10 Inspirational Ideas For Brown Hair

If you have brown hair, then you are lucky as you can experiment a lot with your hair. To put on some spice to your appearance, you could add either caramel highlights or some lowlights depending on your mood and the effect you are trying to achieve.

Brown hair with highlights looks especially beautiful and mesmerizing. The highlights add some brightness not only to your hair, but your personality as well.

1. Long Blunt Haircut with Highlights

If your hair is long and straight, you could make it look more interesting by adding some highlights that have either reddish or goldish shade. Or you could simply experiment with different color shades until you achieve your perfect look!

2. Ash and Beige Highlights on Dark Hair

If you have rather dark hair and always dreamed of having blonde hair, you might find out that your dream can come true. Simply add beige highlights on your dark hair and you’ll achieve the look you’ve always wanted to have.

3. Curly Long Layered Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Make your curly hair look even cuter by adding some highlights that can emphasize the wavy nature of your hair. Add some layers to your haircut, and you are ready to go out and impress everyone!

4. Melty Chocolate Hair Color

Are you a chocolate lover? And do you love both dark and milk chocolate like most of us do? Then this melty chocolate hair color will be perfect for you. If you have light brown hair color, simply dye your roots into a darker color, and you’ll achieve this beautiful transition from dark into milk chocolate color.

5. Blended Blonde Ombré on Dark Hair

f your hair is long, you can get very creative with it. You can make it wavy, you can experiment with different hair color or you can go with the ombre effect that will always look trendy and very interesting! Blonde ombre on dark hair looks particularly amazing, so just go for it!

6. Dark Chocolate Hair with Caramel Ends

Adding caramel color to your hair ends will add some sparkle to your overall appearance. It looks as if the sun rays touched your hair and left the imprints on it.

7. Subtle Carmel Balayage Pieces

This look is perfect if you are looking for something more official yet interesting. Subtle caramel balayage pieces create that captivating look that is perfect for any occasion.

8. Natural Dark Brown Hair Color

Natural hair color is very trendy now, so if you have beautiful brown hair, you could simply enjoy it without making any exra efforts. But if you want to bring variety to your look, you could either slightly wave the tips of your hair or add some highlights.

9. Layered Dark Brunette with Blonde Balayage

Layered haircut will be perfect if you want to create more volume. Add blonde balayage to your dark brunette hair, and you’ll look irresistibly beautiful.

10. Rose Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

«Wow,» – if this is the word you want to hear, then go for this marvelous look with rose copper highlights on brown hair. This combination of hair colors looks simply astonishing!


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