Wear a Crown Braid to Appear Elegant

Ladies, a crown braid hairstyle is exactly what you need to master before your next date. This hairstyle has a romantic vibe, which makes it ideal for a night out with your significant other. Your bae will love how you look! And here you can look through the most beautiful ways of styling this braid. Our ideas will help you feel next-level gorgeous.

The High Crown Braid Hairstyle

Such hairstyles can be created with different types of braids. Stylists point out that these hairstyles can be recreated even with regular braids. So, even an amateur can pull it off.

Romantic Crown Braid Hairstyle for a Date

But the basic look involves more intricate French braids, of course. And as for the hair length, it requires shoulder length to longer hair. So, let’s discuss what to start with.

Half Crown Braid for Long and Medium Hair

First you need to decide whether you want this hairstyle to be sleek or messy. If you opt for a messy look, no extra steps are required. If you wish it to be sleek, begin with straightening your hair.

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Spritz your hair with heat protectant and make it straight with the help of a curling iron. Next, apply styling mousse for better manageability and hold. Now comb the hair to one of the sides.

Crown Braids You Can Do in 10 Minutes

Divide it into two strands and make sure that they are equal. Hold each strand separately in your hands. Now you can begin French braiding. At the end, arrange your braid around the head in a form of a crown and secure with hairspray.


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