being super simple, it`s really unordinary at the same time. A-silhouette design will make your body unforgettable. If you think it`s too ordinary, then notice a flappy skirt that adds even more romance to your look.

Beautiful Pink Dress With Sleeves

Super girly, this pink dress is really trendy in such a dusty rose color. You won`t be left unnoticed, for sure, if you pick this one for your special night. With long sleeves, a short length and silky material – it`s a true definition of style. Simple but interesting at the same time, it will go well with your beauty.

Black Bodycon Dress With A Flappy Skirt

In the list of all the short prom dresses, we believe this black bodycon dress is for those ladies who are not afraid of standing out. Short and skin tight, it will bring attention without being too much for such an occasion. A flappy skirt will be a detail that will make your look flirty and super easy. A great choice for your great night!

Burgundy Dress With Bishop Sleeves

A Burgundy dress is another great suggestion among other party dresses. Such a deep color got really popular recently, so you will for sure look stylish in it. But wait, there`s another extra special detail in it. These bishop sleeves that accompany the design of the dress so well. A thin waist is guaranteed to be defined in such a dress option, too, so don`t hesitate and pick it for your prom!

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