Straight hair looks incredibly sassy and elegant, we all know that. But not many of us are aware of its structure, the science behind straight tresses. Also called Type 1, such hair consists of round fibers that let it drop evenly from every side of a person’s scalp.

Straight tresses have pros:

  • Straight tresses handle serious styling and brushing more easily because they are capable of spreading and saving the nourishment – oil.
  • Straight tresses have the surface that can reflect more light. So, straight tresses are shinier, comparing to other textures.
  • Fast growth. Due to the sufficient nourishment, ladies with straight tresses rarely face dehydration or split ends. Nothing prevents their hair from growing.

Let’s explore how to style your hair so that it looks sleek and fab.

Short Inverted Bob Haircut For Straight Hair

Here you can see a sleek short inverted bob haircut straightened with a flat iron. You can follow these steps to recreate this look:

  • Your hair should be freshly washed. Rinse your tresses and then towel dry them.
  • Apply some heat protectant to protect your tresses while styling.
  • Detangle your tresses. Brush your tresses to get rid of knots, if any.
  • Split your tresses in Use clips.
  • Blow dry your tresses until they are completely dry.
  • Brush your tresses and split them in sections one more time.
  • Take one section and run your flat iron evenly downwards. Spritz with hairspray, brush this section, repeat ironing, spritz again with hairspray and brush.
  • Do this with every section. If needed, finish with some more hairspray.

Blue Straight Hair Bob Cut

If your hair is naturally straight, you can easily rock a bob cut like this. And you won’t have a difficulty styling it, as blow drying is all you need. When your tresses are wet, you can easily manipulate them, for example, straighten and smooth. The hydrogen bonds that are present in your tresses will remember the shape you are styling them into. And once you finish blow-drying, the tresses will be straight.

Mohawk Haircut For Straight Hair

This Mohawk straight hair cut looks super daring. And do you know that you can get a hairstyle like this naturally, without using heating tools? Honey and milk mask can straighten your tresses. Just mix one cup of coconut milk or whole milk with one tablespoon of honey. Then apply this mixture to your tresses and scalp and wait for one hour. Rinse your tresses with lukewarm water.

Short Bob Hairstyle With Ombre

To sport a short bob like you see here, your tresses are supposed to be flat, straight, and light. How to achieve that? You can use cold water and straightening shampoo conditioner. When you complete washing your tresses, switch to cold water. This trick will help you straighten your tresses and also make them super shiny and tame frizz.

Long Layered Straight Pixie Hairstyle

If you have naturally straight hair, you won’t have difficulty in styling this long layered pixie cut. Actually, you can even go no-heat. You will need a brush and some time. Wash your tresses and while air drying, keep brushing them every 5 minutes. You will get the result like in this pic. So simple!

Cute Layered Bob Haircut For Straight Hair

This layered, straight bob looks as if sun-kissed. If you have straight tresses like shown here, these tips might come in handy.

Do not steer clear of silicones. Silicone free styling products are not recommended for curly hair. But when it comes to straight hair, you will get the necessary protection from products with silicone.

Never concentrate the heat at the ends of your hair. When styling, remember that the ends are very fragile. Thus, you will avoid split ends.

Do not stress your tresses too much. In case your tresses are not naturally straight, you will have to make a choice: either you straighten them all the time, or you bleach them. If you choose both, it will kill your hair.

Medium Length Haircut For Straight Hair

No heat is required to get a pretty, bedhead hairstyle like this. Wash your hair in the evening. Before it dries, do a ponytail and split it into sections with hair bands. Leave overnight for a straighter, slightly messy effect in the morning.

Long Layered Straight Hair Bob Cut





To get some volume and messiness for a long layered bob like this, you just need to tightly wrap your wet hair. Part your damp tresses at the center. Comb your hair from the left section toward the right section. Wrap your hair around your head and secure it all with as many bobby pins as needed. Do the same, starting from the right section this time. Allow it to air dry. Put on a scarf made of silk to combat frizz. Go to sleep and unwrap your hair in the morning. Voila!

Blonde Long Bob Hair Style

Look how shiny and gorgeous this blonde lob appears. To ensure that your hair does not appear lifeless and dry, remember one thing: avoid cheap styling products. This concerns any hair types, by the way. Cheaper products contain alcohol, much of it. This substance damages hair by stripping it off the nourishing oils.

Side Bang Bob Cut For Straight Hair

This side-swept bob with bangs is styled so that it looks cute and playful. A hairstyle like this can be done with a no-heat method. The tresses are simply twisted in a bun. It works for tresses that are straight-ish and fairly obedient in their nature. Do a pony while your hair is damp, twist it. Wrap the pony around itself in order to get a bun, secure with some elastic. Air dry before brushing out.

A-Line Bob Haircut With Straight Hair

This A-line bob appears especially sophisticated when it’s straight and sleek. To get super smooth hair like this, rinse it with vinegar and water mix after washing once a week. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 33 oz water. This mixture will help remove heavy buildup left from conditioner and styling products. This buildup weighs down your tresses and makes them appear flat and lifeless. With the vinegar rinse, your hair will bounce again.

Layered Haircut With Bangs For Straight Hair

To add some movement and life to your hair, you can use hair rollers of a large size for styling. The soda cans size would do. Roll your wet hair in sections, secure each section tightly. Allow it to dry completely to get straight hair with a bit of bounce.

Long Platinum Blonde Hair Style

Straight hair hairstyles look very sassy when done on long blonde hair. Just look at this gorgeous-looking model. Blonde color gradations create depth, dimension for her straight tresses. It looks so lively.

Long Straight Hair With Balayage

If you have amazing long straight hair like in this pic, we would recommend that you do not style it with heat protectant that is oil-based. But when you use hair straightener every day, you can’t go without any protection. Not to damage your tresses, pick heat protectant with little to no oil in it.

Blonde Straight Hair Style

To maintain the beauty of your straight long tresses, there is a simple trick. When hair straightening with a flat iron, use a comb that is fine-tooth. Thus, you will not have to run the iron over every section for many times.

Long Hair With A Brown Color

Do not straighten your damp hair with an iron. It is something that every woman should know. The liquid and heat can boil your tresses alive. To have healthy-looking hair like in this pic, you’d better go for no-heat styling.

Long Layered Hairstyle With Balayage

How to keep up a straight hairstyle like this? You do not have to flat iron it every day. Do it once and the following day just run a comb with hairspray on it through your dry hair. Thus, you can skip heat styling until the next hair wash.

Beautiful Red Hair Color For Long Straight Hair

In this picture, you can see stick straight hair that makes this model stand out wherever she goes. And this vivid ginger hue only adds up to the effect.

Now you know how to rock straight hair and maintain its beauty. Our blog has many cool posts to offer. Keep reading us.

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