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We have compiled an amazing collection of the trendiest wedding hairstyles inspired by the runway looks. These stylish looks from Bridal Fashion Weeks from all over the world are such a huge inspiration. A huge hankering to get married as soon as possible will appear somewhere deep in your heart even if you haven’t found your eligible Barney yet. Are you already engaged and planning your big day or just waiting for someone to propose to you? You will love these wedding hair looks no matter what.

Simple Hairstyle with Bow

If we talk about elegant hairstyles for long hair and wedding hairstyles for medium hair that was prevailing on the runways, hairdos with bows and ribbons are winning here. They appeared in the variety of colors, usually in ivory but also in bolder colors. This trend was previously used in everyday looks, and now designers adapted it for brides. It is a great option for a hair accessory in the case you are not into veils. A bow in your hair makes your hairstyle more casual, but at the same time, it is very sweet and girlish.

The Slick Down Hairstyle

Chignons, updos, braids, buns – do these words give you chills or simply freak you out? Then you will love this wedding hair down variation. A slicked back hairstyle will make your bridal look a little bit edgier. The coolest part about the slick down is that you will have no worries about it during the party. Hair gel will make your do form and it won’t frizz. So you can dance all night and forget about your hair.

Low Loop Updos

As for wedding hair updos, a low loop would be a nice choice, especially when you have bangs. Modern trends bring usually complicated chignons to a new level. This low loop is a perfect version of the upgraded chignon, making it casual, low- fuss, and romantic. Basically, it fits all the requirements modern bridal fashion dictates.

Bohemian Crown Braids

It seems that we had enough of these bohemian styled brides with their crown braids at the early beginning of this century. At some point, it became a mainstream. Surprisingly, a braided crown wedding hair from runaways looks fresh and new. To make your look more unique, you may even add flowers or a veil as an accessory.

Flower Power

To adapt regular updo hairstyles for weddings to modern tendencies, use flowers of your choice. The most perfect option of flowers would be orchids. They were basically ruling the runways. For a romantic look attach the smaller flower to piece of wire, drape it behind your ear and stick a bigger orchid flower into your chignon.

Messy Hairstyle with Metallic Strings

In case you are looking for some creative wedding hair ideas, you will love this one. This modern version of a ponytail is gorgeous. You will just need to curl your hair with a large curling iron and tie it with a metallic string a couple of times. A little bit of teasing adds to the messiness of this ponytail thus making it stylish.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach waves is one of the most feminine and fabulous wedding hairdos for long hair. It is super low key. But it has its charm. To make those perfect waves you will need to apply a texture spray to the roots and to the ends of your hair. For curling you will need a large curling iron. Note that you have to curl in different directions otherwise you won’t get that perfect level of messiness.

Flower Crown Hairstyle

Flower crown will be a great combo with the majority of wedding hair updos. You may combine it with a messy teased ponytail, chignon, or simple waves. This is one more boho style come back but it looks really pretty. Don’t you agree?

Vintage Hairstyle Inspo

Vintage stuff is also in this year. When it comes to accessory, the best way to make a statement bridal look would be wedding hair with the veil. This is the definition of elegance. You will definitely be the star of the show with this vintage accessory. All eyes will be on you.

New Half Up Hairstyle

Half up half down wedding hairstyles were on the runways this season too. Opt for the half undoes with braids. They create a very romantic, feminine and delicate look. In addition to this, it will frame your face and accentuate your facial features. This hairstyle is straight out of a fairytale.

Modern Wedding Hairstyles For Long and Medium Hair

















The trendiest wedding hairstyles for this year are extremely feminine and low-fuss. They are all about femininity, tradition, and romance. Most of them feature long hair with flowing effect as a rule. But of course, there are always exceptions from the rules. It is impossible not to fall in love with them. The most important thing about this year hairstyles is that they will never get old. And you will never have to fear that if you look at your wedding photos in 20 years you will have some regrets and shame for your hair choice. So, follow our collection of gorgeous wedding hairstyles and draw wedding inspiration.

Popular Wedding Hairstyles To Inspire You

















Hope that our collection of modern ideas helped you to make your hair choice for your big day.

19 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2020

19 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2020

Gold, silver, and copper are metallic shades of the past. (*Cringes at the thought of the gold lip gloss and silver eyeshadow she sported in the 90s*) There’s a new metallic shade in town, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Yes, the gorgeous shade I’m talking about is rose gold. This muted blonde shade with a pink undertone seemed to burst into the market all of a sudden and has managed to make a place for itself in the clothing, handbags, footwear, and makeup industry. So it was no surprise when it sneaked its way into hair color world as well. More and more women every day are consulting their hairdressers on getting their hair dyed in an elegant rose gold shade. And here we are with our top picks for styling your rose gold hair color!

