Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair to be Noticed

Formal hairstyles for medium hair are much easier than you might have imagined. Whether your hair is thick or fine, it is possible to find something flattering here. Pick one of these adorable hairstyles, and you will be the center of attention at any formal party, be it a wedding ceremony or prom or some charity event.

Chic Formal Hairstyles for Medium Leght Hair

If you opt for one of prom hair updos that looks rather formal, you might consider creating that special super sleek look. To achieve this effect, detangle your hair and moisturize it with hair serum or hair shiner.

Easy Formal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Bridesmaid hairstyles tend to look rather formal, as well. What’s also peculiar about them is that they are kind of graceful. And it can be achieved if you add some curls to your style and make it somewhat fluffy.

Beautiful Ideas for Medium Hair

When it comes to formal events, you do not want to be too chic or too classy, right? That is why we decided to come up with something in-between. And the copper, messy French roll is exactly what you need!

Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The combination of braids is always trendy no matter what length is involved. But to make them look classy and formal, you need to try a little harder. But two side braids falling into a fishtail one will do the trick.

Create These Cute Hairstyles to Look Magnificent

Sometimes it is difficult to tell a stunning ‘do from a magnificent one. But when you look at these two voluminous braids ending in a big low bun, there are no questions left.


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