All-Time And Fun Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids have always been a popular style for those who love to try new and fun intricate hairstyles. They originated amongst the African American culture and have become increasingly popular.

Unlike French braid hairstyles that are so numerous, there are 2 styles of fishbone braids, the most common is the “fishbone” that is also referred to as the “fishtail braid.” And then there are the braids that are plaited close to the scalp with one thick center braid with thin cornrows at the angle. It is the traditional variation of the fishbone braid.

If you are looking for classy braided updos, look no further. We have put together a list of our favorite fishbone braids in a variety of styles. Find the one that works best for you. With a little time and practice, you can experiment with your own fishbone braided hairstyles!

For those who are new to braiding, you can find plenty of fishbone braids tutorial videos online. They can be quite challenging, but don’t let this discourage you. You can achieve this timeless look with a little effort. There are styles to suit every hair type, texture, length, and ethnicity. You can always go to a salon for a quick style and some professional advice. Braiding salons are becoming really popular so you won’t have a problem finding a location and you’ll be happy as you sport your sexy new braided do!

1. Fishbone Pigtails

Fishbone braids are gorgeous with really long hair as there are many variations of ways to style these intricate braids. This style matures standard pigtails to a more grown-up look and feel. Add some style to your look with a tribal-print headband. This style is a throwback to the traditional roots with a modern flair that looks elegant and sophisticated.

2. Side Braid

If you have longer hair, a side braid is both a fashionable and convenient option. However, it has gotten the reputation as being childish. On the contrary, a side braid can be extremely stylish. This style is appropriate for any occasion with its intricate design and glamorous appeal.

3. Twisted and Crowned Braids

Simple braids can be quite sophisticated and they can easily transition from a day at work to an evening out. And the best advantage of this pulled-back style is that it doesn’t require any bobby pins to keep it in place.

4. Messy Ponytail Braid

With so many braided hairstyles to choose, this one is not only unique but fun and flirty, as well. This ponytail and braid combo is practically impossible to mess up as the magic lies within the messy carefree style. This look is fun for a casual event or weekend getaway!

5. Half-Up Fishbone

Updos are classic and lovely, but sometimes you want a more casual look without wearing your hair completely up… or completely down. This half-up fishbone braid hairstyle is great for both day and evening wear and can easily be dressed up with fun hair accessories such as a hairband, bow, feathers, beads or whatever suits your style and mood.

6. Braided Crown

For those who want their hair away from their face and neck during the warmer seasons, this crown with braids is practical and easy. You can opt to get it braided at a salon so the style will last for weeks with a professionally-styled hold. This classic look easily converts from a day at the office to a sophisticated evening out with some simple accessories.

7. Stretched and Gathered

To accomplish this stylish look, simply make a fishbone braid out of two smaller side-sections of your hair. Pull at the braid at various lengths to vary the tightness for a fancier look and feel of an otherwise common braided style. This style is especially stunning on those with ombre hair tones.

8. Ponytail with the Voluminous Braid

This hairstyle is ideal for an evening out with your girlfriends. And, depending on your mood, you can easily switch from a low bun to a ponytail, coming from the voluminous braid.

9. Mile Long Braid

If you have exceptionally long hair you can totally rock a fishbone braid. This glamorous French/Fishbone fusion is casual enough to wear every day but also elegant enough for formal occasions.

10. Diagonal Braid Updo

This style is sleek, unique and not easy to duplicate. Tucked in and pinned under one ear, this French Fishbone is elegant and timeless without a lot of time and effort.

11. Creative, Messy Braided Style

For this carefree and sassy style, twist your hair up and over your shoulders in a side braid or multiple fishbones. Gather the braids into a low, messy bun. This relaxed look works great for a casual event.

12. Double Fishtail Braid

This double fishtail braid is so voluminous and looks totally glam! Also, you can accessorize it! Accessories can embellish any hairstyle, even if it already seems to be so perfect. Artificial flowers will look miraculous with this hairstyle!

Find the style that works for your facial features and fits your style and personality. Once you are more experienced with this fun and unique braiding style, you can get creative and have fun with it! Whether you want a sophisticated and sleek style for a formal affair or a more careful and sassy style for day-to-day wear, you are sure to find the fishbone braid that works for you!

13. Lovely Fishtail with a Ponytail – Try Right Now

Why not combine your favorite elements, a ponytail and fishtail, in a single hairstyle? Thus, you will, so to say, dress up your ponytail in a fabulous way. Wrap that lovely braid above the top of the ponytail, jazz it up, babe!

14. Half Up Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is ideal for ladies who long for something extra in order to spice up the regular look of their hair. You can wear it at home and at work, on a date and in the gym – this hairstyle is extremely versatile.

15. One Side Fishtail Braid

This voluminous side braid is simple and pretty. And it is also ideal for either the second-day or untamed and natural hair. To get this lovely look, you will need a comb, two clear elastics, a curling wand, scissors, and of course, a little practice and patience.


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