But, before we jump into our list, let’s see how you can color your hair rose gold at home

What You Need

  • Hair bleach kit
  • Toner
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Bowl
  • An old towel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sectioning clips
  • Rose gold dye
  • Shampoo
  • Color safe conditioner

How To Color Your Hair Rose Gold At Home

  1. Drape an old towel around your shoulders to prevent bleach from getting on your clothes.
    1. Leave the bleach in for the time duration indicated on the box, making sure you check the shade your hair has reached every 10 minutes.
      1. Mix your bleach and developer (included in the kit) thoroughly in a mixing bowl.
      1. Partition your hair vertically and then horizontally to divide it into 4 sections and pin 3 ofthe sections up with sectioning clips.
      1. From the section left loose, pick up a 1-inch section of hair and start applying bleach to it from the ends first and working up the length of your hair with a coloring brush.

1. Blush And Lemon Rose Gold

Rose gold by itself is a breathtaking hair color. Add to that beautiful undertones of blush pink and lemon yellow and you’ll have a color look that is one for the ages. The pink, yellow, and rose gold shades of this look blend together seamlessly to give you the most elegant hair color imaginable.

2. Shadowed Rose Gold

You don’t always have to go for a soft and pastel look when going for rose gold hair. You can rock this gorgeous color in all its punk rock glory as well. Go for a dark metallic rose gold shade with magenta undertones to get this bold hair color look. Keep your roots a shade or two darker to create a shadow effect that will only add to the edginess of this look.

3. Muted Rose Gold

Now, here’s a gorgeous hair color that’s less rose, more gold. Muted and subdued, this predominantly gold color has a hint of rose running through it to add that touch of color to it. Though understated, this color job has a quiet elegance all its own.

4. Rose Gold Sombre

Gone are the days of ombre with its clearly demarcated colors and stark contrast. Sombres are all the rage this season owing to their subtle and more naturally blended look. This particular style uses a darker mauve at the roots that blend fluidly into a light rose gold at the ends to create a stunning contrast of pink toned colors.

5. Strawberry Rose Gold

When it comes to hair color, nothing beats a neutral tone that gives off that elegant and mature vibe. And this color job—that is a stunning combination of strawberry blonde and rose gold with dark brown hair—does just that. The balayage style that these colors have been done up in is what pulls the whole look together.

6. Desert Rose Gold

If you’ve ever been to a desert (or seen a picture of one), you’ll know that its vast, uninterrupted expanse of sand is one of the most breathtaking things to behold. Recreate that stunning effect on your hair with the help of a light brown base color highlighted with a subtle shade of rose gold.

7. Rose Gold On Chocolate

Don’t let your dark tresses stop you from getting the rose gold hair of your dreams. Simply highlight your hair with shades of rose gold and blush pink in a balayage style to create a mesmerizing melange of colors. Go for some loose curls to bring out the movement and dimension of this color look.

8. Platinum Rose Gold

When two metallic hues come together, the effect they create is guaranteed to take your breath away. Don’t believe me? Then just look at the picture above. The platinum-based rose gold shade will have you looking Instagram-ready at all times. Just style your hair in a poker straight manner to complete your picture perfect look.

9. Tinted Rose Gold

Who doesn’t want to be a redhead? Ever since I watched The Little Mermaid as a kid, I’ve wanted to have hair just like Ariel’s. An excellent way to style your auburn hair would be to go for some rose gold highlights that frame your face and add depth to the whole look.

10. Peachy Rose Gold

Imagine gulping down a glass of peach iced tea on a hot summer day to cool down and relax… Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Show your love for this beloved beverage by getting your hair colored in its peach-tinted rose gold shade.

11. Rose Gold Unicorn

Any self-respecting Instagram account holder will know that unicorns are all the rage this season. And one area where they have completely dominated is in hair colors. This soft pastel pink and rose gold look is sure to transform you into a pretty unicorn princess. Style it in a short wavy bob to make the most of this look.

12. Rose Gold Gradient

Gradient color jobs are huge this season and for a good reason. This color style makes your hair look like something out of a fantasy novel and you like an ethereal being. This particular gradient look starts off with a rich burgundy at the roots that blends into a sweet apricot shade in the middle and descends into a beautiful rose gold shade at the ends

13. Dynamic Rose Gold

The cool thing about rose gold hair color is that it comes in so many shades that you can’t pin it as just a single hue. This dark rose gold shade, for instance, has an auburn undertone to it that makes it look like it could almost be on the red side of the color wheel.

