Popular Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Christmas Party

Hairstyles for long hair are numerous. Half up half down hairstyles became popular recently. Probably the most famous type of it is alien buns, which by the way look super cute. We all should thank Kate Middleton for introducing this trend to us. She adores this kind of hairstyles and wears them for almost every occasion. In order to get inspired for Christmas, see our collection of ideas.

Glorious Loose Hairstyle for Holiday Time

Of course, long hair is a must for this kind of a hairstyle. Half up half down styles create some kind of a romantic vibe for Christmas. They may include a combination of a bun and wavy or curly hair.

Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Easy hairstyles of this type include half up buns. They are much easier to master than braids. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they take a back seat. Half up buns will be more appropriate for an informal rather than formal occasion.

Amazing Twisted Hairstyles for Long Hair

Now let’s see how to pull off half up buns for various hair lengths. If your hair is long, start with separating its top and bottom halves. Use a hair binder to secure it.

Lovely Holiday Hairstyles for Long Hair

You need to ensure that the pony is tight. Next, in case you opt for a more voluminous look, tug (gently) on the top half of the hair. Now the tail should be teased a bit.

Inspired Knot Hairstyles for Long Hair

Start teasing near the binder. This step is important as it will make your bun appear fuller. Next, twist the pony round its base. Use several bobby pins to secure your pretty bun. Finally, adjust the bun to the desirable shape.

Half Up Updo for Wavy Hair

Main photo by Heidimariegarrett


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