Our makeup tips can make any woman’s dream come true: you will look amazing in photos. Remember all those times when you looked at your photos and hated them because your face seemed oily or shiny, or too unnatural?


We have found 15 tips for you to stop worrying about the way you look in photos. Click NEXT to explore makeup tips.

Black Mascara

Wear natural makeup and highlight your features with black color. People who know all the secrets about looking amazing in photos recommend applying black mascara and black liner. You should apply black color even if you are used to applying brown color. Black can give a better contrast than brown.

Natural Light

Before having a photo shoot, try to apply the makeup in daylight rather than in the evening. Indoor lighting is tricky as it can change the way you look.

Don’t Skip Lipstick

Do not forget to apply the lipstick. Otherwise, your mouth is likely to look unclear in photos. Remember that contrast is the key.

Concealer Is Your New Best Friend

Every woman wonders how to get rid of dark circles. Dark circles are many women’s problem, and they make a person look especially tired in photos. Apply concealer, but blend it out really well to avoid any harshness.

Say “NO” To Shadows

Try to make sure that your makeup is even, that is, there are no shadows on the face. Position the face in front of the camera in a way that won’t create a shadow.

Check Your Teeth

When your makeup is already done, do not forget to look in the glass and check your teeth. Lipstick stains cannot look good on the teeth, and they will spoil your photos.

More Lashes

If you wish to highlight the eyes, you should definitely add some lashes. You can do it even if your lashes are quite long – the camera loves it!

Filling In The Eyebrows

Patchy eyebrows look awful, don’t they? Therefore, filling in the eyebrows is really important. You will definitely look more beautiful this way.


Priming is essential because it helps your skin to look even. Besides, it makes the foundation look natural and quite smooth.


Apply darker shades under the chin and cheekbones, and along the sides of the nose. Depending on the shape of your face, you might want to apply bronzer on the sides of the forehead, as well.

Yellow Tinted Powder

Apply yellow tinted powder to prevent having either shiny or washed out look in photos. Translucent and shimmery powders are good for other occasions, but not for a photo shoot.

Clear White Eyes

When you are tired, some red lines might appear in the eyes, and eye drops can deal with this problem. Also, applying white eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes will make you look alert and bright in photos.


Mattes do not sparkle at all. Thus, these colors are perfect for a photo shoot; the flash can make your face look oily if you use shimmering colors.

Set It

Finally, your makeup should be set. Make sure that your makeup does not melt off. So, apply a translucent powder at the end.

Shimer, Shine And Check!

Apply loose finishing powder beneath the neck. This area looks sexy when highlighted. When your makeup is done, it is advisable to take several practice shots. Sometimes the makeup looks different in pictures, so you have to check it out. Then find the best angles and go for it!

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