14. Caramel And Rose Gold Color Melt

When you combine a classic hair color with a trending one, magic is bound to happen. And this caramel and rose gold color job sure is casting incantations all around. The two undeniably gorgeous shades blend and melt into each other at the bottom of the chocolate brown hair to create an awe-inspiring hair look.

15. Handpainted Rose Gold

Now, here’s a dark rose gold look that you’ll definitely fall in love with. Create a work of art on your hair by getting a dark bronze-tinted rose gold shade handpainted onto a luscious auburn base. The results of this color job will be breathtaking, to say the least.

16. Rose Gold Mermaid

If there’s ever a cross between a flower child and a mermaid, she would probably sport this hair look. This cool ombre style has been done on a dark coffee brown base with shades of rose gold, peach, and fuchsia at the ends that make for a gorgeous style that plays on contrasts.

17. Copper And Rose Gold Root Melt

A great way to create a dynamic hair color look is to mix and match a soft shade with a rich and vivid one. Following this principle, color job makes use of a bright copper shade at the roots that flawlessly blends into a light rose gold hue towards the ends to create a masterpiece.

18. Rose Gold Blonde Balayage

Of course, this list could never be complete without a good ol’ balayage look thrown into the mix. This light blonde based look has been elevated with hints of rose gold streaked into it to create just a suggestion of color. The real beauty of this color job is revealed when it’s styled in some loose blow-dried curls.

19. Rose Gold Brunette

Look like a character straight out of a writer’s imagination by sporting this ethereal hair color look. The light dusty brown base of this style has been softly tinted with rose gold at the edges to create a look that is as bohemian as it gets. This color look is especially perfect for someone who lives near the beach and wears lots of floaty dresses.

Metallic Rose Gold

Add an ultra metallic twist to this otherwise floaty pastel shade to give yourself an awesome extraterrestrial look. This metallic rose gold hair color is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends to add movement to your hair and draw the eye downwards, thus making it look longer.

And that’s it! That’s the end of our list of top styling ideas for rose gold hair. Didn’t you fall in love with every single one of them? So comment below to let us know which styles you can’t wait to try out for yourself!


Top 9 Best Baby Stroller 2020 For Every Budget in India

We understand that being a parent, you want everything perfect for your baby. You want to give your baby the best care you can. And it’s a very tough task to go out while carrying your baby. Here baby strollers can help you a lot. You can enjoy your outings with your baby and your kid can have a wonderful ride. If you are looking for the best baby stroller in India then we have put together a list of best strollers for 2020!

List of Best Baby Stroller in India 2020

1. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller
LuvLap Galaxy Stroller

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller is one of the most recommended stroller for baby. With 5 point safety harness, this stroller is designed to tackle rough surfaces. this stroller is comparatively lightweight so it requires little effort when you are pushing, lifting or folding it. It comprised of high-quality materials that is durable. Plus, the Galaxy comes with a reversible handle that allows your baby to face you while strolling for better bonding.

The wheels on the Galaxy are sturdy and of heavy-duty, making it the best outdoor stroller. Also, the Galaxy’s 3 positions adjustable seat recline allows your baby to sit up, rest and even have a comfortable nap and thus making it highly suitable for newborn babies. Rear and front-wheel brakes ensure the child safety keeping it static, allowing you to be hands-free. It is the best baby stroller in India.

Key Features

  • Detachable food tray
  • Extended double layer canopy
  • Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs
  • 3 position recline and 5 point safety harness
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation with Swivel lock and Brakes

2. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride
R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride is another best stroller option that is great for outdoor activities due to its exceptional maneuverability and versatility. This outdoor stroller provides a great front wheel suspension making it suitable for rough roads of India. If you love the outdoors, plan to hike and jog, or desire a rugged product with good storage, then the Chocolate Ride is one to consider. The seat also provides a 5-point harness to safely hold your baby and makes her more comfortable.

Despite the bulkier design, the stroller is still compact. And if you want it to fold and store then you have to just lift the pull button and push and stroller fold itself. The huge basket at the back of the stroller will enable you to to keep everything that you want while Strolling or going to the mall.

