Try a Chocolate Lilac Hair Shade, and All Eyes Will Be On You

Chocolate lilac hair: how miraculous it looks, don’t you think? This new hair trend is super hot this season, and this tendency can be observed all over Instagram. But besides being trendy, such shades are also very versatile, which means that practically anyone can pull off this look. Here you can see the most popular shades.

Trendy Hair Color in 2018

When this interesting chocolate shade is closer to pastel hair shade, it looks even more natural. And natural is always trendy! That is why you can opt for such look without any hesitation!

Beautiful Chocolate Lilac Hair

Chocolate pink hair shades are totally glamorous, and considering that many celebrities pick such hues, this statement is definitely true! Watching celebrities is the easiest way to follow trends.

Amazing Trendy Hair Color

We do agree that balayage is not only trendy and innovative technique but it’s also very convenient! Truly, how else would we figure out to mix shades that seem to be unmixable?

Chocolate Lilac Hair Ideas for Your Brown Hair

Right, when you think about brown and purple, do you ever imagine those two together on your hair? Probably not. But here you can see how marvelous these two shades can blend on any hair length.

Chocolate Lilac Hair to Try

Plus, you can make one of these shades as a main color and let another one be very subtle, we would say barely noticeable. Thus, you will get amazing, naturally-looking hues. No one will guess it’s hair dye!

Shoulder Length Hair in a Chocolate Lilac Color

Add some waves to your hairstyle to make those dimensional chocolate lilac hues play.


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