Amazing Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

People who can sport hairstyles for long straight hair are so enviable. But what if you do not have naturally straight hair? There are several straightening options but, unfortunately, not all of them are safe for your hair. One of the most effective but also most dangerous techniques is chemical straightening. The good news is that after this procedure your hair will remain straight until it grows out completely.

Chic Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

So, chemical straightening guarantees you the possibility to wear straight hairstyles for long hair. However, an unskilled professional can truly put the health of your hair in danger. This procedure is also inadvisable for people whose hair is fragile or damaged.

Lovely Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Luckily, there are less radical options to be able to wear straight long hairstyles. For example, you can get chemical relaxers applied. Thus, your hair will be relaxed temporarily and less damaged. However, your hair will not be perfectly straight.

Creative Hairstyles with Braids for Long Hair

Two kinds of chemical relaxers are available: No-Lye relaxers and also Lye relaxers. Hair professionals have different views on these two. However, as usually, it all depends on hair texture and type.

Different Types of Braided Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Lye relaxers work fast on hair. And, consequently, they rinse out easily. No-Lye relaxers tend to dry out hair, which is to be aware of. But if your scalp is sensitive, you’d better pick No-Lye. In this case, apply a special anti-calcifying shampoo regularly.

Good-Looking Bun Hairstyles

These are ideal for second day hair, especially when you need a quick hairstyle that looks fun and stylish.

Bun Updos Which Are Perfect for Any Occasion

An updo is a miraculous hairstyle as you can wear it anywhere you go and it will be appropriate.


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