Key Features

  • A quick, compact fold with storage latch
  • One step link brake to lock and make your stroller stop
  • Lockable front-swivel wheels with suspension
  • UV protected sun canopy
  • 5 point safety harness

3. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller
LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

The LuvLap Sunshine Stroller is a lighter, compact, easy to fold option we’d recommend especially those looking for a budget-friendly choice. The Sunshine Stroller is an excellent choice for the parents who want an affordable baby stroller in India. The quality of the material is nice and comfy for your little ones with an adjustable 3 position seat recline made for napping or sitting. A large basket folds to facilitate storage toys and fruits. There are also back storage pockets for keeping the most valuable things at handy.

This product is not the right choice if you want a one and done option for hiking or moving off paved surfaces for very long distances. However, despite these limitations, it is a great everyday option that also works well for travel. We think most parents will love this economical choice that comes with a giant canopy with peek a boo window. This is the best selling stroller that offers convenient features that work well for an awesome value compared to most of the competition.

Key Features

  • Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold
  • 3-point safety harness system
  • Adjustable 3 position seat recline
  • Front-wheel 360º swivel with lock
  • Carrying capacity up to 15 kgs

4. BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

BabyGo Delight
BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller

The BabyGo Delight is a lightweight umbrella option with a compact fold. This stylish, lighter product has many features parents want, in a small package that is good for their baby. Although its one of the most affordable baby stroller than most of its competitors, it’s a high-quality choice with nice materials that function well. The BabyGo Delight comes with a large, adjustable canopy that will block your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful rays. In addition, the pop-out sun visor provides even more protection on extra sunny days making it more stylish and trendy.

It’s a great option for families on a tight budget or parents who need a good quality budget-friendly baby strollers. It comes with a mosquito net that ensures your baby’s comfortable nap. Among our best baby stroller in India this BabyGo gets the job done, and it still leaves room for versatility along the way.

Key Features

  • The large, adjustable canopy
  • A lightweight frame with compact size
  • Comes with a mosquito net
  • Adjustable footrest for a comfortable ride
  • 3 position seat recline that is adjustable

5. Evenflo Waav Compact Stroller

Evenflo Waav Compact Stroller
Evenflo Waav Compact Stroller

The Evenflo Waav Compact Stroller is a fantastic high-end choice we recommend for parents that want a little more of everything. If budget isn’t a concern, and you want the absolute best in a lightweight product, the Evenflo Waav is a standout in its field. The Waav is sleek looking, with quality parts and manufacturing and thus making it the best stroller in India.

The belt delivers a 5-point harness with a buckle at the center. The wheels on the stroller are constructed of hard rubber for more durability. You will appreciate the front wheel suspensions so you won’t have to worry about uneven riding surfaces or tough corners. The Waav has one of the highest prices in any of our reviews making it a poor choice for families on a budget.

Key Features

  • Front-wheel suspension, suitable for tougher roads
  • Removable bumper bar makes getting baby in and out of the seat
  • Compact folding for easy storage
  • Large extended canopy for extra protection
  • 5 point safety harness

6. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller
Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

If your budget isn’t big enough for the expensive Evenflo Waav Stroller, but you still need a lightweight or compact baby stroller, then the Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller is a very good choice. This lighter option comes with the front wheel suspension that understands the needs of modern parents who love outings and all. The Pumpkin Baby Stroller comes with features you don’t always find in umbrella products making it a the best baby stroller for families looking for a feature-full lightweight option.

The stroller has a large storage bin, giant canopy with peek-a- boo window, deep recline to give your baby most comfortable ride, quick fold. We think some parents may even be able to use the XL1 as their primary stroller (especially if you don’t stroll often) making it a winner in our book if you’re looking for a good option with a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Light-weight and compact stroller
  • 3 position recline system
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Carrying capacity up to 20kg
  • All-Terrain wheels with front suspension

7. LuvLap Joy Stroller

LuvLap Joy Stroller
LuvLap Joy Stroller

The LuvLap Joy Stroller is a lightweight stroller loaded with features which are rare for this kind of stroller. The stroller has an easy access storage bin to store your baby accessories, extended canopy with double layer protection to protect your baby from harmful sunrays, a detachable food tray to feed your cuties. We love the giant canopy on this stroller that makes it one of the best umbrella stroller in budget. The canopy has a peek a boo window that create a private cocoon for sleeping little ones but still lets parents keep a watch without disturbing nap time.

