Beautiful And Useful Gifts For Mom

It’s time to start thinking about gifts for Mom, as Mother’s Day is approaching. Of course, you adore your mom and you want to show her how much you appreciate her, on Mother’s Day and every day.

She will love anything you give her, of course, but why not opt for personalized gifts? There are plenty of gifts that you can personalize by adding a special touch.

You could buy her flowers and candy – these are standard gift ideas for women. But don’t you want to do something extra-special for Mom this year? Think of all the nights she stayed up, nursing you back to health when you were ill or taking care of your every need, while you were growing up. You want to show your love with a special gift.

1. Custom Phone Case

Every woman loves a pretty phone case. And your mom will flip for a custom-designed case for her smartphone. Choose nice phone case with a powerful phrase. You can easily have one made at stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Also, there are plenty of sites online where you can order a personalized phone case. We guarantee that your mom will love this thoughtful gift!

2. Espresso Machine

Moms cherish their morning coffee. Sometimes it’s the only break they get during the day. Most moms are up early way before the rest of the family, so why not upgrade her old coffee maker with a fancy espresso machine?

3. Tea Kettle With Assortment Of Fancy Teas

If your mom isn’t a coffee drinker, opt for a pretty tea set with a variety of herbal teas. She will be sure to cherish this gift in the heart.

4. Indoor Garden

This is great gift, especially if your mom lives in the city and is unable to have an outdoor garden. You can find plenty of flowers, plants and herbs that she can easily grow in a home garden. Shop around at your local garden store or look online. Your mom will love that you took the time to think of such a unique Mother’s Day gift!

5. New Cookware

Mothers spend so much time in the kitchen. Yet, most moms probably don’t think to replace their cookware. Treat Mom to a new set of designer cookware this Mother’s Day so that she could ditch those tired old pots and pans!

6. Antique Shopping Spree

What’s a better Mother’s Day gift than quality time with you? Take Mom on an antique shopping spree and buy her one of her favorite treasures. Stop for lunch at her favorite cafe and spend time bonding over coffee.

7. Spa Gift Box

Treat Mom to some of her favorite spa and beauty products in a personalized gift box. Buy her favorite face cream, nail polishes and so forth. Splurge on a lush spa-style robe that she can wear while she gives herself a facial. Better yet, throw in a gift card for a mani-pedi or a day at her favorite spa!

8. Tablet/E-Reader

Your mom would never think to purchase her own E-Reader or Tablet. Buy her a Nook or Kindle and preload it with some books by her favorite authors. You can also enroll her in a digital “Book of the Month Club” as an added bonus!

9. Dinner And Movie Night

Offer to host a dinner and movie night for Mom. Prepare all of her favorites and let her choose a movie. Pop some popcorn and open a bottle of wine and let her relax. She deserves a night off! Think of all the birthday parties, family and holiday dinners and other events she has hosted over the years. Show her you appreciate her and return the favor!

10. Photo Collage

Moms love good photo collages. You can really get creative with this one. You can use a purchased photo frame or make your own and fill it with family pics from over the years. Also, you can buy a digital photo frame and preload it with her favorite photos. Get sentimental, and you will be sure to bring a tear to your mom’s eyes.

11. Personalized Throw Pillow Or Blanket

Speaking of sentimental, your mom will love this one! Order a custom designed throw pillow or blanket for your mom. It may be your mom’s favorite family photo, pleasant words or wishes for her. Bonus points, if you get a matching set with pillows and a blanket!

12. Wine And Paint Night Out On The Town

Wine and paint nights are all the rage right now. Mom would love a night out with you. And the best part is that you get to enjoy a good glass of wine, explore your artistic side and bring home a handmade souvenir of your special night with Mom. She will cherish both the quality time and the painting forever!

There you have it! 12 thoughtful gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to buy her that sappy card that will make her cry! Better yet, make your own card. Bonus points, if you compose a mushy poem!

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