Smokey eye tutorial is the most required thing when it comes to the world of beauty. Why is that, what is so special about it? The thing is that when it just originated, it was a mere mixture of two shades, mostly neutral and dark ones, the sole purpose of which was to intensify the drama in your look. Whereas these days there is no shade that can’t be involved into smokey makeup. We can’t say it is a bad thing, since these days looking like no one else is really important. We are here to help you achieve that uniqueness you have been seeking for!

Step by Step Smokey Eye Makeup for Hazel or Green Eyes

























Creating smokey eye for hazel or green eyes is a lot of fun. The thing is that there are so many vivid shades to play around with that it is difficult to choose at once. But we make sure that you won’t get lost in the world of eyeshadow and pick the perfect hues here!

How to Do a Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

























Playing around with blue eyes may be tricky sometimes, since they are already very deep and beautiful. But in order to help you enhance them, there are few tips we would like to share. When choosing the shades, take into consideration where you are headed.

How to Do Smokey Eye for Girls with Brown Eyes

























It has been said many times already that there is barely anything you can’t pull off with charming brown eyes. But we have decided to make the task even more difficult – we choose to add glitter to your smokey look. Once you follow our steps, you will look as stunning, we promise you that!

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