With 5-point safety harness it ensures your baby safety. This baby stroller comes with easy to use features for a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Double layered canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Detachable extra soft washable cushion
  • 5 point safety harness
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation with Swivel lock
  • Carrying capacity up to 15 kg

8. R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny – The Twin Stroller

R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny
R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny

The R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny is the least expensive double option with good performance at an affordable price point. This double strollers is marketed as best outdoors stroller with good suspension and thus you can use it for all kinds of outings even tougher roads won’t bother you. This twin stroller has padded seats, easy to use recline upto 4 positions, and impressive maneuverability.

Means it offers what we believe is a reliable double stroller that gets the job done for a reasonable price that matches almost any budget. It even has a few extra features like a UV protected Canopy, rear-wheel brakes and large storage basket for each seat to store accessories that baby might need while strolling.

Key Features

  • Front-wheel suspension for better mobility
  • Easy fold mechanism and easy to store
  • 4 position recline system
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Carrying capacity up to 40 kg

9. Baby Jogger Rain Canopy

Baby Jogger Rain Canopy
Baby Jogger Rain Canopy

The Baby Jogger Rain Canopy is a great jogger that is easy to use with super mobility and nicer quality. This jogger works as well for runners as it does for going shopping with comfortable seating for longer trips. This makes the Baby Jogger a product we recommend for families that want an option for double duty or for serious runners that want to go for jogging with their babies. The is the best jogging stroller in India, out-maneuvering the competition with its nice suspension, locking swivel front wheel, and adjustable handlebar.

We are glad that the Baby Jogger is so functional and thoughtfully designed that parents can use it for almost any kind of outing. With a price tag lower than some of the competition, we think this cool jogger is an excellent buy that fills multiple needs that saves you money all in an enjoyable package.

Key Features

  • Comes with rain cover
  • Compatible with City Select Bassinets
  • Provides proper ventilation
  • Best suitable for outings
Final Words

To conclude our list on the best baby stroller in India, first identify your needs. And then you can decide which stroller would be best suited to you and your baby. If you wanted to invest in some best strollers for your baby then this list might help you a lot. So get strolling through the options and choose the best one for your baby.

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Philosophy Cards involves a combination of the framework of Tarot Cards with philosophical concepts. You will be able to develop the future you want and  Embrace your existential freedom and create the future you desire. View it in this perspective; the Traditional Tarot can be a form of discovering our path of life via insight and self-discovery into the real nature, rather than inclining to the customary notion of finding out the meaning (self-discovery or self-perception). Philosophy Cards get insights from the Existentialism philosophy (relating ideas influencing Existentialism). The design allows us to come up with our self-creation (meaning).

They comprise of the following

The Traditional Tarot Deck consists of seventy-eight cards. Sixteen court cards, forty minor arcana cards, and twenty-two major arcana cards. The card interpretation shifts as per the card position in the layout and its association with different other cards. This allows broad cards interpretations depending on the view of their symbolism and placement.

Philosophy Cards insist on the interpretation role by storing the tarot card structure while substituting the symbolism with ideas from Existentialism. In other words, the beginning of the interpretations of Philosophy Cards are ideologies, which focus on the function of freedom and responsibilities. All of this move on the idea of the existence of human beings. Philosophers like Martin Heidegger, Simon De Beauvoir, Albert Camus, and Jean-Paul Sartre take up a central part of the Philosophy Cards.

If I know nothing concerning the philosophy 

Do not worry since it is not mandatory to have philosophy knowledge to utilize Philosophy Cards. For a fact, Philosophy Cards will assist you to study philosophy. These cards come along with a Handy Guidebook, which discusses the concepts of philosophy applicable to each card. The minute you find out insight concerning yourself, you are additionally exposing your brain to appropriate ideas of philosophy in a super and easy fun way.

Let’s talk about art

A maximum of seventy-eight cards is going to have a design of Tom McCloskey, an incredible visual artist. The images for the cards are naturally on the Stonehenge paper with gouache, gesso, ink and coffee. Philosophy cards stand in the place of the principal arcana with a suit known as “WORLD.” All the twenty-two cards stand for a different dimension of Existential Relationship with the globe. The digits selected for the various cards represent the concept of philosophy for all cards.

The four suits remaining represent a particular relevant existing aspect of what we encounter in our daily lives. All of this is minimal knowledge into the extent to where someone can go to transform the world and themselves. These four suits involve action, reason, emotion, and will. The image selected to portray the four suits are almost same as the original Tarot Concept as a deck used to play the cards. The Androcentric Court from the customary Tarot Deck is going to be in the place of Gender Balance Court. At the back of the cards, there is a Greek Symbol Abstraction Philosophy. It is a creation of an incredible Graphic Artist known as Silvia Lasmar.