Chignon Bun Hairstyles for Women to Try

Cute bun hairstyles are a must for any formal occasion and not only. You can easily sport them every day. You will get a ton of compliments for your bun. Furthermore, it will make you feel gorgeous. Isn’t it what you want after spending a lot of time and efforts in front of the mirror? And our ideas are super easy, so you can recreate them in a blink of an eye. And it will seem like you just walked out of the hair salon.

High Bun Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for women are very simple and classy. If you are wearing the same hairdo over years, it may become boring at some point. Our ideas of short hairstyles will help you to bring a little change in your life.

Low Bun Hairstyles

Short haircuts are believed to make women look less feminine. But this assumption is so wrong. They attract attention to your face, for example, a bob haircut makes your neck more distinctive, which is one of the sexiest body parts.

Bun Hairstyles with Braids

The great news is that you can wear a chignon bun in many ways and adjust it to your image whenever you need to. Sometimes you can sport a traditional chignon bun.

Double Bun Hairstyles

Especially when the occasion is formal. But sometimes you need to sport something edgier and cooler. Let’s discuss how you can make a chignon bun scream ‘punk rock.’

Elegant Bun for a Special Event

First of all, comb you hair. Next, your task is to add texture and grip to your hair. You can achieve that with the following hair products: pomade, texture spray, paste, or dry shampoo.


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